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  1. View File Custom Body Skin Clothes and Armor for every Race This mod will make (almost) all races have their own body, skin, clothes and armor. I'm doing this because I like to mix several different bodys, skins, clothes and armors. The main goal is making all armors and clothes from Remodeled Armor work for all races. The Manekins, Dremora and Astrid Race will use the Default Race stuff. Having said this and because there are no permissions for it, this mod probably will never be Unpack and Play, there is a fairly large amount of work to YOU make this playable, I will just try to explain how to install the best I can. Extras: As a bonus I give to Manekins the DefaultRace female body and skin with one extra plugin to change the vanilla manekins to female. Support for Flower Girls SE x, Animated Prostitution SE and SexLab Ligh SE StrapOns It's planned to add also UUNP Remodeled Armor option to install As soon someone convert Remodeled armor to CBBESE I'll add support to it, but, what I would really, really like is someone to remodel the remodeled armor (better mesh quality) :D Recomended: Khajiit Skin Argonian Skin Requirements: XPMSSE Bodyslide CBBE or Your prefered BodySkin mod but I'll only explain 'how to' with CBBE Remodeled Armor Bodyslide USSEP and all the requirements of those mods Instalation: 1 - For simplicity move your existing Meshes Textures and CalienteTools folder to some safe place 2 - Install CBBE 3 - Install this mod 4 - Copy both Hands mesh files to every race folder created by my mod, You should have those files in "meshes\actors\character\character assets" folder, the race folders are inside this one. 4 - Install Your favorite Argonian and khajiit textures 5 - Go to "Textures\Actors\Character\" and from the female folder copy the needed files to all other folders (the other folders have dummies so you now what is needed). The only folder that have 2 real textures is the Aflicted, those textures are vanilla because CBBE don't replace those, if You use other skin that have those textures You know what to do. The Argonian and Khajiit skin mods don't have _sk.dds files so don't forget those. 6 - Install the Oldrim Bodyslide, for now You only need CBBE part. 7 - Install the TEXTURES and Bodyslide Shared and Bodyslide Replacement stuff from Remodeled Armor, DON'T install plugins. 8 - Install the SSE Bodyslide 9 - Open bodyslide, on 'Group Filter' select five same race files. 10 - Now, on presets, You should have only the preset for the race chosen on 'Group Filter', select it. If You don't like the shape of the body change it and save it, those presets serve only as examples. 11 - Now 'Batch Build' it. Repeat from step 9 for all races. Don't forget the Default Race, I didn't change any name here so it will be 'ct77 body' and so on. 12 - Install XPMSSE (I'm using TBBP). 13 - Move back the folders from first step and don't replace if asked. 14 - Activate plugin on Your prefered mod manager. 15 - (from 0.3.0) Install and activate USSEP before my mod. I think I'm not missing any step If You find some floating head or naked NPCs, also missing boots or gloves, please open console, click on that npc, type inv , and tell me what armor is causing that and if possible the race and or mod where that npc come from Please.. Patchs: Patch for SOS Light Version with Tempered Skins for Males SSE Patch for Schlongs Of Skyrim Light SE (for both SOS patchs work right my mod have to be loaded after SOS mod) Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE Patch fo Animated Prostitution StrapOn, see 'Extras' section above Patch for Flower Girls StrapOn, see 'Extras' section above Patch for Maids II Patch for Amorous Adventures Patch for SexLab Ligh SE Patch for Immersive Wenches Patch for Qaxe's Raven Rock for SSE Incompatibilities: Any mod that alter body, skin, clothes, armor and races. Not exactly incompatibility but any mod that add new armor with vanilla armatures will have floating heads or naked bodys. Older Updates: Thanks: Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide and CBBE ChronoTrigger77 for Remodeled Armor All modders that add armors, clothes and custom skins SSEEdit Team for xEdit Developers for Game and Tools Submitter 0acme0 Submitted 07/16/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible
  2. UPDATE 18 feb 2018 - Added conversions: Combat Armor + Mark I + Mark II; Vault Suits (Normal, Dad, Armored, Security, Lab); Boomers - New version of Business Suit - Added the updated ESP that adds all the converted armors when the game starts, under the section named Test - NOTE: I cleaned the double folder of Merc 03, now it's called with the original name again. IMHO, if you already installed a previous port package and you don't want to risk mixing or confuse folders, before installing the new port package go inside ...\SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Tools\BodySlide and delete ShapeData and SliderSets, then extract the new one. Unless you already created something on your own with OS, then be careful and make copies of your work. UPDATE 17 feb 2018 - Corrected 1st person issue, see AppleJam Skeleton, 17 feb 2018 update - Added Lingerie and 3 raiders armors - Corrected CTD caused by Merc Adventure 03. NOTE: I didn't overwrite the broken one, I added a "b" on the end of the good one. So, when you'll generate outfits, you'll see Wastelandblablabla03 and Wastelandblablabla03b: only use the second one. -Description- This is a NV port to let the wonderful CBBE - BodySlide - Outfit Studio (by Caliente and Ousnious) work in Mojave. It's a very alpha, meant for testing. For the very fews that don't know what it is about: > CBBE is a very famous high poly body for Skyrim and FO4. > BodySlide is a program for Windows which allows to customize that body in the way you prefer, then it allows you to use it in game, along with any converted armors and clothes, properly remodeled. > Outfit Studio is the program which allows to take an armor and convert it to work with Bodyslide. Here's a picture that explains pretty well what I mean: The port consists of a bunch of meshes, worked in Blender, and 20+ OS conversions to try in game. It's also rigged to be compatible with BodyMorph, even the lowerbody (which wasn't working previously). Warning This is a body / armor replacer, which means it'll overwrite your body and (some) armors. And let me repeat: it's just an alpha stage, it is neither complete nor precise, it's mainly intended for test. Install > Download and install BS/OS for FO4, ver. 4.4.1+ You can find it here, don't forget to thanks them. Install it with your mod manager, or extract Tools folder under \Fallout New Vegas\Data. > Eventually, you can make a link for the exe on your desktop, to launch it in an easier way. To do that, navigate in its subfolder \Fallout New Vegas\Data\Tools\BodySlide then create the link for BodySlide x64.exe, but still do not launch it. > Download the port package here, install it with the mod manager or manually extract the content as usual. Overwrite when asked. NOTE: the package is standalone, you don't need old versions because it already contains them. However I still keep them online. - old version 13 gen 2018 here - old version 17 feb 2018 here > Last, download and install the skeleton, here, if you still miss it. You