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  1. hey! I have a request for FO4. Can you make a body slide with hyper muscles? or at least one that allows for more muscles then already what on offer? Or even if you cant get hyper, just more muscles is always better, I find that even on max settings for AB I cant get enough muscle! Since I often like to roleplay as a large girl or guy, who is often 8ft or more and is able to just tear things appart. 

    So being able to get a 16-20 pack of abs is something I would LOVE more then anything else!




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    1. BringtheNoise


      In Bodyslide you can click over where the percentage is and set it over 100 by typing in the desired amount (you may get more deformation then you want though).

    2. AnotherOCpony78


      yeh, I figured, I just really love big ass muscles lol.

  2. UUNP was good, there are better out there. BHUNP https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100306 - Contains, both HDT PE and HDT SMP Versions. Note: Baka's has a higher detailed mech (vertex/poly count) and a better naughty bit. I actually use the BHUNP TBBP Advanced for YNORD Race and the regular BHUNP TBBP for the base female body, along with UUNP HDT outfits (you only really need the high poly body when not wearing anything). Pick what texture set you want UNP wise, pick from the wide range of UNP presets (UNP, UNPB, SevenBase, Bombshell, etc) or create you own preset via bodyslide. If you use the tri morphs with racemenu and build the outfits with the tri files in Bodyslide you can change the shape in game and can even set it so certain races use different preset shapes for the females (that get kinda technical though). Oh and welcome to Skyrim LE Modding... where there is all kinds of things to do, install, break, fix, and break again (including your save files if you are not careful, and sometimes even when you are careful)....
  3. Use a BSA extraction tool and pull out the male bodies from inside the "Dogma - Thief.bsa" file (\meshes\bd\custombody) With those pulled out: Open up one of the SOS files (that has a HDT path) in Nifscope and do a "Copy Branch" on the entire HDT path (ie Highlight the NiStringExtraData or NiStringData in the SOS Nif). Then open each of the 0 and 1 nif files inside the custombody folder for thief. Highlight the top "0 NiNode" and paste branch. You should end up with 1 added NiStringExtraData that points to he "Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtmr.xml" location inside the NiStringExtraData it should have "Name: HDT Havok Path" a "String Data: Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtmr.xml" Note: Each body has the phallus in the nif for the custom male bodies from the Thief BSA (works different then regular sos where the phallus and male body are two different nifs). Note 2: my wireless keyboard (2003 model from Logitech) is going on the fritz and is starting to piss me off..... so my typing may be a little off... need to buy a new wireless KB...
  4. So when is the next build??? And can the chair ride in the upper area of the arena be set to repeatable??? Kinda thought that one should have been repeatable... Oh and for the love of all things, can we get some GAMEPAD Support for this mod (and maybe end the mini games.... PLEASE). Oh and why the hell did he make the SOS Cocks use a odd UV map (makes it a pain in the ass when trying to replace them with HDT enabled bits). Now if someone was really good at coding... they would figure out a way to make an "Enhanced" Free Camera. One where you would have full "Free Camera" motion and also display the sub-titles for the different conversations (cause the camera locations in most of the scene's bite big time). Yeah don't ask me on that last one (just my mind wandering).
  5. Legendary Armors - DeserterX Collection - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76522 Complete Set (don't forget to build the bodies in Bodyslide).
  6. Naughty.7z1. Outfit probably has "NPC R Breast01", "NPC L Breast01", or "NPC R Breast", "NPC L Breast" (or if it's tbbp it has all 4). But the outfit does not have the 3bbb breast bones. You will need to load the 3bbb uunp in outfit studio as the reference, load the outfit, delete the old hdt breast bones (the ones starting with NPC) and then copy over the 3bbb breast bones to the outfit (they are at the very bottom of the bone list in outfit studio). Then save the nif out (I cheat and do this in the "shapedata" folder of the outfits bodyslide files set and then just rebuild the outfit in bodyslide). So yeah. Body has "L Breast01" thru "L Breast03" and "R Breast01" thru "R Breast03" and the outfit has "NPC L Breast", "NPC L Breast1", "NPC R Breast", and "NPC R Breast1". One set of bones is being driven by HDT SMP (3bbb's bones that do NOT start with NPC) and the other set of breast bones are driven by HDT PE (the bbp/tbbp breast bones start with NPC). So delete the old weights from the outfit, copy the new weights in and things will bounce okay. Or Delete the bones from the body and convert it to tbbp bones (kinda where I went cause I'm lazy). https://www.loverslab.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=819803
