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  1. HDT SMP for SSE?

    Anyone know what's up with HDT SMP for SSE? I figure it'll need a new .dll and updated NIF files right?
  2. Welcome to the thread for my UUNP Bodyslide armor conversions. Here you will find links to everything I've converted so far, and I will continue to update the list as I release more. Please report any issues that may be present, such as clipping, stretching, etc. You are also free to make requests, although I will probably only accept those that I take personal interest in. Many of my conversions come with a custom ESP. This is usually to add crafting/tempering recipes, or to fix errors such as statless equipment or missing models for certain player races. ALL CONVERSIONS REQUIRE ORIGINAL MOD, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. My conversions do not contain prebuilt meshes, meaning if you want the new UUNP meshes you must build them in Bodyslide. Always overwrite the original mod with my files, to ensure maximum compatibility. ------------------------------------- Changelog: ------------------------------------- Armor Conversions List: ------------------------------------- WIP Conversions - Coming Soon
  3. View File VERY IMPORTANT If you had cosio before uninstall it first before running new version Before installing this mod or any other mod disable all your mods (not uninstall) and start Skyrim with a new game and safe just after character creation or after Ralof cuts your bindings .keep it as a reset point for when your latest safe CTD or HDT stop working .use HDT hair mods like KS hdt hair as an indicator that hdt has stalled . its a big shock for Skyrim when there is a texture ,mesh or hdt change.it might crash the game or things may not working well .using the modless Safe helps reset skyrim to accept new mods you can also use a mod called review studio https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11792/? .its a blank room so not scripts or frame drops .enter the room with console using COC Studioblack after you have saved in the room with where Ralof cuts your bindings and use that safe as a reset safe .Make sure that only the studio is active and no other mod . support me on Patreon so i can add more content to this mod and maybe new mods . i like to Thank Nes27 ,DVD ,Shizof ,Kenneth Pemberton and anonymous Patrons for supporting me https://www.patreon.com/SCIVIRUS This is a CBBE HDT body re placer with a fully functional vagina ,it also has breast butt and testicle collision and Breast and belly scaling .It also has penis to belly collision will not work on all animation because the penis simply does not get close enough . Clams of skyrim also has a new Breast but and Belly physic with a very close real Natural bounce and jiggle based and real life weights and using the Golden ratio 1.618 i want to give thanks to Caliente for the original cbbe body and Daimonic for giving me insparation for this mod,Stevierage for his help and awesome finger physics on the Vag. I also want to thank HeroedeLeyanda for his awesome defuse textures custom made for Cosio and jacques00 for hdt tails on for beast races requirements for this mod in order 1.FNIS http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/? 2.SOS FULL EDITION or Sam http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/498-sos-schlongs-of-skyrim/ 3.Sexlab framework http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v162-updated-jun-3rd-2016/ 4.sex animation mods like ZaZ Animation Pack http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/156-zaz-animation-pack-v70-2017-05-16/ 5.Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/? 6.BODY SLIDE latest version http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? 7.XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended and requirements (nothing must overwrite this at any point and use Skelton Rig Map (HDT) ) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/? 8.optional Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT(installs feet.nif when using Bodyslide batch build select CT77 Feet and not the cbbe feet or their will be a gap ) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/? 9.HDTPhysics extention 14.28 http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? 10. Cosio 4.2 Main (includes bodyslide files) if you had cosio before uninstall it first before running new version Use Light edition if you have FPS drops lower then 5 FPS in growled Room but it will not have Finger ,belly ,clit . Textures are now included with the installer and is recommended CosioTextures Hi or Low res . install one of them Cosio Hi res has 4k textures and can over load VRam on 1 GB Gpu's . For Optional Texures In the download page is a patch for 11.HDT Beast tails and beast textures are now separate from the main installer for Optional use Fairskin complexion https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602/? PS fairskin can overload your Vram and cause the Black skin Bug Mature skin 2 cbbe https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32986/? Demoniac 1.12 CBBE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70834/? PureskinTexture https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73853/ PS pureskin can overload your Vram and cause the Black skin Bug Mature skin 2 cbbe https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32986/? Baby Doll X Skin https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87171?tab=files Pride of Valhalla CBBE - Midgard https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72586?tab=files You need the original installed first and then use the same options PS there is an old people Patch with cosio texture for OLD Human NPC's and will work with any texture pack i am busy creating Mod installer with compatible textures for a variate of texture mods and there options .so if your favorite mod is not compatible please be patient as it take time to do convert textures because there are a lot of them ,and just PM me what mods you are using and ill add them to the list . texture mods that are compatible Leyenda Skin by HeroedeLeyenda http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73512/? 12 .If you are a Sam user install SAMpatch4Cos.7z not tested with ver 4.0 Bodyslide Use open bodyslide --->select COSIO or Cosio HD on outfit/body tab --->select Cosio from preset tab or make your own preset or any existing preset ---->click batch build so your outfits can conform to you preset---->press BUILD Last RUN FNIS and your done bodyslide files for sexlab strapon dildo with hdt string has been added i also welcome anyone to make there own versions of the vag textures and will share it here on the COS page or on there own .IF you do not like the Cosio textures and use Another cbbe compatible textures look for a Patch in download section for it or ask me to make one.i did add resource file containing textures for the vagina.you can use photoshop or gimp to add it your self The Hdt Havok opject esp has been removed because it takes an armor slot and can interfere with Devious devises and Armor mods .this was only their to add Physics on vanilla standalone followers and mod followers when they have armor on.Instead you can add Physics to your follower armor your self .you will need to know what the bodyslide name is for that armor if you dont know ask me and ill check. Open Bodyslide then open outfit studio .Go to File load project select the armor you want that has the naked baseshape in it ,this is the part that has the torso not the boots or cloves,(this will different depending on the armor mod and my not be very clear which it is ) The Baseshape will be highlighted in green .right click on it and left click on properties .click on Extra Data tab .and them Add button.make sure type is on NiStringExtraData Enter under Name "HDT havok path" and under Value "Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml" How to replace Armour Baseshape with Cosio Recommended MODS Painted Lady http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38259-2016-august-18-added-link-to-darker-texture-options-the-painted-lady-redone-color-matching-pubic-hairs/ Bathing in skyrim http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60421/? SexLab Separate Orgasm http://www.loverslab.com/topic/73385-sexlab-separate-orgasm/ Wet Function Redux 39 http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2753-wet-function-redux/ Sexlab Defeat http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/286-sexlab-defeat/ More Nasty Critters http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1140-more-nasty-critters/ Soulgem Oven III 310 http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1247-soulgem-oven-iii/ Submitter scivirus Submitted 04/01/2015 Category Body Replacers Requires SOS, Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended and requirements Special Edition Compatible  
  4. View File Latest Version Released: 3.3 ------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT IS THIS MOD? At first I made this mod for me. Every time I had to reinstall all the mods, because of Nexus Mod Manager, had to re-edit files, attach xml files to meshes with Nifskope, drag and drop files manually to Data folder... I decided to make a mod that would make all these steps for me. Now I want to share my mod with you. This All-in-One mod includes 10 pre-builded Unified UNP Special bodies and 10 pre-builded CBBE bodies with HDT Vagina with XML attached to meshes in order to have collisions with hands, belly, schlongs and some creatures (Dog, Wolf, Husky, Riekling, Draugur, Falmer, Skeever, Troll, Werewolf, Death Hound, Fox, Deer, Chaurus and Sabrecat). The only purpose to share this mod is to make easier to get an animated vagina with collisions for people who are new on modding or have trouble getting colisions. Hope you like! If you like my mod vote it, it's free! ------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT NOTE: If you like any mod used or included* in the All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy, please, go to Loverslab or Nexus, download and endorse it to appreciate the original work. You can see the full list of mods linked to the original site hosting on Credits section at the bottom of the post. Thank you! *Obviously all mods listed on credits are not included on the All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy Mod, I've used files from most of them. ------------------------------------------------------------ I'VE ACHIEVED FOR ALL OF YOU: Since now, on all new Bodyslide releases, all *.nif file meshes you create will have all XML needed for colisions attached always (hdtVagina.xml on body, hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml on hands and hdtFingers on feet). You will not have to attach XML with NifSkope never again to the bodies!! ------------------------------------------------------------ MENU PREVIEW FROM All-IN-ONE HDT ANIMATED PUSSY 3.2 Click on it: ------------------------------------------------------------ REVIEW BY SHINJI72 FROM ALL-IN-ONE HDT ANIMATED PUSSY 3.2 ------------------------------------------------------------ REQUIREMENTS: Install in this order with last version as possible with Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer (Recommended to use Mod Organizer for advanced users): REQUIREMENTS: SKSE Fores New Idles in Skyrim Bodyslide 2 and outfit Studio (During installation, activate checkboxes for Unified UNP and RaceMenu Morphs for Unified UNP if you use UUNP Body or CBBE and RaceMenu Morphs for CBBE if you use Clams of Skyrim Body) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended NEW!!! SKYRIM TUTORIALS CHAPTER 01: BASIC MODS How to Install correctly SKSE, Bodyslide and Outfit Studio and Fores New Idles of Skyrim (FNIS) with mod Organizer. CHAPTER 02: CLEANING MASTER FILES Cleaning Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, HeartFires.esm, Dragonborn.esm using TES5Edit to prevent crashes. CHAPTER 03: INSTALLING AN ENB How to install an ENB without mess Skyrim and Data folders using ENB Organizer and Mod Organizer. CHAPTER 04: BUILDING THE BODY How to create a custom preset, build a custom body with no seams or gaps and make it fit with your clothes using BodySlide and Outfit Studio. CHAPTER 04 EXTRA: HDT PUSSY ON CUSTOM FOLLOWERS How to add HDT Pussies to custom followers, which files we need to replace in order to have all working perfect with no issues. CHAPTER 05: INSTALLING SKIN TEXURES How to install Skin Textures and how to make them compatible with HDT Bodies using TexBlend tool. MUCH MORE... REQUIREMENTS FOR MALE (WARNING: CHOSE ONLY ONE OF THESE MODS): Nudes - FavoredSoulMeshes - ErectVersion SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - Light SAM - Shape Atlas for Men REQUIRED IF YOU WANT TO USE NPC REPLACERS: Bijin Wives Bijin Warmaidens Bijin NPCs Serana (Download the version of Serana you like from Seranaholic) Valerica (Download Valerica from Optional files from Seranaholic) Toccata as Elisif (Download Toccata as Elysif from optional files on Toccata Follower) Toccata Follower rk Followers Chaconne Follower Vivace Follower BTRH Waifu REQUIRED IF YOU WANT BESTIALITY SEX: More Nasty Critters REQUIRED IF YOU WANT EXTRA RACES: Lunari Temptress The Ningheim RECOMMENDED: RaceMenu SexLab Framework Non-SexLab Animations Pack SexLab MatchMaker Radiant Prostitution TDF Aggressive Prositution Puppet Master SexLab Horrible Harassment Optimizer Textures (Easy program to compress textures to free VRAM) Bleak ENB INSTALLING All-IN-ONE UUNP HDT ANIMATED PUSSY: NOTE: The mod comes with a menu where select what you want to install. Works on Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer. SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you have the correct skeleton (XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended) before to proceed or ask for help on the thread. Select the options you want taking care of the mods you previus installed, don't select on my mod Bijin if you don't have Bijin Mod installed previously. STEPS AFTER INSTALLATION FOR NEXUS MOD MANAGER USERS: Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe located on: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\ Activate GENDER and SKELETON checkboxes and click on Update FNIS Behavior button, when finish click on Exit button Now, always you have run the game from skse_loader.exe located on: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ (you can add a shorcut on Desktop) Now you are done, enjoy and have fun! STEPS AFTER INSTALLATION FOR MOD ORGANIZER USERS: See that to know how to install SKSE correctly When done go to next step, If you have installed FNIS Behavior correctly you shoudn't have problems with next step, if you don't have tools folder, you installed wrong. Well... next step Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe: To do that you need to click on Data tab on right screen on Mod Organizer. Go down on scroll bar until you see tools folder mentioned in previous step, open it, you will have here two folders, open GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and look for GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, right click on it with mouse and click on Add Executable. No on top of this window select GenerateFNISforUsers and click on the button on right RUN. Activate GENDER and SKELETON checkboxes and click on Update FNIS Behavior button, when finish click on Exit button Now, always you have run the game from skse_loader.exe. If you installed correctly SKSE on first Step you should have SKSE on previous list where you launched GenerateFNISforUsers. Select SKSE and RUN. Now you are done, enjoy and have fun! ------------------------------------------------------------ MY OTHER FILES: Jennifer Rebekah Tanya Leyenda Skin Leyenda Body Follow me on my blog HeroedeLeyenda's Lair ------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------ Submitter HeroedeLeyenda Submitted 12/09/2015 Category HDT Physics Requires SKSE, Fores New Idles in Skyrim, Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio, RaceMenu, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended Special Edition Compatible No
  5. Update5: Increase margin of schlong collision. Issues:Schlong don't have physics in some scenes; hdtSSEPhysics logs “WARNING: SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs\UUNP-Hands.xml(25,2):HandCollision is not a BSTriShape or doesn't exist, skipped”. Don't know why. Description: Simple tbbp\tbbp+belly\special presets. If you want to enable collision for breasts\belly\butt\hands\labium you will have to put some collision shapes to the body meshes. There are some demo files, you could use them as reference. Demo files use 7b bombshell meshes from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72030/? . If you want other body shapes to work, you can use Outfit Studio to convert those collision shapes[I haven't try sse version bs/os yet, one can use le version outfitstudio convert the LE ver meshes and use SSE Nif Optimizer to optimise them for sse]. SOS SE and Strapon Patch(from all in one animated pussy) included. Requirements: hdtSSEPhysics and hdtSSEFramework(always get the latest version, might not work with previous versions.) skse64 required by hdt plugins uunp tbbp\hdt\special body meshes and textures How to use: edit defaultBBPs.xml (If a nif file have already binded to a xml file then hdtsmp plugin will use that xml file. If a nif file doesn't have a xml file binded to it, then the plugin will check the shapes' names, if a name match a pattern defined in "defaultBBPs.xml", it will use the corresponding xml file. Since every outfit have a different name, you probably need to edit it yourself according to your mods installed.) copy and paste the collsion shapes to your nif files( breastcollision and pussy collision to body's nif, handscollision to hands' nif). copy and paste the xml binding string to your nif files. Originally I tweak it for my taste, but if you want to tweak the config yourself read this thread for some tips. Thanks to all the authors of: Authors of SKSE64 HydrogenSaysHDT(hdtSSEPhysics) ousnius(SSE Nif Optimizer) Ousnius and Caliente(BodySlide And OutfitStudio) Sevennity(SevenBase BombShell Body) Stevierage(SevenBase HDT Vagina and HDT Creatures) Knightmare077(HDT Bounce And Jiggles UNP) HeroedeLeyenda(All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy) b3lisario, VectorPlexus and Smurf (SOS) Galgaroth(Schlongs of Skyrim SE) Groovtama(XPMSE) And many others I might just forget to list. Thanks to scipher99 for his modified xml, and DykkenTomb for his help to SOS Patch setup. Tools: Blender Blender Nif Plugin Export nif Script for Skyrim(https://skyrimshot.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-101.html) Notepad++ PresetsNDemo5.7z PresetsNDemo5LE.7z BS files for LE
  6. View File Nothing New has been added I just moved it to the new Bodyslide Sub group (watch people are going to be like where the F did UUNP go). Now incorporated into the Main Bodyslide download on Nexus. Go here to download http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/? Note: The only thing left in the download section is the old resources zip (which has not been updated since ver 1.05 back in dec 2014). Project: Unified UNP - now with extra Shape Sliders for those that needed/wanted them!!! A Bodyslide Toolset for UNP Users. Build a wide range of UNP Bodies, and convert CBBE armors over to UNP Body Types. Also included UNIFIED HDT PLUS - based on UN7B note: as of version 1.08 all bodies vanilla bones are based on the weight painting from Dream Girl (yeah they were that good). Unified UNP can output in HDT, TBBP, BBP, and no bounce versions. This part of Unified uses a 6850 vertices base shape that looks like CBBE Curvy's High weight (because that is what BodySlide and Outfit Studio use as there base shape). This package can output into many of the UNP body types. From UNP to 7base Cherry Hot and pretty much anything in between. And with version 1.08 you now have additional sliders to increase things like breast size, hips, ass, legs, etc... Unified UNP HDT PLUS is identical to the UNP version except it calls on a UN7B skin set. Cause the base shape started life as a UN7B body and was turned into a CBBE shape.... This package can output into many of the UNP body types (giving them UN7B extra bits). From UNP to 7base Cherry Hot and pretty much anything in between. Again with version 1.08 you now have additional sliders to increase things like breast size, hips, butt, legs, etc... Body also includes a NiStringExtraData line that points to the \Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml" (the HDT bounce xml file for the female body). Also included in the package is Halo's High Poly hands and feet setup that can output to any of the bodies included... REQUIREMENTS: Bodyslide 2 (v2.2d or higher) XPMSE 2.3 or greater A UNP Body Texture Set for the UNP Side (base and HDT) or a UN7B body texture set for the Plus side Note: I still gotta build a textureblend setup for the beast races to be able to look correct with the Plus package. Update 3/18/2015 Cell made some more tweaks to UUNP - fixed some of my screwups. Also brought back UNPConvert (formerly known as Converto). Note: UNPConvert will (or should be) part of the next Bodyslide update (which is why I pulled Converto). Unfortunately the next update to Bodyslide has been slightly delayed.... but the reason for the delay is for the extra items that will be included in it... so I can understand why Cell is holding off on the next update. So for the time being you can install UNPConvert and use it to convert different UNP armors into the base UUNP/CBBE shape. Then use UUNP or CBBE to build a Bodyslide package for that armor... Note: UNPConvert's xml file is located in the "ConvertionSets" folder inside the Bodyslide folder. You will need to manually load it as a reference (browse to the folder and select the file) then select the shape to convert from in the drop down list below the browse option. Example: you want to convert a UNPCM armor to UUNP. Load the UNPConvert.xml as the reference, then choose UNPCM High to CBBE (if working from the high weight) or UNPCM Low to CBBE (if working with the Low weight). Note: High and Low weights for each shape that UUNP includes should be covered by UNPConvert. The reason for this is sometimes armors only come in the high or low of one shape and having both the high and lows to convert from makes it easier for people that do conversions. UNPConvert basic Image and loading instruction added to the images section. Note Note Note: Make damn sure the skin instance in the Nif file is a BSDismemberSkinInstance and not a NiSkinInstance or you can and probably will fuck up the nif file when converting it in Outfit Studio. Update 3/13/2015 And I thought I was crazy for making it... now Cell has out done me by combining 2 of my crazy ass projects into a single crazy ass project. Everyone say Hello to UUNP Special cause it is now part of the dysfunctional family So now we have 2 flavors of vagina... 