will want both the two latest files, extract them and you're good. > Now you are ready to launch BodySlide x64 from the link you made before on the desktop. The first time you launch it, a window will ask which game you want to use and in what folder its installed. Check the path's right and then click Choose Game. > When the BodySlide window will open, click on Settings, on bottom right. Here, you can modify the skeleton with the AppleJam one (skeleton_BoMo) Now you are ready to use BS and create the body you like. Note that the naked body is CBBE Body; ignore CBBE-NV-HH, it's just a body used to make some high heels outfits. When you've finished, you can Batch Build with the button on bottom left, just don't forget to untick the CBBE-NV-HH List of conversions 1950 style casual (prewar outfit) 1950 business style suit Benny outfit Cass outfit N° 4 Great Khan outfits Leather armor Miss Fortune N° 3 prostitute outfits N° 3 wasteland settlers N° 6 wasteland mercs (NOTE: n°3 adventure merc causes CTD no more) Wasteland doctor N° 3 raider armors Lingerie N° 2 Boomers N° 3 Combat Armors: Normal, Mark I & Mark II N° 5 Vault Suits: Normal, Armored, Dad, Security, Lab Known issues > Some neck seam > Some hand seam > Business suit's cut due to wrong weight in the conversion New Version > Bad weight on long skirt in 1950s casual > Wasteland armor 03 causes CTD Solved > Some armors lack meat caps for dismembering > Overall quality could be definetely better, actually "it just works" > Do you experience weird textures? see the section at the end of the post Test This is a small script that will add to the player all the armors converted till now, it's the one I use to test them in game. You can download it HERE. Credits Ousnious and Caliente - everything Junkacc - texture and knee problem KoolHndLuke - conversions and testing Imperfection - testing and patience Z0mBieP00Nani - conversions Perms Armors are vanilla; CBBE / BS is from Caliente and Ousnious, I just ported it, so you won't obtain any perms from me and instead you should ask the original creators. Or you can join and lend a hand to finish the work if you want, we'll be grateful. Weird textures CBBE uses its own UV map, which is different from vanilla, or Type 3/6/Any. So, if you are not using the provided textures, you'll see bad textures in game. On the other hand, there's a nice pro: textures from Skyrim and FO4 could be easily ported. In the example below there are two different textures, both for Type x, when loaded on CBBE body, there are some peculiar things you can easily spot, like pubic texture on belly, or some dark shade on the shoulders, or some blur behind the thighs: How to debug this: > Check Archive Invalidation. If it's active, then unflag it and then toggle it again. > Check if you really installed textures, look at the image I posted under spoiler above, on the third point under Install; double check the files, the sizes, the folders, be sure that you are really using the provided textures. > If both the previous points are OK, then I can only think to some mod changing to a specific custom texture path / file, i.e. some custom races. Unfortunately I can't do much for that, the only thing I could actually think about is providing a ESP to check where the race comes from, I'll attach it to this post (aaaTestRace.esp), just load it on your load order and you'll see two message boxes, like this: Here's the ESP: aaaRaceTest.esp
  3. View File ---------------------------------------------- Femboy Reborn ---------------------------------------------- Description: V.1.2.1 "S" With now khajiit support. With now a femboy follower, Talon of the rose can be found in Dawnstar INN. Now is the time, to roam the land as the girly-est boy in the land...you F****** milkdrinker! This mod adds a custom race, which is the "femboy" race. Technically speaking the feminine boys race ~ !!PLEASE READ!! This new version of the mod make so you are able to equip the armor and have them fit the femboy race automaticly without the need to go to a crafting station, as this mod uses the technique that skyrim uses to give each race a different helmet (you'll notice khajiit have their own helmet for example.) This method makes it easier for the player to plug and play with the femboy itself..the downside is that unsupported armor mod wont appear on the femboy character a thei will appear invisible until a patch is done.Which I will be working on and hopefully fine someone to help me with this. As doign that for every popular armor mod...would be suicide. x.x I will firstly focus on armor mod I use and then expand from there. This mod is to be considered as a "WIP" as more armor will be added and things will be changed. Any suggestion are always welcome. REQUIREMENTS: Shape of atlas users (Compatible , but please read!!): Imcompatible mods: - Clothing and Clutter Fixes by Kryptopyr (found by the lovely Alenin) (if anyone found a mod that incompatible with mine please let me know) OPTIONNAL - Patch for armor Mod: Requirement for Armor Mod Pack: - Tera Pack : Tera Armor: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846/? - BAC Pack : (Please read instruction) TDN Equipable Horn :https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57198/ (simply overwrite the esp) DDA and DDX pack requires : Devious device assets, Expansion, integration and devious device for him. Future Armor Mod Pack: -Immersive armor - Waiting approval from author -Cloak of skyrim - Waiting approval from author -DDA, DDX, DDI, DCL (devious devices) - WIP Release... Recommended for Khajiit players: If you are planning on interested in playing as a femboy khajiit please I highly recommend that you also download Pretty Khajiit and Elcarus Eyes Khajiit for the best looking result. Notes for this Race mod: ---Contains a simple femboy follower who can be found in Dawnstar INN. --- A tiny number of Apaachii hair as been turn for both gender (more will get the same treatement) --- The race as access to Human and elf Head parts and now Khajiit. --- Some armor may have clipping, i converted over 100 armor, I may have missed a few.... --- More to come Future Plans...?: Future Plans...?: (PLEASE READ) Mod in big slow down, Working on personal projects (making a video game) and also lost a bit of interest in modding for right now, a bit tired due to complain I get there and there making it not as fun (I know to be expected is the internet). But I rather focus on my project mostly honnestly here a sneak peak: https://d.facdn.net/art/bc4life/1515616268/1515616268.bc4life_talon_idle.gif If anyone wants to me expand this mod, it would be appreciated and will assist anyways I can, im not entirely stopping modding, just slowing it download, take it more relax and whenever I feel like it. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE ARMOR PLUGIN LOADS AFTER THE RACE, JUST TO BE SAFE. Credits: Thank you for VectorPlexus,Smurf and Blissario for the SOS mod and template for ADDON. HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion Groovtama for XPMSE Caliente, Ousnius for Bodyslide , which was a great tool for my race mod Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair, her awesome hair mod Asianboy345 for his Tera Armor Coversion Mod. TMPhoenix for her racecompability function Blaze69 For giving me permission to use their Hoodies and modern outfit And Credit for MONSTERaider for their feminine khajiit texture mod. If anything is broken or if you notices anything unusual, please do keep up to date, I will do my best to fix it as soon as I can. Until then. Hope you enjoy this mod. xoxoxo Submitter Bc4life Submitted 11/03/2017 Category Races Requires SoS , SoS UNP, HTD (butt n boobs), XPMSE, Tera Armor, Appachii hair, Dawnguard and Dragonborn,racemenu, racecompability Special Edition Compatible No
