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    Still Crashing in the Solitude Dungeon: 2 ways and they are repeatable... 1. CTD on entrance to castle, if I use the box option into solitude and then meet the porter in the skever (trying to get to the guard rape scene). This one crashes right when entering the castle. 2, CTD on exit of the dungeon with commander if I use the cheese vendor to get into solitude (just asked around about thief until I got thrown in jail). This one crashes after Vala puts a bag on the players head and try's to go into the upper castle area (ctd's when going back up stairs). One variant allows me into the castle (when clothed and escorted by the guards) and the other CTD's at the castle entrance (when naked after been led from the skever to go into the castle). And it seems I'm not the only one with this problem (from looking at the above post's)...
  2. BringtheNoise


    I'm trying to test out different scene's. If I place the player into the guest room what stage of what quest would need to be set to enable the bathroom masturbation scene? (also what level Karma/Lust is needed to get the scene to work and get the next scene to run after the bath is interrupted) Is there a way to place the player in the Solitude dungeon and test the guard rape scene? Do I need to start a new game and turn off JK's Skyrim or can I disable it before going to Solitude to get the dungeon area to not CTD on entry. (In other words) when I'm taken to jail it ctd's with the JK's Skyrim mod running... can I go back to a previous save (say just after leaving falkreach) or to anywhere before Solitude is loaded and disable JK's in MO then do a save clean up and go from there or do I need to go back to before I started thief v.9.0.4 and turn off JK then do a clean save and install thief?
  3. BringtheNoise


    @brewmasterhal: how much is different in your v.9.0.3b English versions and Dogma's v.9.0.4 release?
  4. BringtheNoise

    Happy Hookers Inc. (24/06/18)

    Actually isn't there a "Yes Man" mod for the robots in FO4... Yep... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11910/ Now if you could have that flip to a display for Zodiac and have him be the mobile station (have the screen flip from the face to a zodiac screen)... That would be just too funny.... Player - Z.A.P. Place down a covering, bed, and a couple of chairs... Z.A.P. - Yes Mam... Mam should I place the chairs so they can watch what happens on the bed, or place a curtain between the bed and chairs... But then you would probably have to make Z.A.P. into a companion (which wouldn't be so bad, cause then you could have him beat the crap out of raiders, etc while you are working).
  5. Just a thought if you use Citrus High Poly Head (to get the best shape). 1. Extract the head mesh from Citrus Head (high poly head mesh) and load it in maya or max along with the head mesh from the resident evil game. 2. Line up the heads at the chin then morph the Citrus head to match up with the RE head (may need to adjust the ear, eye, and mouth locations while retaining the neck seam). 3. Once you have the Citrus head morphed correctly export it from said program and load it into Outfit studio. Then load the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, hair line, and hair of choice. Line everything up then export from Outfit Studio to the SKSE\plugins\CharGen folder.... (oh and make sure they have the correct head bone painted). 4. Fire up the game go into racemenu. And import the head (with the default neck shape set the body weight to 100 before importing the head). And do any fine tuning with the sculpting brushes in racemenu... The only thing that would be needed after that is to tweak the tint's for the face (lips, eyeliner, blush, etc)... In other words... Stop waiting for someone else to do something for you (especially if they don't give a shit about it), and do it YOURSELF...
  6. Sexlab Dialogues should suit your needs. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1540-sexlab-dialogues-2017-12-22/ For Less work you could look at Sexlab Solutions... Which is essentially alternate (sexual) choice's for some vanilla side quests and what not. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1635-sexlab-solutions-507-01-december-2017/ Dialogues goes more into working up a relationship with an npc then finally getting into the act ( for those that want to do more of a roleplay when trying to get with a male or female npc in the game). Solutions is just alternate options to existing quest's.... but isn't meant to build meaningful relations ships with the npc's. Note: Dialogues is in the https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/111-dialog-sex/ Sub Category and Solutions is in the https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/109-quests/ Sub Category. There are others in each, and they do different things.
  7. BringtheNoise


