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  1. The condition XML doesn't really work that way. But, reading between the lines, it sounds like you are trying to unequip items based on tags. That can be done with a combination of "action" and "equipmentRules" XML: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/aaf-framework/wiki/XML/equipmentRules.md#!equipmentrules https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/aaf-framework/wiki/XML/action.md#!action
  2. Have you looked at the wiki? There are options for these settings during AAF installation.
  3. This exists in FO4 also. But, not in the form of one mod that applies to all animations. It needs to be applied in the animation packs which is not always done.
  4. It sounds like you have some kind of custom HUD mod installed. Probably not compatible with AAF.
  5. It looks like you have incompatible animation packs installed. Remove all animation packs and then re-install one at a time, checking that there are no errors each time.
  6. Never say never. But, considering that AAF doesn't touch anything related to these symptoms or mods, the odds that it involves AAF are around .000003%
  7. My 10 cents: I agree that it's not crypto. But, I don't agree that it's a general chip shortage either. I think that NVidia priced this round of cards way below the market value for the performance they provide. So, it created a frenzy over unrealistic expectations. What the non-FE and ebay cards go for is actually relatively close to in-line with the cost-per-performance of previous cards.
  8. If you're in the US you can likely still get an RTX FE card for MSRP. But, you'll have to watch card news daily and then wait in line all night at Best Buy once they do a drop.
  9. The download has never been hosted at LL. LL has the functionality to use a link instead of local hosting built in. It was only changed from Nexus to Moddingham is all.
  10. The new moddingham email provider appears stable. So, the backup files on discord will be removed.
  11. It does sound like the AAF process for locking the player into an animation somehow triggers a zombie spawn function in that mod. There isn't really a part of that process that can be cut out. So, the solution would need to be an additional check in the zombie mod. Something like "if this is an AAF scene, don't trigger the zombie spawn". AAF puts unique keywords on the actors during animation (documented in the AAF wiki) so that it should be pretty easy for an author to add a check like this. The file is available for download on the AAF discord server while the email issues are being sorted out.
  12. I apologize for the inconvenience. The host support finally responded to my ticket. So, we are sharing data to help troubleshoot and fix the issue. The user numbers have gone up. So, some people are getting through. It appears that the server gets temporarily locked up. You might try again at a different time of day when there is less traffic. I also noticed that there are a bunch of incorrect emails entered. Entries with things like "gmaail.com". They COULD be legitimate typos. But, there are way more of them than I would expect. So, it's possible that this is a deliberate attack. IMPORTANT: Please do not hit up moderators or others here or on discord for the files. It's a known issue that we are working on. We will post the files temporarily on Discord as a fallback. But, whether the files are available or not, nobody wants to be bombarded with the same requests.
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