  4. View File DAEDALS PRESETS AND REQUESTS ALL IN ONE "amazing" "so cool, innovative, friendly, amazing, truly shows mastery of bodyslide." "I'm still trying to figure out whos mans this is?" "i've never seen a man put so much effort into making over 70 different presets" so i thought, im more active on loverslab than on the nexus (making presets and whatnot) so why not upload a file for once? always accepting preset requests through message or on the support topic (info below, which you need to read or you'll send a bad request and it'll be all messy and make it hard for everyone) INCLUDES: Lean Lady Legendary The Super Booty Body Perky Curvy Petite for Bodyslide 2 The Blank Slate AND all of the variation presets THE SUPER BOOTY BODY: general just supa thicc ass has more mass than a black hole sculpted booty LEAN LADY LEGENDARY: 0 weight: lean 50 weight: lady 100 weight: legendary curves of doom super nipples a little gravity THE BLANK SLATE: all sliders set to 0, made the other bodies and request with this so i gave it some spotlight PCP: originally made by some guy on the nexus a few years back, people wanted a conversion for bodyslide 2 and i did it (and made it better) TSBB EXTRA VARIANTS: THE SUPER FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY removes the boobs for a flat chest but keeps the ass. THE SUPER EXTRA FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY the flat chested body with a bigger ass n hips and smaller waist. THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY the above, but bigger THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA FLAT CHESTED BOOTY BODY the above, but even bigger THE SUPER SUPER BOOTY BODY SMALL base body with smaller assets if the normal ones too big for your taste THE SUPER EXTRA BOOTY BODY base body with up to 20% bigger assets, if you think bigger is better use this THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA BOOTY BODY the extra booty body but even bigger, i dont know why you would want this but here you go THE SUPER EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BOOTY BODY ITS 3X THE EXTRA, CONTAIN YOURSELVES CUSTOM SUPER BOOTY BODY base body but with somewhat smaller boobs, more gravity on boobs, smaller ass on 0 weight and slightly smaller ass on max weight, less anorexic looking stomach, smaller thighs. CUSTOM SUPER BOOTY BODY SMALL VERSION custom version but smaller CUSTOM SUPER BOOTY BODY BIG VERSION since i made the small version might aswell, not super big though to stay true to the custom part. MAXIMUM CAKES EDITION by request there is now a preset which gives you some kind of godlike cake, for fans of the super booty body. MAXIMUM CAKES EDITION VERSION 2 bigger ass since i said it was ultimate cake and it really wasnt THE SUPER BOOBY BODY essentially a smaller ass, hips and all that but keeps the boobs, if you only liked the boobs use this. THE SUPER BOOBY BODY EXTRA the least important one here, the super booby body extra, once again no ass just boobs and the boobs are bigger now THE SUPER BOOBY BODY EXTRA EXTRA even more irrelevant, the super booby body but 2x the extra. (NOTE: super booby body extra variants only make the boobs bigger, ass is still untouched cause otherwise it would just be a normal extra) THE SUPER BOOBY BODY EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA: ...you know exactly what this is but imma tell you anyway, its the booby body with 3x the boobies. THE SUPER BOOTY BODY MUSCLE: UUNP only, built like it has muscle lol u need your own textures tho SUPER BOOTY BODY FANTASY: BIGGER ASS, BOOBS, NIPPLES. EVEN SMALLER STOMACH, LESS GRAVITY (like there was any to begin with) GENERALLY JUST 100% MORE HENTAI LOOKING THE SUPER BOOTY BODY FANTASY 2: super nipples, slightly bigger ass and boobs than the first one. THE SUPER BOOTY BODY FANTASY 3: version 2... but even more fantastical LLL VARIANTS: LEAN LADY LESSLEGENDARY LLL but with smaller assets LEAN LADY LARGELEGENDARY LLL with bigger assets LEAN LADY TSBBLEGENDARY LLL with the TSBB lower body LEAN LADY LEGACY LLL but 100 weight is now 50 weight now featuring: "a bunch of request 1-56" 56 request i did for people so why not share them with the world? IF YOU SEND ME A REQUEST INCLUDE (if possible): -pictures (that actually help, no odd angles, no fully armored pictures. 3+ if you can) -politeness -examples/descriptions -general information -consider the possibility of creation -make sure you've actually looked for the original if you want me to duplicate -and if possible, a screenshot of the body in game after i make it -and a thanks >BUT I HAVE A LIFE AND OR MAY NEED TIME< ORIGINALS ON THE NEXUS (more screenshots on those pages): TSBB: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75352/? LLL http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77542/? THE BLANK SLATE: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75436/? PCP http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64285/? REQUIRED: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? REQUIRED FOR HDT: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? REQUIRES EITHER CBBE OR UUNP ALL PRESETS WORK WITH BOTH Q AND A: Q: "CLIP CLIP CLIP, THOSE BOOBLES ARE CLIPPING" A: sucks to suck Q: "What if i don't LIKE butts or boobs dad?" A: theres a dick mod somewhere Q: "what if i don't LIKE big butts or boobs dad? A: thats what the variations are for Q: "why did you do this to yourself?" A: it had to be done. Q: "Do you even use these presets" A: at the time of writing this i use the super booty body thicc edition Q: "Can i take screenshots" A: yes of course i love seeing other people use my presets Q: "Who the fuck even are you?" A: your father luke, master of the bodyslide force. Q: "Why are you in my house?" A: you forgot to pay our child support and i am here to collect Q: "How long did it take for you to make these jaw dropping presets?" A: It took me years of training with master roshi, so atleast 4 episodes. Q: "but HOOOOW do i install it?" A: if your familiar with bodyslide you already know but if your not, heres the directory you put it in to use it with bodyslide: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets\ A2: OR you could just extract this file or install with a manager Q: "can you make me a preset?" A: yup just hmu on the forums or via message Q: "can i judge this preset and or criticize" A: dont be a dick if you do Q: "can i review and or send screenshots?" A: hell yeah i love feedback Q: "should i post on the forums?" A: yes just do it im lonely Q: "are you sonic on nexus?" A: yes but dont tell anyone Q: "do you like butts?" A: i think so Q: "has anyone reviewed this?" A: if they did i dont know about it (please do ) Q: "are you gonna make any more presets?" A: probably, if you wana help me like i said earlier hit me up Q: "why are the boobles clipping?" A: personally i don't experience any clipping, but