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  1. Hm. Maybe a corrupt save? Doesn't sound like it's an AAF thing. Ok. I will check into adding it to the guide.
  2. This sounds like you are hitting a mod limit issue or something. AAF should adjust at least its own GUI elements to whatever size the screen goes to. But, I can't really know what the UI fix does...
  3. I'm not too familiar with the code. But, I'm guessing that LLFP would need some re-writing in order for it to line up with the differences in FO4VR. Thank you for writing this up. I believe that AAF does still communicate a note to the user about compass on, etc. when it's first installed. Been a while since I looked at that messaging...
  4. The dll is from LLFP which is maintained by jaam in another thread. I've never tried F4SEVR. So, not sure if it can work already or what it would take?
  5. Yes it is a fail as I claimed for the reason I already gave. Blanket "male active" is something only some people want. Blanket "female active" is only something some people want. And running around with a gun to switch hundreds of animations sounds more like work than an enjoyable game. I'm going to go out on a limb here believing that most would agree with me on that. For those reasons, your idea is not a solution to anything that anyone really wants or has asked for. And my criticism remains true. You simply listed out things that YOU want and tried to lipstick it up as a "solution" that would "shut up" the mod authors if only you knew how to code. You are either just trying to start arguments for no constructive purpose or you thought that some aggressive shame-post would cause people to take your idea seriously and implement it... for YOU. It's not as if that strategy is unique. In fact, it's so common that I made up a word for it long ago: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97147-advanced-animation-framework/page/261/?tab=comments#comment-2832494 This is just a long-winded demonstration that you don't have a clue what you are rambling on about. AAF is a non-adult animation framework. It doesn't come with tags. It provides a way for other mods to apply tags. If you want the tags to be used in a certain way it has absolutely nothing to do with how AAF is built. It has to do with how mods are built that use AAF. Presumably, when other people created the tags that are used, they had something in mind for them. In some cases, they might simply have been utility tags that may or may not be used in the future by other modders. If you want a different tag system, you are free to make your own and/or rally modders to adopt such a system. If you had bothered to do a bit of reading before trying to assert your pretend genius on the project you would know that hard-coding adult features directly into the framework (let alone features related to non-consensual or any other controversial subject) is something I would never do and have stated so from the very beginning of the project. I'm not sure that I should dare to wonder what you've done in life to think this. Just do better from now on. If you are capable of coming up with an idea of what you want in a video game mod then you are capable of deducing from conversations like this what you could have done better.
  6. A significant portion of users do not assume that males are always the active role. So, rule 1 and 2 already fail for all of those users. I already pointed out the lameness of your gun idea. A master switch for all characters just makes it either partially wrong in one direction or partially wrong in another. Most users want the behaviors tailored per the context of each animation. Which your solution fails to accommodate. I understand that you have a strong interest in rape and nonconsensual acts. However, many people do not. The tags that you have no use for were put there for a reason and it is not a "solution" for anyone but your self to remove them. Am I the expert or are you? You can't seem to make up your mind about this. There are hundreds of animations that can be used in both ways. It would be a lot more running around with a gun than you think. You have a shitty attitude and bad ideas. So, I'm not surprised that you have a lot of experience getting banned. Perhaps you should think about that and adjust your behavior.
  7. Thank you for following up to clarify. It will be good to note this for future troubleshooting.
  8. Because all you do is describe a series of rules for how you would like role controls to be set up. The idea of a framework is that it provides flexibility that can address multiple interests. Not cater to what one person imagines as good. Why do you think this would shut me up? If you made what you describe I would freely express that I don't like how it's set up. Running around using a gun to control character settings is game-breaking unimmersive.
  9. That's really just a list of personal preferences. Not a solution for anything...
  10. This is something to take up with body / unique player mods.
  11. I am 90% sure that AAF timers would ignore whether or not messageboxes are on. The timers are within flash and the messageboxes themselves are created within the same compiled flash file that AAF lives in.
  12. @Tentacus FYI, the latest test build removes the abruptStop parameter. So, you will need to re-compile again. But, after some consideration, I think this is best for compatibility. I still added the abruptStop functionality with a new function. So, you can still use that for the same feature.
  13. It turned out that the stopping issue was caused by the QA script being published against AAF with wrong param numbers for StopScene. Once I sorted that out I was able to focus on the actual issue reported. Looks like it is fixed in build 157. @requiredname65 do you publish any AAF dependent mods?
  14. When I run the event driven one I get this Papyrus log error: error: Incorrect number of arguments passed. Expected 2, got 3. In reference to line 147 of the QA script... But, when I look at the source you only have one parameter in there. Is it possible that the compiled version is from different source with an extra param there? [It could be because I'm testing on a new version of AAF with the abruptStop param removed...]
  15. I don't follow the switch positions aspect? It seems like that part works as expected. StopScene doesn't seem to call at the right time whether switch position was called or not. From what I've seen, I would summarize the issue like this: "The StopScene function doesn't execute at the moment that it is called in Papyrus."
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