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  1. Best bet would be to try Racemenu, the hair looks like something from either Sg Hairs(no link on hand unfortunantly) or KS Hairdos(over on the nexus), not sure the texture mod used for her skin, but my best guess might be Fair Skin or SG Skin(both on the nexus)
  2. Arken Red

    Help me ...

    Via AFT in the tweak options menu you can select (Gear.....) and have them give you their equipment that way
  3. Well the bottom issue is likely that you're using a CBBE armor set on a UNP body, at least that's what it looks like on NPCs when I do that. That is usually what happens with the top, if it isn't a body slot armor. Im using CBBE body. The only thing I installed regarding this is: 1.The main file 2.The CBBE bodyslide file Was I also supposed to install the UNP files? Did you purchance run the bodyslide files to generate the cbbe files?
  4. Everything except the extra enemies and followers are included in this mod
  5. The Author of the mod and the site owner are 2 different people
  6. I enjoy how this community is more open and welcoming to new people, makes it really homey. Oh and Hi everyone
  7. Many thanks, apparently the 50kb max upload for images(avatar) didn't like the picture so it's missing things, but this is an amazing drawing, and keep up the good work
  8. strange, it might've kept some of the settings on the body i was working on
  9. Was already converted and can be found on Nexus, but it was done using Bodyslide unfortunatelly. It's acceptable but very far from perfect. You can actually get 7base with UUNP, but you have to scroll down in Bodyslide and turn off breast gravity
  10. Been listening to Apocalyptica, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, and Hollywood Undead lately. But most of the stuff I listen to is similar to Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive(I can go on and on).(Metalcore, Deathcore, Technical Death Metal, Death Metal, Post-Hardcore.)
  11. Heres my Character . Treat her well please.
  12. Yea, give me a sec i bring my laptop with me when I travel, and i'm at a hotel right now, so i'll edit this post when i'm done uploading the file. Downloadedable link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0nxps5vmxse9ssv/Victoria_Veline_1%28point3%29.zip She does have a body that uses the XPMSE skeleton, she also requires Lustmord Vampire Armor and can be found in Fort Dawnguard
  13. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65013/?, but it includes more than a flee feature
  14. Sorry to hear man, and welcome to LL. Personally I didn't know germanicus, but would always read his posts on SYSC, mainly because he seemed to be a well respected man and was always friendly with everyone. He will surely be missed.
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