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  1. How do we know that you are the real EgoBallistic and not an imposter created in a Wuhan lab?
  2. No. Part of what it's measuring is progress loading the settings.ini.
  3. This isn't an AAF issue. The same thing would happen to the same bodies you are using if you used the console to start an animation (instead of AAF). I'm pretty sure that someone has made some combo of bones/body that does work during animations. So, you can double-check what you have installed. Otherwise, this is something to take up with the body/physics authors.
  4. Part of the issue is that Autodesk has made it more difficult to get the tools needed (3DSMax 2015 or 3DSMax 2016).
  5. Try changing those keys to something else in the ini.
  6. A) Make sure no "Unique Player" mods are installed that might interfere with the PC template. B) Try starting a new game and test in that game (sometimes adding these mods mid-game can mess up the PC template).
  7. AAF should actually be backward compatible with the old format anyway. Where that may break down is when used with other mods that inject data into other XML files (tags, etc). As mentioned above, just install the basics and add the AAF related mods one at a time and test. If one of them breaks something put it aside and add others instead.
  8. It looks like that file is in the correct place. But, is badly formatted. I think you should just quit now if modding is that frustrating. There aren't really any areas of the screen that aren't used by either the Vanilla GUI or popular mods. That right side seems to be the least touched which is why it was chosen for AAF. The types of issues you describe are symptomatic of not really modding right. You have all kinds of mods installed and no third party is ever going to have any idea of where to start troubleshooting or whether or not yo
  9. Maybe some day I will be as skilled as the author who made your big-titted bodyslide preset.
  10. I don't have any way of knowing either... Bad edits to that file. I can't reproduce this and nobody else has ever reported those results with the default XML files. So, I have to conclude that something is uniquely messed up with your build. It's pretty hard-coded to be left justified. So, the closest to this would be as suggested above, make the right margin large enough to push it over on your screen. Not sure what is happening with that mod. I would need more technical info about what it tries to do that
  11. There are no functions for controlling the free camera other than turning it off/on and changing its movement speeds. I think there might be some ways to control camera positions via scenes in the creationkit. But, that context comes with a lot of other limitations and probably couldn't be used in the way you describe. Not with the current set of functions. Maybe with an F4SE plug-in of some kind?
  12. If it works except for the penis animation it sounds like your stand-alone Nate is using the vanilla skeleton rather than the zex one that includes the bones needed for... the bone.
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