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  1. Welcome to the thread for my UUNP Bodyslide armor conversions. Here you will find links to everything I've converted so far, and I will continue to update the list as I release more. Please report any issues that may be present, such as clipping, stretching, etc. You are also free to make requests, although I will probably only accept those that I take personal interest in. Many of my conversions come with a custom ESP. This is usually to add crafting/tempering recipes, or to fix errors such as statless equipment or missing models for certain player races. Some of my conversions have heel systems that require NetImmerse Override. If you already use RaceMenu then you don't need to install NiO separately. Part of my conversion process is removing HDTHighHeel dependency and replacing it with NiO. ALL CONVERSIONS REQUIRE ORIGINAL MOD, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. My conversions do not contain prebuilt meshes, meaning if you want the new UUNP meshes you must build them in Bodyslide. Always overwrite the original mod with my files, to ensure maximum compatibility. ------------------------------------- Changelog: ------------------------------------- Armor Conversions List: For a folder with all my conversions, click HERE: MEGA | Google Drive Currently in the process of adding preview images to all of the conversions posted. ------------------------------------- WIP Conversions - Coming Soon
  2. Hello you! Im Melodic and this is JACKASS! jk this is armor/clothes conversion/port thread and at some point all kind of content. Im recovering all those stuff that disappeared after forum rebuild. Mind come and say "hi"! Also you can pm me here or in Discord NSFW Skyrim Channel. Most of these "armors" will require original version and AIM which allows you to just spawn items. Also mind install XPMSE or corresponding bodytype with skeleton inside. 1. Aradia Devious 7B Bombshell full customizable and upgradeable by Aradia Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ul11u0pkkyh4520/Aradia_Devious_7B_Bombshell_full_customizable_and_upgradeable.7z Required: Zaz Animation pack 2. Aradia Lingerie Dress by Aradia Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2qzjo5i1i71uyge/Aradia_Lingerie_Dress-50415-1.7z 3. Black Rose by n8k Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0g0qd7ikd6blxau/Black_Rose_HDT_Sevenbase__Bombshell_BBP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/xsyun7y50u7t6ua/Black_Rose_HDT_Sevenbase__Bombshell_TBBP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/a8bac8ejc6bmcir/Black_Rose_HDT_Sevenbase_Cleavage_BBP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/h8cbdahemldcxay/Castanic_Heavy_15_Black_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z 4. Castanic Heavy 15 by Halo Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h8cbdahemldcxay/Castanic_Heavy_15_Black_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z 5. Crazy Glass Robes by Newmiller Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q8xdxkxlv6v4bvr/Crazy_Glass_Robes_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/49q57u5x6qh3e4u/Crazy_Glass_Robes_7B_Cleavage_BBP.7z 6. DEM Private by Krista Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4qyws9nxj3msv3v/DEM_Privat_7B_Cleavage.7z 7. Fiora armor by Shadowtroop Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1eg2r231r37e7ti/Fiora_Armor_7b_bombshell.7z 8. KURESE GLORIA by NPR and KURESE Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zcjr3cj3frk799z/KURESE_Gloria_Sevenbase_Cleavage-49631-2.7z 9. Newmiller succubus outfit by Newmiller Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tm6m0442dttytmq/Newmiller_succubus_outfit_7b_bombshell_bbp.7z 10. Nighthawk Armor by Dragon SlayerMod Team Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) / CBBE Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ujsu69awzcsbgur/Nighthawk_Armor_for_Sevenbase_Bombshell_-50801-1.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/gd2i848um5ubsu0/Nighthawk_Armor_for_CBBE_TBBP-50801-1.7z 11. Parthurnax Dragon Queen by ??? Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e0r2plrev7wvyp4/Parthurnax_Dragon_Queen_7b_Cleavage.7z 12. Rayne Clothes by ??? Bodytype: Sevenbase / CBBE / UNP / UNPB Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ou1i43nxx1g3exa/Rayne_Clothes_7B_Cleavage_BBP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/qa178obsyldfhv8/Rayne_Clothes_CBBE.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/p58cqy15y3raaa5/Rayne_Clothes_UNP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/e9c1911j85d35c9/Rayne_Clothes_UNPB.7z 13. Rocco dress by ??? Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tyzdndt2r4t5k10/Rocco_Dress__7B_Cleavage.7z Note: when you reduce character weight - only dress will get smaller 14. Royal Daedric Armor by GarryG Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/94bbd1b4rpa4tah/Royal_Daedric_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z Required: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3104(standalone) Note: You need to extract bsa and rename my nifs according current ones 15. Rumble Rose by ??? Bodytype: Sevenbase / UNPB (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2gj2k4cxxjg8pom/RumbleRose_7B.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ufeenwv7d4uk0t/RumbleRoseUNPB.7z 16. Sayaka suit by ??? Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/88t0bn7bm63a3ba/Sayaka_suit_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z 17. SeeLaMer Dress by ??? Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5j3ewr19pd5i1i3/SeeLaMer_UNPB-BBP.7z 18. Sexy Evening Dress by gekkou1992 Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jam90p7tc5rp9q2/Sexy_Evening_Dress_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/jazqoszjuzzyx18/Sexy_Evening_Dress_7B_Cleavage_BBP_.7z 19. Snake Armor by jianeddie Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yb6btwqbjif780w/Snake_Armor_Sevenbase_Bombshell.7z 20. Tera armors all-in-one by asianboy345 Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nx5d1wzdzdgxbqy/TERA_Armors_for_7B_All-in-One.7z Note: Inludes all armors up to 08.02.2014 Required: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846 21. TERA Eternal Crusade by asianboy345 Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/file/g23n9b8r41id1sa/TERA_Eternal_Crusade_7B_Cleavage.7z Required: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846 22. TERA Pirate Castanic by asianboy345 Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/file/h9mzesfkpe4jj1h/TERA_Pirate_Castanic_7B_Cleavage.7z Required: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846 23. TERA Shadowfang by asianboy345 Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/file/a3c7gq7ndk8r3bl/TERA_Shadowfang_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z Required: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846 24. Vampire Cuirass by Newmiller Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/file/nhaonj744pr29pt/Vampire_Cuirass_7b_Bombshell_BBp.7z 25. Wjun lady by b3lisario Bodytype: Sevenbase (UNP) Link to mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q29j6ue4bds6r9j/Wjun_lady_7B_Bombshell_BBP.7z
  3. View File Stockings For SlaveTats: This mod adds several stockings and garter-belt textures, colorable in Slavetats setting (in Body and Foot Tattoos). In the setting the garter-belt must be above the stockings. for example: in the body settings, the stockings in layer 1 and garter-belt in layer 2 Two version: 1: "Stockings_ST_CBBE_1.01.rar" For CBBE 2: "Stockings_ST_UNP_1.01.rar" For UNP and 7base * If you have various body in your game, you can install two version and choose "Cbbe" or "Unp 7b" in SlaveTats settings Mod required: SlaveTats of course . http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/619-slavetats/ Install: Quickly with Nexus Mod Manager or ModOrganizer. Or Copy the content of the archieve into you Skyrim\Data folder Thanks to murfk for SlaveTats. Updated: V1.01: modified ".json" for have CBBE and UNP together Added Garter-Belt maps V1.00: Stockings maps Submitter balicha Submitted 05/09/2015 Category Models & Textures Requires SlaveTats Special Edition Compatible
  4. View File As far as I know, there is no snake cock addon for Schlongs for Skyrim, so I made my own. Supports both genders and all races. Addon Requires Schlongs of Skyrim. Equipable version does not require SOS. There is also a normal shaped penis replacer textures (SOS Snake textures read README.zip), check comments, there is something similiar to that, and do read the README. Works very well with my other mod. There is a bug when you have less than 100 weight as a male, I don't know what is wrong, nor how to fix it. The penis mesh just doesn't match with the body pictures are as following : 100 weight, 50 weight, 0 weight. Credits: MihailMods for snake mesh (up to 1.4.1 version) Tokami-Fuko (deviantart file) for snake texture and snake mesh (since 1.5 version) B3lisario and VectorPlexus for SOS and SOS for females. Submitter Yakub Submitted 10/22/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires Special Edition Compatible No View File
  5. View File SoS - High Poly Futanari Addon + Bodyslide Files SoS - High Poly Futanari Addon + Bodyslide Files DESCRIPTION: You like Futanari with huge Cocks but are worried of the sharp edges? Then this is the mod you are looking for! This is an hight poly addon for Schlongs of Skyrim and use able on female characters! Use Your Bodyslide Preset to fit the Schlong to your Body and to change the shape! UUNP and CBBE Support! The Addon support by default the Mature skin textures or use your favorite SOS Textures replacer! (like this one) Shipped Argonian textures looking best with the Female Dragonic Argonian Textures. Copy your favorite SOS schlong for females - UNP textures into the Data/Textures/ERF_HighPolySoS/ Dictionary! SOS Schlong possibility set to 0%, if you want the addon on ALL (or most females) change this value in SOS MCN menu Patch to fit Fair Skin Complexion textures (Just install it over) Patch for base CBBE textures CBBE Special Edition Support (comes with CBBE textures by default) REQUIREMENTS: Schlongs of Skyrim and its requirements (or Schlongs of Skyrim SE if you are using Skyrim SE) BodySlide and Outfit Studio and its requirements (not needed but highly recommended) Submitter EvilReFlex Submitted 06/04/2018 Category BodySlide Requires Schlongs of Skyrim Special Edition Compatible Yes  
  6. The Selachii - Shark Race View File The Selachii - Shark Race v3.22 Description: This mod adds a custom playable shark race with fully animated headparts and total support for Vampirism. The main race is intended for use with an UNP compatible body replacer for females, and with SOS Full for males. Includes native support for UUNP Special based bodies. CBBE is also supported (Support is WIP so far). SOS for Females is also supported! Both the beast sheath schlong and the two humanoid ones included in the main plugin have native support for females. The sheath schlong is built for the original UNP body, but SevenBase, UNPB or similar bodies witha a groin area equal or close to UNP should work fine as well. CBBE is only supported for the humanoid schlongs, but not for the sheath. Note that the mod includes a "No schlong for females" AddOn for SOS. The NPCs added by the follower plugin (male and female alike) that are supposed to have a specific schlong assigned depending on their backstory and lore will still have them, but other female characters not supposed to have it will automatically be assigned the "No Schlong" by SOS. The player character will be assigned one at random, including the "No Schlong" one if she is female. If you want to add (or remove) the schlong from your character, use SOS' MCM menu to manually assign the corresponding addon. REQUIREMENTS: FOR THE MAIN VERSION OF THE MOD: --- SKSE --- XPMSE --- RaceCompatibility --- SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim --- UNP Compatible body And their respective requirements, if any. FOR THE CUSTOM RACEMENU MORPHS: --- RaceMenu FOR THE MAIN NPC PLUGIN: --- Yiffy Age 5.1+ And its respective requirements. FOR THE CBBE PATCH: --- CBBE Compatible body FOR THE NPC PLUGIN AND THE STANDALONE SHEATH PATCH: --- BadDog's Hoodie Schlongs And its respective requirements. FOR THE SL HOOKS INCLUDED IN THE NPC PLUGIN: --- SexLab (OPTIONAL, NOT A HARD REQUIREMENT) And its respective requirements. Race Information: "Native to the shores and seas of Akavir, the Selachii are an amphibious race descended from feral sharks. Known for their talent as warriors and sailors, they are commonly hired by trading and mercenary companies alike, and they are rarely seen far from the sea or other bodies of water. Their thick skin and their claws give them an advantage in combat, and they are even known to use their jaws as deadly weapons against their foes." SKILL BONUSES: One Handed - 10 Two Handed, Archery, Smithing, Light Armor, Restoration - 5 RACIAL POWERS/ABILITIES: Gills - Waterbreathing Apex Predator - increased movement speed when swimming (x1.75) Talons - 12 points of extra unarmed damage Thick Skin - 16 points of base Armor rating Cold Waters - 50% resistance to Frost Shark Bite - bite attack that restores the player's Health by the damage dealt and also causes enemies to bleed. Damage value starts at 25 and scales each 5 levels. OTHER INFO: --- Height: 1.05 (Male and female) --- Custom heads and head parts created by NightroModzz using assets from CITRUS. Hi-poly, detailed, and completely compatible with morphs, phonemes and facial expressions --- Approx. 