1. HDT+ which still doesn't have a proper collision xml file (yeah yeah I know, lately its been the mistreated member of the family... but shit happens). And now UUNP Special based off the lovely work from Stevierage (and Daie on the CBBE side)... Blatently ripped off and renamed by me (of course I asked for permission first)... Sometime in the near future there should also be a never nude version (somehow Special with its working vagina got priority over a UUNP body with permanently attached bra and panties... sorry about that). Update 3/1/2015 - UUNP V1.10n Cell/Ousnius has been working hard on tweaking the living daylights out of UUNP to get it ready for the Bodyslide page... Note: I was alseep when he finished this today, so I'm not sure if its ready for the BS page on nexus yet... but I'm throwing it into the main DL section any damn way... Improvments - tweaks to the base mesh, and clean ups on the different morphs (to many to list). Weight painting is pretty damn good... better then I've ever been able to get it. Note: Be care full if you use a small breast morph and then adjust with the RM scales (mods like milk mod economy and what not).... As the weight painting will probably make the area around the smaller breast to expand as well... There is nothing that can be done about this, due to how the body morphs into the different shapes. Yes yes I should have listed this way back when... oops. UPDATE 2/14/2015 - UUNP v1.10k is up... Cell has reworked the base shape to complete match the CBBE Curvy 1 body that Bodyslide uses by default. Now it matches not just in the shape, but at the wrist, ankle, and neck seams (might cause slight issues with one or two morphs, still testing on that front). Update weight painting is a lot better then the previous versions. Still need to add 7BUNP v2 aka Seraphym - it is on the to do list. All in all this is a damn good package (we to me it is anyway). UPDATE 2/1/2015 - well yesterdays was a complete waiste of space. So I went a little old school with this one. UUNP - 7B Bomb body turned into the CBBE shape (removed Breast and Breast 1 bones). UUNPHDT - UUNP Body with the HDT bones added to it (no nistring I remember this time). UUNPHDT+ - UN7B 1 Body turned into a CBBE shape (added upper arm and upper arm bends from UUNP, and Other HDT bones and Nistring to point to the damn bodyplus.xml) Beer Pretzels and a little bit of BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS (aka Bender from Futurama) Hope it doesn't break your system... I'm done I give up... this is it I fucking quit. UPDATE 1/31/2015 - weight paintings updated on the original v1.10 body (so no more seam issues). Most of the bones are good, minus the elbow bend on the outer elbow (I've been trying to clean that up all afternoon). This is where I'm stopping for now... play with it it should be better then the previous build (don't even ask about v1.10d cause it was just hosed completely and utterly so I'm not sharing it). UPDATE 1/30/2015 - Guess what I forgot to do... So Cell and I have been working on fixing the base bone weights (vanilla bones) and well I think I figured it out. CHEAT - I converted the DG1 body with its original bones over to a cbbe shape. Then I used it to copy all of the vanilla bones onto the 3 bodies (which blew away all the hdt bones). Once that was done I took the v1.10 bodies and used them to copy back over the hdt bones onto the hdt body (and Plus to hdt+). Ran them thru Max and a couple of different animations (lol twerk hkx turned into a kf is funny as hell). Once I was satisfied I threw them into the folder where I extracted cells version of uunp v1.10b (then renamed the folder to c and packed it back up).... Give it a go, it should be good, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrist, etc etc etc... DG has a really nice vanilla weight painting on it and it transfers over well with mesh rigger (yeah I forgot that it did that ). Update: 1/27/2015 - Oh shit I went ahead and threw it in the main section didn't I. UUNP updated to version 1.10 Removed the BBP and TBBP bodies (go HDT or go home for bouncing...). The No Bounce body is still available... - Added more body morphs for people to muck with.... UNP Manga, UNP CHSBHC wtf - Added poly's to Halo's High poly hands and feet.... ZQuad1 fixed the UV map after I up poly'd them (say thanks to Zquad1 folks). - Added a Nistring line to HDT Plus body that points to an experimental xml (combo of hdt leg bones from blabba and un7b labia bones) ... EXPERIMENTAL is putting it mildly I haven't gotten collision to work yet... maybe someone can tweak it and make improvements. - Added RM Breast and Butt Scale bones to both HDT bodies (which means XPMSE 2.3 is required at a minimum) Note: The Unified UNP HDT body has the leg bones in the mesh/nif but does not have a nistring in the nif pointing it to the xml file. If you want the legs to have the muscle simulation then nifskope the nif and add a NiStringExtra data to it and point it to the "data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\body.xml". This way the HDT body does not break what is the current standard for HDT PE body types.... You will still need xmpse 2.3 or greater due to the RM scale bones Update for 12/14/2014 Version 1.09 up.... Changed the bones around a little more, cleaned up the over spray from the clavicle and forearm bones (again). Fixed an issue in Halo's high poly hands when building the high weight. The seam was being distorted when it should have not moved (as the base is the damn high weight). So new bsd file in that pack, should solve any wrist problems when using those with any of the bodies that come in this project. Played with the Belly Weight again (trying to mimic the UNPB Pregnancy bodies belly weight that most on LL use). ... Let me know how it works, or if it doesn't. Note: Moving all the old stuff from the OP into the second post (just to clean this up a little). I'm still unsure of how I'm going to handle the beast races for the plus side, as it will call for breaking either the body or the texture... go figure (it's never easy). Update: 1/17/2015 Added Converto to the download section. It is basically a Convert Anything UNP to Unified's base shape. It covers 55 different shapes and the mesh itself is kinda big... Just install the set to Body slide and then copy the xml to what ever outfit you want to convert, then in Outfit Studio load the xml as a reference choose one of the 55 bodies in the drop down and start converting shit 8/23/2015 - Reworked the old prototype Foot Angle tool into the "UUNP Heel Angle tool" It about an hour or three worth of tinkering but it works.... I moved the baseshape of the foot to line up with the UUNP body (then matched it at the ankle seam via the vertices). If you need to use this tool, you will need to load the reference from the XML in outfit studio (after installing it into bodyslide). I will need to see if Cell will added this to Bodyslide (as sometimes you need to tinker with heels and what not when creating an outfit). Submitter BringtheNoise Submitted 10/19/2014 Category BodySlide Requires BodySlide 2.4 (or greater), XMPSE 2.5 (or Greater), Racemenu 3.1 (for UUNP body morphs), and HDT v14.28 with currect belly node naming in the xml file. Oh, and a UNP or UN7B skin texture set. Special Edition Compatible  
  7. View File =============================================================== Merida's Hair For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Author: Yoo, Textures by Sayka83 <3 =============================================================== Current Version: 2.14.18 Fixed Weight, Inertia. OLD VERSIONS 2.12.15 Initial Release =============================================================================================== Reqs: SKSE Latest version of HDTPhysicsExtension (tested on 12.29 - 14.28) =============================================================================================== Description: This mod adds two hair styles based on Brave's character Merida. Long and Short version. REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR SAVEGAME, I WONT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER/CHARACTER According to feedback the mod isnt so taxing as I thought. But if you use an AMD CPU, the warning is still there. =============================================================================================== Compatibility: This mod should be compatible with almost everything, but it could cause issues with other HDT mods that use objects at collision layer 10. REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR SAVEGAME, I WONT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER/CHARACTER =============================================================================================== Troubleshooting: "The hair moves in a really weird way / it has a lot of jitter" - If you are using ENB and an old version of HDT PE be sure to enable "WaitBusyRenderer=true" on your enblocal.ini (not required for HDTPE 14.28) - Disable Vsync. - Be sure that your framerate is around 25 - 60 FPS =============================================================================================== FAQ: "It moves to wildly" It has been fixed as much as I can, now all the sudden movements/wild stuff is because how the player moves on the world, especially when you are loading a distant cell or you walk down a slope or stair. Complain to Bethesda about how faulty is the way the player moves instead instead of blaming me xD. "How do I get this hair?" Use showracemenu or go to the "face sculptor" on Riften if you have Dawnguard. "My computer dies each time I use this hair" That means your CPU/GPU isn't powerful enough to run this hair or this hair + the rest of heavly scrited mods. "Are you going to create versions for beast races?" Not at the moment, we're busy with the dress / cape. "The hair clips trough my HUGE breasts!" *facepalm* If I get enough requests and if I'm in the mood and if the stars align properly and the great Cthulhu and the always suffering Filler Bunny allows me. I'll do a patch for all your HDT breasts... "This hair sucks..." Well, it was done for MY character, not your MMD version of skyrim, it wasn't even intended for release... so... I don't care =) "Yoo are an awful person! May you fail in all your endeavors! I hate you!" I know, but you should care about the mod, not the person behind it. =============================================================================================== Tools USED Autodesk 3DSMax 2012 Product Update 12 Havok Content Tools 2013.1r1 Canderes scripts ActiveType Script Photoshop CS4 The Conformulator Notepad o.O =============================================================================================== Credits: ARTAN Studios: They always push me to be a better mole and live in a cave. HydrogensaysHDT: For creating this amazing plugin, I should build a monument on your name. Canderes: For his tutorials, his scripts and for being awesome. Sayka83: For making my job less painful offering herself to do the textures, for enduring my technical rants, for being so nice and so much more... Blabba AKA "Orange thing": For enduring my punny puns, his support and his madness. LL community AKA "The forbidden Lab": For their support <3 The silent clicks:...... and finally Bethsoft: For creating such a nice game and giving us less tools with each release. Submitter Yoo Submitted 03/29/2014 Category HDT Physics Requires HDT Physics Extension Special Edition Compatible  