if necessary just smallenize your boobs. Q: "what the fuck does smallenize mean?" A: it clearly means make smaller you CHUMP Q: "is it true that there are secret read mes in this?" A: yup and you better read them!!!! Q: "i heard you had a blog on loverslab?" A: i do and i think its pretty cool so check it out!! Q: "you know man, you do your best, you post pictures for the world, you make presets for free, is there anything we can do for you?" A: im still waiting for a damn mod review lmao, but likes are great those keep me going CHECK OUT MY BLOG WHERE I TAKE SCREENSHOTS AND POST THE PRESET MAKING PROCESS SOMETIMES: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/blog/878-daedals-dangerous-domain/ NOTES: yes i do like seeing screenshots yes i would like to know if you post screenshots or videos none of the above things are a requirement BUT dont upload these anywhere else without my permission por favor SINCERE thanks to Miyu MIyu and Boocefus for taking screenshots and being there on my bodyslide themed adventures <3 they're pretty cool THANK YOU LOVERSLAB FOR PROVIDING ME WITH FRIENDSHIP AND SEX AT THE SAME TIME Submitter daedal Submitted 05/20/2017 Category BodySlide Requires bodyslide and stuff Special Edition Compatible theres a SE version on nexus
  5. View File Stockings For SlaveTats: This mod adds several stockings and garter-belt textures, colorable in Slavetats setting (in Body and Foot Tattoos). In the setting the garter-belt must be above the stockings. for example: in the body settings, the stockings in layer 1 and garter-belt in layer 2 Two version: 1: "Stockings_ST_CBBE_1.01.rar" For CBBE 2: "Stockings_ST_UNP_1.01.rar" For UNP and 7base * If you have various body in your game, you can install two version and choose "Cbbe" or "Unp 7b" in SlaveTats settings Mod required: SlaveTats of course . http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/619-slavetats/ Install: Quickly with Nexus Mod Manager or ModOrganizer. Or Copy the content of the archieve into you Skyrim\Data folder Thanks to murfk for SlaveTats. Updated: V1.01: modified ".json" for have CBBE and UNP together Added Garter-Belt maps V1.00: Stockings maps Submitter balicha Submitted 05/09/2015 Category Models & Textures Requires SlaveTats Special Edition Compatible  
  6. View File A sexy catsuit for your adult female sim 3 different shinning variations: satin, silk and leather Base body was modified just like the previous upload Wearable for everyday, formal, sleepwear, outerwear,career, etc. I hope it won't mess up your game with certain shoes or accessories Submitter rauul995 Submitted 02/17/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires The Sims 3 Base Game  
  7. Sexy Catsuit for Female



    A sexy catsuit for your adult female sim 3 different shinning variations: satin, silk and leather Base body was modified just like the previous upload Wearable for everyday, formal, sleepwear, outerwear,career, etc. I hope it won't mess up your game with certain shoes or accessories
  8. Hey everyone. This is the official sticky thread for the SSE versions of CBBE, BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Please refer to this thread for the old Skyrim and/or UUNP instead! Check out the wiki with documentation and guides for BodySlide and Outfit Studio! Mod pages: - CBBE - BodySlide and Outfit Studio In SSE, each will have its own mod page (like it was done for FO4). Both the CBBE and UUNP for the old Skyrim continue working in SSE but read below. CBBE: The old CBBE will not be ported to SSE, there is a new and better CBBE now. It has more polygons, a different base shape (not the CBBE/UUNP base), same UV and a few more sliders (similar to FO4). There is a "CBBE Body", a "CBBE Body Physics" with breast and butt weights and a "CBBE Body Special" with a 3D labia. You can still use the old CBBE in SSE, it just won't be officially ported or supported, only the new one. UUNP: As of now, UUNP won't be officially ported to SSE. Reasoning: It has so many sliders and is also starting to lack in detail, and I have no interest in working on or having two body types that fight with each other. I'm really happy with the new CBBE myself, it's nothing like the old CBBE, especially once the normal generator is built into BodySlide, and it also has a few more sliders. You can use the old UUNP in SSE by manually installing it to your SSE BodySlide, but there will be no official support for this. BodySlide and Outfit Studio: BodySlide and Outfit Studio for SSE was released (see link above). Make sure to follow the thread if you want to stay up-to-date on either of the three!
  9. Hey everyone. This is the official sticky thread for the Skyrim versions of CBBE, UUNP, BodySlide and Outfit Studio. For news about the Skyrim Special Edition (SSE), please refer to this thread instead! Check out the wiki with documentation and guides for BodySlide and Outfit Studio! Mod pages: - CBBE - UUNP (included in BodySlide) - BodySlide and Outfit Studio (with physics and morphs) Mod lists: - CBBE Mod List (for Nexus) - There's more lists for CBBE and UUNP all over the sites, but I don't have the time to (always) find and list them all. -------------------- What is CBBE? CBBE replaces the female body with one that is fully customizable with BodySlide. Body textures with different quality options included. Includes a face pack compatible with the body, so you can jump right into the game. 50+ sliders are divided into categories that can be toggled on or off. Comes with BBP/TBBP/HDT variants through BodySlide! What is Unified UNP (UUNP)? All of your favorite UNP shape variants combined in one set of sliders! Includes all of the sliders that CBBE has, plus full-body sliders for the most popular UNP family shapes. These bodies require UNP textures to be installed and come in regular, HDT and Special variants. UUNP Special has a "working" 3D vagina for the HDT Physics Extensions and requires usage of the included TexBlendUUNP package or already compatible textures. Unless necessary, conversions should be made for UUNP regular and UUNP HDT only. What is BodySlide? BodySlide provides an easy way to customize outfits and bodies without the need to edit mesh files yourself. The project files for BodySlide are created in Outfit Studio. What is Outfit Studio? Outfit Studio lets you convert outfits between bodies using conversion references, create your own sliders for BodySlide, correct animation weights and edit meshes with brushes or transform tools. -------------------- Refer to the mod pages above for all game-specific releases, change logs, install instructions and FAQs. Discuss the bodies and the program, post questions, suggest features, report bugs and link to newly created outfits. All the things! The only rule: Don't start discussions about which body mods are better than others!
  10. I am not sure if there is a topic like this on LL Forum, that's how I wanted to make it. If you have goodlookin Bodyslide Presets for CB++ Bodyslide or Bodyslide 2, you can share it here if you want for all people. I made this thread becouse I think lots of people want to make their character looks perfect, but not anybody can form pretty body in Bodyslide. I will soon edit this post and share my Preset, when it's done. You can also share here a screenshots of your character with bodyslide you've shared.