30 hair styles for males and 50 for females, converted both from the vanilla game and from other sources like KS Hairs. --- 6 different fin ring (material) options for both males and females. --- Several eye color uptions using vanilla Khajiit and Argonian textures, for males and females + Custom eyes created by KrittaKitty and nevenbridge81. --- Custom clawed hands for both genders. --- Custom beast feet by Bad Dog, available in both plantigrade and digitigrade versions. --- Limited tint options (based on vanilla Argonian tint designs). Note that the main follower plugin is built for use with Yiffy Age of Skyrim; a vanilla/non-YA version patch for the plugin is also available for those that don't use YA. Make sure to check out Kuroyami's blog for info on the mod, the race's lore, planned and existing characters/quests, etc: Writing for Sharks Files: --- Shark Race 3.22 - MAIN - UNP and SOS: Main plugin of the mod. Required. --- Shark Race 3.22- Digitigrade Feet: Replaces the default plantigrade beast feet with Bad Dog's digitigrade meshes and skeleton. Install after the UUNP Bodyslide and NPC Plugin saying "Yes" to overwriting their files, if using them. --- Shark Race 3.22 - UUNP Bodyslide: Includes UUNP Bodyslide sets for the armors, the underwear items, and the schlongs. Strongly recommended if you use a UUNP-based body. --- Shark Race 3.22 - NPC Plugin: Adds several Selachii NPCs to the world, some of them with their own quests and stories. Also includes the SOS Sheath Schlong addon, as well as a separate plugin to enable some edits to the College to add Ko'Maru's room (for use only if no other College-altering mods are installed). Requires Yiffy Age v5.1+ and Bad Dog's Hoodies (Included with YA). Strongly recommended. Choose either this one or the one below, depending on whether you use YA or not. --- Shark Race 3.22- NPC Plugin (Vanilla): Same as above, but lacks the YA requirement and is meant for use with a vanilla setup instead. Requires Bad Dog's Hoodies. --- Shark Race 3.22 - CBBE Patch: Makes the race and its assets compatible with CBBE bodies instead of UNP ones. Required if you use a CBBE body. Not compatible with the Digitigrade Feet patch. --- Shark Race 3.22 - SOS BD Sheath: Adds the SOS Sheath Schlong addon. Requires BadDog's Hoodie Schlongs. For use only if you don't have the NPC plugin installed. --- Shark Race 3.20 - Main Menu Replacer: replaces the main menu logo with animated Selachii NPCs like the custom load screens. Includes A FOMOD/NMM/MO installer for ease of selection. Should work with both UUNP and CBBE versions of the mod. --- Shark Race 3.20 - Recorder Replacer: turns Recorder into a Selachii and fixes some minor bugs in her plugin. Made by request. Requires the main Recorder - Standalone Fully Voiced Follower mod to be installed first. Notes for Character creation: --- Face tint sliders available: warpaint, lips, cheeks, cheek lower, forehead, eyeliner, eye socket upper, dirt. --- Complexion slider will change between smooth and ridged head texture for males, and between default and fin-less head normal map for females (use the Brow slider to remove fins to achieve this effect). --- Brow type slider will add and remove fins (with different ring styles) for females and males. Recommended Mods: --- Slightly Less Crappy Swimming Animations by MadMansGun: replaces the vanilla swimming animations with (slightly) less crappy ones and also changes the tail anims during swimming so they are more fitting for a shark tail. Also works on Argonians. --- Faster Book Animations by MadMansGun: there are several books included in the NPC plugin and they have plenty of content, so you may want to use this mod to speed things up whiel reading them. --- Individualized Shout Cooldowns (SKSE Plugin) by kassent: to avoid other shout cooldowns preventing you from biting due to the Bite attack being considered a Shout. Known Issues: --- As a side-effect of the way RaceCompatibility works, some vanilla Argonian head parts will show up for the sharks. They can (and should) be safely ignored. --- The HDT hairs tend to load up wrong the first time you select them in the race menu. Change to a different hair and back and they should work fine. --- Likewise, HDT hairs can get spazzy during normal gameplay. I've tried my best to edit the XML and keep the spazzing to a minimum but it still happens, so beware. --- The Shark Bite attack had to be classified as a Shout in order to be able to trigger the "biting" anim and to properly cast the spell. If you have any mod that is triggered by/checks for any kind of Shout (and not only vanilla ones), using the Bite may interfere with it. Future Plans: --- Any requests I like and I have the skills to fulfill will proably be done, though I can't promise anything. --- If not posted here, possible WIPs and ideas may be posted in the thread itself. Changelog: V3.22 --- Added new beast feet created by Bad Dog. Plantigrade by default, with an optional patch to make them digitigrade. --- Added 8 new eye color options. --- Added 1 new warpaint option created by Kuroyami, with 3 variants. --- Added a custom "Eye Size" slider/morph to the race menu. --- Tweaked the "Nose Length" morph to properly change snout length without altering other areas of the face. --- Tweaked the subsurface scattering textures (_sk). --- Added a new SOS Addon option using Bad Dog's Hoodies system, based on BD's Argonian Slit addon (Male only for now). --- Improved the texture transition between female bodies and human schlongs. --- Increased the racial damage resistance/armor rating bonus from 10 to 16. --- Edited the default race presets to remove the fin rings. --- Added some missing keywords to the SOS schlong items. --- Separated the mouth textures from the vanilla Argonian paths to prevent conflicts with YA's Argonian mouth replacer. --- Removed the botched HDT weights and data from the "Wine" KS hair. --- NPC Plugin: Added 3 new outfits with 2 variants each, based on the Blades Hakama. --- NPC Plugin: Separated the thigh plates from the main (body) armor slot. --- NPC Plugin: Added one new NPC: Nami. Potential follower, with a small introduction quest beforehand. Can be found in the Wreck of the Winter War. --- NPC Plugin: Added placeholder NPC data for Ros and Lana. --- NPC Plugin: Added 2 more load screens and edited some of the existing ones. --- NPC Plugin: Edited NPC data and appearance to work with YA v5.x. --- NPC Plugin: Edited the SOS Sheath addon data to remove the dependency to the (now removed) deprecated Hoodies system duplicate from YiffyAgeSchlongs and point it to BadDogSchlongsCore.esm instead. --- NPC Plugin: Adjusted hair color and some other minor details in the load screen meshes. --- CBBE Patch: removed the extra plugin from the download. + Possible unlisted changes and edits. Credits: V3.22 CREDITS NightroModzz for the awesome new heads! Kuroyami for several major contributions to the mod. BadDog for lots of stuff, including beast schlongs. MadMansGun for the animated load screens, and other stuff. KrittaKitty for the (unreleased) Lykaios Race assets. GuruSR for the bite attack upgraded script. VectorPlexus, Smurf and others for SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim. AyyRofLmao for the original Sharkmer Race HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion V8.0 dimon99, Phygit, and thepal for DIMONIZED UNP Female Body Groovtama for XPMSE Caliente, Ousnius and others for Bodyslide and the UUNP Special body. Kalilies and the rest of the authors of KS Hairdos - Renewal ScrollTron1c and the authors of the original resources for FAMOUS - Fitness And Muscle Options Utility Suite Mandragorasprouts for Vitruvia - Skin texture overhaul. EvilReFlex for helping with texturing, as well as for Textures for "SOS schlong for females" and SoS - Schlong for Females BodySlide. Derok for Argonian Reptilian Feet, and for Better Claws and Gauntlets alongside Didact2401. blabba for CITRUS Heads. Calyps for some of the hair styles. Nuska for some of the hair styles. Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair, for some of the hair styles. nevenbridge81 for Natural Eyes. tiwa44 for UNP Spice Gear. TheCoach for TCf - Vanilla Skyrim Bodyslided ( UUNP HDT ). theincrediblenick for Fingerless Gloves Rebalanced. atomec for Blades Hakama. roland113 for Predators - The Lost Tribes. SirNibbles for Retexture Blades Hakama. BlackWolf24 for Argonians Enhanced. Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible. ORIGINAL CREDITS Head and tail meshes have been modified from originals created/provided by thesholintiger and Force2013 Feet mesh is modified from Phygit's FemFeet Other meshes/textures - Bethesda Submitter Blaze69 Submitted 11/03/2016 Category Races Requires SKSE, UNP compatible body, SOS, RaceCompatibility Special Edition Compatible No
  7. SKYRIM STRAP ONS by Leito86 DESCRIPTION This mod adds 8, mostly scratch built, craftable strap ons to the game. The strap ons use an armor slot that other strap on mods use (51), so you can wear it with most armors and jewelry. All strap ons also work with the weight slider. The items can be crafted at the forge and will be listed under MISC. There are no prerequisites. AVAILABLE STRAP ONS AND THEIR RECIPIES Black Soul Gem Strap On - 1 black soul gem (empty) - 1 leather - 2 leather strips Canine Strap On - 1 leather - 2 leather strips - 1 troll fat Common Soul Gem Strap On - 1 common soul gem (empty) - 1 leather - 2 leather strips Dwemer Strap On - 1 dwarven ingot - 1 dwarven oil - 1 leather Giant Toe Strap On - 1 giant toe - 1 leather strip - 2 linen wraps Hagraven Fingers Strap On - 2 hagraven feathers - 1 leather - 2 leather strips Horker Tusk Strap On - 1 horker tusk - 1 leather - 2 leather strips Stallion Strap On - 1 leather - 2 leather strips - 1 troll fat BODY TYPE COMPATIBILITY Body by Leito (BBL) CBBE Curvy (no Slim support) UNP Main (no Skinny support) UNPB I will not be fitting the strap ons to any other bodies. If you would like to make the mod compatible with other bodies, please read the permissions section. MOD COMPATIBILITY This mod should not conflict with any other mod, even other strap on mods. You can use this mod with SexLab, although you'll have to equip the strap on manually. You'll need to make sure slot 51 is not unequipped when stripping and make sure that the auto equip strap on option is disabled in the MCM. INSTALLATION Use Nexus Mod Manager to install/uninstall. VERSION HISTORY v1.1 The horker tusk strap on now uses the correct model for its world model. CREDITS Leito86 - Author of Skyrim Strap Ons and Body by Leito caliente - Author of CBBE dimon99 - Author of UNP calyps, Blessed Redux Project team - Authors of UNPB aeonflux88 - StrapOn - CBBEv3 - Used the mod as a reference to make mines Daguy - horker tusk idea Bethesda - for the awesome game The modding community PERMISSIONS You are free to use these assets in any non-commerical/non-donation taking Skyrim mods without having to contact me. Credits would be nice. SkyrimStrapOns_BBL.zip SkyrimStrapOns_CBBE.zip SkyrimStrapOns_UNP_UNPB.zip
  8. Newest Update: Tenderfoot Wanderer [UNP] Added! Hey guys! This is my official mod page for all my mods. Whenever I release a mod, be it on the Nexus, tumblr, and/or piczel it can also be found here! This page will be republished every time I release a new mod as well. To download the mod, simply click on the image. It will redirect you to the download location. Some mods have additional downloads or features. If so, it will be listed below the image. NEWEST ADDITION: Sorceress99 did a terrific job making a CBBE conversion of Tenderfoot Wanderer! Download it out here: DOWNLOAD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This armor also comes with a UUNP NIF for those who use bodyslide. Download it here: DOWNLOAD! Shizuekaryan made a fantastic conversion of this armor to CBBE! Download it here: DOWNLOAD! General Andreis converted my poser to SSE. You can find the link right here on Loverslab! HERE! I made a guide for using Free Object Poser, as well as for making your own poses. Check it out: HERE! General Andreis converted my poser to SSE. You can find the link right here on Loverslab! HERE!