  7. Bodyslide can read both xml and osp file types. For the UUNP body you can simply convert it with the tool "SSE Nif Optimizer". https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4089 From there load it into Bodyslide/Outfit Studio 64bit set to SSE (vs SLE) and then build your set. Lately I've been tinkering with Baka's 3BBB UUNP (or is it BHUUNP can't remember) on SLE (I broke SSE so I went back to the old faithful 32bit cause SMP is easier on it). One thing I did was get ride of the 3bbb breast bones and went with the old faithful TBBP 2 breast bones per body (irony weight pulled from the original 7b bomshell tbbp nif). But I kept the other bones (cause I'm a pervert ). Hmmm that went off subject quickly.... oops. But I digress... UUNP on SSE is easy as. 1. fire up SSE Nif optimizer point it to the folder you have UUNP in and let it convert the 32bit SLE nif's over to 64bit SSE nif's. 2. fire up bodyslide and build the preset shape you want (or cheat and use the morph function and the uunp.esp and tweak the body in racemenu). 3. rinse and repeat for any outfit you want to use in SSE from SLE. Irony, that also works in reverse. SSE Nif Optimizer can take a Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) nif and convert it to a Skyrim regular/Legendary Edition (SLE) nif. So if you see an outfit for SSE that you want to run in 32bit SLE... fire up nif optimizer and tell it to output in LE and bam you've converted the nif's (you may want to conver the textures from bc7 dds format to dx5 or rgb8 format though so they can be seen in SLE, doh). For Textures I still use Paint .net https://www.getpaint.net/ The latest versions have native support for bc5 (direct x 10) and bc7 (direct x 11) dds formats. And free beats the hell out of payed for paint programs (like adobe). Then again I'm a cheap bastard (stop getting of subject). But, anyway. I'm waiting to see how UNP remastered turns out (you know that really high high high poly body). It is just pretty, but it does need some sliders (like lots of sliders). That and the naughty bits from 3bbp BHUUNP... Oh if those were combined I'ld probably not come out of my man cave except to eat, sleep, and crap. Actually I'm hoping UNP Remastered would go with high poly hands and feet (especially at the wrist and ankle seam locations) cause if they don't then morphing will at some point have seam issues as the body with roll into a rounder shape then the hands or the feet and the wrist and ankles.... Oh and it's nice to see this thread is still running... who would of thought that cooking up the idea of making all the unp body types (back in what 2014/2015) would have turned into something like this... Thanks folks it warms my fuzzy balls (just kidding I shave those 🤨 ).
  8. You could always convert over the HDT CBBE set. 1. Download and install LE version and install it in a MO2 folder (you are using MO2 right). 1a. Use the Skyrim SSE Nif Optimizer and convert all of the LE nifs over to SE... 2. Fire up Bodyslide (or fire up outfit studio then bodyslide either way you need to do all of the work in Bodyslide). 3. Load the CBBE LE Project (one piercing at a time) 3a. Load the CBBE Skyrim LE to SE reference (this will allow you to change the meshes from the LE CBBE shape to the SE CBBE shape). 4. Conform to all set the Slider to 100 and hit "Set Base Shape" 5. Load the CBBE Physic's reference (Now the fun part begins). 5a. With the CBBE mesh highlighted in the mesh side go to the bone side and select all of the bones minus the NPC L Thigh and NPC R Thigh. 5b. flip back to the mesh list and highlight all of the meshes from the outfit (rings, chain's, etc) and do a "copy selected bones weights" (do not copy the thigh bones into any of the labia piercings as it will look funny if you do). 5c. Conform to all then save project as... (Remove HDT from the different names and put in place "CBP SE" to the end of the name, folder, and osp) 6. Load the next piercing, rinse and repeat.... Fun right.... 7thousand or so: Time to make the magic happen... close outfit studio and bodyslide. 7001: go to the main folder you installed the HDT piercings into and delete the bodyslide files (don't worry be happy what you just made is not located here). 7002. go to the mo2 overwrite folder and cut the bodyslide files you made (both slidersets as well as the shapedata folders) and move them to the mo2 folder you created in step 1 (See you didn't delete your work, you deleted the stuff you used as a reference to make your work). 7003. fire up bodyslide and load up your cbp se piercings and click that little check box "Build Morphs" and batch build the piercings. 7004. close bodyslide, go out to the overwrite folder (again) and get all of the ".tri files that go with the meshes you just built and put them in the correct locations... are we having fun yet??? 7005. With all of your work set up in a single folder high light that folder and zip it (7z, winrar, windows zip format... doesn't really matter). 9000. Upload the Zip file for others to enjoy (oh and have fun with the trouble shooting, cause some folks are just dumb Shits). Final Note: It is easy to use mods made by others, but not so easy to make mods for others to use... Oh and try not to deform the meshes to much when doing the conversion (cause that can happen with piercings).... And Have a lovely weekend
