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  1. I am currently not working on this (actually I will be mostly without computer in the next three weeks). I am not really good at creating animations. If somebody does create one I will be happy to integrate it though.
  2. Yeah, it is still a bit wonky in my experience (that's what prodded me into writing a mod to improve support for NPCs). Looking at the code base it also seems that some of the equip/unequip code is written with the assumption that the player is equipping a device on a NPC, not a script from another mod (e.g. it looks like there are some hardcoded messages). And equipping many devices quickly will cause a spike of high script load. My guess is that you will run into these issues if you flip the bSkipEvents flag, and that your current way is actually the best way of doing things, despite having some shortcomings. My main point was that "it works for my PC" is not really a good answer to a problem with NPCs, as PC and NPC are handled differently. Not only by your mod, but actually by the game itself (the engine takes shortcuts for NPCs, leading to funny behaviour even in the vanilla game like some enchantments on armor not working for NPCs).
  3. I have a collection of fully automated build scripts. The main script (build.sh) will compile all papyrus scripts, merge the resulting .pex files with the package file tree that contains the other files, copy-paste the version number into the FOMOD info.xml file, and build a ready-to-install .7z archive containing everything. This takes about 10 seconds. Installing the resulting build with MO2 takes about another 10 seconds. In other words, for changes that don't require me to touch the .esp I never even open creation kit (saving a lot of sanity), and I can very rapidly make changes and test them.
  4. At least some differences between NPCs and PC are because you are using different ways to equip devices on PCs and on NPCs (though I suspect this is not the case here). In iDDeMain.psc: If (Slave != PlayerRef) ;bSkipM = True bSkipE = True EndIf [...] If (iDDeEquipDevice(Slave, Device_Inv, Device_Ren, Device_Kwd, bSkipE, bSkipM) > 0) [...] If (bSkipEvents) akActor.EquipItem(Device_Inv, False, True) akActor.EquipItem(Device_Ren, True, True) If (!bSkipMutex) ZadLib.DeviceMutex = False EndIf Else akActor.EquipItemEx(Device_Inv, 0, False, True) Endif The bSkipEvents branch will bypass the usual logic, so a lot of DDi code is not running. One side effect that I can observe is that NPCs wearing panel gags are often wearing them without a plug (because they are missing the membership in the zadGagPanelFaction; see zadGagPanelScript.psc).
  5. Version 0.1 RC 3 - Changes to improve compatibility with DDe (and possibly other mods that use non-standard ways of equipping and unequipping devices). The main issue was that NPCs wearing DDe outfits that included animations (e.g. bondage devices) would keep their animation after the DDe outfit was removed. Note that it can take a while for my mod to recognize that a NPC has been put into a DDe outfit. DDe is not sending any events and suppressing the events usually sent by DDi, so the NPC will only be be found by the scanner quest that is running every 10 seconds.
  6. That project was supposed to be a secret 😱 now that we know that you know, we will have to send somebody to kill you @donttouchmethere 😂 On a more serious note I should probably do additional testing with DDe to see if the devices added by it are handled correctly by my scripts. If they are using exactly the same system of keywords and effects as DDi/DDx 4.3 they should work without any extra code, but that's just theory... [Edit] Not sure about that. She is wearing an elbowbinder, it is possible that this will cause the game to hide the mittens as using an elbowbinder should hide the hands, and the mittens are using the hands slot. Of course the hands are not hidden, but this is a glitch, it is possible that the mittens are still hidden even when the hands glitch out (I do not know for sure).
  7. Version 0.1 RC 2 - Optimization: Detect if an added/removed device does not change the existing animations (e.g. when gagging bound NPCs) and skip refreshing animations in that case. - Optimization: Refactor detection of keywords on devices, will hopefully reduce the amount of keyword checks for NPCs wearing many devices. - Fix: Prevent NPCs with bondage mittens from using shields.
  8. It's time to go to bed, but it occurred to me that I could make two additional small optimizations so I am hacking and testing instead 😅.
  9. Version 0.1 RC 1 - Use a workaround to force the game to correctly hide body parts according to armor addon item slots (this fixes hands clipping out of elbowbinders). - When scanning devices, check for each device if it has an enchantment; if not, assume it has no special functionality (e.g. heavy bondage, different animations). - When unequipping and reequipping devices, skip devices that have no enchantment (they have no effect that needs to be restarted). - Improve handling of weapons for bound followers: They should no longer try to draw weapons, and they should no longer run with one or both arms sticking out. Again significant changes compared to the last version, trying to fix some issues and optimise a little bit. This is now far enough that I am naming it a Release Candidate; if no issues show up in the next week or so, I will declare it as a first stable (non-beta) version.
  10. It's not a dumb question. I had plans to add a hacking feature that allows you to hack the 4-digit code if you don't know it, but I have never come around to implement it. So at the moment the only way to get free without knowing the code is the debug menu.
  11. Technically probably yes, but I feel like adding functionality to other mods that is not related to my mod is out of scope for my mod...
  12. The problem was that having many NPCs equipped with devious devices can put quite a large script load on the engine, and my mod was making the issue much worse by restarting missing effects and animations. I have tried to solve that by making my mod slow down if there are a lot of NPCs, especially if the inventory of these NPCs is still changing. This does solve the problem for me and for @donttouchmethere who took the new version for a test run. I cannot claim that it solves the problem for everybody. I hope it does but much more testing is required by people with other (older) computers than mine and using different (more?) mods. [Edit] Bottom line: "I'm not sure if I can recommend it yet." I agree with @Corsec here, I am of course hoping that people test my mod but maybe do not add it to your long running game that you are deeply invested into, at least not before testing if it behaves well in your game.
  13. At least for me that is not a known issue. AAF animations are generally working for me, though they often look strange as the bound hands animation overrides the original arm position of the AAF animation. If you find a certain animation that can be used to trigger the problem reliably, I can try that one. Maybe I have just never tried animations that are prone to the problem?
  14. I'm doing the same: Playing, seeing things that are not working, making changes to the mod, testing the changes for a bit, then continue playing.
  15. Great, thanks for testing! There is no need to (re)test things that are working in beta 5, as the "experiment" is only a single line, hopefully forcing the game to update body parts. I will include this change in the next version, which will contain a few more optimizations. Also I feel that we are getting close to a state where the "experimental" warning on the OP can be removed 😁.
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