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  1. I can always poke at a Papyrus.0.log and see if there's anythin in there, but it's usually lack of tags, unless somewhere along the way, you've used somethin like v1.3.2 (which I accidentally fucked up), and it hasn't properly updated itself. That shouldn't persist on a new game, though. bEnableLogging = 1 bEnableTrace = 1 bLoadDebugInformation = 1 If ya haven't already, for the log, enable that, in the fallout4.ini, go test it in-game, close, and grab the log (same place the .ini's are, under Scripts). (0 = most recent, keeps logs 0-4).
  2. Load order is largely irrelevant for most AAF-related mods, including mine 😛 You're likely missing the VKC Themes. All this'll need is a functioning AAF, and tags to find for animations, whether from a 'theme' or an anim author/patch adding them.
  3. Quite likely, yes. Messing with the time scale or game time multiplier (sgtm # in console, which can be handy for testing some things) is practically certain to break things. And sometimes the Overlays tend to bug and not be removed: When the duration expires When other overlays are added/removed Other LooksMenu Shenanigans™
  4. A: you shouldn't even see that in the first place, unless you're extracting it elsewhere first B: assuming you mean this: <moduleDependencies operator="Or"> <fileDependency file="AAF.esm" state="Active"/> <fileDependency file="AAF.esp" state="Active"/> </moduleDependencies> It's looking for one or the other, or it won't proceed. Because there's zero point, if AAF isn't installed an enabled. (and yes, early on, I believe AAF was a .esp)
  5. That's not the first time I've seen/heard of that, but it's somewhat uncommon/rare. I suspect it's related to the order the actors are 'sent' to AAF, I had this myself two days ago or so. Lemme know if you can replicate it, or if it's only a handful of specific animations, and I can poke around, try and narrow it down.
  6. Vanish after ~5mins. Was gunna have a few options for that when I update it again, including no set duration (permanent, until removed manually/via WashOutThatCum). Needa poke WOTC though first, since it doesn't seem to wanna remove at least some of em, at least that I found. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Mine's quite literally just an MCM, and script to remove the Male/Female keywords you currently have on you (any that it finds), and add the keyword to be added, be it male/female. I made it remove any found AAF gender override keyword, as it means a mod-set override (if, for whatever reason, it's left on) can be removed and the desired override will work as intended. Shouldn't have issues with other mods adding/removing the override keywords, but lemme know if there are.
  8. If 'people' wanna use an "opt-in" sort of tag for overlays like that, I can add it easily enough. Mostly just a matter of pickin a naming scheme (am lazy, would probably go with what you've got there, or a variation of it, myself), and addin the check. Something like that, to give a bit more "detail"/options to work off of, would be a good addition to the tags/Themes (though I know Hal is/wants to have the Tags handled by anim authors, which is both a better longer-term plan, is fairly straightforward since there's an established "standard" to copy-paste from, and lets him work on his own stuff). Would certainly be a nice conditional check, for the Cumflation mod I was start some work on. Just gotta be a little cautious that the tags don't start goin 'off the rails' with different tags piling up faster than a certain virus' cases lately, for all sorts of different use-cases, is all I'm concerned about, but that's probably not gunna be too much of a concern, not yet anyway. Will have a think, and get back to you on that optional-tag name, am likely doin up a patch for WOTC in future as well, when I add to the overlays (was essentially modifying and adding to the .bgem's, but need to mess with transparency with it more first. Soon™ ).
  9. Well... Unless that question is plainly answered in the first two paragraphs of your guide, I guess. 🤣
  10. Rebuild the body with the 'Erection' slider on 0%.
  11. No prob, it's a pain when you can see how someone/a guide does a thing, but no explanation of what/how/why. Apparently, all will need it. In practice, well, I've only had mention of issues on one of my own Nexus conversions, so I figure some will be "good enough" without bein touched, but I guess we'll see.
