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  1. BiRaitBec's is quite out of date by this point, and they've stopped updating the guide. As such, some of the community continued the mod-list work in a Discord Server ("Collective Modding", should be a link around somewhere). Would need more to go off of. There is no 'error', in those instructions. 'We' (Moderators) have been helping people get Buffout 4 installed properly for many months now. There is no reason to manually install the Address Library. The only 'manually installed' files (not mods), should be xSE Plugin Preloader, F4SE itself (not strictly necessary either, but the 'safe bet'), and the TBB Redist (`tbbmalloc.dll`) which is required for Buffout 4 as well. And for ALL of you I just quoted in here: LL threads are an atrocious way to provide troubleshooting support, although some users like @vaultbait try to do a bit here and there (and Vaultbait is one of the few I'd consider "trustworthy"/providing sound advice, from what I've seen). We don't link it for our own health (quite the bloody opposite, with some of the users we've had). We're not all around 24/7, and have our own lives, but we're often in there volunteering our time/sanity to try and help people get their shit sorted, and there are a handful of other, more 'competent' users as well, who are often on, if none of us 'Moderators' are around at the time.
  2. Just FYI: ReSaver has a rather clear warning about removing all unattached instances for FO4. FO4 makes use of them frequently, Skyrim did not. You'd have to be very careful what you remove, if you're using that on FO4.
  3. Also quoting the others; If you can narrow it down to AAF's Overlay handling, by all means. But as far as I'm aware, it's LooksMenu related, not specifically AAF related. Even with the old XML-only cum overlays, you'd still often wind up with 'stuck' overlays, in the same way you see now. Also as far as I'm aware, it can/does also happen with overlays not added by AAF, but via LooksMenu directly. Reminds me, been meaning to test the oddity I had of on-first-load, the first AAF scene started via API/script could run normally-hidden PositionTree elements, and cause serious FPS drops (to ~8FPS for me), but only on specific anims. Been occupied, and haven't swapped to my more 'basic' test profile to do it yet Ah, that. Yes, as far as I know, that's related to LooksMenu, AAF doesn't handle removal at any point, it sends the info (Overlay, duration, etc.) to LooksMenu, and is supposed to be removed after the duration expires, but seemingly doesn't store the duration somewhere such that it persists/can be continued after loading a save, thus just never gets removed.
  4. 253*. Apparently. 00 is the Fallout4.esm, 253 (Index: FE) is reserved/used for *.esl/ESL flagged *.esp's, and 254 (Index: FF) is used by the game itself for 'runtime' shit. You often find leveled actors, like Settlers, with the FF index for the start of their ID's, as one easy example. You're running into one of the many reasons we (AAF moderators/troubleshooters) refuse to even try to support anyone using NMM. Lack of readily available file conflict resolution (can drag & drop whole mods and their files to load before/after others with Vortex [Rules] or MO2 [mod list]), and just too fucking much that can go wrong. That and trying to troubleshoot issues is a gigantic pain in the ass, 'cause of the above making it impossible to really know which mod's files are overwriting what. Most people still using NMM-CE (Community Edition) can and do work it out themselves, but they're usually also long-time mod authors themselves, or used to be, and have the know-how to work around it.
  5. Essentially, 'ActorBusy' is "hey, already doing stuff with them, hands off", 'ActorLocked' is "Please don't touch this NPC, they're occupied", and 'ActorBlocked' is "This NPC is off-limits".
  6. It should, yes. Apparently I missed ~5 RC's, but in my defense, I was distracted by Nuka Ride
  7. Because AAF hooks into the crosshair and compass... And if installed properly, no, it should not
  8. Interesting. Worked for me in MO2 (wasn't selected by default, but could select it. Were a few I didn't have that were greyed-out). Now to actually boot up the game later and test it
  9. That is not going to really do much in and of itself. Instead, look at the equipment on them. You'll notice one or more with DD's FormID prefix (0D in my current list, I think) that almost perfectly match a DD inventory item (usually one digit off, XXxxXXx0 vs XXxxXXx1 for instance). Check in xEdit which item it matches (it'll be a Rendered item, not an Inventory one, take note of it's corresponding Inventory item), and equip the inventory item to them, close the pip-boy, wait a few seconds, then open their inventory back up and unequip it. Repeat until solved/no more 'hidden' DD items equipped.
  10. Keywords, not so much, but you can see a lot with Better Console. Is quite helpful.
  11. FYI: There's precisely one mod/patch listed as Incompatible due to anything remotes along those lines. Everything else, was or is due to either being outdated (Patches, mostly) or causing irreconcilable problems with one or more crucial mods (like LooksMenu, or the Skeleton). That one mod/patch was originally listed in the guide, but was moved to Incompatibilities due to a combination of the difficulties troubleshooting anything from it, and the author's attitude (namely refusal/disinterest in cooperation or anything of the sort). Pretty much all other mods remotely usable with a NSFW AAF setup are listed further down the Fucking Manual. Just wanted to clarify that a little.
  12. If you'd read through things carefully, you'd see this: Which solves the 'problem'. And if you want a functioning penis, or simply without floating, broken, then yes, you need ZeX, and/or a proper GSS setup. I would normally also point out, and chew you out, for not reading mod descriptions, but with BT3, FG, and ZeX being pulled from Nexus, and not really rehosted here/on a similar platform with a detailed description, it is admittedly a lot more difficult to know why, exactly, ZeX is necessary or what it does. (Both you and Tanglin:) Of course the Fucking Manual is 'the authors' opinion', and of course you can still get a working setup without it. It is simply a condensed, easy-to-follow guide to get a functioning setup. Beyond that is up to you, as it also is if or when it breaks, if you, or anyone really, wants support from us (in the Discord, too much of a nuisance/pain in the ass here, even if we wanted to).
  13. Strongly suggest lookin at Ego's scripts/MCM setups for say, Violate, to get an idea of how to set it up, register the key-presses, etc. Setting up the MCM itself is fairly easy, the hardest part would be the keybinds, I'd imagine (haven't touched 'em, haven't needed 'em, but the rest is fairly straightforward).
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