  8. UUNP HDT LUX COLLECTION Description this mod only contains items that are merged from ApoKrytia 's mods. Features this mod used cbbe hdt version texture and mesh so some requirment is same for cbbe hdt version. Not craftable parts.. (use vendor) Requirements UUNP Body BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended HDT Physics Extension NIOverride HighHeels Heels Sound Acquirement Use console or AddItemMenu or vendor(whiterun 'sarah') all craftable list removed. Credits Renderosity and DAZ3D creators for original models and textures. Rayne1023(aka AeroBlacksmith) for the ported models. ApoKrytia for the cbbe hdt models and textures. Fix Texture Lighting Problem Fixed Add Preview(GND.NIF) Delicate Top Texture Color modified DOWNLOAD LINK - https://mega.nz/#!GcYnWR7A!WAOmscayiEUPRxSTd7LRpRCi7AzIEknjenPn00XXfu0
  9. Alright so I've seen a decent amount of people talking about the HDT SMP recently and how it was superior to the CBP Physics mod, so I created an account on the Chinese website and downloaded all of the required mods. Can anyone give installation instructions in laymans terms? I've tried a few things with said mods and can't seem to get any physics working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. View File Overview Description: This patchwork 'mod' in fact began as a very hasty/ dirty work of combining 'Sundracon' body mesh (based on its SoS adaptation by Boo) and the 'uncut' schlong from Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs: Khajiit, Argonians, Human/Elf, thus making it functioned as 'SoS - Light' Texture. Due to its original body shape (adapted from Better Males - Sundracon body), its body shape must be very close to the vanilla male (What I don't like in SoS/ Better Males - FS is its stout legs even in the low weight/ check the pictures for comparison). Uncut schlong attached to the body: You can choose either P3 (schlong's glans is almost covered with the foreskin) or P4 (glans is almost revealed from the foreskin), now in course of FoMod installer. [For v 1.21]: As for the textures, the diffuse/ .s/ .sk map is in principle compatible with the original ones, i. e. SoS - Light. You can use some other compatible re-textures (skin diffuse/ specular/ sub-surface maps) of SoS - Light together with the body meshes from this package. Unfortunately, this mod (?)'s remesh (malebody_0 (1).nif) requires its special normal map of the body (malebody_1_msn.dds) as well as the hand, included in the installer package. Texture (Normal Map) Resolution: [Default]: 2K uncompressed maximum/ [Performance] R5G6B5 2K maximum. [optional] HDT aware: compatible with .xml from Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and Collisions XML Set v 3.4+ (by Bazinga) for the most basic genital collision (hdtm.xml) as well as that from SoS Body HDT 1.0 (by Tweens) for some breasts, belly and butt physics (hdtPhysicsExtensionsMaleBody.xml). While the latter is now incorporated in this package, the former (Bazinga's hdtm.xml for SoS smurf average) is not included in the package, so you have to download it by yourself. Mesh fixes of some boots for SoS - Light, adapted from SkyBroom's Vanilla Footwear For Better Males Fix for SoS - Light are also included in this package as bonus. They are also compatible with the original SoS - Light. [Optional]: Now the femfeet meshes, adapted from Femfeet Redesigned by Leito86, as well as matching diffuse (skin) textures, compatible with this package are also available at: FFR - SOSL: Femfeet Redesigned - SOS - Light. [For v 2.0+/ Compatible Textures]: Due to the change of UVMAP in accordance of the total renewal of base body mesh, the original SoS - Light Skin textures are no longer compatible with the new body (if you prefer the original SoS skin, please use the tweaked one from FFR - SOSL: Femfeet Redesigned - SoS - Light). In addition to FFR - SSOL, the new body is compatible with the following texture packages: Vitruvia - Skin texture overhaul for males (SoS - Light version: EXCEPT for its normal maps); SoS Fair Skin men retexture and bonuses for males (Old Files> SoS Light Version Support) . Requirement and How to install: This package needs original SoS - light (meshes/ textures, .esp file, and its schlong animation files) and XPMSE as its requirement as well. Since the male body meshes of this package has some additional bones for body jigglings, the default SoS skeleton is clealy not enough (i.e. CTD) and their supported skeleton like XPMSE is required. Download EITHER SMSOSL - Default or SMSOSL - Performance Fomod Installer Package as well as requirement files. Install SoS - Light (1.04) first, and then, overwrite its body mesh/ body normal map with those from this pack. Download and install other optional files like HDT Physic Extensions and .xml file from Bazinga's Naturalistic HDT Jiggle and Collisions XML Set v 3.4+ (by Bazinga) as well as XPMSE as well. To update in mid-save is absolutely no problem (since this package only includes alternative meshes and textures for the male body). To uninstall this package itself must be safe as long as you retain the original SoS - Light and its .esp file. Recommended Load Order: SoS - Light [optional] your favorite re-texture for SoS - Light meshes/ textures from this package [optional] If you prefer the beautiful feet, FFR - SOSL (warning: skin texture compatibility). (XPMSE) Permission: What I did for this package was just to combine the resources already published and generously given its permission for re-use. So, you are also free to improve the assets further (if you feel it worth-while), on condition that you give a following credits and a link to this page. Credits should be given to: First and foremost, VectorPlextus, Smurf & b3lisario: for developing/ maintaining: SoS: Schlongs of Skyrim Earrindo, Zor2k13, and XunAmarox: for .esp and other stuffs in SoS Light. Boo: for making: Resource - SoS Sundracon Bodies . What I did it is in fact just to attach the schlong to his base work. Bad Dog for his generous permission for using the male genital meshes / textures from: Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs: Khajiit, Argonians, Human/Elf 6.0.3 Sundracon/ Chris57: for providing the base body mesh & textures of: Better males - Nudes - Sundracon Meshes - FlaccidVersion VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow: for his generous permission for using alternative base body mesh, Hi Poly Male Body dalsio: for Bodysuits for CBBE TBBP Unified UNP and Bodyslide, the base mesh of Hi Poly Male Body Mok Chaoticran: for muscle normal map, especially around abs in resource file of: CMO - Complete Male Overhaul - Skyrim's Men Reimagined SkyBroom: for the original fixes for the in-compatiblity between Better Male/ SoS Full's feet meshes and some shoes/ boots, found in: Vanilla Footwear For Better Males Fix Tweens: for hdtPhysicsExtensionsMaleBody.xml from SoS Body HDT 1.0 I really thank you for your patience of running your eyes through in spite of my clumsy English. Submitter y_sengaku Submitted 08/12/2017 Category Body Replacers Requires SoS - Light, XPMSE, (HDT Physics Extension) Special Edition Compatible No  
  11. View File Abandoned: Use SSE and CBBE SE (special also suports SMP SSE)! This is a UUNP HDT conversion of Skeuomorph's Piercing Sets for CBBE HDT Credits go to original authors, namely: Hentaijin, Newmiller, and Shazhar for their original mods Lother for the HDT Piercingsets 2.6 for Bodyslide Skeuomorph for the CBBE HDT Set Herman777 several fixes Everyone involved with Outfit Studio/Bodyslide and Unified UNP: Caliente, Cell, Stuffed_Bunny, Chronotrigger77 and BringTheNoise HydrogensaysHDT and Groovtama for their work with HDT physics Does not require the original mod. Download both split archives then extract them with 7zip by opening the .001 it will extract the contents of both archives. You can also right click the .001: 7zip > "Extract to: ". Repack the resulting folder and add it as a regular mod. Alternatively MO users can drag the resulting folder directly into their mods folder (Mod Organizer\mods\). Word of advice, if you add both split archives to MO, it will only extract the first part and you will miss half of the items. You will have to batch build all items with Bodyslide or nothing will show up in game. If you have never used BS/UUNP before i don't recommend starting with this mod (also please don't post bugs until you are certain you didn't screw up the Bodyslide installation). It's a grand total of 120 items, while i tried to do it as good as possible, i didn't test each and every item. If you encounter bugs (item not showing, texture not showing), try to be as precise as possible ("Name of the Item/Color" as it shows up in game is enough "newmiller golden piercing" is not). Submitter t3h0th3r Submitted 12/06/2015 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Latest versions of: Bodyslide2/UUNP, XPMSE3, HDT PE or SMP Special Edition Compatible  