  12. Yeah, I worked out the hard way that copying bone weights can be a bad idea at times, and you're often better off copying selected weights (after selecting said weights). A lot of outfits are fine to copy weights on, but some, especially those with, say, ammo pouches or a lower-back item, you need to be a lot more cautious about it. The advice is usually "Select all shapes bar the refshape (refbody, which shows up in-game, FusionBody, or previously, BaseFBody, for FG), copy bone weights". erri120's guide is more thorough than one I initially used, though. Covers some things a lot better, that's for sure. Will also note: Conforming all sliders can in some cases, not be what you want, especially if doing shoes/heels, as you'll want to wait to conform sliders until you've gotten the refbody to line up as best you can, with the outfit (technically, you want vice versa, outfit lined up to body as much as possible, but the FG HighHeels slider is nice for that, when doing shoes/heels), otherwise, it can move the wrong parts of outfits with some sliders. Another note first, that I think I've mentioned before: Often, you won't really want to/need to, delete all bones from an outfit before converting it. Source: Try and convert the MilitiaWoman outfits doing that. Spoiler: The coats will be on the floor next time you load the project, and you'll basically need to reconvert it without removing the bones. Because it has one or two custom bones attached to I think two shapes, whose sole existence is to "pin" the coats, to the spine. Anyway: I assume when you copy bone weights, you leave the settings at default and hit OK. Usually fine, sometimes, for outfits that fit pretty well to the FG shape already, you can use the 'smooth' checkbox, forget exact name/description, it basically halves the vertex search radius, and uncaps the max target slider, to try and get more 'smooth' results, but it can also backfire or not work properly. Hence, Default is usually good. Now, make sure to clear any masks you've got, if any, and Save project as. Assuming you get the "X shapes have unweighted vertices, do you still wanna save?" warning, don't save it yet, and it'll mask all unweighted vertices for you. Invert masks to only let you change those vertices, maybe toggle textures off ('T') to help find em, and apply bone weights to em. Before continuing: In some cases you can simply up the search radius for the weights, and for something like Heels, it's not usually gunna affect much, if anything, if you do. For instance, when I did my EasyGirl conversion, most of that was fine with straight up increasing the radius a bit until it'd found some weights to use for the vertices, but for most things, again the MilitiaWoman is a good example, it won't really work well, if at all, especially for the coats, as you'll run into the issues I did, with the coat stuck to the back of the thighs. If you're not sure, weight "manually" as below, if you wanna play it safe, rather than find out later. But how do you apply those weights, you ask? Should already have the affected shapes selected, with the inverted mask so you see any of the unweighted vertices, otherwise, select the shapes which you can see the vertices on(or know, by the names shown when OS warns you when trying to save), hop to the Bones tab, and go poke around at what bones have weights near those vertices. For heels, it's usually just the foot/'toe' bone that needs adding. Quick note here: OS tends to 'cull' weights when there's too many weights on the same vertices. You'll notice this especially if you're tryin to weight the Butt_CBP bones on an outfit (I sure fuckin did), when you save and reload it. Those you basically just need to "weight more"/stronger weighting, meaning closer to/more red (closer to 1, as it's a scale from 0-1, I believe). If it intersects lopsidedly on the outfit shape, such as again, on the damn butt, try and overlap it slightly/make it as close as it'll get to lookin 'natural'. Otherwise, you should be able to find the bone you think should be present, and add weight to those vertices accordingly. Just try and match the nearby vertex weights, use your own judgement here for how strong to make the weights. Save, if still vertices, repeat process by clearing masks, noting which shape/where problem vertices are, and adding weight to em. Ctrl + Z is your friend, if you make changes you're not happy with. If you save it with unmasked vertices, you should be fine to load it and weight them from there, haven't really tried, but might be a good idea to do so, in case you want to 'start fresh' on weights, without re-converting the entire outfit. Can be a pain until you start to get used to it, and get a 'feel' for it. I know you've PM'd me before 'bout OS/conversions, but I'll put it out there for a somewhat wider audience; If ya's want a bit of advice, pointers, or an explanation of something you don't understand or think you're missing something, send me a message here or ping me in a channel on Discord (Nebuchadnezzer2#2526, Have DM's blocked from most servers thanks to some idiots, but I'm on the AAF and LL discords, so ping away, I'll get to it whenever I've the time). Having dived a bit deeper into the 3D Modelling rabbit hole (not to the stage where I'm actually using the 3DS Max 2015 I have set up, but still), and understanding a bit more about 3D modelling than most likely would by this point, OS is actually a rather simple, well-designed tool for altering this shit, it's just not well-explained, I feel. The wiki and guides are nice, but a lot of the more basic shit isn't covered, like what the brushes are for or what they actually do/are used for, which is one of the biggest hurdles for anyone without 3D modelling knowledge, to use it.
  13. She was implying raving about the issue on FG's page might help, rather than your comment here being one | That said, shouldn't be an issue, really. At worst, some outfits and such will look fucked, but the main issue would be the slider names, if anything, but those haven't changed. Particularly since it wasn't done to BodyTalk, thankfully. I'd rather not find out what'd happen if the same was done to that
  14. giggles in oxygen depravation from suffocating beneath giant pile of purified water because vanilla balance doesn't exist
  15. If I'm honest, this is part of why I've had my head in Papyrus and .bgem's more lately, to some extent. Especially when such a change was pushed live with little to no warning of potential issues, like needing to rework all previous conversions, updated conversion references to use, etc. I'll get to the ones I've done already sooner or later, and redo them just to be sure they're fine (though only ~1 has had any potential issue reported at all), but it's a hell of a kick in the teeth to suddenly drop that on people without any fucking info or resources for what the fuck you're supposed to do. And to be quite frank, I'm rather fucking sick of the overall lack of communication and consideration for others' efforts between modders. Some of it, is understandable, but when you make such a significant change to a widely-used body base, without even a "Bear with us while conversion references are updated" or "Previous outfits need X steps to re-convert them", is more than a little infuriating. On a slightly less frustrating note, if you wanted to learn how to do your own, I could step you through it (though Discord is a much better platform for that, but that's up to you). One of the worst things for me, was vague shit like "fix clipping". K, thanks, mind explaining how?! 😐
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