    From The Author's Blog... Patch. When to expect. The patch seems to be ready, now there will be a betatest if there are few mistakes and they are not serious, it will last 2-3 days. Then he will be available for a week to the patrons. In general, I will say the exact release date after the beta test is over. I ask you to treat with understanding, without the support of patrons, I have no opportunity to work on fashion. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=tes-adult.blogspot.com&edit-text=&act=url So Hopefully within a week or two we will see the Russian version updated, then we will just have to wait until an English translation is made....
  8. General Rules of Thumb for Mod Organizer Setup.... 1. Set up MO onto the Same Drive, but not in the same folder as the game. ====So if you have Steam in the default location Place MO on the C drive==== Set it to something like C:\MO SSE\ then inside there you will find folders that are "Mods", "Overwrite", "Plugins", etc... 2. When you install a mod's via MO2 they will install into a custom folder inside the "Mods" folder of MO/MO2. Side Note: The only programs that should be installed into the Root Game folder are Script Extender and ENB's (be it fallout 3, 4, NV, Skyrim or Skyrim SE). Ever other mod should be place via MO2 folders. ====so FNIS, Bodyslide, XPMSE, Weapon Mods, Texture sets, Armors, Quest mods etc... should all go into MO2 "Mods" folders==== This way you can easily swap out mods and just re run FNIS via MO2 when you add or remove mods with animations. 3. Set up FNIS and Bodyslide shortcuts within MO2 (as well as any other tool you use like Nifscope, save cleaner, etc). This will load Mod Organizer's "Virtual" file system for those programs.... Which does things like, giving Bodyslide access to all the armor mods and there textures, or giving FNIS access to all the *.hkx files in each mod in your MO2 load order. With that done every time you generate an outfit in Bodyslide it will replace the *.nif mesh in the mod folder it belongs to (if no *.nif came with the mod the *.nif file will be placed in the "Overwrite" folder). 4. Adjust the Load order in the Mod list (left panel) as well as the Game esp/esm list (right panel) to optimize your game and make sure you have the correct files loaded. Side Note: Set XPMSE as the last item in your MO Mod List (largest number) as this is he defacto skeleton package (load it last in the virtual space so nothing overwrites it). I typically have may last 3 items FNIS, Bodyslide, then XPMSE. 5. When you add a new mod into mo/mo2... move it higher up in the mod list so as not to interfere with more important mods (ie above bodyslide, fnis, xpmse, etc). This way if a mod happens to have something inside it's mod folder that would overwrite something it should NOT, then it wont (as those items will be loaded in the virtual drive after it). Yep MO's Mod list work like the ESP list the higher number (lower in the order) is loaded later then the smaller number (higher in the order).... Food for thought. That should give you an easily managed setup that you don't have to worry about something replacing stuff by accident.
  9. BringtheNoise

    Project: Unified UNP

    Bloody hell this thing is up to 152 pages, who would have thunk it???
  10. In Outfit Studio: Step 1: Set the Brush to masking, and mask off all of the vertices in the mesh you want to keep. Step 2: Right Click the mesh (in the top right panel) and choose "Delete Vertices" then hit yes on the confirm window that pops up. Step 3: Create new High and Low (_0 and _1) nif files with the edited mesh. Step 4: Profit???
  11. For you questions... To the question: how to use custom textures for the player that are different from the npc's. Answer: Use a custom race for the Player, that uses a custom texture path for the race.... There are many out there (Temptress, Nihelm, etc). This will allow your character to use a different set of textures (diffuse, normal, specular) from the rest of the game characters (npc's). With the custom race, place the textures you desire to use in the paths for the custom races textures (which is different then the default texture path). Note: Make sure the body used works with the textures you are going to use... in other words, don't use a UNP body in the custom race path and cbbe textures in the custom race path. To the question: How do I use a different body shape for the player in game from the npc's. Answer: Use "In Game" body morphing with CBBE. For this you will need to do the following: a. Rebuild all of the female outfits in bodyslide with the bottom left check box set "Build Morphs" Note: Set the Preset to " -Zeroed Sliders- " This will give all of the outfits the base CBBE shape in game. b. Enable the CBBE esp in your load order. c. Inside the game you will need to go into Racemenu and go into the CBBE sliders menu. In that menu you will need to set the sliders to match your preset in bodyslide. Optional for "In Game" Body morphing... You can setup Bodygen (part of Expired's Racemenu mod) to allow females within the game to have different preset shapes. I would suggest googling "Skyrim Racemenu Bodygen". Which will bring you to pages like https://www.loverslab.com/topic/53531-unofficial-bodygen-docs/ and https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87843 and so forth. I would also recommend programs like Lossless Race Change https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33968 As this will allow you to bring up the racemenu in game via a special ability and it should retain your perks, and choices in a save if you switch races (ie your skills don't get set back to the default after switching races) down the line. Say your at level 30 with x amount of points in light armor, spell type xyz, one hand, two hand etc, and you've open up perk a, b, c... and so forth, LRC copies the list of perks, and your levels and applies them to your character if you change your race so as to not loose those perks and levels within each skill tree.
  12. BringtheNoise