  9. For the Male Sliders couldn't you use either SAM's slider or Load up the different SOS body shapes? Lets see with SAM I think there are 4 shapes - vanilla, Sam, Samuel (fat), and Samson (muscular). In Outfit Studio.... If BME is base off of the vanilla skyrim shape then loading SAM into bodyslide (load the body a second time as an outfit) conform to slider then set the vanilla slider to 100 + set base shape followed export nif... will give the base shape in the sam body. Next reload the body as an outfit, conform to all sliders, set samuel to 100 and set base shape... export that as an object (name it). Next reload the body as an outfit, conform to all sliders, set Samson to 100 and set base shape... export that as an object (name it). Finally export the reference shape as an object and name it... Now the fun part. Load the Sam in Vanilla shape as a reference... Create a new slider name it sam, set the slider to edit mode and choose import slider data from object (load the sam shapes object file / reference sam shape) then take the slider out of edit mode. Create a second new slider (name it samuel), set the slider to edit mode and import the samuel object, take slider slider out of edit mode. Create a third slider (name it samson), set the slider to edit mode and import the samson object, take the slider out of edit mode. Now test and make sure each of the 3 sliders work... if so move on to the next phase... Next phase Load the BME body as an outfit, conform to all slider and see how BME forms to each of the Sam slider (check to see if there is any distortion or if the seams get crazy)... Check each slider one at a time and smooth out where necessary (note never use the smoothing brush on a seam as it will tend to distort the seam as well as smooth the area out. Once all the 4 shapes are setup correctly save project as, do not load a reference shape and you should now have the 3 same body shapes for BME.... Easy Peasy Lemon Sweasie... You could do something similar for SOS. Just load the different nif in OS and export as objects, then use them to create sliders for the SOS body that has the vanilla shape. Then load BME as an outfit with SOS and its multiple shapes and yeah I've probably lost a couple of people on this.... oh well. Also attached is a snap shot of the vertex function in outfit studio. Just hit V to bring it up... Oh wait that was suppose to go on the discord #malebody under the unp remastered set... oh well.
  10. Uhm, not to be downer or anything, but....... Why bother with another body when Animated fannies has the FO4 HD CBBE body with the UN7B labia and a working anus installed along with textures (and tga files to make existing cbbe textures work with the AF CBBE body). If weight painting is a reason (for the default FO4 CBBE body), then why not just fix the knee's in AF's CBBE body? Reason's to use Animated Fannies body over another. It has all of the CBBE sliders for outfits and everything else (already working no changes needed). It has additional slider for the labia and anus to go along with the added pieces (and yes it is one nif with the parts welded inplace). It uses the CBBE UV map with out any issues (no seams to fix, no nothing). The only thing needed to do with AF's CBBE body is to add the labia bit to what ever skin set you are using. It even comes with a set texture set ready to go that can replace the default cbbe skin textures. Hell I've been contemplating taking the animated fannies version of cbbe and cutting the feet off and converting it over to SSE and SLE. The only reason(s) I haven't are 1. COSIO and 2. I don't have Max or Maya installed at this time (I built a new box around a Ryzen 2700X and never install em).
  11. You still need to ask around about the thief. This will kick off one of the residents going to the guards. After asking around go into the skeever and the porter will show up. I can't remember if the porter strikes up a conversation with you or if you have to initiate it... but for the mod to go any further you need to ask around about the thief.... As for triggering the sex scene in the dungeon, the guards have to interrupt you having sex to even make that an outcome.... there is probably a variable that can be enabled, but what it is I don't know.
  12. Still Crashing in the Solitude Dungeon: 2 ways and they are repeatable... 1. CTD on entrance to castle, if I use the box option into solitude and then meet the porter in the skever (trying to get to the guard rape scene). This one crashes right when entering the castle. 2, CTD on exit of the dungeon with commander if I use the cheese vendor to get into solitude (just asked around about thief until I got thrown in jail). This one crashes after Vala puts a bag on the players head and try's to go into the upper castle area (ctd's when going back up stairs). One variant allows me into the castle (when clothed and escorted by the guards) and the other CTD's at the castle entrance (when naked after been led from the skever to go into the castle). And it seems I'm not the only one with this problem (from looking at the above post's)...
  13. I'm trying to test out different scene's. If I place the player into the guest room what stage of what quest would need to be set to enable the bathroom masturbation scene? (also what level Karma/Lust is needed to get the scene to work and get the next scene to run after the bath is interrupted) Is there a way to place the player in the Solitude dungeon and test the guard rape scene? Do I need to start a new game and turn off JK's Skyrim or can I disable it before going to Solitude to get the dungeon area to not CTD on entry. (In other words) when I'm taken to jail it ctd's with the JK's Skyrim mod running... can I go back to a previous save (say just after leaving falkreach) or to anywhere before Solitude is loaded and disable JK's in MO then do a save clean up and go from there or do I need to go back to before I started thief v.9.0.4 and turn off JK then do a clean save and install thief?
  14. @brewmasterhal: how much is different in your v.9.0.3b English versions and Dogma's v.9.0.4 release?
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