  9. This mod takes owes its creation to the method used by the Sassy Teen Girls Followers COS (CBBE) Body Replacer by Mofme. This is a body and texture replacement file for the Sassy Teen Girls Special Edition follower mod by triptherift. This mod utilizes the mesh and textures featured in the mod Seraphim Female Body Replacer Basic Edition by AlpineYJ. This mod also uses the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition mod for the skeletons which was made by Groovtama. Requirements Sassy Teen Girls Special Edition by triptherift Seraphim Female Body Replacer Basic Edition by AlpineYJ XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition by Groovtama Fore New Idles in Skyrim by fore The time progresses quickly in Skyrim and the triplets who are now just over the age of 18 are considered adult by the Skyrim's people. This grants them the privilege to wear no underwear. (In fact these followers were already defined as adults by the original author). In order to use this mod you must first unpack the BSA from the sassy teen mod. Then replace the texture and mesh files from the original mod with the ones provided. Lastly, you then need to repack the BSA file and place it back into your Skyrim SE data folder. Permissions My understanding of the permissions on the individual mod assets used in these files are that the assets are free to use with credits to the creators, which I have done here to the best of my knowledge. If I have missed something in the permissions, let me know and I will either correct the permissions or remove the offending material upon request. All the credit goes to the modders mentioned above (Mofme, triptherift, AlpineYJ, Groovtama, fore) I will update it as I see fit but for now this is the final version. Sassy_Girls.zip
  10. View File >>> Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT <<< custom physics and collisions for HDT PE latest versions: Naturalistic HDT -> v3.68 Beast HDT -> v0.64 Important news: I quit modding Skyrim, so please refrain from asking me to add some feature or improve something that's already included. If you want to add that one missing feature that makes all the difference in your opinion or if you want to improve this mod, then go ahead, do whatever you want with it. Just give credit where it's due, everything else is up to you. Version 3 of Naturalistic HDT includes an optional repainted UUNP Special body mesh (Bodyslide source file) to improve jiggling and collisions. There is also a conversion of UUNP HDT Piercing Sets 0.7 for this repaint in the download section. If you upgrade this mod from v3.54 or lower and you are using UUNP then please rebuild the UUNP hand, feet and body meshes in order to get the correct xml attachment for the new xml layout introduced with v3.55. Version 3.6 adds a new Bodyslide group called "Naturalistic Bodybuilding". You can find all the meshes that you need to build in there. I figured that with Bodyslide itself occasionally updating UUNP Special without mentioning it in the changelog I better decouple the edited body I provide. I also fixed a lot of morph slider issues with UUNP Special (like the back of the labia being buried inside the body mesh) and improved weight paints. And then I added the Chinese UUNP body we talked about earlier itt to the package. The main difference are the remodeled, puffy nipples and the more complex vagina shape. If you downloaded the "Chinese UUNP Fix" esp I provided before then please deactivate and delete it. It might cause additional texture issues and with v3.65 it isn't needed anymore. Further down in this mod description you will find additional information about how to get the vagina textures to show on your characters instead. Be advised that in v3.6 simply building the UUNP Special body, hand and feet in Bodyslide like you did in previous versions doesn't let you build the meshes included in this mod but the default one included in Bodyslide. My versions are beginning with "NBB". Mod description: Frankly speaking I'm not too happy with the results that most of the xmls available for HDT physics have ingame. Either the collision triggers too far away from the object in question or the jiggling is just wrong for me. So I figured that if I wanted something that suits my needs then I had to make my own xml set. Also I kinda dig math and physics, even if HDT PE might be more akin to spherical cows in a vacuum. The name of the mod should give you a hint to what I was going for. No endless jiggling, no breasts moving like jello or jumping around like they are possessed. Just boobies and butts and the magnificient way they behave in the real world. Well, I hope you like it. I created this set with Just for Fun, which is a very nice tool that makes these xml files look way less byzantine. Try it out yourselves, definitely recommended. The body I used is the UUNP Special UNPBB body but I included variants of the breast physics for both bigger and smaller breasts. And as it turns out this set is also fully compatible with Clams of Skyrim. Very important: Don't let anything else overwrite meshes or xmls from this mod. Don't use any other body xml mods unless it's FloppySOS and you use it together with my compatible version. If you really really need to use something else on top of this and there are conflicts then just ask in the mod thread how to resolve them. A couple of (not so) short instructions: - Please make sure that my mod overwrites everything else. That's especially true for XPMSE which you usually should load last. I edited a few skeletons from that mod and if you let XPMSE overwrite my altered skeletons then the corresponding creature animations won't work as intended. But it's also true for other mods like All in one UUNP, MNC or Realistic Ragdoll and also generally anything that overwrites my xmls. - With the release of v3 including Bodyslide source meshes for UUNP Special this mod should be fairly beginner friendly now. Just follow the instructions, make your choices and attach the xml data on your own or if you use UUNP Special let Bodyslide do that for you by rebuilding the hand, feet and body meshes of any of the UUNP Special variants. Why I want you to use Clams of Skyrim or UUNP Special (or maybe Tripleen too)? Because they have an HDT enabled 3d vagina attached and without that a big part of this mod becomes kinda pointless. - If you want to use Clams or any other CBBE body with a 3D vagina together with my physics then you obviously don't have to build the body included in my mod with Bodyslide. And should you want to switch bodies (UUNP -> CBBE or vice versa) on an ongoing savegame better read this. - Should you decide to use the Chinese UUNP Special body that I included in the mod then you are not done with just building the body, hands and feet in Bodyslide. You also have to add the the inner vagina texture to the female body texture. And since everyone seems to use a different texture I can't do that for you. But don't worry, because there is TexBlend (included in Bodyslide&Outfit Studio). It's a very straightforward to use tool that lets you blend the vagina textures I added into the female body textures. Afterwards the femalebody_1.dds should look somewhat like this (not regarding different skin tone, moles etc): and the femalebody_1_msn.dds should look like this: Both texture files will be uncompressed afterwards. And for the normal map (msn) that's okay I guess, many if not all body texture mods keep these uncompressed. But you might want to recompress the diffuse map (the femalebody_1.dds in this case) back to DXT5 format. Thanks to Ordenator this is also ridiculously easy to do. Just take that image and copy it over to a subfolder of Ordenator. Then point the tool towards that. It will automatically recompress the texture with DXT5 and it might even fix a few issues along the way (like missing mipmaps). Don't copy over complete texture folders though, the msn textures (normal maps) should better stay uncompressed if you don't want to see blocky transitions on the skin. - Even with the FOMOD installer you have to make sure that all my xmls are attached as NiStringExtraData, also for the NPCs your char has intercourse with (in case they come with their own body, hand and feet meshes - one example would be the Bijin replacers). And don't forget the hdtm.xml for males, I have attached it to the 3 different schlong variants included in SOS. So if you don't want to attach them yourself then I already set that up for you, there's a choice in the installer for that. For 3.55 there's also a choice to install male hand meshes with the hdtfingers.xml attached since this version has a different xml file layout and uses the hdtfingers.xml again. - If you chose the repainted UUNP Special body then I strongly recommend to skip pregnancy mods that depend on NIOverride belly scaling and are not covered by Sexlab Inflation Framework. The reason is that my repaint makes that scaling method look even uglier than it already was before. Then again the racemenu morphs and especially "Pregnancy Belly" already look far superior with the original weight paint so you shouldn't use NIOverride belly scaling anyway. If you don't know how to attach xml data then here's a nice illustrated tutorial. And here's another one with a simpler way to do the exact same thing. When he's writing about increasing damping he means that you should download JFF v4, open the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml with it and increase the damping settings under Constraints -> doubleclick one of the entries -> Linear Limits -> the small box with the down arrow right of Linear Motor X, Y and Z -> Spring Damping. For armors that are not supposed to bounce up and down much decreasing the Linear Limits intervalls might be a good idea too. I'm usually too lazy for any of that though and let all my armors jiggle like the naked body. ^^ - You also have to make sure that the characters involved in sex acts have the meshes loaded that you attached the xml data to! This is extremely important. Especially the Sexlab default strip settings might be a bit too conservative so for example if you have attached the hdtvagina.xml to the female feet mesh (femalefeet_0.nif and femalefeet_1.nif) then in Sexlab's MCM menu under Timers&Stripping activate the feet checkbox for foreplay, normal and aggressive animations or her lower lips won't start talking. With version 3.1 of this mod it should be enough to have the female main body naked though (and the male hands if you're using FloppySOS). For version 3.55 the hands also need to be naked but there you have the advantage that most collisions also work with clothes on as long as the hands are bare. Additional information: If you still have problems setting this up here's a little FAQ I wrote in another thread (some of the things there are already mentioned above): And last but not least a little help for building the body meshes with Bodyslide: Also check out post 2 of the mod topic. There's more additional stuff like a basic workflow to edit and test xmls with the game open in there. Credits: HydrogensaysHDT for HDT PE HydrogensaysHDT and Monsto Brukes for Just for Fun Ashal for the SexLab framework Smurf, Vector and b3lisario for SOS Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide and the Outfit Studio Stevierage for the HDT vagina BringTheNoise and Cell for that sexy UUNP Special body scivirus for the just as tasty Clams of Skyrim body dentarr and MadMansGun for More Nasty Critters, MadmansGun again for keeping Beast HDT compatible to MNC after I quit modding Leito for his Schlong Addon for SOS and for all these great animations he's making Whoever created that Chinese UUNP Special variant in the first place - 突然晕倒 or Túrán yūn dǎo ... maybe Others I forgot to mention. Sorry. Submitter Bazinga Submitted 10/30/2015 Category HDT Physics Requires HDT PE 14.28, XPMSE >v3.21, Clams of Skyrim or UUNP Special or similar body with a 3D HDT vagina, SOS, optional: SOS Strapon for Bodyslide, Leito Schlong Addon, Bodyslide for building the body meshes Special Edition Compatible No
  11. View File Devious Devices: Assets This is a collection of SM-themed gear and devices for CBBE-HDT (Bodyslide) and UUNP female bodies. A comprehensive list of mods that use these devices can be found at the Devious Skyrim thread USAGE Simply install this mod with the mod manager of your choice. REQUIREMENTS Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Which can be found here SexLab Framework (any recent version) Some items in this package have SexLab keywords attached to them to ensure compatibility with other adult mods KNOWN ISSUES Headgear (gags, blindfold,...) may not always fit perfectly depending on the character's race and facial features. Minor clipping and/or deformation issues may occur when the character assumes extreme poses or performs certain movements. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. How do I access or use these devices? Devious Devices: Assets is a modder's resource and doesn't place the items ingame nor assign or provide support for custom ingame behavior - these aspects are handled and maintained by separate 'Devious Devices' mods. Any issues with such should thus be referred to the respective mod author. 2. Why is a certain device not working properly? See answer to the previous question. 3. Why do some devices not fit my player character? These assets were made for a specific set of bodies (see 'Requirements'). Other body types are not supported and may cause visual anomalies. 4. Will there ever be support for males/beast races/additional bodies? Probably not 5. Will there ever be support for additional bodies? CBBE-HDT and UUNP are the most widely used and the most versatile body mods available for Skyrim. There is hardly any good reason to use another body. Given the stage in Skyrim's lifecycle, it is very unlikely to see a new body mod getting released with the potential to surpass either CBBE's or UUNP's popularity. We also do no want to continue support for older fixed-shape body mods, as this would dramatically increase our modellers' workload for very little gain. You can use Bodyslide to generate any body shape you wish, so there is no point in supporting a fixed-shape body. 5. Can I re-use these items in my own creation? You're very much welcome to use the mesh and texture contents of the DDa mod in your own creative works if the following conditions are met: 1) The resulting mod or product should be available for free 2) There should be a brief mention of the source somewhere in the description and/or readme. Something along the lines of “Featuring Zadil’s meshes and textures from the Skyrim mod ‘Devious Devices: Assets’” would perfectly suffice. Oh, and don't forget to drop me a short message with a link to the finished result. I'd be curious to see it. 6. Can I make suggestions regarding future content? No new content is planned for DDa at this time. Please refer to DDx instead. Credits Min for his outstanding work on the Integration mod and project management Kimy for keeping the chaos at bay Koffii for contributing additional high quality meshes & textures Zaz & Xaz for providing complementary animations to some devices Coopervane for his assistance regarding nif shader parameters & mod maintenance Pincopallino for the CBBE Slidersets Gameplayer for the UUNP Slidersets All DD modders and beta testers for their time and efforts Submitter Zadil Submitted 07/31/2013 Category Framework & Resources Requires Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, SexLab (any) Special Edition Compatible  