    HDT by Body Weight?

    Could possibly crash the game for any weights from 1 to 99. As the game engine uses Nif 0 + Nif 1 - and subsets by the weight to scale the in game characters (player, and npc's). So if you have 2 different paths set as the extra data and they conflict it could cause issues (either in the engine itself, or in the skse plugin). Then again... I'm always up for seeing someone crash until they figure out a way to do something new and different.
  13. BringtheNoise

    Hired Thugs just standing there, MENACINGLY

    Go into first person. Go up to the Thug Open up the Console and click on the Thug to get the ID. Cross reference the ID with the Mod it comes from. Once you have all of that go to the mod in question and ask for help there. Example: If you have Captured Dreams installed and are doing a delivery, that mod will send thugs to steal the delivery... sometimes it would bug out if you have a large amount of scripts running at one time, which would cause the thugs to not attack or talk to you when they are suppose to. To resolve that you should go try and talk to the thug leader (usually wearing nordic carved armor) then it may kick off that part of the quest. The other option is to kill all the thugs and then check there inventory and look for a note...
  14. BringtheNoise


    Any New's on the update? Idea's for add-on's. 1. Trick out Riften - Extra scene's. Riften add-on A: So if Karma is at 10 (blew the Riften guard captain) you can go over to the blacksmith and see what he has to sell. Have him offer up a Hide set (boots, gauntlets, and curias) along with a steal dagger for 100 to 150 septums... since you only have 50 (if you take the captains coins) you'll need to come up with the extra coin. Have the blacksmith offer a reduced price for services (and have him tell the player he'll be discreet). For 50 coins and a blowjob you get the outfit, for 50 coins and sex you get the outfit and the dagger (either one will give a bump in karma). Riften add-on B: if you have less then 20 coins before setting off to Windhelm... go to the Riften Guard captain (after the note has reached you of where the thief was seen running off to). And complain about not having enough money to take the carriage to Windhelm. The Captain can then offer you a couple of options (things picked up over the last couple of months from thief's bandits etc). Set 1: Hide kit (similar to the Blacksmith's) plus 20 coins - cost Sex and a pearl necklace (cause You've already blown him). No Cream Pie's Set 2: Fine kit (fine hat, boots, and clothes) plus 20 coins - cost sex and a pearl necklace (same cost as set 1 may throw in a dagger of some kind to offset the cost). Set 3: Light Elven armor set (boots, guantlets, and armor) plus 20 coins, plus elven dagger - cost an evening of sex (again no cream pie's just come on the pc) with a finishing blowjob (with you having to swallow). - Any of the 3 sets will give you a boost in Karma and then you can be on your way to Windhelm. Windhelm Alteration. If you bump'd up your Karma enough in Riften then went for the second sex act with the dark elf... after you are done you don't complain about him blowing his load. Then if you take the option to pleasure yourself in the chair he will come back in (give him some stupid excuse) and see you trying to relieve yourself, and offer to help. Have this lead to a scene where he fucks you in the chair and have it come up with the option to have him come inside or pull out (cause you're not a total slut at this point... well maybe). Repeatable Hot Springs with a twist. Add in the Kid's father, and possibly an uncle (have them stay at the local wood mill). Set it to show in the misc and have it repeatable. You decide you want to clean yourself off after going thru the bit with the Boy at the hot springs (note you will have had to at least give the kid a hand job). The Kid is back and this time he's peeping on you. Go and talk to him and he'll start up the rock paper scissors game again this time with "teaching him sex" as the cost of you loosing. Have it so the father or the uncle come up to bathe when the teaching session happens (note the boy just turned 18 so as not to piss off anyone). Have the father/uncle or both comment on the boy becoming a true nord. And once everything is done and the boy heads back, have the father and or uncle offer to have the player over to the employee house at the mill. There they will offer you different things to teach the boy more about sex... as well as will offer even more if