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  1. Anyone know a good "mp4 to webm" format converter (that does good compression without video loss)? Reason: I made some blank file replacements for the credits dds files, so I could record the ending bar scene (thank you xbox gamebar on windows 10). Irony the Video is at 1080p (oh and I swap'd out the track that plays to "Dynoro - Hangover (Bass Boosted)" Turned out not to bad.... google it if you want a listen... My problem is the file size is just at 200MB's for roughly 2 1/2 minutes of high jinx... Well that and the SOS set (one character was flaccid when g
  2. Yep that solved it... I loaded the save file (I saved in front of the Bee and Bard). Then I ended up cheating and pulled a second copy of the potion to see the 2 scene's... Didn't feel like going all the way back to solitude to make a second potion... One thing I missed is: figuring out who the "Baby Daddy" is... I kinda rolled thru the mine/prison really fast so I'm not sure if I was suppose to find out in there or what? Also I went the sex slave route cause my character didn't have the 6k needed for the other option... Also one had an issue with one cha
  3. Ensure the outfit and body are set to slot 32 in both the low and high nifs and has a complete name. So for a MO format it would be mods\(thief folder)\Meshes\BD\clothes\wench\OutfitF_0.nif and OutfitF_1.nif For the subway it should be mods\(thief folder)\Meshes\BD\Subway\PlayerClothesAlt\Altbootsf0_0.nif , Altbootsf0_1.nif, Altbootsf1_0.nif, Altbootsf1_1.nif, Altbootsf2_0.nif, and Altbootsf2_1.nif for the boots (slot 37 if I'm not mistaken) and AltDress0_0.nif thru AltDress2_1.nif (with these being in slot 32). If you are unsure of how to check what slot th
  4. I'm at this part of the thief quest (I have gone back into the sewers got the material, made another Retinentia potion). Went to Riften, went down to the lower area. Drank Potion, went up to light, clicked on it (while naked, just incase). Character sets down, plays with herself and says it didn't work... What did I miss? Should I have drank some ale or mead before taking the potion?
  5. If we are lucky, any DLC will not involve the MC or the main story. Heck I wouldn't mind seeing a DLC where you play as either the male or female maxtech agents that were in the original teaser way back when... The Lore for Cyberpunk is far and wide, and 2077 just tips into a small part of it. I wonder how well the engine could handle multiple cities, or how vast the wasteland could go. The biggest let down story plot wise for me was.... slap someones mind on a circuit board via Soul Killer, then have no way to restore the soul to a new body....
  6. Now if only you could use some of this stuff in game (for extra curricular activity)...
  7. UUNP was good, there are better out there. BHUNP https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100306 - Contains, both HDT PE and HDT SMP Versions. Note: Baka's has a higher detailed mech (vertex/poly count) and a better naughty bit. I actually use the BHUNP TBBP Advanced for YNORD Race and the regular BHUNP TBBP for the base female body, along with UUNP HDT outfits (you only really need the high poly body when not wearing anything). Pick what texture set you want UNP wise, pick from the wide range of UNP presets (UNP, UNPB, SevenBase, Bombshell, etc) or create
  8. Use a BSA extraction tool and pull out the male bodies from inside the "Dogma - Thief.bsa" file (\meshes\bd\custombody) With those pulled out: Open up one of the SOS files (that has a HDT path) in Nifscope and do a "Copy Branch" on the entire HDT path (ie Highlight the NiStringExtraData or NiStringData in the SOS Nif). Then open each of the 0 and 1 nif files inside the custombody folder for thief. Highlight the top "0 NiNode" and paste branch. You should end up with 1 added NiStringExtraData that points to he "Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtmr.xml" location inside the
  9. So when is the next build??? And can the chair ride in the upper area of the arena be set to repeatable??? Kinda thought that one should have been repeatable... Oh and for the love of all things, can we get some GAMEPAD Support for this mod (and maybe end the mini games.... PLEASE). Oh and why the hell did he make the SOS Cocks use a odd UV map (makes it a pain in the ass when trying to replace them with HDT enabled bits). Now if someone was really good at coding... they would figure out a way to make an "Enhanced" Free Camera. O
  10. Legendary Armors - DeserterX Collection - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76522 Complete Set (don't forget to build the bodies in Bodyslide).
  11. Naughty.7z1. Outfit probably has "NPC R Breast01", "NPC L Breast01", or "NPC R Breast", "NPC L Breast" (or if it's tbbp it has all 4). But the outfit does not have the 3bbb breast bones. You will need to load the 3bbb uunp in outfit studio as the reference, load the outfit, delete the old hdt breast bones (the ones starting with NPC) and then copy over the 3bbb breast bones to the outfit (they are at the very bottom of the bone list in outfit studio). Then save the nif out (I cheat and do this in the "shapedata" folder of the outfits bodyslide files set and then just re
  12. Bodyslide can read both xml and osp file types. For the UUNP body you can simply convert it with the tool "SSE Nif Optimizer". https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4089 From there load it into Bodyslide/Outfit Studio 64bit set to SSE (vs SLE) and then build your set. Lately I've been tinkering with Baka's 3BBB UUNP (or is it BHUUNP can't remember) on SLE (I broke SSE so I went back to the old faithful 32bit cause SMP is easier on it). One thing I did was get ride of the 3bbb breast bones and went with the old faithful TBBP 2 breast b
  13. You could always convert over the HDT CBBE set. 1. Download and install LE version and install it in a MO2 folder (you are using MO2 right). 1a. Use the Skyrim SSE Nif Optimizer and convert all of the LE nifs over to SE... 2. Fire up Bodyslide (or fire up outfit studio then bodyslide either way you need to do all of the work in Bodyslide). 3. Load the CBBE LE Project (one piercing at a time) 3a. Load the CBBE Skyrim LE to SE reference (this will allow you to change the meshes from the LE CBBE shape to the SE CBBE shape). 4. Conform to all set the Slider to
  14. For the Male Sliders couldn't you use either SAM's slider or Load up the different SOS body shapes? Lets see with SAM I think there are 4 shapes - vanilla, Sam, Samuel (fat), and Samson (muscular). In Outfit Studio.... If BME is base off of the vanilla skyrim shape then loading SAM into bodyslide (load the body a second time as an outfit) conform to slider then set the vanilla slider to 100 + set base shape followed export nif... will give the base shape in the sam body. Next reload the body as an outfit, conform to all sliders, set samuel to 100 and set base
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