  12. View File Nothing New has been added I just moved it to the new Bodyslide Sub group (watch people are going to be like where the F did UUNP go). Now incorporated into the Main Bodyslide download on Nexus. Go here to download http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? Note: The only thing left in the download section is the old resources zip (which has not been updated since ver 1.05 back in dec 2014). Project: Unified UNP - now with extra Shape Sliders for those that needed/wanted them!!! A Bodyslide Toolset for UNP Users. Build a wide range of UNP Bodies, and convert CBBE armors over to UNP Body Types. Also included UNIFIED HDT PLUS - based on UN7B note: as of version 1.08 all bodies vanilla bones are based on the weight painting from Dream Girl (yeah they were that good). Unified UNP can output in HDT, TBBP, BBP, and no bounce versions. This part of Unified uses a 6850 vertices base shape that looks like CBBE Curvy's High weight (because that is what BodySlide and Outfit Studio use as there base shape). This package can output into many of the UNP body types. From UNP to 7base Cherry Hot and pretty much anything in between. And with version 1.08 you now have additional sliders to increase things like breast size, hips, ass, legs, etc... Unified UNP HDT PLUS is identical to the UNP version except it calls on a UN7B skin set. Cause the base shape started life as a UN7B body and was turned into a CBBE shape.... This package can output into many of the UNP body types (giving them UN7B extra bits). From UNP to 7base Cherry Hot and pretty much anything in between. Again with version 1.08 you now have additional sliders to increase things like breast size, hips, butt, legs, etc... Body also includes a NiStringExtraData line that points to the \Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml" (the HDT bounce xml file for the female body). Also included in the package is Halo's High Poly hands and feet setup that can output to any of the bodies included... REQUIREMENTS: Bodyslide 2 (v2.2d or higher) XPMSE 2.3 or greater A UNP Body Texture Set for the UNP Side (base and HDT) or a UN7B body texture set for the Plus side Note: I still gotta build a textureblend setup for the beast races to be able to look correct with the Plus package. Update 3/18/2015 Cell made some more tweaks to UUNP - fixed some of my screwups. Also brought back UNPConvert (formerly known as Converto). Note: UNPConvert will (or should be) part of the next Bodyslide update (which is why I pulled Converto). Unfortunately the next update to Bodyslide has been slightly delayed.... but the reason for the delay is for the extra items that will be included in it... so I can understand why Cell is holding off on the next update. So for the time being you can install UNPConvert and use it to convert different UNP armors into the base UUNP/CBBE shape. Then use UUNP or CBBE to build a Bodyslide package for that armor... Note: UNPConvert's xml file is located in the "ConvertionSets" folder inside the Bodyslide folder. You will need to manually load it as a reference (browse to the folder and select the file) then select the shape to convert from in the drop down list below the browse option. Example: you want to convert a UNPCM armor to UUNP. Load the UNPConvert.xml as the reference, then choose UNPCM High to CBBE (if working from the high weight) or UNPCM Low to CBBE (if working with the Low weight). Note: High and Low weights for each shape that UUNP includes should be covered by UNPConvert. The reason for this is sometimes armors only come in the high or low of one shape and having both the high and lows to convert from makes it easier for people that do conversions. UNPConvert basic Image and loading instruction added to the images section. Note Note Note: Make damn sure the skin instance in the Nif file is a BSDismemberSkinInstance and not a NiSkinInstance or you can and probably will fuck up the nif file when converting it in Outfit Studio. Update 3/13/2015 And I thought I was crazy for making it... now Cell has out done me by combining 2 of my crazy ass projects into a single crazy ass project. Everyone say Hello to UUNP Special cause it is now part of the dysfunctional family So now we have 2 flavors of vagina... 1. HDT+ which still doesn't have a proper collision xml file (yeah yeah I know, lately its been the mistreated member of the family... but shit happens). And now UUNP Special based off the lovely work from Stevierage (and Daie on the CBBE side)... Blatently ripped off and renamed by me (of course I asked for permission first)... Sometime in the near future there should also be a never nude version (somehow Special with its working vagina got priority over a UUNP body with permanently attached bra and panties... sorry about that). Update 3/1/2015 - UUNP V1.10n Cell/Ousnius has been working hard on tweaking the living daylights out of UUNP to get it ready for the Bodyslide page... Note: I was alseep when he finished this today, so I'm not sure if its ready for the BS page on nexus yet... but I'm throwing it into the main DL section any damn way... Improvments - tweaks to the base mesh, and clean ups on the different morphs (to many to list). Weight painting is pretty damn good... better then I've ever been able to get it. Note: Be care full if you use a small breast morph and then adjust with the RM scales (mods like milk mod economy and what not).... As the weight painting will probably make the area around the smaller breast to expand as well... There is nothing that can be done about this, due to how the body morphs into the different shapes. Yes yes I should have listed this way back when... oops. UPDATE 2/14/2015 - UUNP v1.10k is up... Cell has reworked the base shape to complete match the CBBE Curvy 1 body that Bodyslide uses by default. Now it matches not just in the shape, but at the wrist, ankle, and neck seams (might cause slight issues with one or two morphs, still testing on that front). Update weight painting is a lot better then the previous versions. Still need to add 7BUNP v2 aka Seraphym - it is on the to do list. All in all this is a damn good package (we to me it is anyway). UPDATE 2/1/2015 - well yesterdays was a complete waiste of space. So I went a little old school with this one. UUNP - 7B Bomb body turned into the CBBE shape (removed Breast and Breast 1 bones). UUNPHDT - UUNP Body with the HDT bones added to it (no nistring I remember this time). UUNPHDT+ - UN7B 1 Body turned into a CBBE shape (added upper arm and upper arm bends from UUNP, and Other HDT bones and Nistring to point to the damn bodyplus.xml) Beer Pretzels and a little bit of BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS (aka Bender from Futurama) Hope it doesn't break your system... I'm done I give up... this is it I fucking quit. UPDATE 1/31/2015 - weight paintings updated on the original v1.10 body (so no more seam issues). Most of the bones are good, minus the elbow bend on the outer elbow (I've been trying to clean that up all afternoon). This is where I'm stopping for now... play with it it should be better then the previous build (don't even ask about v1.10d cause it was just hosed completely and utterly so I'm not sharing it). UPDATE 1/30/2015 - Guess what I forgot to do... So Cell and I have been working on fixing the base bone weights (vanilla bones) and well I think I figured it out. CHEAT - I converted the DG1 body with its original bones over to a cbbe shape. Then I used it to copy all of the vanilla bones onto the 3 bodies (which blew away all the hdt bones). Once that was done I took the v1.10 bodies and used them to copy back over the hdt bones onto the hdt body (and Plus to hdt+). Ran them thru Max and a couple of different animations (lol twerk hkx turned into a kf is funny as hell). Once I was satisfied I threw them into the folder where I extracted cells version of uunp v1.10b (then renamed the folder to c and packed it back up).... Give it a go, it should be good, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrist, etc etc etc... DG has a really nice vanilla weight painting on it and it transfers over well with mesh rigger (yeah I forgot that it did that ). Update: 1/27/2015 - Oh shit I went ahead and threw it in the main section didn't I. UUNP updated to version 1.10 Removed the BBP and TBBP bodies (go HDT or go home for bouncing...). The No Bounce body is still available... - Added more body morphs for people to muck with.... UNP Manga, UNP CHSBHC wtf - Added poly's to Halo's High poly hands and feet.... ZQuad1 fixed the UV map after I up poly'd them (say thanks to Zquad1 folks). - Added a Nistring line to HDT Plus body that points to an experimental xml (combo of hdt leg bones from blabba and un7b labia bones) ... EXPERIMENTAL is putting it mildly I haven't gotten collision to work yet... maybe someone can tweak it and make improvements. - Added RM Breast and Butt Scale bones to both HDT bodies (which means XPMSE 2.3 is required at a minimum) Note: The Unified UNP HDT body has the leg bones in the mesh/nif but does not have a nistring in the nif pointing it to the xml file. If you want the legs to have the muscle simulation then nifskope the nif and add a NiStringExtra data to it and point it to the "data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\body.xml". This way the HDT body does not break what is the current standard for HDT PE body types.... You will still need xmpse 2.3 or greater due to the RM scale bones Update for 12/14/2014 Version 1.09 up.... Changed the bones around a little more, cleaned up the over spray from the clavicle and forearm bones (again). Fixed an issue in Halo's high poly hands when building the high weight. The seam was being distorted when it should have not moved (as the base is the damn high weight). So new bsd file in that pack, should solve any wrist problems when using those with any of the bodies that come in this project. Played with the Belly Weight again (trying to mimic the UNPB Pregnancy bodies belly weight that most on LL use). ... Let me know how it works, or if it doesn't. Note: Moving all the old stuff from the OP into the second post (just to clean this up a little). I'm still unsure of how I'm going to handle the beast races for the plus side, as it will call for breaking either the body or the texture... go figure (it's never easy). Update: 1/17/2015 Added Converto to the download section. It is basically a Convert Anything UNP to Unified's base shape. It covers 55 different shapes and the mesh itself is kinda big... Just install the set to Body slide and then copy the xml to what ever outfit you want to convert, then in Outfit Studio load the xml as a reference choose one of the 55 bodies in the drop down and start converting shit 8/23/2015 - Reworked the old prototype Foot Angle tool into the "UUNP Heel Angle tool" It about an hour or three worth of tinkering but it works.... I moved the baseshape of the foot to line up with the UUNP body (then matched it at the ankle seam via the vertices). If you need to use this tool, you will need to load the reference from the XML in outfit studio (after installing it into bodyslide). I will need to see if Cell will added this to Bodyslide (as sometimes you need to tinker with heels and what not when creating an outfit). Submitter BringtheNoise Submitted 10/19/2014 Category BodySlide Requires BodySlide 2.4 (or greater), XMPSE 2.5 (or Greater), Racemenu 3.1 (for UUNP body morphs), and HDT v14.28 with currect belly node naming in the xml file. Oh, and a UNP or UN7B skin texture set. Special Edition Compatible
  13. View File Materials granted by Aradia: http://www.loverslab...lingerie-armor/ The parts of this mod are developed by several authors and compiled in a single installer. While I'am keeping all this updated and tested, it's recommended to follow their official pages to get most from them - requests, questions, tips and etc: t3h0th3r: official post - author and manager of the conversion for Unified UNP for BodySlide Description: This is a rework and conversion of original "Aradia Living Armour". The idea was to implement a refraction effect, so armor would look like a jellyfish in the end. Supported bodies: UNP Skinny body UNP BCPB Unified UNP for BodySlide by t3h0th3r Screenshots: Requirements: Skyrim Mod Organizer (recomended) or Nexus Mod Manager Installation: Download and run 7z archive in the chosen Mod Manager Select the body type you use Read requirements and place them BEFORE this mod in a priority list Activate "Aradia Living Armor - Jellyfish Edition" in your Mod Manager Uninstallation: Remove "Aradia Living Armor - Jellyfish Edition" from the Mod Manager How to get your armor: Craft it, if you know how to find Ruined Books; or Type "help aradia" in console and find ID which corresponds to the armor. Then type player.getitem XXXXXXXX 1, where XXXXXXX if the armor ID in the game. Known Bugs and Caveats: In some cases with the UNP BCPB you may experience seams at the hands. That is known issue and require a lot of time to be fixed. Refraction in Skyrim is very whimsical. You may experience invisible parts of the refracted objects in combination with a water and fire effects. While it's not notable - refraction effect is achieved at the cost of performance. It at least doubles the number of the armor triangles (two armor models are rendering at the same time). In addition it adds two shaders (one per armor model) - the first one is responsible for the half transparent effect, and another for the refraction effect. Working on: Gathering tools and preparing for making a 7b conversion Change Log: 4/23/2015 1.2 - A nice BodySlide presets for "Unified UNP" by t3h0th3r - t3h0th3r added a "NoHide Keyword" for the Devious Devices. Now it should not hide devices because of armor transparency - UNP BCPB package should come with UNP BCPB body now - FOMOD support for easier installation wizard. It is highly recommended to use Skyrim Mod Organizer 7/29/2014 1.1 - UNP Skinny conversion with a "Weight" slider support - A few armor visual glitches were fixed 7/27/2014 1.0 - Initial Upload Credits and Permissions: - authorship, ownership and all credits are going to Aradia. Please send your permission requests directly to Aradia - many thanks to Jexsam for retexture - t3h0th3r for his "Unified UNP" BodySlide presets Submitter moneta321 Submitted 07/27/2014 Category Armor & Clothing Requires UNP Skinny or BodySlide with "Unified UNP" support (included in v2.4 or higher) Special Edition Compatible