  11. View File Dwarven Cyborg Collection v2.2 Need a hand? I think I might be starting to get the hang of some of this. This was supposed to be a small update, containing just the shaved head and the Gynoid Hair fix, and come out a month or two ago, but, well, I kept finding new things to do. This is a collection of various add-on parts and UUNP conversions based around the Dwarven Cyborg concept. Everything is built from repurposed existing parts using Outfit Studio, as I have no skills whatsoever in scratch-building meshes. I started working on this for my own amusement, but it turned out well enough that I decided to share it, and it's just snowballed on from there. This is offered primarily as an armor pack and resource set for people to grow their own gameplay ideas from, and as such the parts have no pre-existing enchantments or clever scripting. It's totally not just because I have no idea how to do any of that stuff. Honest. Due to size limits, full preview gallery and description are now on their own pages. More preview images located HERE In-depth description located HERE General devblog with previews of future additions HERE The mod now consists of four components and one add-on pack: Heads Use slot 30 or 30 & 44 to completely replace the character's head. Gyros: These come with empty gyros, which you can fill with a 'Mind' insert using slot 43: Skull A set, humanoids: Skull B set, beasts: Gilded Helmets [Skull Fit]: Identified with a 'DwCyborg' prefix. Comes with interchangeable faceplate parts using slot 42. Lexicon head: Masques. Weighted to the spine2 bone instead of the head so as to disable all head movement: Neck Caps, Decapitation: Body - Bikini: Now a major rebuild of the TAWOBA Dwarven Cyborg (UUNP version), replacing the base body with one built directly from the UUNP reference shape with the limbs individually removed with zap sliders. (The original base body's shape was slightly off from the UUNP reference, which caused some clipping issues with overlay outfits.) This also allowed for the creation of variant limb sets, with various combinations of cyborg arms, human arms, no arms, etc. There are currently 44 basic variants across three-point-one categories. The original layouts are labeled as 'Base', while the arm variations are marked A through H and the presence or absence of cyborg legs is denoted with a 1 or a 2. Some '2' bodies were skipped in the Blades sets due to redundancy. The current set does not include individual leg options, as that will require a work-around for the cyborg leg's crazy-high NiOveride setting, but that may change in the future. All bodies are now available in the original 'nude' versions, as well as in 'armored' versions using a copy of the breastplate mesh from Remodeled Armors that has been slightly tweaked to stop the gorget from clipping through it. Also included are two extras based on TAWOBA parts: A variation of TAWOBA's Dwarven headgear 1 that adds the crest from its inventory model back in, because it always kind of bugged me that the actual model didn't have that. Doesn't work well with most hair sets, which is obviously why they didn't use it, but since I had already converted it for use in the cyborg heads I figured I might as well. Can now be combined with the Shaved Head options in the Extras pack to eliminate the clipping issue. A version of Dwarven bra 7 (the old cyborg extension) with the armor slot changed to 48, because c'mon. And two 'invisible' weapons for the Blade arms, Sword Style and War Axe Style. These have had their damage, speed, and reach all upped a bit to work better with the Blade arms. Included both because I couldn't decide which animations I liked better, although your results will vary depending on what combat animation packs you happen to be using. NOTE: For some reason these will not appear as available weapons when browsing the mod with Add Item Menu. You will have to use the console to acquire them, simply type in 'help style' and they should be towards the bottom of the list. It would be easier if they just loaded with the Blade sets, but I don't know how to do something like that. Body - Edhildil: An UUNP conversion and remix of Edhildil's Dwemer Cyborg armor. Has the collar, pauldrons, and breast caps seperated out to their own independent armor pieces, and three variants of the base body built through the use of permanent zap sliders, as well as armored versions for all three using the Remodeled Armors breastplate. Added with v2.2: A fleshless, full-Automaton body based on this set, with additional parts from the Gilded body and mahty's Dwemer Over Technology Resources. Built in the UUNP base shape, but with no Bodyslides or weight slider for reasons that should become obvious. Body - Gynoid: An UUNP conversion and armor set adaptation of the Dwarven Gynoid assets from the Vicn Creature Pack, fully supporting player and NPC use. Set features both the original metal-bodied Gynoid and newly-created cyborg version. Extras Pack: Various add-on elements that I wanted to include but that don't quite fit into one of the other sets. Still somewhat experimental, will be maintained separately from the main file for the time being. Currently contains: Shaved Head: Two depilatory options for all characters. Stubble or Skin: Gilded Helmet set: A pair of Dwarven helmets based on those used by the Gilded in the mod Clockwork, sized to fit on the humanoid heads. The Gilded Helmet is styled similarly to the source model, with pipes filling in the center. The Gilded Helmet Crested restores the vanilla Dwarven helmet look, using a trimmed version of the TAWOBA crest with the cubemapping added back on. The helmets themselves use slot 50, as they use the above Shaved Head sets, seconded into their Creation Kit entires, for their 'helmet hair' meshes and as such couldn't use the usual slot 31. (Could've used slot 43 instead, but the fact that the earlobes just clear the bottom of the helmet inspired me to maintain earring compatability instead.) They come with their own set of swappable faceplates, using slot 42. The whole set is sized a bit large to allow as much clearance as possible for various face morphs (and... other things), while the faceplates are hopefully positioned so that all but the most deformed characters should be able to look out the eyeholes. Can't do much about Elven ear clipping, however. Distinguished from the Heads set version by a 'DCC' prefix. Sexy Dwarven Pauldron set: Separated out from Diablo's conversion of the Sexy Dwarven armor set, with the pauldrons (slot 57) and the armplates (slot 58) usable independently of each other for increased flexibility. Wounds overlay: Adapted from Edhildil's version, with its slightly higher poly count from the vanilla mesh, this overlay is set to slot 56 (TAWOBA abs) and trimmed down to just the torso wounds for compatibility with the cyborg bodies. Cyborg outfits, Vanilla-based: Adaptations of various skimpy UUNP conversions of Vanilla outfits, with their slots changed to 48 to make them usable with the base Cyborg bodies. Outfits largely selected for how well they work with the Gynoid body, still likely to have various degrees of clipping here and there. Cyborg outfits, other: Adapted from various outfit mods Installation: Due to filesize restrictions on LL, the mod has now been split into four pieces. Well, actually, I was going to offer it in seperated packages anyway, but the full version just keeps getting bigger, so we'll do it this way. A note on the version numbering: As each individual part of this mod is designed to be maintained semi-independently, I don't see much point in re-uploading parts that haven't been changed just to update the number. As such, the file for each individual part that has the highest version number will always be the most recent version of that set. Download and install the Bikini Set, Edhildil Set, Gynoid Set and Heads Only files. These can be used by themselves with their individual .esp files, or the combined version can be activated by downloading and installing the "Combined esp.rar" file. (Silly me didn't think about updating when I named the .esp '2-00', whoops) When using the combined version, deactivate or delete the individual .esp files. It shouldn't cause any conflicts if you don't, but it would just be messier. The Extras set is maintained independently of the core mods, and is not currently included in the combined .esp. Download and install it by itself. After installation, RUN BODYSLIDE. All the parts you'll need to run are in the following groups: Dwarven Cyborg Collection - Bikini Set [Armored, Gauntlets, Unarmored] UUNP, Dwarven Cyborg Collection - Edhildil Set UUNP, Dwarven Cyborg Collection - Gynoid Set UUNP, Dwarven Cyborg Collection - Extras UUNP, and Dwarven Cyborg Collection - Head Plates. The pre-generated files for the bodies and outfits were removed to save filesize. The head plates were left behind, but they're run to my slightly tweaked UNPB-based preset and as such may not fit well on your characters. Note on the Bikini set: Be sure to run the Gauntlets