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  1. 0.4.12 is newer than 0.4.3, just like 12.0.0 would be newer than 3.0.0 - sorry if that caused confusion 🙂
  2. Yeah, I'm sorry. This is the first large mod that I did for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. I did not have much experience with the game engine when I started it, so I did not base it on keywords and quests like I would do it now. Instead I chose a classical "object-oriented" approach. As a consequence everything is driven by scripts attached to the items, and adding the functionality to other equipment will require adding the scripts to the equipment.
  3. Quick note, I just "promoted" 0.3 beta 5 to the "final" 0.3 release. There are no changes other than the version number, so no need to update if you are already using the latest beta.
  4. Also, if you are using the DD compatibility patch, you can use the option to keep the standard slot instead of the DD slot, maye that will help:
  5. Thank you! Yeah, I was surprised myself at the beginning, not only about the visual difference but also about the acoustical difference (chains clinking, rubber suits squeaking, etc.). The interesting thing is that conceptually I am really not doing that much. I take care of the AI during combat to make NPCs respect their restraints. And I give Devious Devices a kick in situations where it often "forgets" special effects, e.g. after loading screens, or after NPCs change equipment. So most of what you are seeing is actually the great work of Kimy and her team, it is just
  6. I have no personal experience with Skyrim SE, but: The dummy weapon problem should be fixed with the newest beta.
  7. Version 0.3 beta 5 - Try to prevent bound NPCs from sandboxing (most of this depends on DD NPC slots being enabled and available) - Add option to restore original outfit of NPCs after DD replaced it with empty outfit (false by default) About the sandboxing fix: if you enable NPC slots in DD, it generally does a good job of preventing NPCs from sandboxing even without my mod sometimes this mechanism will miss NPCs (often directly after loading screens), my mod now tries to give DD a kick to refresh the slots when this happens this might not work if there are "
  8. Yeah, the scope of a piece of software has a tendency to expand over time... I am currently looking to fix (?) situations where bound NPCs are sandboxing and therefore breaking bound animations. Situations that I have identified are including: Non-follower NPCs sandboxing after a load screen (e.g. Adrianne using her smithy after entering Whiterun) Serana sandboxing after the player is idle for 8 seconds (seriously, why has her AI to be different from everything else in the game 😠) If you see any other situation that can be easily reproduced, feel free to tell me
  9. Version 0.3 beta 4 - Slightly increase delay after devices are added/removed to prevent race conditions with DD (could lead to lost animations e.g. after adding gags, or removed devices staying visually applied) This is a very small update, the goal is to eliminate two issues that happened sometimes "randomly" in my game, and that I suspect to be caused by a race between my mod and DD: Sometimes the bound animations were lost after adding devices, e.g. when gagging a NPC who was already bound. Sometimes unequipping devices did not work correctly, e.g. gags stayed visual
  10. What does the package information in the debug menu show when she is acting tied up? I am asking because this information will allow me to determine whether she is actually under the effect of my mod or not (e.g. Devious Devices as suggested above). I am also attaching to this post a preview of the next release. If you want you can test if this will fix it, and fix it for more than just a few game hours. This is not very well tested so I would suggest that people do not use it permanently in their important save games. RealHandcuffs.0.4.13 pre.7z
  11. Ok. Can you clarify? Do I understand correctly that she is acting as if tied up (hands behind back, does not fight in combat, refuses to enter power armor etc) but there are no handcuffs equipped (no handcuffs in inventory, no handcuffs visible when looking at her)? [Edit] When you target her with the crosshair and then open the debug menu, what information is shown? It should show you the ID of the running packet and what kind of restraints she is wearing. [Edit 2] Can you fix the issue by opening her inventory, giving her some new handcuffs, equipping them, then unequ
  12. Just to be sure - you are using the newest version, right? I am asking because I fixed something that sounds very much like that issue in 0.4.12 Beta 3, back in January.
  13. Thank you

  14. Assuming you are talking about handcuffs: The only guaranteed way to get "free" is interacting with the central workbench of a player-owned settlement, this allows you to cut the chain or the hinges. After that your hands will be free but the cuffs will still be locked around your wrists as "bracelets". You can then try to use lockpicks or a key to fully get rid of them. If your problem is a collar with a PIN then at the moment there is no way to free yourself, sorry.
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