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  1. Well shit. Reinstalling the skeleton again seems to have fixed it. I'm just surprised it was working with the old body... Must have just been very specifically broken in the new bones which strains credulity... Oh well whatever... Fuckin Fallout man. Now to figure out why none of the bodyslide clothing files came with any goddamn presets 😛
  2. I can get OCBPC to work just fine with 1.45 and the new skeleton though. I may just go ahead and keep that ... That way I don't have to worry about clothing conversions either. Man... I do not know why they felt the need to make The new FG incompatible with the old clothes... Fucking ridiculous. It's no wonder nobody comes over to this scene from Skyrim. Edit: It works with 1.61 too... It's 1.75... there is just something super fucked with it. Has anybody got working titties with Fusion Girl 1.75?
  3. Okay I am mentally broken trying to deal with this crap. Does anybody know how to get this fucking bullshit physics shit to work? It's apparently required to have physics with the new fusion girl but no matter what combination I install it does this: I'm about 10 minutes from going back to EVB female LOL. The only posts I can find are old as shit. Latest FG, (Prebuilt and me built) Latest Zex... OCBP + Preset... OCBPC with and without preset... No OCBP at all... Just FG and the skeleton... It doesn't matter It always behaves exactly the same!!! What the goddamn fucking fuckety fuck am I missing? HDT was never this hard in Skyrim. Personally I'd just as soon keep using FG 1.45, and the old skeleton, but I think it'd be best if I had up to date working shit if I am gonna be doing animation XMLs.
  4. Update: Today is Fallout 4 maintainance day. I'm gonna (try to) get all my bodies and skeleton up to date and stuff today, and generally prune my profiles and mods before getting to work on the XML stuff.
  5. I'm becoming complacent since Bethesda hasn't fucked everything up in so long... But I did back up my whole Fallout 4 install again after verifying.
  6. Reminder kids... If the game gets glitchy, Verifying the integrity of your steam files can't hurt. My game seemed fine until I noticed the physics completely breaking on one hair when I used AAF. I had 17 files that failed to validate
  7. Well FOR ONCE there is some good news... It does appear like the latest AAF fixed the strapon equip delay bug... so yay.
  8. Never a good idea to fuck with timescale in Bethesda games It'll screw up NPCs. The scenes are set up in chunks of the duration value, fractions of the duration value, and sometimes arbitrary lengths... usually between 5-10 seconds. The very longest any scene should ever be is 4 duration lengths, with most being more like 3. This is handled in the script as wait (In seconds) If your PC CPU is particularly slow or you are running like 200 mods it may take longer but not by the amounts you describe.
  9. There is no slider. You can select several durations from the menu object However the default is already only 30. The base animation timer is only to give the scripts a starting duration to work off of... the actual length of scenes varies depending on random events. Also if you have transitions installed in Staged Leito Plus that will usually extend the scene length by several seconds at the end. In 1.6 it will be a slider in the MCM, I can't remember if I have it so you can set below 30 though.
  10. Put Real Handcuffs Above Beggar_Whore.esp. In the plugin load order. This is in the instructions. This has come up 3 times this week. RTFM people.
  11. Does NOBODY actually read the new guide? Much less MY instructions. Indarello isn't supported and in general the community has moved away from that kind of megapatch because either the author fades, or can't keep up, or they go renegade and insist down is up and up is down. Indarello has done both repeatedly. Indarello hasn't been supported for several versions. It has nothing to do with staging. The new thing that doesn't work well is the tree based animations which Ulfbearth and savage cabbage will add soon. (AFAIK SC hasn't done so yet and still works. but I haven't checked his page in a while). What it does is break the timing of the mid sex events by insisting that the last animation complete it's last stage. Oooohhhh sooooo worth it... especially since You can already do that in XMLs with transition in a way that wouldn't break Hardship... but New and shiny amirite? I'm currently working on a workaround so you can still use SC. For now just follow the installation guide. Until I can DO that the only packs guaranteed to work are Leito using Staged Leito Plus, and Rufgt's old animations. I'll get that done sooner if I can stop answering qustions.
  12. Yeah as I said It kinda goes without saying that if you choose that you aren't RPing Nora.
  13. UGGGGH! This fucking bug again? I have no idea why but the fucking "Predator dialogue" option has gotten selected. You need to turn it off in the menu. I am so glad I took that shit out of 1.6. As far as the path to prostitution you can get there through begging or asking people about jobs for non tough-guys
  14. How are you Nora and a Virgin? Anyway I might consider adding some NPCs to exploit the main quest. There is definite potential there but I doubt it'd be part of Hardship proper.
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