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  1. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37268 Use this or https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15 Or Jane Bod I recommend fusion girl
  2. Maybe you need to build body with bodyslide tool What body mod you use?
  3. MCM is not mod list, this is menu to configurate mods ingame, if mod dont appear in game means it have no configuration for MCM
  4. To find npc you need to choose quest in pip boy and marker will show you where If still dont know how to find use cheat "tcl" to move thru walls Some quest have "timer" stages where you need to sleep or wait several minutes to continue quest In pillory use scroll down to 3rd person, camera should work not perfect but you will still see most of action In quest with John you need to send me errors so we can fix this problem
  5. Try disable group of mods and check if it fix
  6. When aaf scene start and actors stuck any errors appear in aaf admin menu? Also you can try tool in AAF discord that check your game for problems
  7. Yes you can find this in "what next" I was trying to make them, but stuck with problem, since mfgmorph for upper eyelid dont work, another way to make it is thru facearchetype with closed eyes, but dont know why it dont work for me, I asked Dagobaking but he dont visit this forum for few days, Here is files, mfgset working and equipment but not face archetype 12312.7z
  8. 1) ok, point to erection fix is good idea, will make it with next update 2)yes I am going to make similar plugin like your custom moans but it will contain sounds from nsfw, and yes it will require to have changed folder name, I want to use different sounds from it and add them to animations that miss them with AAF xml Dont you like how short my instructions and well organized ? I dont lake when it required to read for 5 minutes a lot of solid text trying to find what you need
  9. 1)you call this fix but it is not how I want it work, all works as I want it, if you dont like you can use this fix 2)I already answered you about that I want to change custom moans to nswf sound pack someday, if somebody have problems with install order they can write it here but nobody did it, so dont know if it required to write more info and I dont know, what should I write?
  10. I dont have 60 fps without it I mean dont know what specs required to run with enb at 60 fps maybe gtx 2080?
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