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  1. Anyone knows what has been updated 9 hours ago? The verion number is still 1.0.3.
  2. Thank you. That means I need them both installed. But shouldn't the nifs need to be converted too?
  3. Why the SSE version is smaller than the LE one?
  4. elzee

    Animal SOS

    Sadly SSE can only use HDT-SMP for physics. Is HDT-PE a hard requirement?
  5. Could you add an option that turn on the light only when its dark enough. You can use GetLightLevel.
  6. I have hundreds of animations available for SLAC. But everytime I start a new game. 90% of them are disabled by default in the SLAC MCM. So I have to enable them one by one click. (Also as I don't like blowjob, boobjob, foreplay, oral, 3p, tagged animations so I'll skip them by reading the animations name one by one) That's really horrible. At least an "Enable All" button would help a lot. Or I wish the "Aggressive animation toggle" totally disabled it you're going to ignore my negative feelings. Just use the Sexlab and SLAL animation toggles instead also ok for me.
  7. As Customizable Camera has already done the most of the things. What this MOD is designed for? If I'm going to use it, it must be the "New free camera feature for Sexlab scenes with facial animation fixed"(That's really nice) but not the similar features of Customizable Camera. This mod now conflict with Customizable Camera and don't have enough camera options for me. so I can't just replace Customizable Camera with this mod.
  8. What are the advantages over Customizable Camera? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12201
  9. Does it simulate a fake free camera during sxlab scenes? Could these function only run on sexlab scenes as there are already many camera mods do the same thing out of sexlab free camera.
  10. The filter in SexLab Defeat is very user-friendly and useful I think. You know, someone don't like certain type of animations or just prefer to see some certain types. So they could just restrict them by tags if there is a tag filter. Just a suggestion. I'm not requesting I remember another thing about Defeat. It never need "Clean system" option in Sexlab. I don't know why because I never look into its scripts. Everytime the animation starts. The position of the actor will be just fine even when it has already need a "Cleaning" for Aroused Creatures.
  11. Any chance of adding tag filter to animations. It's really a hell time to toggle animations one by one in MCM.
  12. Crash on every load on any of my saved game. Here is the papyrus log: It shows many vars can't be found. And here is the .Net framework crash log It shows the crash is related to SOS. So I tried to remove the SOS dll. Then the crash be gone. Here is the SOS log itself:
  13. This MOD has been working very well for my SSE. What's the improvement after your rewriting since 2019-01-06?