  12. View File XPMSE\XPMSSE 4.31 (also on Nexus(SK)\Nexus(SSE)) Warning: Do not delete the skeleton_female.hkx Description "XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended" is a completely redone version of "XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS" by xp32, for the "HDT Physics Extension" and "HDT Skinned Mesh Physics" and provides ingame customization features. Requirement (are installed BEFORE and nothing overwrites XPMSE) Two list of requirements for XPMSE one for people using Racemenu and one for people using Enchance Character Edit\Vanilla General: SKSE 1.7.3 or newer Fores New Idles in Skyrim 6.1 or newer RaceMenu users: RaceMenu 3.4.5 or newer Enchance Character Edit\Vanilla users: NetImmerse Override Standalone 3.4.4 or newer Installation Use a Mod Manager: Either Moder Organizer or NMM\Vortex work. Uninstallation (completely): - (RaceMenu) Set all XPMSE related sliders in RaceMenu and MCM to default - Press uninstall in your mod manager for XPMSE. Skeleton Body and Physics Support: - Breast and Butt Physics [bBP] - Tender Breast and Butt Physics [TBBP] - HDT Physics Extension [HDT-PE] - HDT Skinned Mesh Physics [HDT-SMP] Mods compatible: - Aesthetic Bolt Quiver - CITRUS - Deadly Mutilation - Dual Sheath Redux - Enderal - Flimsy Ragdolls (included in XPMSE) - HDT Dragon Tails - HDT Equipment (Well Fitted option only) - Nipple Magic (included style option and animations recommended) - Realistic Ragdolls & Force (included in XPMSE) - SAM - Shape Atlas for Men - SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - The Joy of Perspective - UN7B Mods compatible without support: - Enchance Character Edit (Comes with it's own XPMSE skeleton) Mods completely unsupported: - HDT Equipment (everyone option), that includes mods including everyone option features in their HDT Physics extension xmls this includes: HDT equipment v0.2 everyone breast fix HDT Equipment V0.2 for Everone with Belly and Collision XPMSE Plugin XPMSE RaceMenu: - Weapon styles, moving weapons ingame - Scale\Position\Rotation sliders - Body related sliders - SOS\SAM related sliders - Female specific related sliders - Beast race specific related sliders - Third and first Person scaling - Extensible Follower Framework 4 compatible XPMSE MCM: - Weapon styles, moving weapons ingame - Iinformation tab with debug information XPMSE Weapons: Scale Module: - Fixes weapon scale problems with the game for females, thanks Bethesda, good job! - Compatible with weapon scale edits in Racemenu - Disabled withEnchance Character Edit for compatitibility reasons Style Module: - Manages styles for player and non-Player characters - Manages Arrows\Bolts, Bows\Crossbow, Greatswords\Battleaxe\Warhammer and Magic styles dynamically for fixing visual issues and seperating shared nodes - Manages animation switching for styles, such animations are Arrows Draw, Bow Equip, Idle and Attack, Greatswords\Battleaxe\Warhammer Equip and Magic Attack, Cast, Concentration, Cast, Idle, Movement and Sprint - Enchance Character Edit supported XPMSE Lib: - Adds common functions for modders to use/copy from, like skeleton checks or manipuilation Styles (Weapon Positions) List Axe: 0: Default 1: Reversed Axes by Groovtama 2: Axes on Back by Groovtama Sword: 0: Default 1: 1-Handed Swords on Back by xp32 2: SWP 1-Handed Swords on Back by Metal-Gear-Rex 3: FSM Swords turned edge up by fushimi 4: Dual Swords on left waist by Ayame 5: No More Dangling Swords by Akakus Dagger: 0: Default 1: Daggers on Back Hip by xp32 2: Daggers on the Ankles by Metal-Gear-Rex Two-Handed (Greatsword and Battleaxe\Warhammer): 0: Default 1: SWP Two-Handed Weapons on Back by Metal-Gear-Rex 2: FSM Two-Handed turned and on waist by fushimi Bow: 0: Default 1: Frostfall Bow by Chesko 2: Reversed Better Bows by Messes With Wolves 3: FSM Turn Bow by fushimi Arrow Quiver: 0: Default 1: Frostfall Quiver by Chesko 2: Frostfall Quiver by xp32 Crossbow: 0: Default 1: Frostfall Bow by Chesko Bolt Quiver: 0: Default 1: Frostfall Quiver by Chesko 2: Left Hip Bolt by xp32 3: Experimental Hip Bolt by xp32 4: Aesthetic Bolt Quiver by IsharaMeradin Magic: 0: Default 1: Nipple Magic by ElPsyCongroo Shout: 0: Default 1: Schlong Shout by ElPsyCongroo Endorse those mod authors, show your support! Modders\Animators Section New XPMSE 2.1 Rig txt and behaviour files: Resource These are compatible with the Modders Resource at XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS and with Skeleton Controller Rig. Fully Backwards compatible. Do not use the Modders Resource at XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS and with Skeleton Controller Rig for skinning. How 2 make tails compatible with the XPMSE tail position sliders: 1. Open the tail mesh into nifskope 2. Replace the following node names with the new ones - "NPC Pelvis [Pelv]" => "Tail" - "NPC Spine [spn0]" => "NPC Tail Spine [spn0]" - "NPC L Thigh [LThg]" => "NPC Tail L Thigh [LThg]" - "NPC R Thigh [RThg]" => "NPC Tail R Thigh [RThg]" 3. Save the tail mesh FNIS Bone numbers (this has nothing to do with the skeleton): - XPMSE HDT rig: 115 Bones - XPSME BBP rig: 129 Bones - XPMS Fallback rig: 242 Bones Bone naming and prefix schema: Nodes for meshes and havok animations NPC => Mesh bones HDT Physic exclusive HDT => exclusive HDT Motion bones XPMSE feature exclusive nodes Submitter Groovtama Submitted 01/22/2014 Category HDT Physics Requires SKSE 1.7.3 or newer, Fores New Idles in Skyrim 7.2 or newer, RaceMenu 3.4.5 or newer\NetImmerse Override Standalone 3.4.4 or newer Special Edition Compatible Yes
  13. View File this translates the in-game items into English. each item begins with Yorha, so just search (help yorha) them in the console and then add them (player.additem xxxxxxx). or use the additem menu mod. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905/? this mod requires you to download the original then overwrite it with this one.is Compatible with RegenBot retouched version simply install that one first and overwrite with this esp. mod page: clothes set of Nier: Automata download link: https://gavitex.com/share/t0q6o91j5 I take no credit for the creation of this mod all credit goes to Dint999 for the creation of this mod please download the original, please visit his youtube page. Submitter josh97 Submitted 04/15/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires clothes set of Nier: Automata (link above) Special Edition Compatible  
  14. View File DOWNLOAD SECTION (MEGA Download links): (BACK ONLINE 3/9/15) File 1: Main File (LUSH Mesh + Textures + ESP) File 2: Bodyslide File (Requires Main File) Other LUSH Gears: Here Update Notes: - v1.5a Patch Bodyslide fixes belt zap for Firebutterfly Body and CombatPrincess panty clipping. - ValkyrieShard Patch online. Install last. See changelog below for details. - Current version is v1.5. If you have v1.4, please download Patch v1.4a to update to v1.5. .: Permissions Have at it. No need to contact me. .: WHAT IS THIS? Modified armor pack for use with LUSH HDT Body. Many of the armors have been re-textured and transparencies added to show off the goodies. Optional Bodyslide sliders are available for other body types. This has been optimized for pregnancy body. Panties and bras in this set can be worn across all pieces so feel free to mix & match and play dress up! If you notice any problems or clipping, please let me know!! If you like it, please endorse! .: ARMOR LIST Slot designations: 45 Panty, 49 Shorts/Skirts, 57 Nipple Rings, 51 Stockings, 54 Belt/Weapons, 56 Bra DragonPrincess (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Crown) ValkyrieShard White, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Magenta (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Circlet) Forbidden (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Horns, Wings) Corruptor (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Wings) EvilRose (Body, Gauntlets, Boots) Triss Original, Dark, Creed (Body, Gauntlets, Boots) NightShadeX Red, White (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Mask, Stocking) FireButterfly White, Black (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Shorts, Panty) MagnaCarta (Body, Gauntlets, Boots) CombatPrincess (Body, Gauntlets, Boots) NightPrincess (Body, Gauntlets, Boots, Crown, Stocking) AbyssWalker (Body, Wings) LightningStrike (Body, Gauntlets, Boots) Rosen (Body, Gauntlets, Boots) .: HOW DO I GET IN GAME? You can craft and temper in game or use console command. Hit ~ key, type "help LUSH" or "help <armor name>". Armor names are listed in the image gallery here. If you want to change the armor stats, you can copy the stats from another armor by using Copy Armor by Dienes. .: F.A.Q. What is Bodyslide? It's a software by Caliente that conforms armor to CBBE body types. First the armor must be converted to default CBBE body using Bodyslide Outfit Studio. How do I use LUSH Body or other body replacers? Download and install via Nexus or unzip contents into your Skryim game directory. How do I convert vanilla armor to fit LUSH or other body replacers? Search Nexus for keywords 'Bodyslide' and 'CBBE' (or your preferred body replacer). Download and install. For LUSH Body or other CBBE body replacers, install in the order below. These mods will ensure you get boob and ass bounce. Be sure to run FNIS after installing any animations (See FNIS FAQ). 0) Install latest SKSE (Google Skyrim Script Extender) 1) Realistic Ragdoll and Force by dDefinder1 2) FNIS Behavior by fore, followed by any custom animations 3) Caliente Beautiful Bodies Edition(CBBE) by Caliente 4) XP32 Maximum Skeleton by xp32 5) HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT 6) Caliente Bodyslide by Caliente 7) Bodyslide Compatible Outfit Packs such as Remodeled Armor for CBBE by chronotrigger77 8) CBBE LUSH (this) or any CBBE body replacer with Bodyslide. 9) Run FNIS, run LOOT. Run Bodyslide, then do the following: 1) Open Bodyslide 2) In "Outfit/Body", select CBBE Body HDT. 3) In "Preset", select your preferred body preset (CBBE LUSH, etc...). Play with sliders and save your body. 4) In "Outfit/Body", select your armor then click "Build" -OR- 5) Click the magnifying glass next to "Group Filter", then click "Choose Groups" 6) Click the groups your armor belong to, click ok. 7) Click "Batch Build". Unselect any bodies that you see (i.e. CBBE Vanilla, CBBE Slim, etc..) then click ok. .: COMPATIBILITY Anything for CBBE and Bodyslide. However, as with any outifts that have been converted to CBBE, some clipping issues may occur. Please notify me if you see this. .: NON-COMPATIBILITY Some clipping can occur with custom animations during movement. Some of this is due to wrong skeleton installed and some of this is HDT bone weight issues which I may or may not be able to fix. NOTE: Any clipping with standard animation or when standing still is a bug so please notify me. .: SCREENSHOTS INFO SG Hair Pack 268 by HelloSanta (Google it) Real Girl Skin CBBE Conversion by Samisme74 (Original by Zonzai) The Eyes of Beautyby LogRaam RANS HeadMesh Variants by RAN46 - Round faced CBBE Bodyslide by Caliente Immersive Saturation Boostby Aplestormy .: CREDITS -R18PN -zertualpro -davidcho -jojjo -calyps Submitter samisme74 Submitted 12/06/2014 Category Armor & Clothing Requires See FAQ (How do I convert...?) Special Edition Compatible  