  14. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim View File Diaper Lovers' Skyrim Mod Family This page hosts a growing family of mods centered on the theme of adult diapers. It grew from Lucia1's Diaper Lovers' Skyrim diaper model, and it now comprises more fully featured mods which integrate the models into a needs mods (Private Needs Discreet), as well as Devious Devices, as well as additional clothing, from my own ABDL Suite to Helios' cloth diaper. Take a look at the files and the description for an account of the variety you'll find here. This description mostly serves the base mod, DLSkyrim. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim Features: - 4 Diapers: 3 Diaper models with 22 textures each, and a "huge" diaper model with 12 textures. 78 textures total. - Used a photo technique to capture realistic diapers as well as Substance Painter for more materials-based styles. - All diapers work for adult men and women and beast races. - Diapers have crinkling sounds when you walk. - 7 pacifiers, by request - Some of the "huge" diapers have modeled chains for "forced" wearing. - Everything is fully craftable. - A host of supporting mods for 1) using diapers, 2) bondage and diapers, and 3) cloth diapers. Keep reading for more. Whaa? DLSkyrim is a big clothing mod, essentially. It adds four different models of quite lore unfriendly wearable adult diapers for the people of Skyrim, for the UNP HDT and SOS bodies (And CBBE (Curvy) HDT), ladies and gentlemen alike. You can either simply type "help diaper" (lol) to get a code to console them in, or you can make your own with some linen wraps and a bit of tundra cotton at a skinning rack*. So realistic. They use the "52" slot like some other underwear mods do, such that you may mix and match with outfits. Er, outfits with no pants and only very poofy skirts, otherwise the diaper will peek through. That's good advice for actual diapers. As of 1.4, it added pacifiers, by request. Go butterfly hunting to craft them (also at a skinning rack). * The white diapers are the bases from which all others may be crafted, using ingredients like mountain flowers, hanging moss, and creep clusters. Clipping: Any dictionary will tell you, perhaps in not these words exactly, that a diaper is a fluffy thing on your butt. It's going to clip a lot with clothing, including with the body in various poses. No sneaking! Swimming is permissible. Correcting clipping with such an item is beyond my skill and time. Poofy skirts, right? Right. The style was made for UNP first, and while I like it on the skinny and medium areas of the SOS spectrum, the bodybuilder...lol I diapered that bear anyway. I made some dresses to work with these, the "Sissy Suite." if you're interested. Whyy? I offer these as niche but no less earnest fetish fuel to the game that has mod-love for a great variety of kinks. After doing searches for "skyrim diaper" every few months for a couple of years, I decided to just learn how to do it from scratch. If there is any interest, I plan to eventually make additional styles. Many people have asked for these on various forums, including this one, so perhaps these will meet some of those desires as well. Those interested in exploring RP around omorashi/desperation, ab/dl/ageplay, and long term bondage scenarios get a little love in this mod. I'm aware that this kink has a potentially high comedic value, so, if this isn't for you, and you're about to tell me so, at least be funny. These could be shinier/less shiny - Yes, YMMV. Some shine is by design - these aren't cloth diapers, and I'm not giving up the pastels just so that they won't look nuclear in Skyrim's surprisingly direct sun. YMMV. To be able to adjust these things in nifskope is a worthy skill of any Bethesda mod user. My recommendation would be to enter the BSLightingShaderProperty to reduce the glossiness by half or more and move the specularity toward the black if it's the shine itself that has you down. If they're still blindingly bright in your setup, use a photo program to reduce the light levels of the worst offenders. There's probably some magic that could be done with the unusual way Skyrim handles normals that could further reduce the brightness. Will you port/convert DLSkyrim for... - No, sorry. I did so much of this that I ported this mod for a game I don't even play (Fallout 4). I don't use bodyslide, and I'm no good making Outfit Studio look anything like even my amateurish work in Blender. Please don't ask me to. I mod for fun, and I find that this goes against my goals here. The Mod Family - A number of awesome people in the community have made other versions of this mod, with support for NakedMage, Private Needs Discreet, and Devious Devices. I'll list the current versions here as a guide to the downloads. Each has its own requirements, and I'm sorry, but I can only support my version as well as I can. They're all active in the thread though, so post there if you have a problem. Fallout 4 Port: Exugen made this port, which I know nothing about yet, since I don't own FO4. As is for now. I think it uses CBBE. Check out Diaper Lovers' Fallout 4 , my rather minimal port of this mod. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.0 - This is the original, which requires SOS and either UNP or CBBE, depending on the version. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.2 - This second round included thick diapers, and only half of them are HDT. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.3 - The third round was a major update, adding slim diapers and reworking all of the previous models in addition to adding crinkling sounds. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.4 - Added seven varieties of pacifier. Go butterfly hunting to craft! Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.5 - This is the current version, which this description serves. Requires SOS body and either UNP HDT OR CBBE HDT. The less jiggly the better for fighting clipping. You can get this split in two parts (because of the 100 MB limit on LL), or you can click on the MEGA links. The top one is UNP, the second one CBBE. DLSecureSkyrim 1.5 (Original by Veladarius) - I have updated Veladarius' 1.0 original, which incorporates this mod into the Devious Devices framework. DLSecure 1.5 is a little bit different philosophy from the earlier version. In order to limit the metric ton of entries on top of DLSkyrim, DLSecure only makes the lockable diapers lockable. Crazy, right? You can still use the old one along side the new one if you want the ridiculous numbers - just change the name of the .esp of one and run them both. You only need the .esp to use Secure if you use DLSkyrim, but it's standalone as packaged. It requires Devious Devices and all of DD's requirements. Requirements and function: To quote Veladarius: "This requires DD Integration along with its requirements," so that means Sexlab framework, Devious Devices - Assets, Sexlab - Aroused, and the ZaZ Animation Pack, all up to date. More from the author: "The devices work as chastity belts, and they use standard keys. Any mods that grab items by keywords will have a chance to use one of these since it is technically a belt. Since it is a belt it will hold plugs and do the other things the belts do." PND Diaper 1.4.1 (By Nerfbrony)- nerfbrony has integrated diaper functionality with Private Needs Discreet. You can actually use these diapers now! Check it out! Use the spells that you start with to start the process and avoid having an accident once you start the game. It's got MCM support, skill penalties and everything. It requires Private Needs Discrete and any dependencies of that. Run FNIS first. See the forum for MUCH more updated work on PND Diaper. Cloth Diaper (by helios) Add 11 Cloth diapers for CBBE or CBBE HDT body. Bodyslide file available. how to get: type [diaper] in console and type [player.additem xx00yyyy 1] or simply use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer MOD Pre-built body type : CBBE curby or CBBE HDT CBBE HDT is WIP. Thigh weights are something strange. about Diaper script: add spell for "Diapering" target NPC. Target NPC will wear random Cloth Diaper.But I don't make unequip script yet.Be careful. how to get:type [player.addspell xx002dde] (xx is load order) ABDL Suite I've gotten a TON of requests for this, so I wanted to release this as soon as I could. This is a set of two constructable ABDL-inspired pieces of clothing, each in twelve shared textures. You get a super warm sleeper with open legs and a onesie (a sleeveless sleeper, really). This is a 'light' mod, in which I didn't have time to create a bunch of world objects or to obsess over weighting overly much, but if you're still reading, give 'em a look below and download! They're the perfect companion to DLSkyrim's pacifiers and diapers (though they have a built-in diaper already). Probably goes without saying, but the A in ABDL is adult. So that's who it's for. Also check out anarky98's modification of this mod for NakedMage. Changelog: 3/26/16 - I've adapted the female diaper to the CBBE Curvy body as an alternative, due to many requests. This puts it in bodyslide territory, so perhaps people can further adapt it to their own specifications. 4/20/16 - Exugen made a port of one of the diapers for Fallout 4. I don't own FO4, so I can't really tell you any more than that, but give it a shot! I think s/he used the CBBE body for Fallout. 5/30/16 - 1.2 Released. I've redone the basic mesh into a cleaner, thicker version. I've kept both, for legacy support and stylistic variety. I've also added four base textures from requests, bringing that total to 8, with 13 texture variants. I've also renamed a few diapers. If you'd like to buy them IRL, simply google the their in-game titles and go nuts. Finally, the female version of the new mesh has HDT support. As always, you'll have better luck with the old "Mediums" if you have an HDT supported top. For some reason, your HDT bra will support your behind . The whole thing still works, and probably better, without HDT jiggling. 6/7/16 - Updated DLSecureSkyrim to 1.2. 6/9/16 - Uploaded CBBE HDT (Curvy) options for the main 1.2 mod as well as DLSecureSkyrim 1.2. 6/21/16 - Uploaded nerfbrony's PND Diaper mod, which lets you use the diapers as diapers should be used. 6/24/16 - Updated PND to 1.4.1, which provides increased stability and the speed of the scripts. 6/28/16 - Uploaded helios' Cloth Diaper mod. 8/1/16 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.3, providing a better set of three sizes of diaper with 21 textures each, now with crinkling sounds. 8/14/16 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.4, adding pacifiers in seven varieties and one extra diaper texture, each by request. 7/25/17 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.5, adding the "huge" diaper style in 12 varities, with realistic chain. Also fixed lack of working specularity (shine, more or less) in the mod. 8/14/17 - Updated DLSecure to DLSkyrim 1.5's models, and released the ABDL Suite, a clothing set with a onesie and sleeper. Permissions: Re-makes, touch-ups, fixes, expansions, new body mods, and the like are permitted (and encouraged) without attribution or notice so long as you aren't profiting financially from them. You can even port them to other games. This is a (particular) community service. Caveat: You may not port them for underage individuals. While these could be seen as innocuous, it's a fine line, and there are enough idiots who think that this fetish has anything to do with that. Credits: ABUniverse for their many great designs (This mod's fanciest prints: Lavender, Cushies, Paws can be found with a quick google) Rearz makes the Seduction model Abena makes the Abri-Form DC Amor makes the very elaborate prints in pink. dimon99 for his lovely UNP body. VectorPlexus and Smurf for their mighty SOS body. Caliente for the CBBE body, which with these is now extra curvy. Exugen for working on a FO4 port, who gives special credit to zenna11 for help. Cryptghost for making a CBBE Bodyslide version. Veladarius for creating DLSecureSkyrim and for generous tech support nerfbrony for creating and recreating PND Diaper Ihallrellon for creating Private Needs Discreet (and please see his page for the giants upon whose back s/he stood). anarky98 for making a version of this mod for NakedMage functionality and for testing. helios for allowing me to host Cloth Diaper here. Smithnikov for sharing screens of his enjoyment of the mod, two of which can be found in the pics below. Agent577 for technical support, ideas, and plentiful engagement. Dentelle for her lovely textures used in the printed huge diapers. KameleonKlik's lovely lace photo resource on DeviantArt in the ruffled diaper (I made it pink). Foxes texture adapted from work by AnimeCat198. Submitter Lucia1 Submitted 03/12/2016 Category Armor & Clothing Requires DLSKyrim requires the SOS Body and UNP HDT or CBBE (Curvy) HDT (Plus their requirements). The less jiggly the HDT the better. Special Edition Compatible
