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  1. Update: This week has been shit. My back is still messed up AND the second Vaccine shot is kicking my ass so... Yeah. Don't expect much in trhe way of updates until next week. One good piece of news is that the body Bruises,, spanking and whip mark functionality is ready to be added when I do feel up to it. You can thank @requiredname65 and @JBpy, for that. I'll work on adding the body cum after that.
  2. Update: Right now my Back is trying to remind me I'm 49 and don't take care of myself so I dunno how much I'll actually get done tomorrow... I might also be wanting to reach some goals in Gundam Battle Opetation 2 :p.
  3. Made me think of Coito Ergo sum for new vegas. Fun fact: In the unreleased Chempusher mod I had a smalltalk feature and some of the topics mentioned Lollipopz magazine making a comeback out west. Guess I shouldn't give stuff like that away since I'll probably be adding the smalltalk into the TSEX greeting system. (There's already a simplified version in Hardship of course) Bottom line though @justforcensor Most of those suggestions are too far outside the wheelhouse of Hardship, and even TSEX. I have considered some housecalls so that's the one that has a chance. For t
  4. Raider pet doesn't play nice with it unless you disable Menacing Raiders in the MCM. You'll have to ask other people about the others. Though I'd wonder if there is any actual benefit to running AAF Prostitution alongside Hardship. Hardship is honestly kind of it's own game and not super meant to be used with a bunch of other sex mods, but it's generally designed to be compartmentalized so usually not interfere.
  5. Point it at @requiredname65 He's the tech guy here, but He might be pretty over this whole adventure I kinda want a Piper preset that looks like the before picture... LOL Absolute nightmare fuel.
  6. Update: Sadly facials just aren't going to work. The problem with resetting facemorphs is insurmountable and we gotta choose our battles. We'll still have body cum and body bruises though. I'm gonna take today to get a longview of where I stand with the project after reverting it and then get the final implementation of the bruises and the body cum next week.
  7. No, you'll need a new save but this is still quite a ways off so I wouldn't worry about it. This is less of an update than a new mod honestly. I mean it LITERALLY is because it's being split into the TSEX master and Hardship.
  8. Update: Looks like there is a technical issue with using overrides for facials that might make it unfeasable. It resets a number of face morphs every time it's applied or removed. Requiredname65 is looking into alternatives. Sorry for getting your hopes up.
  9. 15. Real Handcuffs 0.4.7 or above -- This is a true Master of Hardship and RealHandcuffs.esp must be above Beggar_Whore.esp in the plugin load order! NOTE: Read the instructions carefully. If you don't you might end up with an AAF conflict.
  10. Cornholio 's mouth wrote some checks his body couldn't cash. Bruises are in and working. I really should do a Beavis playthrough and use nothing but Molotovs.
  11. Looksmenu skin overrides. Requiredname65 did all the work. It's not ideal but it does work.
  12. Update: Just tested @requiredname65's implementation of facials in game. As you can see it works perfectly. Caveat: If you are using a skin override it will remove it when the facial is applied, but there isn't any way around it this is the only way to apply face stuff via script. Note: The cum textures used to make the overrides are @Polistiro's. You'll have to specify what kind of face texture you have in the MCM (IE: Young, Old, Hero, etc...) This is to avoid face seams. You'll be able to wipe the cum off if you have water or clo
  13. What I am most likely to do is simply have an option where weapons aren't stolen. Though if I am completely honest I really don't undersstand people who wanna play Hardship like it's regular Fallout 4 where you care about things like unique weapons
  14. Make sure the plugin is actually active. Simply present isn't enough. Also make sure it's the RIGHT strapon mod. The version I link to in the instructions. Also this is literally the first time anybody who uses MO2 has complained about one of my installers I am so used to just saying "Then stop using fucking Vortex" lol.
  15. Yeah If I remember to. This has been asked for MANY times. 😛
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