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  1. Hello @BopePOm. Try rolling back to looksmenu v1.6.18. That my fix it
  2. please revise buffout 4 installation process in UAP's description
  3. UAP was designed to work with current supported version or later so users dont run on compatibility issues. UAP has not been updated for latest BP70 yet but you still can install the latest version. The only difference is that the new animations from BP70 wont get the Trees and such (but old anims will have the trees as usual). Again, this applies to any animation Pack Atomic Lust doesnt have sequences, just loose 1 stage anims, so it doesnt make sense to implement trees for them. So they just play that animation until AAF ends. To change from animation to another, its just by pressing pg
  4. hello @LostDremoraDream - Currently it only support MM and FM also creatures included (except robots as their racedata are in a very unstable state for animations). Its still achievable with for FM only users. Just a note the FM support is a bit behind when compared to MM, as i only added to Leito, BP70, Brave and Atomic Lust. More will come, but not so soon as i've got involved in many other projects. So if theres a contributor interested in speeding up the development, i can teach the way of UAP to make it happen. - Leito, BP70 and Brave for both MM and FM (Not Atomic Lust s
  5. It should not affect people who only use gay anims in any way. AAF mods always let you filter if you want to have only gay or straight interactions. The addition is because of personal usage only, otherwise i wouldnt even bother with it as i was doing before.
  6. Yeah, i've been adding some str8 content too because i was lately using female mods too. Nobody patched straight anims the way i like and the female moans sound too animeish/teen girls, so i added some myself to UAP. My mods are still mostly for the gays (or at best bi curious men or just for people who want mods for males), UAP is just one of the few exceptions. Its definitely Buffout 4, please revise the buffout 4 installation process. A lot of people that thought they installed buffout 4 and requirements actually have not, and after they revised, they got it working:
  7. so you want them with underwear? you can use this: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/298-el-mens-underwear-atomic-muscle-refit/
  8. If FutaEV is rigged to ZeX Bones, you can just open the flaccid penis in nifskope and change the penis bones to their CBP variant. So you gonna have to go the subindextrishape, expand it and navigate to: BSSkin::Instance and find: Penis_00|Penis_01|Penis_02|Penis_03|Penis_04|Penis_Balls_01 and change them to Penis_CBP_00|Penis_CBP_01|Penis_CBP_02|Penis_CBP_03|Penis_CBP_04|Penis_Balls_CBP_01. If the nif does not have these nodes, it means the penis is not rigged to ZeX, so you'd have to rig/weight paint yourself in outfit studio.
  9. its allowed and working, but the schema does not recognize so you must using something like <!-- ---------- Sitting ---------- --> instead (there always must be two "-" after "<!" and before ">"
  10. hello @JBpy, you can find the piercing mod here: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/308-fo4-face-and-body-piercings-for-atomic-muscle/ And no, CBP is not working with penises simply because it conflicts with animations where penis bones are used. A workaround would be to change the penis bones string when AAF starts so CBP could work on it when outside of AAF. Same for the balls.
  11. One patch is outdated and has many incompatibility issues. I suggest to use UAP instead.
  12. Its not supposed to be used with dismember as i didnt work on the segmentation data at all. I suggest to just disable dismember.
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