  15. View File This is a conversion of a default SOS schlong addon for the UNP body. All the hard work here was done by the SOS authors VectorPlexus and Smurf. If this mod looks good is only due to their awesome work in the SOS mod. WHAT IS INCLUDED Standard SOS penis addon for females. That means all features of the SOS core mod should be available also for females. Converted VectorPlexus' penis meshes for the UNP body SCREENSHOTS REQUIRED MODS SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim (version 2.03.013 or higher) Version 0.7 now requires SOS new update 2.03.013 Custom Skeleton Replacers SOS Edition or XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (v1.9 or higher) DIMONIZED UNP female body or any UNP body variant with unmodified pelvis area. You can also use it with other body replacers, it may work fine or not, it depends of the body shape and the texture color. INSTALLATION - First install the required mods and its requirements When installing SOS, it doesn't matter the options you choose You can use any UNP body version with unmodified pelvis area. For the UNP body textures, is recommended to use the default UNP textures with no hair or anything that resembles it - Install this mod file: "SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon" If you use NMM say no to update. For manual installation drop the archive contents into the Skyrim data folder and overwrite if prompted. Then activate the esp file in your mod manager. - Alternative textures. These are modifications of the included textures file to match some of the popular body textures. Many thanks to the people who did them. Install the patch over the main file, overwrite when prompted. Say no to update if NMM. List and screenshots: HOW TO GET IT There is nothing to get. Magic should happen on game load. Refer to SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim for futher information KNOWN ISSUES If you had SOS already installed, all females you have encountered so far will be marked as schlonged. To reset their state, do a "SOS restart" in MCM general tab, or clean all schlong addons in their MCM submenus. Textures. There are three possible issues with the texture files: a- The textures included in this mod are a cheap modification of the original ones. I will work on this but I have no skill dealing with textures, I need to learn here. b- Beast races support is very basic, currently using the unedited male textures c- If you don't use the UNP shaved standard textures the body and penis colors will not match. There is no fix for this unless you change your textures or adjust the included ones to match yours. A belt may be useful also. There is also these Color Changing Wearable Pubes by Sinuev2 About the werewolf race (added support in version 0.9) This schlong may look good or not depending of your WW model and textures. Make sure SOS replaces the vanilla WW skeleton or you will CTD. When upgrading to v0.9 from an older version: The schlong won't automatically work for WW because SOS doesn't check for new races on already installed schlong addons. Do one of the following: - a clean save of the UNP schlong addon (uninstall addon, load game, save, install new version) - install new version and MCM / SOS / Restart - install new version and start a new game CONFIGURATION All females schlonged but PC - MCM SOS - Player / NPC Settings: Pick the "No schlong" option. Not all females schlonged, just the PC or the ones I want - Move to zero the "NPC schlong type probability" in the MCM menus, SOS UNP tab. This will set the probability to zero to all races. The value for the global setting doesn't change, it's normal. - MCM SOS - Player / NPC Settings: set a the UNP schlong to the PC or NPC Random females schlonged based on a chance (requires CK editing) - Load in CK a non-female schlong addon you are using. For example VectorPlexus Muscular - Look for the gender global variable, for example "SOS_Addon_VectorPlexusMuscular_Gender", change it to 2 (2 = male and female). Click OK, save and exit. The muscular schlong have no female meshes in the armor addon, it will be invisible when a female equips it - Configure the MCM. "NPC schlong type probability" in the MCM menus, SOS, UNP tab. This will propagate the probability to all races. The value for the global setting doesn't change, it's normal. For a 10% surprise chance, set the muscular schlong to 90%, and the UNP to 10% CREDITS AND THANKS VectorPlexus and Smurf for SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim and the provided support. Specially VectorPlexus for dealing with the "penis position issue". dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body xp32 for XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS Skull Tyrant for Custom Skeleton Replacers SOS Edition Skull Tyrant and superman123 for sharing knowledge and ideas romeozero for the no balls version MonaBabii, hentaijin, TheOniNinja, LaEspada, cornbreadtm and Lother for their work with the textures DOWNLOAD MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.9 (pending, MEGA doesn't cooperate) MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - no balls v0.8 by romeozero MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - small v0.8 Alternative textures: MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - SG Renewal patch by MonaBabii MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - SG Renewal patch B by EvilReFlex MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Human Argonian Khajiit patch by hentaijin MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Human Argonian Khajiit patch B by EvilReFlex MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Mature Skin patch by TheOniNinja MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Fair Skin Complexion patch A by LaEspada MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Fair Skin Complexion patch B by cornbreadtm MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Fair Skin Complexion patch C by EvilReFlex MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Navetsea's CBBE patch by Lother baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.9 baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - no balls v0.8 by romeozero baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - small v0.8 Alternative textures: baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - SG Renewal patch by MonaBabii baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - SG Renewal patch B by EvilReFlex baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Human Argonian Khajiit patch by hentaijin baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Human Argonian Khajiit patch B by EvilReFlex baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Mature Skin patch by TheOniNinja baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Fair Skin Complexion patch A by LaEspada baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Fair Skin Complexion patch B by cornbreadtm baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Fair Skin Complexion patch C by EvilReFlex baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - Navetsea's CBBE patch by Lother CHANGE LOG 0.9: Added support for werewolves 0.8: Added basic beast support 0.7: Use new havok assets. This fixes the position issue 0.6: Added no balls version thanks to romeozero 0.5: Initial release OLD VERSIONS MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.8 MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.7 MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - no balls v0.7 baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.8 baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.7 baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - no balls v0.7 These require SOS version 2.03.011 or lower: MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.5 MEGA: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - no balls v0.6 baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.5 baidu.com: SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon - no balls v0.6 These are XP32's XMPS female skeleton files with attached penis bones that were available in the initial release. No longer required as we have Custom Skeleton Replacers SOS Edition or XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (v1.9) I don't know the exact version which they are based on (I guess > 1.7b) MEGA: SOS for female - XPMS skeletons baidu.com: SOS for female - XPMS skeletons Submitter b3lisario Submitted 08/11/2013 Category Sexual Content Requires SOS, Custom Skeleton Replacers SOS Edition or XPMS Special Edition Compatible
  16. Any idea where to find this skin texture and if there is a UNP version?
  17. View File These are three mods to be able to use SOS as a standalone item without loosing some SOS main features: - SOS awesome penis model with reaction to movement, for females - Erection / flaccid animations and key bindings for handling them - Penis resizing All of the above without adding Papyrus stress to the game. There are three different mods. Each of them will add one of those features. Second and third were made for using them with the first one, or just with SOS light for males. SOS - Equipable Schlong Standalone equipable penis model. SOS - Schlong Controller Adds key bindings for handling player or NPC erection animations on SOS penis models. Male or female toons. SOS - Racemenu plugin + SOS - Racemenu Rotation Plugin Adds 9 + 15 sliders to the Racemenu mod's UI for changing SOS penis shape. I hope you have fun with this. Credits and thanks VectorPlexus and Smurf for SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim expired6978 for RaceMenu Think of this as a repackage rather than a work of my own. All credit goes to the original authors for pushing the modding scene beyond its limits, and doing so in such a way that it can be reused by others. SOS - Equipable Schlong This mod adds to the game an equipable SOS Schlong item. Think of it as a SOS - Light version but equipable. Suited for the UNP female body and its variants. Doesn't contain any scripting, it's just the esp, meshes and textures. The penis will react to movement as SOS does, but you need to use other mods or console to handle erection and / or scaling. It uses biped slot 52, there is another version that uses slot 60. There is a no-balls version thanks to romeozero. Required mods SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim Current version requires: SOS Full version 2.03.013 or higher or SOS Light version 1.02 or higher Custom Skeleton Replacers SOS Edition or XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (v1.9 or higher) DIMONIZED UNP female body or any UNP body variant with unmodified pelvis area. It may work with bodies other than UNP, it depends on the pelvis shape and the body textures. Installation Install the required mods and its requirements. When installing SOS it doesn't matter the options you choose For the UNP body textures, is recommended to use the default UNP textures with no hair or something that resembles it Install this mod: If you use NMM say no to update. For manual installation drop the archive contents into the Skyrim data folder and overwrite if prompted. Then activate the esp file in your mod manager. Alternative textures These are recolors of the diffuse texture file to match some of the popular body textures. Many thanks to the people who did them. Install the patch over the main file, overwrite when prompted. Say no to update if NMM. SG Renewal patch - by MonaBabii for SG Female Textures Renewal Human Argonian Khajiit patch - by hentaijin for CBBE-CHSBHC-UNP-ADEC-Human Argonian Khajiit Texture-4096 Mature Skin patch - by TheOniNinja for Mature skin texture and body Fair Skin Complexion patch A - by LaEspada for Fair Skin Complexion Fair Skin Complexion patch B - by cornbreadtm for Fair Skin Complexion Navetsea's CBBE patch - by Lother for Navetsea's CBBE skin texture v1_8 shaved MAIN FILE Real Girls patch - by MonaBabii for Real Girls Realistic Body Texture This also requires the normal map from SG Female Textures Renewal (file is textures\actors\character\female\femalebody_1_msn.dds) How to get it At forge under Misc section Console: help schlong or help equipable Known issues CTD using it with custom races or custom followers. Some of those use its own skeleton files rather than the default ones. You need to find those skeleton files and replace them. A couple of examples: Ningheim race: meshes\actors\character\Ningheim\female\character assets female\skeleton_female.nif Amame follower: meshes\actors\character\Amame\skeleton_female.nif This is the same model and textures as SOS Schlong for females - UNP, so the same issues apply in regards texture seams. Mods for changing penis erection and scale SexLab. Sex scenes should trigger erection and flaccid states SOS - Schlong Controller and SOS - Racemenu plugin, below Alternatively console or NifSkope, read below, "Advanced usage and configuration" Download MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong v0.3 MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - slot60 v0.3 MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - no balls v0.3 MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - no balls - slot60 v0.3 Alternative textures: MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - SG Renewal patch by MonaBabii MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Human Argonian Khajiit patch by hentaijin MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Mature Skin patch by TheOniNinja MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Fair Skin Complexion patch A by LaEspada MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Fair Skin Complexion patch B by cornbreadtm MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Navetsea's CBBE patch by Lother MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Real Girls patch by MonaBabii baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong v0.3 baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - slot60 v0.3 baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - no balls v0.3 baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - no balls - slot60 v0.3 Alternative textures: baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - SG Renewal patch by MonaBabii baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Human Argonian Khajiit patch by hentaijin baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Mature Skin patch by TheOniNinja baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Fair Skin Complexion patch A by LaEspada baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Fair Skin Complexion patch B by cornbreadtm baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Navetsea's CBBE patch by Lother baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - Real Girls patch by MonaBabii SOS - Schlong Controller This mod adds a new Ring to the game. Whoever equips The Ring will gain the "Power to control Schlongs". Use it with SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - Light and "SOS - Equipable Schlong". It allows to control player or NPC erections like SOS Full version does. It works for male and female players or NPCs. Required mods None. But it has no use without SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - Light or "SOS - Equipable Schlong". It should work with any current or future mods that use SOS penis bones. Installation If you use NMM say no to update. For manual installation drop the archive contents into the Skyrim data folder. Then activate the esp file in your mod manager. How to get it Craftable at forge under jewelry section Console: help schlong or help "schlong controller" How to use Equip the ring. You should have a new magic effect as long the ring is equipped: The Power to control schlongs To handle NPC schlongs: Near a NPC, move the cursor over him/her until you see the talk / activation message. Then press pgUp or pgDown keys To handle player schlong: maintain pressed any Shift key and press PgUp or PgDown keys Unequip the ring to finish the magic effect and thus disable the key bindings It has no effect on characters without a SOS penis. Uninstallation Follow these steps to safelly uninstall this mod. Well, I hope. At least the game won't log nasty Papyrus warnings after uninstallation. 