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  1. Right on! Cool idea. Did you try the same test but starting from a new game?
  2. It is not currently a feature in AAF. One issue with it is that AAF allows an indefinite number of actors in an animation and they do not have to be the same gender or race. So, there is not really clear logic to apply for a button like this.
  3. It is possible that the swf-based mods could improve memory use with information from this: https://jpauclair.net/2009/12/23/tamarin-part-iii-current-garbage-collector-in-flash-10-0/
  4. No. AAF will not work if you delete AAF.swf. The vast majority of its code is in that file. My advice is to choose which mod is most important to you between AAF and these UI mods and only install that one.
  5. I just booted up using AAF 139 and it didn't CTD. So, must be something else for you.
  6. The animation pack has to organize the animations into groups to show multiple animations. So, you may need to look into different packs, etc.
  7. As ego points out, it sounds like you just have some kind of compatibility issue between AAF content mods. But, one thing that you can do to see changes to XML over time is to look at the history in the wiki for the XML you are interested in.
  8. The changelog explains what XML changes have been made per build.
  9. Who said that? AAF doesn't change anything about the bones. If a physics system is applying physics to bones that are also being animated, you likely wouldnt see any physics effects. But, that doesn't have anything to do with AAF. If a skeleton has physics handling bones that are separate from the bones that get animated, it can apply physics during animations. Just going from memory, I think Zex does have those handler bones and some of the physics systems I believe apply to the handlers. I'm not certain though as it has been a while since I looked into that.
  10. The bug that was fixed wasn't related to that change. So, it may fix your issue. Will have to wait to try out.
  11. You were the one that went there bud. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.
  12. A) What kind of ridiculous logic is it that if two mods conflict it must be AAF that has bad compatibility? Why wouldn't you conclude that DEF and/or Horizon have bad compatiblity? B) You apparently missed the detail in the Horizon description that says that a custom version of DEF_UI is included with the mod. Which renders your snarky test flawed. Try again.
  13. Thank you for the info. There was an equipment-on-pc-only related bug that I found recently and fixed. Will be in next release. It might be the issue here.
  14. Those aren't examples of slots. They are a list of the slots that the option unequips.
  15. I don't follow the question? It is explained here: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/aaf-framework/wiki/XML/equipmentSet.md#!equipmentset
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