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  1. Oh just an almost finished mod on the same scale as Hardship (made for Fourplay lol) with about the same dev time. You could give NPCs free samples of Jet and Psycho and get them hooked. Then sell to them, then once their addiction reached a certain level you could take advantage of them sexually, even pimping one of them at a time. If you let their addiction get too bad or cut them off the NPC might end up with a tragic end such as suicide or death in a robbery. (dark stuff) But you could also help them get of chems, or never take advantage of them sexually if you choose. Yeah when I make the Bad Player/Player top mod, I'll include some streamlined aspects of it. The mod itself is too much of a mess to salvage. While it fully worked. It was always fiddly and converting it to AAF and my current quality level would be a nightmare and I doubt anybody else could make enough sense out of my truly wretched noob scripting to fix it.
  2. I've considered both things yes. I'd like to add more alternate starts to it, and an LL version where Professor Scara enslaves you, but I have a lot on my plate. (In my head canon Professor (Yes that is her given name) is Bi but Duff is gay. I think the Hardship interactions reflect that (but it's been a while, and I mix it up with stuff I did for the unreleased Chempusher.) I'm really fascinated with those characters and always add some unique content for them in my mods. That's extremely weird. I haven't touched anything to do with the sex scripts since the first 1.5.9 and I wouldn't know how to produce that effect even on purpose.
  3. Update. I spent all day bringing my 1.6 XMLs up to the changes made in 1.59D, a significant amount of that was chasing an elusive 30% bug, which eventually ended up being 2 positions that said "animationGroup" when they should have said "animation"... Le sigh. XMLs are a bitch yo. Initial experiments point at the splitting of the ESM being successful. Next I need to split off the things that are gonna be part of the master (Like Character traits/Sexual History) into a seperate MCM. Then comes the really FUUUUN part of seperating the Main Hardship script and the functions script in 2 to accomodate things that will now be handled by the Master. It may sound like I'm bellyaching but this is going remarkably smoothly honestly.
  4. Boy, I dunno what to tell you. F4SE was gonna be my next suggestion too. There is no button. It should automatically be called by the script. Though you need to make sure AAF works by itself (with animations of course) using the AAF hotkey.
  5. I figure an intelligent super mutant like Fawkes might want money. But those are all good questions that would be interesting to explore. As far as player motivation it doesn't necessarily have to be a consensual arrangement. This is assuming I ever get these busted ass XMLs back together. I am having a really fuuuuun time grafting the changes I made in 1.59 into my existing "Final/1.6" XMLs. Can't wait to redo the scripts... lol.
  6. Yeah That's why I need to do so much Lore justifying 😛
  7. The strapon not equipping (On player, it works fine on NPCs) thing has been reported to @dagobaking and he thinks he might have already fixed that in next version. Still no clue about the "Unjoining" crap. Luckily I haven't seen much of the other stuff you reported. My tests of porno music all worked properly. I did have a weird situation where AAF redressed me despite the fact that I took the clothes off BEFORE the AAF scene started. But that was a weird isolated event and The player was wearing handcuffs both times so might be related to RH. The "Unjoining" thing only has ever happened to me when multiple AAF scenes play in a row like with the Raiders in Hardship, but that may just be the law of averages. I don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong in my code to cause this as my AAF scene set up is pretty basic and all the stuff that happens between position changes (menues and branches) shouldn't have any affect on the framework.
  8. Oh I'd create a new character. And yes he'd be intelligent like Fawkes.
  9. I think I do wanna do something with Super Mutants... Maybe even a Super Mutant Pimp... But I want it to be Lore-plausible so I need to do a lot of research as I am pretty fuzzy on the intitute origins of the Boston Super Mutants. (Yes I did play the damn game but it's been a minute) If only someone was here to tell me "That's a story for another day".
  10. Yeah... I'm guessing that'd be too fiddly to be practical. I'll think about it. Right now I'm pulling out my hair trying to figure out what to split into the master and what not to and terrified something will fall through the cracks. I did this once before when making the unreleased Chempusher mod... Frickin nightmare.
  11. Update: I've begun the heavy work on Hardship 1.6/TSEX.esm. Expect me to be fairly head down for a while. Unless I need to take a break and make like a feral ghoul rape mod or something... lol.
  12. Well conversely I didn't want to sugar coat things either. While Hardship is not a realistic mod I did want it to "feel" immersively realistic if that makes sense. I didn't want it to turn into Pretty Woman
  13. Is your AAF stuck at 20%? (Right upper corner) Does it work with the AAF hotkey? Assuming you have all the requirements something is messed up with your XMLs somewhere. You may just need to reinstall stuff till it starts working.
  14. Nope that's pretty much it. You can just not stash the caps if you feel masochistic 😛 I could consider grimmer outcomes if people really want that. Selling you to a worse pimp if I make one for instance. The mod isn't meant to be that dark in general though.
  15. This Unjoining thing seems to be a problem with the newer AAFs (After 110) I think it seems to happen when there are several events in a row (Like the raiders in Hardship) I complained about it to dagobaking but he always wants you to build some kind of testing doohickey pseudo mod thingy that also for that extra convenience factor has to be safe for work... I have no idea how to do that nor the time to do so. Hopefully eventually somebody who does can demonstrate it for him. This bug also prevents you from changing position with the pgup and pgdn keys. Anyway I added an extra command that will definitely end the music as long as the "OnAnimationStop" event fires (which it should from the AAF hotkey as well), and if it doesn't stop it isn't THIS mod's fault, so should be good now.
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