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  1. dagobaking

    Advanced Animation Framework

    So far there are multiple options that do appear to fix the Quest issue. But, then they each also introduce new snags. May take some time to figure out. *** This is a shareware post. If you become a Patron. All posts will include more positive news. You may continue after 2 seconds... ***
  2. dagobaking

    Advanced Animation Framework

    lol Thanks again! Taking a look. Please take it easy on the guy. He's obviously going through some shit and his well-being is a priority here. If removing RSE needs to be part of that, so be it.
  3. It's one of the XML file types that AAF loads. It is where you define all the different "actions" that can take place in an animation. Similar to what you are doing with the tags. But, then animations reference the actions and those trigger all kinds of things like stat changes, emotion changes, etc. It was intended for mod authors to share action files rather than for everyone to make their own. Otherwise, we will end up with 30 variations of a "penetration" action, etc. Ideally, there is only one XML file that everyone connects to. More about the file type: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/advanced-animation-framework/wiki/XML/action.md#!action
  4. dagobaking

    Advanced Animation Framework

    I think many mod authors update their mods for the latest game build and F4SE because new builds include fixes and new features that other mods (or they themselves) need.
  5. dagobaking

    What you think about site and staff

    Well. I was just trying to be light-hearted there. Based on your waffle post, I thought that maybe there was a grain of salt to be taken.
  6. The code in the post is off. It should be like this: Event AAF:AAF_API.OnAnimationStop(AAF:AAF_API akSender, Var[] akArgs) Debug.Notification("AAF OnAnimationStop Event Heard!") ; The status: int status = akArgs[0] as int ; The Actors involved: Actor[] actors = Utility.VarToVarArray(akArgs[1]) as Actor[] Actor rActor0 = actors[0] as Actor Actor rActor1 = actors[1] as Actor Actor rActor2 = actors[2] as Actor Actor rActor3 = actors[3] as Actor ; The Position playing: String position = akArgs[2] as String ; The tags defined for this Position (if any): String[] tags = Utility.VarToVarArray(akArgs[3]) as String[] String sTags0 = tags [0] as String String sTags1 = tags [1] as String String sTags2 = tags [2] as String String sTags3 = tags [3] as String
  7. dagobaking

    What you think about site and staff

    I was joking. I just thought it was amusing that only 1 person went with that button.
  8. Not currently. You could probably work around this by using codes in the tags (GivingTo0, GivingTo1, etc.) A companion to this is the Action XML. It would be helpful if someone made a universal Action XML to go along with this. Then, I could either add a tag variable to that XML to be sent in events. Or, I could just send out the action id names in the events.
  9. dagobaking

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Yes. That is exactly the idea. The convo should still be there on the F4SE discord channel if you wanted to read more details.
  10. dagobaking

    What you think about site and staff

    Can I nominate @Kendo 2 to be a mod on the basis that he is the only one to check "They think they are gods on earth!"? I am curious to see if his soul too will be corrupted by these powers.
  11. There you go. Then I would be surprised if the source isn't already there. If not, the scripts can be decompiled anyway.
  12. Hello Halstrom! Thank you for putting this together. I think it is needed and hope to see more collaboration grow from this. One note: the tags should be separated by commas rather than spaces. maybe you knew that and the forum removed the commas? I noticed that the forum parser doesn't like XML.
  13. The existing mod already triggers an AAF scene. It's just a PG one. It should be easy for someone to simply change which scene it opens or make it random. But, I'm not sure what source is available or permission implications there.
  14. dagobaking

    What you think about site and staff

    Ok. Now I'm really confused and may have to re-edit my last post. What are we talking about?
  15. dagobaking

    What you think about site and staff

    But, what is being untangled here? Isolated incidents don't seem to spell out what the entire site is about... What the site is about seems pretty broad. I don't follow how specific posts indicate the direction of the entire site unless, as I was asking before, you are concerned about a specific issue. I'm kind of in the same position in regard to your point. You seem to be suggesting that the staff deletes posts because they want to avoid discussing certain issues. But, I can't determine if that is what happened or if there were other reasons for the deletion. [Edited because I was mixed up over which rule is being referred to.] Assuming that we are talking about the monetization rules, I only have one example to go by. The recent Money for Mods thread went on for weeks. So, it didn't seem like there was an effort to shut it down. Posts were deleted. But, not to hide the discussion at all. It was when it turned into a shit-show.