they can join in (cash, different ore's, ingot's, potions, etc).... Once that is done you can then repeat the Hot springs part, and have a chance encounter with one of the three or maybe all three and they'll offer to help you clean up. As well as visit them at the employee's house for some evening fun (cause reason's). Whiterun VIP - becomes a client (only on the weekends). After getting thru Whiterun and the bandit camp you have the option of going back to whiterun and talking to Hulda. If it is the weekend have the band back in and the crowd built back up (meaning you would need to set a package up so they are not there monday thru thursday / during the week after the chase quest starts). You can take on the job of serving the clients again, after 3 to 5 Hulda will inform you the VIP is back up stairs and that he wants you to service him again (this time you can get paid even if you told him to fuck off the first time and then screwed him as a punishment). He'll offer different things for different acts (including anal, ball licking, ass licking, and even pay to watch you piss). - I would say throw in a soft dependency to DD and add in bondage but I doubt Dogma wants to go there.... Again repeatable on the weekends for extra cash and Karma points. Bandit's Bandit's Bandit's.... If you did both of them, then rode the thug.... You can find them in that area (as it is there base camp). They will remember you and offer to let you go your way for some more fun (you can include a drinking game where they use the player as a cup).... Why cause sometimes girls like the bad boy's. Falkreach - Change up the bad ending. When Zoe's comes to see you in the Jail, have it so you can beg her to talk to the Yarl (make up a story about the witch created the dream weaver and was using it to suck up his sexual energy... or something). The Yarl will have you brought before him and have you do different things for him (be his play thing at night, along with go kill bandit's at xyz location). He'll also offer Zoe the position of court wizard (cause I can't remember there being one in game for Falkreach)... Zoe will figure out a way to get the power she needs from someone else (maybe the Yarl will have an orgy and she'll siphon off some energy from everyone without them knowing or some shit)... And then she'll point you twards the bandit (where ever that leads). Add that in as well as the Cards option Dogma is working on and you could end up thieving someones sexual innocence and turning them into a sexual deviant (and teacher). It would also give you many repeatable act's thru out Skyrim. Throw in the Kinky potions I listed elsewhere in this thread (for some long lasting sex for the guys, and hot wet and tight ladies) and you would have one hell of a mod.
  15. BringtheNoise

    post your sexy screens here!

    I've hit the (only allowed 50 files limit).... Start of with a Legendary Super Mutant... Now for a Custom Codsworth (replaced mr Handy with Terminator npc via esp) Howdie partner how about some nipple stretching??? A.S.I.A. Gen ??? A.S.I.A Gen 4 training Father testing out the A.S.I.A. Gen 2 model before sending it into the wild... Fucking in Outcast's and reminants (good mod actually). Working to free "Strong" at the tower... More Gen 2 testing and evaluations Strong's finally up for some fun... Boston Breeder + Vinfamy's mods = Sex after successful negotiations... Silver Shroud Costume (Bazoka's trench coat plus 2pac's outfit) A.S.I.A Gen 2 cleanup Oh so you like the box of toy parts... Very Naughty Nighty What is with the Raider's and there Harness's do they have no shame??? Ball Gag's help keep it quiet... And the Train keeps a rolling all day long (shit I wish I had taken more screen shots I think I did like 5 of them in a row). Starting up the tram for Nuka World.... Pimp'n the Fizz top Grill More Legendary Super Mutant training... Some other night wear with Pedo Bear (teddy bear retexture for the Lolz) 50 way's to die bad ghoul (cheer's bar) Blooper mutants Fuck (vid card started artifacting on me oops). What's that Magnolia you want to fuck me right here? Okay... Vin's Prostitution mod + Tom Cruise Male looks menu preset = fucking before you get out of the bathroom (very beginning of the game) And another Legendary Supermutant training session... More can be found here https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/4689-fallout-4-image-dump-all-of-mine-i-could-find/ Which is just a bunch of screen shots either fucking around with meshes in game or fucking in game (cause reasons).