  15. View File Vimeo banned me.. apparently I forgot to read community guidelines and they don't allow adult things... Someone must've reported my last animation. So if anyone could, please make a video and I will post it - I will no longer be working on this; I've moved on to SFM animation. You can follow my Tumblr here: https://dowjonsie.tumblr.com And to give you and idea of what I am doing... My second animation (it's a WIP and incomplete - just wanted to share what I had) https://gfycat.com/ElegantTotalAndalusianhorse I present... Jiggly butts, pussy tugging and belly bulges (with slight exaggeration on butt jiggles, without that nasty 3-5 second set time most other presets have) It's FINALLY here! I will admit, this was somewhat hastily put together. i really wanted to get an update going - as such, i have not tested every creature included (there will be more creatures to come). So, if there is anything off, let me know. Do understand there are limitations in the mesh manipulations. I cannot make it so a giant will bulge a belly 3-4 feet from the character to suffice his large wang without absolutely borking the belly of the dovahkiin. As well, I have no means to manipulate HDT detection boxes as animations play - unfortunately, bulges may be restricted to missionary style animations (maybe, maybe not). It is HIGHLY recommended you download Bazingas files and at least install his new Weight paints for UUNP (you will need to rebuild your bodyslide) (Install mine after his) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2431-naturalistic-hdt-and-beast-hdt/ Anyway - ENJOY! Also, the newest HDT preset includes similar jiggles to my last.. not really - the breasts are more inline with Bazingas naturalistic (i decreased downward motion to prevent the breast from having a "spike" deformation, and outward motion to prevent a "bubble gumming" when moving and increased their jiggle time by approx. 9%. And the butt is more jiggly, however it is not overly exaggerated, nor will it jiggle for 3, 4 -10 seconds after moving... no, it will resettle within 1 - 2 seconds As well, this was based around a skeleton I have edited - which is based on, and will always be based on, the latest XPMSE; it is necessary for the lowered belly detection range - also, i am sure you guys won't be upset in the slightest of the more realistic ragdolling this little feature adds no more stiff bodies (for ladies, at least) I will post example videos when i actually have time to play - which won't be until this weekend - nor can I correct any errors until this weekend. So, please - if you have issues: leave feedback and I will get to it. If you wish to get rid of any borking (which should be none or minimal) my mod here may incur in the mean time, just reinstall MNC skeletons. :::::::::HUGE THANKS TO BAZING::::::::::: :::::::::Requests:::::::::: I will be taking jiggle requests for; A. Breasts per cup size B. Butt per waist measurement C. Belly as per fat level (or skinny) Best to give me a round-about estimate (not so jiggly, jiggly etc) and send me your Racemenu preset (be sure to tell me the race she is based on, and a UUNP body) https://vimeo.com/215263799 Vertical Bounce folder, "Plugins" is not properly named. Change 'plugin' to 'plugins' or drag the associated file to your plugins folder. :::::::::::::::: Belly Bulge ::::::::::::::::: WE HAVE BELLY BULGING (Will update video sometime between 1/11-1/14...maybe.) https://vimeo.com/194441303 ___________________________________________ I think most of you who enjoy a jiggly butt without overly exaggerated settle time and jiggles would really appreciate this :::::::Extra bounce Verticle optional::::::::::: https://vimeo.com/194124955 https://vimeo.com/194123564 :::::::Ooh La La Jiggles::::::::: Video coming soon Submitter downjonsie Submitted 12/02/2016 Category HDT Physics Requires HDT PE 14.28, XPMSE Special Edition Compatible  
  16. FloppySOS

    View File About FloppySOS is an addon for Schlongs of Skyrim or Shape Atlas for Men. This mod adds HDT behaviour to the schlong (and balls), making them twist and bend in ways schlongs are supposed to twist and bend. Preview https://gfycat.com/DefiniteDisloyalFlies https://gfycat.com/OnlyAstonishingBronco More gifs in the futa content thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/53953-futa-content-thread-f-futa-4-tba-futa-news-6-18-16-update/ Requirements SOS or SAM http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/498-sos-schlongs-of-skyrim/ http://www.ladymoiraine.com/index.php?/files/file/1-sam-shape-atlas-for-men-recoded/ SkyUI http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863/? RCAE http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2254-skse-register-custom-animation-events/ PapyrusUtil http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58705/? Installation Automatic: add FloppySOS to your mod list via MO or NMM. If you have a HDT mod installed, make sure to place FloppySOS after that mod in the mod priority list. Manual: unzip FloppySOS.zip in your Skyrim folder. Overwrite hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll when asked. FAQ How can I change the floppiness? Any actor that has a schlong (that is XPMSE-compatible) can be floppified using one of the methods below. This depends on the Toggle Mode set in the configuration menu (MCM). You can set a separate mode for the player and for NPCs: Manual: floppiness is only changed when you use the floppify keys. By default, they are Shift+Del (floppify self) and Shift+Insert (floppify target). Note that these keys also work in the other methods below. Erection Detection: floppiness changes when erection events are detected. For example, when a Sexlab scene starts, all involved actors will usually receive an erection event. When the scene ends, the actors receive an 'un-erection' event. Arousal Based: the floppiness changes along with the actor's arousal level (from the Sexlab Aroused Redux mod). This is still in an experimental phase. Currently there are only 5 states; more states (with subtler differences) will be added later. What are these floppy presets? FloppySOS contains 5 presets that correspond to different physics attributes. Full Floppy: the schlong dangles freely Low Arousal: same as Full Floppy Med Arousal: the schlong stands at 'half attention' High Arousal: the schlong is erect, but can still bounce at the base Balls Only: the schlong's physics are disabled. Use this mode for penetration during sex scenes. How can I customize a floppy preset? In the configuration menu (MCM), there is a Floppy Presets section. There, you can customize any of the 5 presets. Open Issues The balls may stretch away under some circumstances (under investigation) The balls may get stuck inside the schlong upon certain sudden movements. The easiest way to 'unstuck' is to draw & sheathe your weapon. Credits tenzan, Fredas, ffabris, OmegaNovaios, unit00 - For testing, giving feedback and helping improve the mod B3lisario - For UNP SOS, RCAE, and maintaining SOS HydrogensaysHDT - For the HDT-PE mod The authors of SOS, SkyUI, SKSE, and many more Changelog Submitter jopie123 Submitted 07/30/2015 Category HDT Physics Requires RCAE Special Edition Compatible
  17. JRConversions - a little place for me to share and keep them organized -- Description -- Hello~ as straighforward as it gets, here are some more BodySlide conversions for you to try out. Sometimes I couldn't find a conversion for an outfit I loved or the ones I'd find wouldn't match what I wanted so I recently learned a bit about the how to. I'm blindly sharing the conversions I make as I go so if I'm making a conversion for an outfit you own and stated that you don't want it converted please message me to remove it and I apologize for not noticing. -- Requirements-- - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - HDT physics for most outfits and a bounce kit of your choice; - RaceMenu 3.4.4+ or NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+ for any outfits that include high heels; - UUNP Compatible body preset; - An up to date BodySlide; - Whatever outfit the conversion is run for (listed on each conversion). -- Change log-- - 31-01-2017: Added: Brokefoot's UNP Mashup Compilation - 23-01-2017: Reordered the conversions list. - 20-01-2017: Added: Delia Outfit - 20-01-2017: Updated: West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage (added a zap slider) -- Conversions -- The screenshots shown here are highly compressed. Colors and textures are of higher quality than what they may seem. - Brokefoot's UNP Mashup Compilation Info: Download link (1.0) - Delia Outfit Info: Download link (1.0) - Yukata Info: Download link (1.0) - West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage Info: Download link (1.1) - Blood Mage Info: Download link (1.0) - Ultra Skimpy Silverlight Info: Download link (1.2) - Osare Underwear Info: Download link (1.0) - Lind's Spellslinger Outfit Info: Download link (1.2) - Osare Panty Info: Download link (1.0) - DF T21 Info: Download link (1.1) - Luxurious Seduction Info: Download link (1.1) - Pero Pero Robes - Replacer & Standalone Info: Download link (1.3) - VS Ciri Project Info: Download link (1.1) - Lind's Woodland Alchemist Dress Info: Download link (1.1) - Sorakage Info: Download link (1.0) - Midnight Breed Info: Download link (1.0) - Female Berserk Info: Download link (1.0) - Fur Set Info: Download link (1.0) - Eldrids Armor Mashup Info: Download link (1.0) - Osare Kneesocks Info: Download link (1.0) - PeroPero Armor Info: Download link (1.2) - Blacktalon Armor Info: Download link (1.2) - DAZ3D Hagane Info: Download link (1.0) - West Wind Combat Series - Assault Armor Info: Download link (1.4) - Sexy Robes and Hats Info: Download link (1.1) - zzjay's wardrobe Info: Download link (1.2) - Witch Robes (Одеяния колдуньи) Info: Download link (1.0) - Ahri Info: Download link (1.0) - Bob's Boots Info: Download link (1.0) - Ashara Imperial Outfit Info: Download link (1.1) - Banisuta Info: Download link (1.0) - FF9 Beatrix Info: Download link (1.0) - Nyotengu Catsuit Info: Download link (1.4) - Elika Info: Download link (1.0) - Dragon Princess & Trielek armor Mix (DPnTrielekMix) Info: Download link (1.1) - TERA Sea Rover Info: Download link (1.0) - Selene NEO Info: Download link (1.1) - The Art of Magicka Info: Download Link (1.0) - Overwatch Mercy Outfit Info: Download Link (1.0) - TERA Rogue Set Info: Download Link (1.0) - Engineer Outfit Info: Download Link (1.3) -- Conversions for the Fox Merged package after this point -- Where to get Fox Merged: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/29836-foxmerged-2/ Credit to: Fox6000 and Smokermegadrive - Fox 31 Info: Download link (1.0) - Fox 34b Info: Download link (1.0) - Fox 37 Info: Download link (1.1) -- Planned conversions -- Likely: - Mina Armor [request] - Lady Blood [request] Unlikely: - Another Vampire Leather Armor [request] - Colorwheels Sexy Tifa Armor [request] - Hell armour [request] - Blood of the Divines [request] - mearalikesmead's Sarongs [request] - SeeLaMer [request] - Ashara Elven Knights Armor [request] - Dragons Crown Sorceress outfit [request] - S & D crow set-5 [request] - Armored Bikini [request] - Aradia Bikini [request]; - Youngtrap [request]; - Robe Experienced Magician [request] - FBD Clothes [request] - DEM clothes collection [request] (minus this and this) - LB Clothing [request] - Bobs Armory Dream Girl Edition [request] - Dreamburrows Regal Assasin [request] - Karliah Armor [request] - Karlaih Armor 2 [request] - Blue Lion [request] - Kisetsu Kimono [request] - Aradia Kato FULL HDT [request] - Adventurer Maiden Armory [request] - HN66 Devil Outfit [request] - Punisher armor [request] - Nova Catsuit [request] - Deathbell Princess [request] - See-through [request] - Lade Ritual [request] - Bouncy Bodices and Booties [request] - Tumblr Gifts [request] - Maid Outfit [request] - Royal Hunting [request] - Mini Vamps [request] - Witch Of The Wild [request] - UNP Leather Clothes [request] - Rogue Outfit [request] - Triss and Yennefer W3 Outfits UNP HD Retexture (look into further) [request] - Sudden Attack 2 [request] - Ghost Armor [request] - Samus Zero Suit [request] - Cute Yennefer Minidress [request] - Dark Seducer and Golden Saint [request] - Fornsworn Armor Redux [request] Not interested: - Vogue Rogue Armor - Apachii Divine Elegance Store - Phoenix Armor [request] - Dominatrix and Purelust [request] - SPB Pocha Suit X [request] - Draconic Bloodline; - Mobile Milker Armor [request] - Black Mage Armor [request] - Troublemakersclothing [request] - Caravanserai Wardrobe (Extended) [request] - Tribal Assasin Mashup [request] - Edgammel [request] - Edhildils Witch Doctor BBP [request] - Power Armor [request] - LB Arcana [request] - Aribeth [request] - Wahuku [request] - Denim Shirt - Teacher Outfit - 例のニットセーター配布してます。 - Wildling Fur Armor - UNPK armor replacer - Dorothy Robes (importing issue) - Ros Armor - Nouhime (I can't morph some shapes nicely enough) -- Conversions to be reviewed and updated -- - Brokefoot's UNP Mashup Compilation (some weight painting corrections, specifically the Leah Bracers). -- Permissions -- If they're assets I've credited to someone else or obviously don't belong to me you will have to ask that author. If it's anything I made entirely by myself you can do whatever the heck ya want with it, anarchy! In this thread's case this means the bodyslide data/files. Re-host them, modify them, whatever you want. Only one simple rule: don't sell them. I do however recommend to point towards this page instead of directly to the download links as the files might undergo necessary updates and I may remove old links at any time. In regards to forking my work, feel free to credit me or not credit me, as long as you've modified my work enough to call it your own I don't mind either way. But if you just make a near copy and slap your name on it without mentioning me I might get upset. I won't slap you, but might frown at you intensively. This applies to any of my work for Skyrim, please check to see if there are notes in the project page claiming otherwise.. But when in doubt, just ask. -- Tips and Notes -- If you have any sugestions about an outfit I should give a go into converting please let me know, just know that my time is limited. Cheers~
