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  1. If you have alignment issues one of the animation packs you installed was probably set up to scale actors. The alignments for Hardship and Staged Leito Plus are for actual character heights. Make sure Scale actors is turned off in your AAF Settings INI and on the install options for any animation packs. Hardship uses it's own XMLs for the non Leito packs it supports so even if they are normally aligned to 1:1 they will require no scaling when a Hardship scene plays.
  2. Make sure it's the version linked to in the OP: Vioxis' Strap-Ons of Fallout 4 5.0.0 There is another version that is outdated and will not be recognized by the installer.
  3. 15. Real Handcuffs 0.4.7 or above -- This is a true Master of Hardship and RealHandcuffs.esp must be above Beggar_Whore.esp in the plugin load order! NOTE: Read the instructions carefully. If you don't you might end up with an AAF conflict.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately simply editing the description pings you as an update.
  5. After. There shouldn't be any problems running Violate, just make sure if you want to use Violate's surrender you exit Beggar Whore mode. A good usage is if you choose to fight one of Hardship's menacing raiders then start to get your ass kicked you can then use violate to surrender. Does AAF work by itself and with Violate? Do you get a loading percentage error from AAF? Make absolutely sure you have all the requirements. If you don't have Leito you won't have any aggressive animations (usually) D'oh... I forgot to update the link to bodytalk. I'll fix it.
  6. When you change things in the MCM do they stay selected? If not your main quest isn't running and it's probably one of the things I mentioned before.
  7. Those SLP conflicts are just the sound files (I assume you installed No moans or custom moans support in SLP) and the fact that I wasn't too smart and include the same actiondata and mfgdata XML in both mods. It won't cause any problems. In general don't assume File conflicts are necessarily a bad thing in MO2. Often they are essentially meaningless. Dunno about a Real Handcuffs conflict but make sure the RH Plugin is above the Beggar Whore plugin in the right pane load order. If the john doesn't follow you after they say go someplace private that could be a corrupted script. Try reinstalling Hardship, and maybe even AAF. Sometimes a bad AAF install can cause Hardship's main quest not to load.
  8. Glad you like it. Turn down your PC's volume? Honestly, you can try removing or swapping out any sounds from the install folder that you don't like or edit their volume in a sound editor, but there isn't much I can do on my end, the engine coding options that would allow for volume customization would add an excessive amount of complexity to already bloated scripts for what is basically a preference edge case. If you or somebody else does make a quieter(or alternative) set of sounds... (pending approval) I'd host it as an optional download patch on the mod's main page.
  9. In addition to what Vaultbait said... Make sure you don't have F4z Ro D-oh installed as it breaks subtitles.
  10. Yeah. Expect it to be a ways off as some of the stuff I've done will require a new save, and JB is still adding stuff so it doesn't make much sense to release my contributions piecemeal. But it should be worth the wait. IMO, having the more complicated sex scenes really elevates the whole affair.
  11. There is no need to if you don't play Hardship. Currently SLP is a requirement for Hardship, That may or may not be the case in the future. If you do play Hardship you can still use UAP, but you need to not install his Leito XMLs. If you are specifically asking if Ulf is up to date with Leito's new animations, that I don't know cause I've been offline for a week. You'd have to check his thread. Yes. Don't use Indarello's patch with this.
  12. Update: I am back from vacation, but still on hiatus to work on Nukaride, (And play Deathloop) Because two people have asked about source code in the last couple of weeks, I'd like to remind/inform everybody that the source code is included with Hardship, It just needs to be extracted from the archive with BAE: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78
  13. All the pimps except BD require you to already have turned some tricks before they will talk to you. So if they say "I'm busy" or some shit, go sell your ass first. I think I already have plans in place for Different unique CZ raiders dialogue when 1.6 comes out. Might have already done it can't remember... but as always don't get excited. 1.6 is a far of dream 😛 .
  14. Okay I'm officially offline for the next week, so if you have any issues help eachother. 😉
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