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  1. Totally didn't do the same before he had a hiatus Reminds me, will have to remember to go look at Kinggath's youtube stuff, too... And no, you're fine. A mention like you've got there's plenty, to me. Almost a year, and 27k downloads later (jesus, I didn't realise it hit that many), I still get a kick outta spottin my mod in load orders (usually when helpin out in the AAF Discord). Just glad it's been useful and isn't bug riddled Congrats again
  2. That was also part of why I thought "well, it's probably not worth the effort to combine 'em", especially with the options you've got already for customising things. Agreed, with how cheap it gets, now. Can set up a similar method to getting the AAF API and checking MCM's installed. There's `IsPluginInstalled`; Vanilla, I believe, but extended with F4SE. Just need the plugin name to send it. Can check if the relevant DLC's are installed in an `If`, and if so, go ahead and use `Game.GetFormFromFile` to fill some blank `Keyword Property`'s. It's assumed that act
  3. The former, I think, could be handled somewhat similar to Violate's handling of races, with an array of similar races clustered together, and treated as one. I think another way around requiring DLC in the plugin, would be to wait for `OnAAFReady`, then use `GetActorTypeList`, and go through that array to fill out one or more lists of similar races (Dogs being the most obvious example). Would have to go digging more, but the method you went with is, as you say, a worthwhile tradeoff, I think. The latter, you can set up separate XP rewards for 'participating' vs 'receiving', and c
  4. Mod will be updated Soon™, because I'm a fucking moron and missed some rather crucial parts of the script that needed further thought involved. As such, it currently only really works for two-actor scenes, no more... Kinda explains a lot, and I feel fuckin stupid, but y'know. These things happen. Not updated yet, 'cause only adjusted some script for now, and am about to go sleep, and am not yet sure if I'll adjust more of it, or otherwise tweak anything else in it. Was hoping to make it a little more reliable/'robust', but I think half the fuckin issue is I didn't check that it
  5. In theory, you should be able to export as *.obj and just import to OS, but you likely need to import the *.obj into something like 3DS Max, and export as *.nif, with one of the plugins I mentioned in my other comment.
  6. Don't be rude to senior members. That was one of the more tactful ways they could've said "I have no idea what you just said", honestly. Also, 'seniority' in and of itself, only conveys how long you've been around for, and nothing more. Should be respectful, and not rude, period. Doesn't really matter to whom. Always a good start My own two cents, would be to work on it anyway. Available models, especially textured and otherwise ready-to-go (in *.obj and *.nif formats, sensible poly counts, etc.) for this sort of thing are always welcome. I mean, pretty mu
  7. Just install and 'enable' it in MO2, and go rebuild the DD bodyslides...
  8. Closest I can recall to that would be from SSEX/SoE (Settlement Supplies EXtended/Settlement Objects Expanded). Specifically the workshop-placeable version of the Extractor chair.
  9. Have mentioned it before, too, just not sure if I did here on LL: Trust me, if I knew of a way to get "facials" working the same way, it would've been front and centre of the description/images. Alas, would require a change(s) to LooksMenu itself, which are sadly unlikely to ever happen. Just wanted to point that out, just in case.
  10. To start with, that's the wrong SEU. Should be AAF_SEU.esp, for the AAF one. Can't recall if/how problematic, ILER was, been a while. Other than that, or an issue in one of the various Race-related mods, I've no real clue. Only other thing that comes to mind at all, is loose/left over mods causing issues. Start up a new game (from the main menu), and give it a test there. If it's fine/starts out fine, then something's gone rather wrong in that save somewhere. Also strongly suggest stickin to this guide, initially, and slowly addin a few mods here and there, until you've re-added mos
  11. No offense, but I highly doubt that's a direct result from my mod. Indirect, perhaps, from a conflict, over the plugin cap, knock-on effects, etc., maybe. This is a common reason the Unofficial FO4 Patch cops flak for "causing CTD's", among other things. Due to how my mod is laid out, and given the only remotely relevant files/changes that could directly affect AAF function, can't actually break it, 'cause it consists of a single Overlay XML, and interface translation file, for the LooksMenu additions to be properly translated to other languages, I'm afraid you'll need to be digging a l
  12. Might have to re-register shit in WotC for it to work. No idea why, had it myself once. Worked fine after I had WotC re-register all the showers or whatnot. Also it's pretty much irrelevant where it loads, all the dependencies, even ones required for any functionality, are "soft" ones, set up in the script itself. Also, WotC shouldn't load after something like this anyway. If I did make it a 'hard' dependency, doing that'd break shit.
  13. Right, been meanin to fix that, I forgot I never got 'round to it. Yeah, I meant to clean the masters in xEdit and throw a plugin up somewhere for people. Since it took like 30 seconds, I did just that. I'll link to this comment in the body of the main post, rather than uploadin it as a third file, to avoid confusion, but still not too difficult to find, for people like yourself, without the DLC's (do recommend, when you can, just for their own sake, the mods using 'em are a wonderful bonus). CumOverlays.esp Replace the original with that. No other changes, just
  14. No problem, I know the feeling. Spent a good day or more workin out why the fuck it'd CTD on me tryin to load certain plugins. Until I fucking came across the "bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1"...
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