1. Unequip the ring 2. Save in a new slot and quit game 3. Uninstall or delete the mod contents: 4. Load save and save again, continue your game from here Download MEGA: SOS - Schlong Controller v0.2 baidu.com: SOS - Schlong Controller v0.2 SOS - Racemenu plugin This mod adds a set of sliders to the Racemenu UI for controling penis scale and erection. Only for the player, male or female. Required mods RaceMenu SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS version 2.03.012 or higher, or SOS Light version v1.02 or higher) Installation Install the required mods and its requirements Install this mod: If you use NMM say no to update. For manual installation drop the archive contents into the Skyrim data folder. Then activate the esp file in your mod manager. How to use it Undress yourself or equip a SOS penis, whatever. Bring up the Racemenu interface (console: showracemenu) Zoom out the camera for a better view, Racemenu has a key for that. The new sliders are located in the BODY section. There are eight sliders to control penis size: - base: controls overall size of the penis - scrotum: the balls - genitals 1 to 6: control the "cylinder" part. Bone 6 control the tip of the penis, and bone 1 controls bone near the base. The range of the sliders is from 0 (dissapear) to 5 (bigger-than-giant). Those numbers are the same ones that you can see using NifSkope. There is one slider to control penis erection, from -10 (flaccid) to +9 (pointing up). Known issues Missing sliders: That means the skeleton you are using has no SOS bones Erection slider: It just places the penis in the position you choose, but there are other actions that can change that. I haven't included additional scripts to maintain the penis in place. I don't find this slider useful at all as the erection animations can already be used via console. I even thought of remove it, but I left it for the people who hate to use the console, and ... well, is cool to have a slider to move the penis. SOS Light - No bone scaling for NPCs. For NPC customization, tune the skeleton with NifSkope or just use SOS Full version. Download MEGA: SOS - Racemenu plugin v0.2 baidu.com: SOS - Racemenu plugin v0.2 SOS - Racemenu Rotation plugin This mod adds a set of sliders to the Racemenu UI for controling penis bending / rotation. Only for the player, male or female. Required mods RaceMenu SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS version 2.03.012 or higher, or SOS Light version v1.02 or higher) SkeletonUtils XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended version 2.06 or higher. This makes use of the CME genital bones ("CME Genitals01 [Gen01]", "CME Genitals02 [Gen02]", etc). It will work with any other skeleton file providing it has these bones. Installation Install the required mods and its requirements Install this mod: If you use NMM say no to update. For manual installation drop the archive contents into the Skyrim data folder. Then activate the esp file in your mod manager. How to use it Undress yourself or equip a SOS penis, whatever. Bring up the Racemenu interface (console: showracemenu) Zoom out the camera for a better view, Racemenu has a key for that. The new sliders are located in the BODY section. There are 15 sliders for SOS bones 1 to 5. - SOS Up / Down #: Rotation around the X axis - SOS Right / Left #: Rotation around the Z axis - SOS Twist #: Rotation around the Y axis Slider names on the screenshot are wrong. Known issues Missing sliders: That means the skeleton you are using has no CME SOS bones Download MEGA: SOS - Racemenu Rotation plugin v0.2 baidu.com: SOS - Racemenu Rotation plugin v0.2 (pending, pan.baidu.com refuses to cooperate) Advanced usage and configuration Erection animations via console command player.sae sosfasterect player.sae sosflaccid player.sae sosbend*NUMBER* player.sae sosbend*NUMBER* Where *NUMBER* is a number from -9 to 9 That's for the player. For NPCs, you need to target them while in "console mode", and don't write the "player." part: sae sosfasterect sae sosflaccid etc Changing penis shape with NifSkope While I don't like this method because it's not user-friendly, I think it's the best way to configure the shape for the NPCs, at least for my needs. I can think of cool mods to do so ingame but I don't want to add scripts to my game if there is another way to achieve the same effect. Use this info at your own risk. Warning: Backup your skeleton files! You can ruin your game if you touch the wrong setting. It's not difficult if you are used to use NifSkope. There are up to four skeletons to modify. They are for males, females, and beast races (argonian, khajiit). Modify all them or just the ones you need. - meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeleton.nif - meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeletonbeast.nif - meshes\actors\character\character assets female\skeleton_female.nif - meshes\actors\character\character assets female\skeletonbeast_female.nif Note that custom races or standalone followers with its own race may be using a skeleton file in other folder. There are 8 bones to take into account: - NPC GenitalsBase [GenBase] - NPC GenitalsScrotum [GenScrot] - NPC Genitals01 [Gen01] - NPC Genitals02 [Gen02] - NPC Genitals03 [Gen03] - NPC Genitals04 [Gen04] - NPC Genitals05 [Gen05] - NPC Genitals06 [Gen06] If you can't find them in the 3D window, the node path to get to the 1st penis bone is Root node / NPC / NPC Root [Root] / NPC Pelvis [Pelv] / NPC GenitalsBase [GenBase] The propery to modify is "Scale". You can edit that property in the "Block Details" panel, or do right-click on a node, contextual menu Transform -> Edit to open the edit dialog, and modify the last box. Note that children nodes inherit the scale of its parent nodes. If you just want to double the penis size, double the Scale property of the base bone and leave untouched the other bones. The increase will be applied to the base bone and also to all its descendant nodes in a uniform way. If you scale up too much the first nodes you'll need to scale down the last ones for not getting a monster cone shape. You can use the Racemenu plugin to get the shape you want, copy the scales, and use them in the NifSkope bones. Step by step for a simple edit (double human male penis size) 1. Download NifSkope and install it 2. Run NifSkope and load the meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeleton.nif file 3. Locate the genitals base bone 4. Modify its Scale property, type in 2 5. Save as skeleton.nif 6. Run Skyrim, undress any vanilla human male and check his penis Old versions These require SOS Full version 2.03.011 or lower, or SOS Light version 1.01 or lower MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong MEGA: SOS - Equipable Schlong - no balls v0.2 baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong baidu.com: SOS - Equipable Schlong - no balls v0.2 MEGA: SOS - Schlong Controller baidu.com: SOS - Schlong Controller MEGA: SOS - Racemenu plugin baidu.com: SOS - Racemenu plugin Submitter b3lisario Submitted 08/31/2013 Category Sexual Content Requires Read description Special Edition Compatible
  18. File Name: Nude Female Cover Animations File Submitter: Stratovarius File Submitted: 21 Jul 2013 File Category: Adult Mods Required Files: BBP skeleton (preferably XP32) , CBBE/UNPB body Hello all, Updates for this work in progress are suspended while I move. Sorry for the wait! Nude Female Cover Animations (Resource Files) CBBE/TBBP Completed: 7/24/13 Last UNP Update: 8/10/13 -Cool! ...What is it? I've been working on a mod request for a little while now and was creating covered animations to use for a funny scripted event (you wake up naked in a random cave after an embarrassing night of heavy drinking) and it was suggested that I make the animations a standalone resource for everyone to use! -But what's it do? You know that time when you went streaking through Whiterun and halfway through you were like "This is a bad idea..." and the guards are like "No lollygaggin'.", well now you can cover yourself up! Files included work flawlessly with the CBBE and TBBP bodies, and are BBP enabled. UNP is aabout 65% finished so be sure to check back regularly for updates! Don't forget to yell spring break! -How's it work? Nicely! Oh, that wasn't the question... The current loose files work to replace the default mt_idle.hkx, mt_runforward.hkx, mt_runforwardleft.hkx, mt_runforwardright.hkx, mt_runleft.hkx, mt_runright.hkx, mt_walkforward.hkx, mt_walkforwardleft.hkx, mt_walkforwardright.hkx, mt_walkleft.hkx, mt_walkright.hkx, mt_walkbackward.hkx, mt_walkbackwardleft.hkx, mt_walkbackwardright.hkx, mt_runbackward.khx, mt_runbackwardsleft.hkx, and mt_runbackwardright.hkx with the final run animation on it's way to completion. If you find an idle style or running style you like, let me know because I can convert that too! Too Long; Didn't Read: It covers you up when you run and stuff for a full 360-degree angle of motion, including all walk/run animations except for sprint, which should be around next update. I'm holding off on things like jump or crouch for now since FNIS 4.0 will better facilitate the takeoff and landing animations. -Is this hard to install? Nope! Since the files are only resources at the moment, backup your current files (the ones listed above) found in meshes/actors/character/animations/female (especially if you use custom walking/idle animations) and replace them with the ones provided. This will give you a feel for how the files work. -Are there any requirements? The only requirements are the XP32 BBP-weighted skeleton and a CBBE or UNP body body replacer. If you use another body type or skeleton, you will encounter some strange/humorous results. -I don't want to overwrite my awesome idle/motion mod, though? That's alright! These are mostly resources for now. However, you can download FNIS spells from fore (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11811/?) and overwrite one of its animations for the time being and it'll work perfectly fine. Eventually they will become scripted to trigger whenever you are around unapproving individuals or people you just don't want looking at your girly bits! -What are your plans for future versions? Full integration with the SexLab framework, tweak the files if necessary, finish the remaining 7 UNP sprint animations, create ADEC, Sevenbase, CHBSC (a few configurations might already work with the exception of bodies with very large breastseses) and the full BodySlide system compatible animations. If you have a body style you really like that I didn't mention, I'll alter these files to fit your body style (within reason). -What if I don't use CBBE/TBBP/UNP? You might run into issues where you won't be covering your breasts (the arm will be out in front of them instead), or if you use an enormous breast size they will clip through the arm trying to cover them. If you have another body style and they work for you, let me know and I'll add them to the list of compatible bodies! -Can I use/edit your files? Sure! In fact, in the files section below you will find Blender and 3DS Max friendly .nif/.kf versions of the covered animations, ready for import! Just link/credit me in your mod releases and we're good. -Can you do mod requests? Yes! I can make animations/idles, create world spaces/cells, tweak body models, adapt armor for different bodies, help with advice for learning basics for 3DS Max, Photoshop, Bethesda's Creation Kit, and if you see something on the list that I didn't mention, just ask! UNP testers over here! UNP Base body testing is officially out of beta, but but I'll always love me some bug testers! Known bugs: When using another body style other than CBBE or UNP, you may encounter body deformities due to skeleton incompatibility. The TBBP body will have an issue with a "crushed butt" bug until I convert the files using a TBBP specific skeleton. Other Credits/Reference: DrGrimReaper: brains behind the What Happened Last Night? mod mentioned above http://www.loverslab.com/topic/18479-a-tiny-request/ xp32: Feminine walking /running animations tweaked for the cover system http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/13272/?; http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11447/? Bethesda: Original animations tweaked for cover system -Broken Mirror- : FNIS testing Thelargir: UNP testing blackmagickota : SevenBase testing cadmus : Script genius! Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know below or send me a message! Changelog: -10 Aug, 13 Added 8 walking (360 degree) covered animations and one running animation (there were 3 but I pulled the other two because I fill like I can make them a lot better before release) -26 Jul, 13 Created a UNP prototype for testing -24 Jul, 13 Added three new run backwards covered animations, completing a full 360-degrees of coverage Added .nif files for modders -22 Jul, 13 Added three new walk backwards covered animations Added .nif files for modders Files over here! CBBE/TBBP : .hkx: Female Covered Animations CBBE-TBBP BBP 7-24-13.rar .kf/.nif: (for editing in Blender, 3DS Max) Female Covered Animations CBBE-TBBP BBP 7-24-13 (.kf format).rar UNP : .hkx: Female Covered Animations UNP Base 8-10-13.rar
  19. Hello there I recently installed SOS, Equipable Schlong and Schlong For Females. At the moment when I open the race menu and go to the genitals section it only shows me the Erection Slider and nothing more. For the record I am also using Mod Organizer. I'll be happy to provide any information necessary to get this issue resolved.