  18. View File Teen Monli Race Redone A mysterious race only known for their small size, youthful appearance, and amazingly fast reflexes. This is an updated and redone version of the one done by PsychoMachina. Many thanks to PsychoMachina for allowing us to redo and add some features to the race. (Some text is from his original post since it is still the same. Sorry the Screenshots are all over as they were taken while i was tweaking my Sakura ENB preset I am working on too This Race is not Compatible with SexLab and I will not support it. The 0 Weight of the race is Loli bodied so that will cause Issues with moderators and LL. See Blond Hair Screenshots to see Loli body size. The Teen Monli Race has been upgraded to these features and updated to the changes below: Teen scaling at x0.92 CBBE HDT body made in bodyslide with bodyslide preset included for outfits (nubbs to UNPB sized breasts). UUNP Special body made in bodyslide with bodyslide preset included for outfits (nubbs to UNPB sized breasts). both the CBBE and UUNP are the same slider preset New High-poly head mesh with custom RaceMenu sliders (Will require head sculpting to smooth out after setting sliders or head will be blocky in the chin, nose and cheeks area) sepperate download of one pre-sculpted head mesh to import in Racemenu for those that do not want to sculpt their own. New in-game body changer brought over from our old neko race (the body changer comes with 1 UUNP (Default on start) and 1 CBBE body and texture Set on the bsa and 1 "USER UUNP" and 1 USER CBBE for the users to use their own bodySlide presets and textures the user must make the folders - See below on install instructions Updated 3.94 XPMSE skeleton by Groovtama works with his MCM menu system Skin textures are now Fair Skin Complexion - includes 10 White Skin presets and 10 Dark Skin Presets for those that like the Redguard skin tones for a total of 20 preset skin options changed the Race compatability system to RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard by TMPhoenix also the race compatability dialog mod sees you as a nord All of Harkon's vampire court sees you as a vampire after accepting his gift What has not changed: Eyes and Brows. Original Hi-res tintmasks and Cute Designs face tattoos. CME integration file (.ini) to make the Monli compatible with the CME morphs. Race Perks and abilities If you changed anything in PsychoMachina's version in the not changed section will still be used as that part of the Monli folder structure is the same Notice on the SMP Race Menu MCM for the body changer: This is NOT A BUG The wardrobe function is still under development as i am working on the scripts to have it recall the proper body type with the armor that was saved to it right now it works as just a list and what body goes with that armor ******* Required and Recommended Mods with Installation Order ******* REQUIRED MODS 1- Install First. SKSE for Skyrim v1.9 http://skse.silverlock.org/ 2- Install Second Enhanced Character Edit with Character Making Extender OR Race Menu ECE http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/12951 RaceMenu http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624 3- Install Third Teen Monli Race Redone - contains configuration files that will overwrite one or more ECE configuration files and Racemenu translation files. for the body changer and the folders to use the "USER Versions" you must make these 4 folders and place the proper meshes and textures in them it will work for any body type but the textures may be off on the head due to custom textures. the fix for that will be listed also MESHES data\meshes\actors\character\monli\"USER CBBE"\ & data\meshes\actors\character\monli\"USER UUNP"\ Textrues data\Textures\actors\character\monli\"USER CBBE"\ & data\Textures\actors\character\monli\"USER UUNP"\ To fix the discolored head textures if not using FSC/Pureskin based textures please follow this: Create the Folders and paste the proper textures in them: data\Textures\actors\character\monli\"CBBE"\ (Body and Head Textures) & data\Textures\actors\character\monli\"UUNP"\ (Body and Head Textures) & data\Textures\actors\character\monli\"Tintmasks"\ (For Makeup and Skintone) this will replace the default FSC textures in the bsa to allow your textures to match if seams appear using the "USER" folders 4- HDT-PE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996 RECOMMENDED MODS 1- Install Fourth Grootama's XPMS Extended - contains configuration files that will overwrite one or more ECE configuration files do not overwrite anything from the Teen Monli Race Redone. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 2- Install Fifth - If you use it Dual Sheath Redux http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34155 IMPORTANT: DSR uses BOSS to sort the load order before creating a Dual Sheath Redux Patch. If you wish to use Dual Sheath Redux, you will also need to install the latest version of BOSS. https://code.google.com/p/better-oblivion-sorting-software/ Some people may have issues with BOSS ruining their load order and causing problems with their game. If it's possible, make a copy of the load order (as a TXT file) and if you think BOSS' rearranging of the load order is causing problems for you, after finishing making the DSR patch, compare the load order with the list (TXT file) and make the necessary changes. So far, I have not experienced any issues relating to BOSS. 4- Enhanced 3rd Person Camera (no installation order necessary) http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/29990/ I recommend this if you need to make adjustments to the 3rd-person camera. Thank to Dinosaurus for recommending this. Requires SKSE and SkyUI. 5- Customizable Camera (no installation order necessary) http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/37347//? An alternative to Enhanced 3rd Person Camera. The interface is simpler and does not offer options to edit the camera for different events, but if you prefer something straightforward and simple, try out Customizable Camera. Read the mod description page, Camera entries in Skyrim.ini is not required. Thanks to Spicycat for suggesting this one. Requires SKSE and SkyUI OPTIONAL Fox Shop with Merged Armors by Smokermegadrive. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/29836-foxmerged-2/ *** CREDITS *** - Seren4XX and Radioragae for the Ashen Race (the base for the Monli race). (Ashen Race) - Creator(s) of the Monli Race. - Kashim for the edited Monli Race v2.1. - XPMS by XP32 and XPMS Extended by Groovtama https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 - CBBE Body by Caliente http://skyrim.nexusm...com/mods/2666/? - BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Caliente https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015 - UNP Unified by TAJocelyn http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14974-unified-body/ - Fairskin textures by HHaley (CBBE and UUNP version) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602 - Univision Eyes by DD AKT http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14569 - Cute Designs Complexions by Cos76 http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/24154 RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard - By TMPhoenix https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24168 Submitter snagi1212 Submitted 01/31/2018 Category Races Requires RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard, XPMSE HDT Skeleton, HDT-PE Special Edition Compatible No  
  19. Can somebody help me?. I got this weird bug when my char and a npc having sex, their penis and breasts go crazy and all over the place. Please comment with any bug fixes. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance.
  20. View File Here are some Random Bodyslide Conversions that i have done , i hope they will all work fine for all ,i will try to update when i can - First thing to do : check that you have All the usual Requirement for an HDT Armors - Always make sure that your Bodyslide is updated - All of the Cloths need their Original Mod (All the Links are included in this topic) - If the UUNP presets doesn't show up try this : (CTRL+F can help for a Fast Search) Changelog : 1) CBBE Bodyslide HDT Conversions :
  21. Hello! Posting most of my conversions in 1 thread. Easier to keep track of and to update. Changed most of my conversions to Mediafire links for now. Might add megaupload in the future. ALL OUTFITS ARE CBBE HDT and are for BODYSLIDE Alexia CatGarter BisPackage Budoka Goddess! Chain Metal Outfit Chinese New Year'2017 Crazy Belle III Dragon Priestess Elewin Pumps 2 - High Heels and Stockings Ero Heart Bunny GomaPeroPero Egypt Set GomaPeroPero MiniBikini Set Top and bottoms split Gymnastic Leotard Heroes Regina Honoka Secret Heart ssr Hot Summer KM Bikini Set Les Sucettes LH Jewelry Collection Light Mage Outfit Lust Control Device! LydHeels & Stockings Maid Outfit! Momiji Overalls Nieth Outfit Nise ChiChi Bikini Nyotengu Gust Mashup PantiesV2 Collection Piggy Outfit by Xuniana Red Roses Outfit SFM (SlimFitMonokini) SLBikini StarFishBikini Summer '16 Superhero Monokini Tifa FF7 Clothes UNPB S - Bikini (CBBE) XN_StringBikini XN_Swimsuit ZZSwimsuits Recommended to use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer When you got to many Armor/clothing esp's. You can easily merge them all with Merge Plugins Give me a shout if you find anything wrong with the files or if you find major clipping. Right now im not taking requests. But if i find something i like. I might convert it. Thanks for downloading
  22. HDT Havok Object?

    I don't really know what this object is for. I only recently have begun seeing it pop up into NPC inventory, and i don't know what mod is causing it. Is it necessary? Is it meant ot be invisible or not selectable? What does it do?