group. Failure to do so will leave many variants without hands. The bodies are now split into Armored and Unarmored groups, both must be run to generate the full range. The Armored bodies have further been split into regular and [NBE] groups, run only one. All Armored versions of the bodies have the breast bones removed because Jello Metal = BAD. Additionally, they have 'NBE' (No Breast Expansion) versions of the Bodyslide files that remove all breast-related sliders to counteract mods that use the Bodymorph system to dynamically alter body shapes, because Jello Metal = @#&%! Use only one or the other for each Armored body, as they write to the same file. Upgrading from version 2.1.1 to 2.2: Download all packs marked as "v2-20". I recommend completely uninstalling the v2.0 Bikini set before upgrading, as the new version has slightly different pathing for its Bodyslide files. Failure to do so may result in redundant entries. Otherwise, simply install normally and allow all overwrites. How to acquire: I have not yet implemented any kind of in-game crafting, both because that shit is tedious and because it seems a bit off-theme to be able to just bang cyborg parts out at any old forge. This may change at some point in the future, but for now you'll have to search for 'cyborg' and/or 'gynoid' in the console orrrrrrrrr use Add Item Menu like a civilized person who wants to chop somebody's head off and replace it with a hunk of metal and some crystals. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905/? Requirements: Minimal. Bikini set is intended as a supplement to TAWOBA and shares its NiOverride requirement, but does not require TAWOBA itself to run. As long as you don't need matching panties, anyway. Both body sets are UUNP-based, and as such require Bodyslide and XPMSE, obviously. Heads probably also need XPMSE, as that's what they were built with, and need Dawnguard for at least one of the textures, although it's not required as a master. But really, if you don't have all that stuff by now, what are you even doing here? Known Issues/Quirks: As the heads use slots 42 and 43 for their accessories, they will not automatically unequip any circlets or earrings you may have on. An unfortunate side-effect of adding the slot 31 part to the skull heads, and one that I literally didn't consider until I was putting this description together, is that the compatibility with the Ranger Hood from Immersive Armors is lost. I'll try to address this in some manner in a future update. Fixed in version 2.1 The limbs are cut from the Edhildil bodies using permanent zaps, which took several tries to get set up right. The final trimming around the shoulders is a bit obvious if you look closely, but it was the best I could get to avoid having flesh clip through the robot parts as much as possible. In addition to the issues already mentioned in the Gynoid set's entry, note that while the fleshy parts on the 'Limbs' bodies and the [bounce] version of the core of the base body have HDT enabled, the caps where the cyborg limbs connect do not. From my observation the cut line on the buttocks is low enough for it to clear the majority of the bounce effect area, but there is a very little bit of clipping while crouching if you're looking close enough to notice. At least, that's all I'm getting with my settings, please let me know if you have different results. The Disassembled versions of the Edhildil sets were intended to be used with mods such as Display Model to have them 'realistically' mounted somewhere. Unfortunately, the meshes for the caps at the shoulders react very poorly with the poses involved in, well, just about every piece of furniture I tried. Still, figured they were amusing enough to leave in. The half-assed ground model I made for the armored bodies does weird stuff sometimes. Dunno why. -Fixed in 2.2, with interest! The Wounds overlay is... unsatisfactory. While Edhidil's version is more usable than the vanilla one, it's still impossible to get it perfectly flush with the skin, prone to clipping when bodymorphed (I tried to get the worst of it out, but honestly, didn't want to put that much time into it), has a few sharply-cut edges, and, due to the big-breasted version of the CBBE body that it was originally made for, has some annoying distortion at the bottom of the chest wound that I can't quite figure out how to fix. But I wanted to have some version of it playable, and it's not too bad if you don't look too closely at it. Just understand that it's very much offered as-is. The slot 48-based outfits tend to have some clipping issues with the Bikini set bodies, due to those bodies being just slightly off from the standard UUNP base shape for some damn reason. As some of my future plans will require me re-doing those base shapes anyway, I'm inclined to ignore it for now. -Fixed in 2.2 The Bikini bodies will have significant holes on the insides of their arms where they meet the caps in poses that raise the arms particularly high. Due to limited slot availability, there are some unavoidable conflicts with Devious Devices. In particular, the slot 48 outfits conflict with the DD buttplugs, while the Gilded helmet's use of slot 50 conflicts with the vaginal piercings. Also, the Device Hider function's default setting of slot 41 will preclude the use of the Gynoid and Shaved wigs, as well as an array of other headgear. I'd recommend changing the Hider's slot, or, even better, just turning the whole thing off. The Bikini body variants with missing or Blade right hands have had the vanilla Ring slot blocked, to prevent hover-rings. This was intentional, but may cause problems with mods where you need to wear a ring to maintain a particular effect. Due to being re-positioned to align with the Gilded helmet, the Bloody Skull no longer works well with the Gynoid Ripper helmet. A sad but acceptable trade-off. The Elf skull's egglike shape makes it difficult to pair with some headgear. This is specifically why it doesn't have a crested version. Future Plans: Mainly lower-priority stuff, now that I've got things restructured in a way that'll make adding new parts simpler. I'd like to find more inserts for the Gyros, as well as figure out why some of the ones I tried to do for this batch- namely the Blackreach Sun and Heartstone model from Dragonborn- don't seem to want to work. I'll also eventually get to some of the stuff I simply passed over in this run, like the other Dwarven Cubes and the troll skull. Male versions I'm slowly plugging away on, but couldn't get a breakthough in a timely enough fashion for them to make the cut. And I've got at least one more thing I'd like to do with the Edhildil set, but I'll have to figure out more weightpainting before it'll actually be feasible. -Or I could figure out how to just steal what I need from someplace else, that also works. At some point, I might actually get around to all of that. I'm also inclined to do proper ground models for everything, now that I have a better idea of how to make them, and maybe start on individual limb versions for the Gynoid set. I've got something else I'd like to do with the individual limbs idea, but I'm not sure how to do it without it becoming a bit of a morass. I'd also like to see if I can do some more full-automaton bodies, actually get something going with those detached heads, and maybe toss in a few basic followers pre-equipped with cyborg sets as 'demonstrators'. Oh, and maybe get a nice, simple Dwarven home set up based on this theme, since I've yet to find an existing one that I entirely like. But that would require building stuff in the CK to not make me want to gnaw my leg off. One thing I do not have any immediate plans for is a CBBE conversion. I personally use UUNP, and am only barely comfortable enough working with it; I really don't want to press my luck with a body type I can't properly test in-game. If anyone else wants to try to do CBBE versions of the bodies, go right ahead. I believe there's CBBE versions of almost all my source mods, even, so it shouldn't be too hard to recreate my work right from them. (Also, while the Bodyslide files for the heads were built on the UUNP reference, my understanding is that they should still work fine with CBBE bodyslides as they have no effect on the body textures and the neck areas are about the same shape on both body types due to having to interface with the vanilla head meshes. Please let me know if you have any problems there.) Something I'd like to see from this would be using it to create new enemy types and populating a nice, big Dwarven ruin with them, but that is waaaaay outside the scope of my ability or patience to do. But if anyone else wants to, that would be spectacular. I've even got some ideas, now! Ideas that I could never get done on my own, I'm pretty sure. What with having gnawed my leg off. Permissions: Seriously, go nuts. I'm mainly just bashing other peoples' work together anyway. I'd appreciate getting sent a link to anything that uses this stuff, though, just so I can check it out. Credits: Nisetanaka, et al., for