  20. View File Requirement for "Beta - (2017.08.20) Version": That updating to the new version requires a "clean save" otherwise there will be a neck seam. By "clean save" I mean to make a save with "the previous version uninstalled" before installing the new version. Thanks to onesumgame for this very important note... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Request: Topic name: Volunteer, Experienced 3D Designer needed... We need an experienced, volunteered 3D designer who masters on creating/modifying meshes & textures for Skyrim. We are working on a new version Kalina Rios Transsexual Follower mod and we need a UNPB-BBP body mesh with the genitals removed and smoothed over, as well a matching genderless skin texture. If you are interested, and/or have questions for details, please do not hesitate to ask for. Tags: 3D Designer, Volunteer, Meshes & Textures, Teamwork, Skyrim, Transsexual, SOS Nehaberlan: http://www.loverslab.com/user/779020-nehaberlan/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Everybody, I'm just a beginner. I have a little bit knowledge about the Creation Kit, NifSkope, GIMP, and nothing about Outfit Studio. When I recognized "Tutorial to create a follower" started by CPU, I wondered about it. It was really confusing (still is...). I just want to learn what are my mistakes, how can I resolve them. I would like to hear your comments, suggestions. If you want to improve it, and finish it by yourself, you're free to go. It can be a team work. In LoversLab, I feel like a College Student who asks questions, and this is an experiment that waits to get solved. I hope, LoversLab's teachers can help with it. LoversLab is for education more than creating 18+ mods, in my opinion... PS: English is not my native language. I hope mine is clear to understand. I've tried to create a character like: Major Problems that I've recognized & Questions: Thanks: CPU for being very very supportive during all of my desperate progresses and by starting this Tutorial, making me discover a new world. b3lisario for giving tricky powerful helps. And of course, for creating SOS... motoharu for designing "two stars on each shoulder and Nymph on the right side of the belly" Tattoos. Petrovich for creating so sexy UNP Undies xXDeliteXx for Gladiator Heels and Charming Higher High Heels... And all the people who help me for all my unflagging questions: jaberwocky, Kendo 2, azdoman22, Anatriax... The Mod Version Credits: onesumgame for helping with the mod. mojodajojo for "dialogue suggestions" that I used in the "Kalena Rios - Beta - (2017.12.18) - Kalena Rios in Breezehome" and "Kalena Rios - Beta - (2017.12.17) - Sleeping Giant Inn with 'Meeting Her' Option". kuzak76 for conversion the Moonlight Lingerie of Lingerie Set for the UNPB BBP Body from some lingerie of NPR's Lingerie Set and Petrovich's UNP Undies. KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for the hair. Ghost Anubis for the TS modifications to the body and schlong textures, to the original creators of those textures. If I forgot some names, please accept my apologies, and do not hesitate to let me know. You deserve it. Troubleshooting: If there is a color mismatch between Kalena's schlong and her body, select No Schlong in the Schlongs of Skyrim MCM menu. Walk-through: Required Mods: The "Kalena Rios Transsexual Follower" Forum: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/52787-kalena-rios-transgender-follower/?p=1325460 SLEN (a.k.a. SexLab Eager NPCs) is recommended for changing Kalena's Sex Lab gender to male to prevent her from using female sex animations. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2182-sexlab-eager-npcs/ Versions Info: You can download those versions from MEGA too: Kalena Rios - Beta - (2017.12.18) - Kalena Rios in Breezehome.7z https://mega.nz/#!64dARYBZ!h9pJDr-BtqPGMWlIUSjBtWAHypxh6YardGlmsdrQUmg Kalena Rios - Beta - (2017.12.17) - Sleeping Giant Inn with 'Meeting Her' Option.7z https://mega.nz/#!a0ch1ZZS!7PaRbLvFSuY2tQqQPo-_lWWstgrW7pYI2xL2uoNBUEM Kalena Rios - Beta - (2017.08.20) - Sleeping Giant Inn - No Quests.7z https://https://mega.nz/#!fx9nzDZB!HwxpsD2PSgXFtolnr9OpvfNSTryR_xRQjMlXFZunkJU Just select ONE of the MOD versions that you would like to use. Then, download it. You can use Nexus Mod Manager for installation. Kalena Rios 09.23.2015.7z in MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!35lhRDKC!rp7mlecahhTJQTmwl2P0TpBIcYzrxd5pVFLB8jOXAIc Have Fun... & & & ... Thanks, Nehaberlan... Submitter nehaberlan Submitted 09/21/2015 Category Companions Requires SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.60.2, SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim, Racemenu 3.44+ (or NetImmerse Override 3.44+) Special Edition Compatible No
  21. This is the original thread for record purposes Yes, I did already make this post, but all of it's replies were locked, and I am still looking for a resolution. I was searching for futa mods for my most recent Dawnguard/Vampire characters. It took me a while to find SOMETHING but eventually I found a mod that allowed vampire lord to have a penis, "Creature Features" by Leito86. I thought maybe I could remove everything except the penis model off the Vampire Lord (I KINDA did but I have no idea how these things work tbh) but I couldn't export as .nif, only IMPORT with .nif. So I thought that maybe I could take what I DID get and maybe hook it onto the female vampire lord model and make it as one nif file but I can't figure out how to get said model from the game. (Like I said I don't REALLY know how to work any of this modding biz) So I'm wondering now, can the Loverslab community help me with this situation. If you have any thought on this or maybe even have a way to help me please reply to the topic, I would really appreciate some kind positive of feedback, since I've had no luck with this thus far. I HAVE tried the custom vampire lord, but as of now there is no avail with that. I couldn't find any compatibility links between custom vampire lord and Schlongs of Skyrim or some other skyrim penis mod (yet) but if anyone knows a way to get me a futa in vampire lord form that's great too! UPDATE: I am still testing this mod, but I am now working with the Better Shaped Female Creatures Vampire Lord (because it's got nice tiddies) Also, I've dropped looking for SOS compatibility with CVL because that'd be way too easy at this stage of work. I may come back for it, but for right now I'm not on the prowl for it.
  22. View File Ulri Hagraven Replacer v1.0 (With optional SL integration) Description: This mods replaces the vanilla Hagraven creatures with the Ulri (raven) anthro bird race from Bad Dog's Birds. Fully standalone. All generic Hagravens and most unique/quest-related ones from the vanilla game and the Dragonborn DLC have been edited to use a custom non-playable version of the Ulri race from BDB. They are now considered NPCs and are able to use the same items, abilities and systems that playable races do. Stats for this custom race are the same as for creature Hagravens, and all NPCs have the same spells and AI they had in the vanilla game (with only a handful of new items added to their inventory as per their new humanoid/NPC nature). They now also use the FemaleArgonian voice type to enable further functionality such as combat dialogue/grunts while keeping their original voice files enabled and working. Additionally, the mod does these changes: Melka (found in Blind Cliff Bastion) will become a potential follower* and spouse upon completion of her unique quest, The Affairs of Hagravens (started by talking to her in her cage in the Bastion). She will sandbox at the end of the Bastion indefinitely after the quest is completed unless the PC recruits and/or marries her. Moira (from the A Night to Remember quest) will now have a new dialogue option for the PC to oblige her request to "consummate their love" when completing the objective of returning her wedding ring for Ysolda. If used, and after a SL scene with her (or a fallback fade-to-black scene if SL is not installed), she will give up the ring peacefully and will become a potential follower* and spouse once the ring is delivered and that part of the quest is completed. Witchmist Grove has been edited to turn it into a proper and inhabitable witch cabin instead of a dump with blood and thrash laying around. It will be used by a generic Witch or Hag NPC until A Night to Remember is started, at which point Moira will spawn and live there. *-> by default, the vanilla Female Argonian voice only includes support for marriage and not for followers; Relationship Dialogue Overhaul is needed to enable follower functionality for Melka and Moira. REQUIREMENTS: --- Dragonborn DLC --- UNP Compatible body --- XPMSE The following mods are not a hard requirement of the mod but are strongly recommended to get the full functionality out if it: --- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO (Required to enable follower functionality for select NPCs) --- SexLab (Required for Moira's scene in A Night to Remember; a fallback fade-to-black scene will be used instead if SL is not installed). And their respective requirements, if any Notes: --- Melka has a speed multiplier of 200 in the vanilla game, probably to compensate the slow speed of vanilla Hagravens so the PC doesn't have to wait for her while clearing the dungeon. This has been reduced to 100 (default) in her data as it is no longer needed with her as an NPC, but for some reason the value seems to stick in some cases, causing her to run extremely fast if it happens. Selecting her in the console and typing "setav speedmult 100" should fix this, but it may take some time and/or a cell transition for the change to take effect. --- The vanilla Hagraven records have all been edited, so any mod-added NPCs that used them as a reference/template may or may not work. Best case scenario, they should be replaced with Ulri and work fine, but they may also end up still using the original (creature) Hagraven race while being assigned the wrong (new) stats or AI or having some other bug. --- The Glenmoril witches have not been replaced yet and remain as vanilla creature Hagravens due to their custom head harvesting mechanics and scripts. Depending on the way those are set up, it may be possible to replace them too in a future update, but it would have to be looked into. --- During normal gameplay, Moira is disabled after returning the ring to Ysolda, but there doesn't seem to be any specific script to explain why this happens. So far a scripted workaround has been used that should re-enable her and give her the proper factions and relations right after giving Ysolda the ring, but it is unknown whether this will have any unintended consequences. --- Moira will not become a potential follower or spouse if the bribe/persuade/intimidate options are used on Ysolda to skip the ring recovery part of the quest, and may even disappear or remain indefinitely stuck at the entrance to her cabin. She will still have the proper factions, so if she doesn't end up bugged in this scenario, it should still be possible to enable her follower/spouse functionality by using a mod to raise her relationship level (e.g. SLEN) or using the "setrelationshiprank player 4" console command on her. --- The bird talon textures are not compatible with human feet meshes. All hagraven NPCs have been given invisibe and non-playable "boots" that should prevent them from equipping other footwear and thus having texture bugs, but if the item in question has a high armor rating and/or value, they may equip it anyway (especially when following the PC). --- Moira's original weight as per her base data is 50. It doesn't take effect in the vanilla game because creatures ignore the weight slider data, but as with any other NPC, the weight value still ends up stored in the save file once the game is started, so installing this mod mid-game may cause her to keep her 50 weight value and body shape instead of updating to 100 as her new appearance is supposed to. This bug doesn't seem to apply to Melka or the other generic Hagravens for some reason, though. Changelog: V1.0--- Initial Release Credits: Bad Dog for the Bad Dog's Birds race mod. Kardienlupus for the original mod idea. Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible. Submitter Blaze69 Submitted 10/13/2018 Category Races Requires Dragonborn DLC, UNP compatible body, XPMSE Special Edition Compatible No View File  
  23. Textures for "SOS schlong for females" and "SOS - Equipable Schlong" UNP and CBBE Support View File DESCRIPTION: Textures for: "SOS schlong for females - UNP" "SOS - Equipable Schlong" "SoS - High Poly Futanari Addon" Support for UNP and CBBE textures. SUPPORTET TEXTURES: Fair Skin Complexion NEXUS CBBE-CHSBHC-UNP-ADEC-Human Argonian Khajiit Texture-4096 NEXUS (+Beast Textures Patch) SG Female Textures Renewal NEXUS Sporty Sexy Sweat NEXUS (This is only a Patch, install first a other skin Version!) Mature Skin Texture NEXUS Real Girls Realistic Body NEXUS Leyenda Skin NEXUS (Follow the Patreon link) INSTALLATION: Install the body replacer what you want to use (CBBE, UNP or SeveNBase) download the bodytextures what you like and copy them over the standard textures (for example Fair Skin Complexion) install SOS Schlong for Females - UNP (works also with CBBE and SeveNBase)(I recommend "SOS - B3lisario UNP Addon v0.9.7z) download the matching textures from here and copy them over the standard schlong textures (SeveNBase = UNP) *If you use "SOS - Equipable Schlong" you need to copy the *dds files in the Skyrim\Data\textures\Equipable Schlong\ folder! Submitter EvilReFlex Submitted 02/02/2015 Category Models & Textures Requires SOS schlong for females or SOS - Equipable Schlong Special Edition Compatible  
  24. I found an amazing mod that adds BodySlide to the humanoid female creatures of skyrim, bit the problem is....its made for Special Edition I need a legend,..... I need someone to be my Hero,.....I need someone to convert to Skyrim LE pleassee If the above mod is too much of a task, there these two other mods I have found....one for Wispmums and another for FireAtronach, Can someone convert them to LE. Its much simpler, unfortunately not simple enough so i can do it myself. I have no XP creating mods.
  25. Hello, I am searching for more mods like Adventurer Mashup Compilation where the clothes are split into multiple parts. Im mostly looking for jackets and tops but anything would help. I have already discovered Northgirl Armor UNP which works great but doesn´t really add what i need. HDT Skirt is also a neat addition but i can´t find a good top/jacket for it. I use UUNP but UNP works just as well.
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