  23. View File This is a futa-themed HDT-SMP "modder's resource". Copy what you want, paste, and play. KEY FEATURES: "Full" collision of everything on everything, tweaked to jiggle like some anime nonsense. For example, full (psuedo)realistic collision between two pairs of breasts, or unrealistic giant schlong penetration with appropriate vaginal stretching animation and belly bulging. Complete Bodyslide 2 support via the new SexySMP body. No more tedious collision object editing! You can even use any UUNP slider presets you might have already created. It also has built in support for popular conversation sliders such as UUNP -> 7B or Manga body, giving you a classic look with up to date features. Need your PE armor to work on this new body? Check out this 10 minutes or less guide to making that happen. Ready to use, highly customized meshes with features you won't find sliders for: Two highly athletic but very female hard body versions: massively erect nipples, or more rounded ones, with harder and lighter texture options One soft body with naturally busty features with a widened inner pelvic region to help take the giant schlong in this kit Three schlong mesh/two texture choices: one Penzor edited to specifically fit the hard body's defined pelvic region, another that is wearable by most UUNP bodies but has textures made specifically for the soft body, and an SMP conversion of Evilreflex's polycount/weighting upgrade to B3lisario's UNP for females. HDT-SMP xmls that work without further XML editing. HDT-PE partial compatibility: High heels, hairs and Floppy SOS. My SMP XMLs only act on my bodies, body parts and SMP-enabled armors. A total* conversion of Nisetanaka's The Amazing World of Bikini Armor for the hard body type only, hundreds of .nifs hastily hand-edited and badly weight painted to support a wide range of bouncing and swaying motions in the breasts, belly, front/rear thighs and butt. Bikini tops will disable most hardware taxing SMP collisions while keeping full jiggling effects so you can actually expect to adventure and fight at decent framerates with my package installed. Also quite possibly the first and only conversion of this extensive armor library to support massive tits and ass without looking like stretched bodyslided dogshit. Mostly. *I didn't bother with the cyborg set. Please request this if it's a big deal to you. A set of 13 Futa-specific SOS and Floppy SOS enabled cock socks, each matching elements of one of TAWoBA's armor sets. They even scale with your character's cock size when changed in racemenu! Just quick texture work for now - fancy details like straps and plates to come later, as well as male versions & SMP physics. All are craftable with 3 leather strips. No book required. To spawn a chest containing 10 of each, ~ open console, type "help cock", note ID # of the Cocksock Chest, and enter "player.placeatme ID#goeshere". A beta version of CT77's remodeled armor and clothes for the hard and soft bodies. COMING SOON TO THIS FILE: (In progress) SMP-enabled penz0r schlong & cocksock set that works for males and werewolves, because my fetish isn't always yours SMP schlong and scrotum physics intended to replace FloppySOS on SMP setups, with realistic collision such as balls->thigh. Bodyslide support for TAWoBA, CT77's remodeled armor, and possibly the book of UUNP. Bodyslide versions of the schlongs in this package -HARD REQUIREMENTS TO USE THIS PACKAGE- The most recent possible versions of: SKSE XPMSE Schlongs of Skyrim full prZ's All-In-One hdtSkinnedMeshPhysics Setup <--- READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. THIS IS THE HARD PART. A decent computer. You will probably want an i7 processor for this. Skyrim won't max hyperthread 4 cores but HDT-SMP absolutely will. It's a hungry beast and your CPU is the biggest FPS bottleneck here. SoS B3lisario UNP Schlong for Females: (the schlong in this pack acts as a replacer for this - but you probably could replace a different schlong) RECOMMENDED MODS: Racemenu to get proportions as seen in the screenshots. SoS Racemenu plugin - included in SoS full. HDT PE (with my blank hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml overwriting the normal one) Floppy SOS Sexlab (duh), Sexlab Animation Loader To have 100's of animations to choose from Sexlab Tools to have a way of selecting them Whatever pregnancy/inflation mod you prefer, as these bodies are painted for stomach deformation (I still use the ancient Fill Her Up 1.0) PS Universal Body Changer - a sort of easy way to change meshes and textures of you, your followers or innocent bystanders on demand in game. Use this to enjoy multiple body types in your adventures. The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - required if you plan to install my comprehensive replacer package. You probably just need the main file. I can provide a version of the .esp jailbroken from its Dawnguard requirement upon request. INSTRUCTIONS: This kit is intended for experienced modders, particularly people already familiar with HDT-PE and want to see what SMP can do. It contains only contains ready-to-use meshes, textures and xmls. Get all the shit above set up and working before even opening my .7z archives. Test it and make sure SMP is working. I'm serious. Do not install this pack without testing your SMP install first. I can't/won't help you if you don't do this. Copy paste the desired contents of the archive over the contents of the folders clearly marked by the folder structure in the kit. Be sure to backup anything you want to hold on to, such as hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml if you're using HDT-PE alongside my SMP setup. FAQ's: Can I use my HDT-PE armors with this file, even though your HDT-PE dummy .xml kills all PE physics on bodies and body armors? You sure can. It's an easy thing to do. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/89576-10-minutes-or-less-guide-to-making-your-entire-hdt-pe-armor-library-jiggle-with-smp/ Nothing jiggles at all. There's no physics, and I'm completely sure installed things correctly. Are you in the EU? Some countries have operating system versions that require "," instead of "." in XMLs (except file names!). Try the alternate localization XML patch if you think this might apply to you. My various jiggly bits are spazzing out. SMP is quite hardware sensitive. You may experience jittery movement, especially during collisions, if your hardware is significantly inferior (or superior) to mine, and you're somehow running this above 64 FPS. If this occurs... I started an animation and it looks like crap and everything is a mess. Very few animations are made to support the proportions and deformations this package is designed to showcase, particularly when it comes to the angle of penetration. It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the various animation packages available on this forum and the tools I have linked to make use of them, as truly good looking sex animations for this package are worth remembering. Hard limitations on the mesh these bodies are derived from prevents decent stomach deformation on/directly above the crotch and vaginal stretching animation on more than one axis. This isn't perfect. The animated vagina opens wider than what my schlong should be causing: Try the xml set for smaller penis sizes. The default is for massive sizes as shown in the preview pictures. You can also set the max opening width easily: Why is my FPS sometimes dropping to 10 during sex scenes?? Sudden and violent FPS drops during a sex scene are generally caused by constant collision that the reacting mesh cannot escape from: for example, a hand inside a breast. I have taken great pains to give boobs a wide range of motion to slide and compress with, but this can still occur. Try moving your actors away from each other and back together, or switching to a different stage or pose and back again. Why is my FPS always terrible while outside? This happens to me too. Being outside + full collision SMP with multiple actors = your computer colliding with the performance wall. You have three options: Spend $2,000+ USD to get a monster rig, equip some armor that doesn't support SMP collisions, such as a Bikini top from my TAWoBA replacer package (keeps the jiggle for bouncy adventuring with half the FPS loss!), or disable collision entirely by doing the following: I use a pregnancy or inflation mod and it now looks unreasonable and bad. Users of anything that scales belly node be aware: I heavily repainted/intensified the weights on the belly node to allow schlong-internal belly collision. You will probably need to tone down your scaling settings to avoid giant, horrible stomach proportions. There's more than one set of .dll's for HDT-SMP floating around. Which ones should I use? I have been using the 2016-8-14 binaries when making my xmls. These can be found in the SMP+MemPatch Binary Archive.rar found on prZ's All-in-One downloads page. Your performance will vary if you use later versions. It may actually be substantially better and more smooth and fleshlike - it seemed that way when I tested it, but I suffered from extreme frame rate loss. My computer isn't terribly powerful, so you might have a great experience with it! KNOWN ISSUES: While walking and running with Floppy SOS enabled, some settings will cause the shaft of the schlong to clip behind the balls. Try stiff base as a short term fix until I can replace Floppy SOS with an SMP-based solution. Especially well endowed Futa characters can on rare occasion display self collision between schlong and belly, or with the schlong of another futa character, specifically in a few sex animations. Pressing Sexlab's rotate actors hotkey ("U" default) will reset and usually resolve these collisions. Stomach bulge physics sometimes looks exaggerated during sex with smaller penises. Animations that place hands completely inside the butt or breasts and hold them there can cause them to jiggle uncontrollably. Especially large breasts may sometimes look ridiculous when trying to escape from tight confinement with multiple collidable objects The CT77 beta conversion has significant clipping issues. Rather than fix these manually I have chosen to spend the time on producing a complete bodyslide solution to be released for prZ's upcoming collision-ready SMP bodyslide project. The current TAWoBA .esp seems to contain errors which causes four of the low weight meshes to instead load high weight versions. Or I fucked things up somehow. The affected armors are: Blades Thighs 1, Dwarven bikini 7 ,Falmer heavy thong 1 and Falmer bikini 1 PERMISSIONS & THANKS: Hydrogen for HDT prZ for introducing me to SMP Nisetanaka for the insanely good Bikini Armor Tigersan for the musclemap I based mine off of HeroedeLeyenda for the animated vagina Evilreflex, Azazells and B3lisario for the schlong technology Demoniac for the skin textures Probably like 80 other people. Complain if you belong on this list. I claim no ownership over the contents of this kit - you're free to do with it as you will, as far as I'm concerned. GETTING SUPPORT: Post your problems in this thread. I don't do support in PMs. Be as descriptive as possible. "it don't work" is useless. Describe what doesn't work, when, and what you think it should be doing. Screenshots or, when dealing with weird physics glitches, videos are useful. Submitter zarzil Submitted 10/12/2017 Category HDT Physics Requires Special Edition Compatible No
  24. Hey Im in need of some help with setting some mods up correctly for my skyrim things like FNIS, HDT, Yiffyage and so on, I tried to do it but It was a major mess so I had to nuke it and start over from scratch
  25. Trying to turn Cbbe bodyslide outfit to uunp hdt first time. But i have a problem that don't clearly know which bones copy to where? i get two results in game so far first one is ctd and second one is characters arm and legs turns spaghetti