The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, obviously Edhildil for the Dwemer Cyborg set and their Wounds conversion Vicn for their Creature Pack Antistar for the truly impressive Clockwork Castle Prometheus for the Beast Skeletons assets Sofian for Dwarven Amputee Kit ChronoTrigger77 and DaveCFatal for the Remodeled Armor pieces Crosscrusade for Sexy Vanilla Armor That one bit from Spice Gear mahty's Dwemer Over Technology Resources for the energy barrel part Tattooedillusions for the Draugr Rags mesh fox6000 for the Fox 33B rags assets Goma for the various skimpy Vanilla outfits LostDayWalker for the Studded Leather leotard sets Engineer Outfit Sevennity for the SevenWardrobe mask Brumbek for the SMIM parts Root data for Bikini Body ground models borrowed from: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19733/? Anyone else whose stuff I ganked without noticing. Attribution for Dwarven Gynoid assets: Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by Radioragae REN Peggy NewSea SKS Special Thanks: tanookitamatachi for some extremely useful advice. And for their Cyborg Schlong SOS add-on, which is extremely compatible with this collection, ifyouknowwutimean. Recommended Mods: Dwemer Automatons HD, for the proper robot hand texture for the Dwarven Sphere hand part used throughout these sets, if nothing else. I'll Take The Display Model, to keep your de-limbed Gynoids from just floating around. MaikCG's Dwarven Devious Curiass, one of the other spiffy cyborg sets out there. The open-fronted UUNP version I made for it was what got me started down this whole rabbit hole. Clockwork Castle. Seriously, it's quest is a trip. Content Consumer's Alternate Starts with skyrimll's Sexlab Stories, for the Dwarven Sexbot Live Another Life start. Not yet a complete scenario, but does add your character to the Dwarven Automaton faction, which can be quite handy. To start with cyborg parts, simply use AddItemMenu while in the LAL prison cell and select your desired loadout from the Cyborg Collection. Request: Please post screenshots of these parts in use in your own games. It would be a great help to me to know that things are working the way I intended them to outside of my own system, and fluff my ego a bit besides. Submitter AVS Submitted 09/03/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Special Edition Compatible No  
  12. View File My custom bodyslide preset UNP HDT .... Submitter Valency Submitted 09/05/2016 Category BodySlide Requires Caliente BodySlide v-3.7.3.Unified UNP Special HDT.SKYRIM... Special Edition Compatible  
  13. I've made some changes. Improved meshes, added body hair, but still using the default textures. And there's still some skinning glitches of course. As always, there are sources attached: .MAX files and .FBX files. Also I've compiled the MOD pak file, but haven't tested it yet (let me know if it works). Also, to use sources in UE editor you need to change the infamous CharacterAssemblyLibrary's pointers. Well, that's it. P.S. Old topic (gone for good). P.S.S. Testing, modifying and sharing this mod or its sources is appreciated. This means you don't have to ask my opinion or permission, you are allowed to modify any of these files, share them, use them as you want. Edit: New version of this mod -- the 'Enhanced Females' and its source files are available! EnhancedFemales.pak Source.rar
  14. Invisible pregnant bodies

    Hi, i am new to sexout, but i need the pregnancy bodies to work, but every time i go into the game my body is invisible when i get the baby bump. Ive tried every solution i could find, none have worked, so is there someone who can tell me what im doing wrong?
  15. Does anyone know of any good quality female idles suitable for bodies with bigger breasts, such as Manga Body for example? So far all idles I have seen cause serious clipping issues, such as arms disappearing into the character's breasts. I do expect clipping to occur because of the bigger proportions. I am just looking for something that has minimal or acceptable clipping.
  16. I have asked the uploader of these images (kaliedie) about the armor and bodytype but sadly they have yet to reply to me. https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84946-3-1510072130.jpg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84946-5-1510072129.jpg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84575/84575-1512197964-202717843.jpeg https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/84575/84575-1512071421-645343782.jpeg
  17. “MedBod”, Sims Medieval Female Body for The Sims 3 Update 1.55 (just for Bottoms): (left: version 1.5, right: 1.55) This version “fix” some problems with the butt UV Map and garter belts textures, the solution isn’t perfect but is quicker than remake the whole mesh I didn’t touch the shape and if I did I only moved a couple of vertices nor more than 5 pixels so if you’re happy with the old one don’t download this file (and make a backup) If you download it please delete the old one from your mods folder, even with the slight difference in name this file will completely replace meshes and morphs from 1.5, just in case refresh the cache beforehand. DON’T KEEP BOTH VERSIONS OR THEY WILL CONFLICT WITH EACH OTHER Previous clothes and naked Top for MedBod 1.5 don’t need to be updated and are 255.34% full compatible with 1.55 I tried to make a default replacement but failed, you’re free to try Details: Base game compatible For youngadult and adult femsims Locates in the Top/Bottom category respectively Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career and validformaternity Disabled for random sims Polycount, bottom: 1088, top cmar: 3038, top barbieboobs: 2926 Color channels: 0 (now works properly as a nude top/bottom) Package and sims3package included Defects: Very flat boobs shows a discoloration on the base Because of the shape shoulders deform a little when the sim elevates her arms above the head Under certain light conditions a small discoloration appears on the butt sides As dozens of people have noticed the boobs suffer form "torpeditis", best way to avoid is not to exaggerate the size way beyond the default slider limit Also Cmar's nipple sliders don't work MedBod1.5_TOP_wBarbieBoobs_byJoshQ.zip MedBod1.5_TOP_wCmarBoobs_byJoshQ.zip MedBod155BOTTOMbyJoshQ.zip
  18. View File This mod born from a request in adult section Info: It add female SM with their own body, face, armour and voice to mutants levelled lists. All assets come from Female Super Mutants mod, go endorse it. The only thing I didn't add from original mod was gore and Strong meshes. Any mods that change SM Race and levelled lists will need a patch. Added Redux version, new female Nightkins and Glowing, I consider it an Alpha because of one bug (see bugs below) Dependencies: The Redux version need Super Mutants Redux Installation: Unzip it to Data folder Keep Redux version below Super Mutants Redux Bugs: There is one issue that bugs me in Alpha version (at least in my game), in 100 mutants, 25 are males other 25 are females and then things get confused, 25 Female Named Mutants have Male Body and 25 Male Named Mutants have Female Body, at the moment I'm not understanding what is causing this, the females created are completely stand alone, they don't get nothing from males and didn't touch vanilla males, the only thing that came to mind is some script is responsible for 50% of the spawns and make some mix of templates, the Vanilla mutant race is marked as ungendered and I removed that flag. I suspect the version 1.2 have the same bug. Request: Can someone make improved textures for body and face, please? Future improvements: The main file will have names corrected but unless someone make improved textures (If I find what make the body swap it will be corrected),I'll consider it finished. When I was making the patch for 'Super Mutants Redux' I noticed that I could make one Add On to make a few more females with those new textures (Nightkin and any other retexture), so, the next version will only work with Super Mutants Redux . Available. Credits: HarmonicaBlues aka Lord Buffquad MrCasual aka Buffscale McThundertail Submitter 0acme0 Submitted 07/14/2016 Category Body Replacers Requires  
  19. So I downloaded the Bouncing Natural Breasts mod today, along with Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors off of Nexus. I thought I had done everything correctly, until I started noticing that every male NPC during sex either loses their penis, or has it endlessly stretch to one end of the map. Reinstalling Breeze's body replacer didn't work, nor the Robert one, and I always toggle Archive Invalidation in FOMM when messing with mods. The odd thing is, after I got fed up trying to figure out what was wrong, not even the backup I made before installing this would fix the problem! I've wasted all day on this, and I'm hesitant to touch anything at this point, seeing as a revert won't even help. I'll reinstall everything if I need to, but I'd like to save that as a last resort, as my game was working fine before today.
