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  1. Because you have body builded with erection slider 100% + your aaf configs also set +100% erection = 200% erection
  2. You can try disable group of mods and test, untill problem will dissapear
  3. If yoy will build body without morphs checked in bodyslide, you wont have problems with morphs in game
  4. Bodytalk version and preset you build morphs with? aaf mod list?
  5. It comes with debug version, you just need to choose which one when you will install
  6. 1)When you was installing bp70 or atomic lust, or maybe some another anim pack you have selected ladykiller, but you dont have this mod, you need reinstall animwith packs with this option disabled 2)You dont have leito voice fix 3)Search for equipmentset in notepad++ How to search
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