  20. I'm getting a weird glitch with the cosio body, between the breasts. It is like the sternum is affected by boob physics. I assume that it is something I've done wrong. Has anyone experienced this problem before? This problem is not present on outfits, or the body that accompany those outfits, likely because they use the base CBBE body. Standing - Fine Hunched over - Glitch - Look between Breasts
  21. I'm having an issue where cum textures won't show on a custom follower (Mirai, to be exact) after sex scenes. At first I thought it was because of the skin textures I had installed for her (Pureskin), so I tried switching to Fair skin instead, but with no change. I've tried testing with a different follower, and cum seems to be working fine there (complete with custom cum textures), so Mirai is really the only follower giving me this issue at the moment. Any ideas would be appreciated. Edit: Previously noted issue regarding scaling and body physics removed. Said features are working, but are very subtle, thus I did not notice previously. Papyrus.0.log Load order:
  22. I recently installed SoS with mod organizer. It technically works fine, the schlongs do what they're suppose to do, but for some reason the vanilla loincloth is still attached to the body and I have no idea why. You can see it in the screenshot. Everything is there, but it's all underneath the vanilla undies. I've tried reinstalling SoS, the skeleton, and the textures I'm using. I can't figure out what else to do.
  23. [CE] Shiny (Oiled) Mod WIP

    Hi, All! Just sharing my progress so far since the Shaved and OIled mod was pulled by the author (He'll be back). It's almost done. Just need to do the same for the face textures, and it'll be ready. *side note: Today's patch (Patch 25) introduced quite a few issues, so a devkit upd may be further delayed than the normal 24hrs. Feedback is encouraged and welcome. I hope the link works. If not it is also at the end of this post. #LoveHard https://youtu.be/JI1rLbzhmT0 ****UPDATE**** I've completed this mod. You can find it in the workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913364178
  24. [The Sims 3] == SKIN COMPLETE SET == (Skin Texture + Bump Map + Shine + Eyes + Teeth + Face Fix) (Default Replacement) (Only two screenshots for now...) (I'm going to take more of it tomorrow at the office) (Sneakily of course... Or I get fired!) Complete Set - Texture - Bump Map - Shine - Eyes + Teeth - Face Fix - All Ages (Toddler to Elder) Features: Texture Final Fantasy face BumpMap-like painted muscle, fat and bone details Anatomically correct body details Real-like skin texture details (like body freckles) Rough-darker male skin and Smooth-lighter female skin Realistic European White skin color Bump Map More subtle keratin texture Uniforming Face-Body keratin size Skin Shine Reduced skin shine (less plastic more realistic) Shiner female's skin than male's Eyes + Teeth Alive eye stare Realistic white teeth Face Fix Included Face Fix Optimized 1024x1024 for Body 256x256 for Face It's still WIP. There's something I want to fix and perfect it. It's already around 90% done, btw. It's a default replacement. You can only have one Default Skin. To see the changes, Delete all TS3 cache files in Documents folder. Or Start a New Game instead. Btw, I forget to remove the Hidden tag. You need to Show Hidden in the Folder and Search Option. Download Links: GECKo_Skin_CompleteSet_1k_Default.zip
  25. [The Sims 3] == NATURAL BREAST NUDE TOP == (Breast Fix + 3D Morphing Nipple + Default Replacement) Natural Breast Fixing the Naked Top mesh, by giving a gravity effect, to make it looks more natural and realistic. It was carefully made, to keep the volume size match to EA standard. Bikini vs Naked comparison: Breast Fix I also applied the Breast Fix for Slider Mods (http://modthesims.info/d/460694). No more ugly hanging issue at the bottom of the breast. 3D Morphing Nipple Applied Cmar's 3D Morphing Nipple, by franken-meshed, cut and merge it. It came with two versions, the Nipple Areola (complete version) and the Nipple Tip Only. NippleSize and NippleDepth sliders work with both version. But for the NippleTipOnly version, NippleSize sliders only work for the Nipple Tip, not the Areola part. 3D Morphing Nipple - Realistic Size for KinkyWorld <-- New Normal Shape Erected Resized the 3D Morphing Nipple to realistic size for KinkyWorld's nipple erection feature. Natural Breast Nude Top mesh shape is 100% compatible with any EA made clothes (standard shape) + body slider mods, as it was made on that purpose by matching the breast volume size, and it also use EA's fat body morph as reference. Update (May 14, 2015) Fixing the Thin and Fit part of Barbie version (v1.1) Upload the 3D Morphing Nipple (WIP) Btw, sorry for the low quality screenshots. Download link: GECKo_afTop_Nude_NaturalBreast_Default.zip <-- Oudated GECKo_afTop_Nude_NaturalBreast_BarbieV1.1_Default.zip GECKo_afTop_Nude_NaturalBreast_NippleAreola_Default.zip GECKo_afTop_Nude_NaturalBreast_KinkyWorldRealistic_Default.zip <-- NEW