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  1. No, there's no MCM menu for WB. I guess we should ensure you're trying to wear the right items. It's only the items with the names Wrist-Binder, Arm-binder and Crossed-wrist-binder that are supposed to bind the arms, the various cuff and restraint meshes you can also craft are just for show essentially (to be used in conjunction with one of the binders). Else, since WB uses the code-base from ZAZ-animpack, i guess that's the next place you should look, that ZAZ is working and setup correctly. If it isen't then it would make sense the wrist binders aren't working either. Finally, th
  2. I'd think that's either a FNIS or SkyUI issue. If you haven't already you should make sure your FNIS and SkyUI installs are the latest versions (and of course run the FNIS-for-users.exe thingie). Many Zaz functions work in tandem with Sexlab, and the latest version of SL requires up to date SkyUI and FNIS versions (i had similar problems with Zaz gags not opening the mouth after i updated SL. Then i noticed it now requies SkyUI 5.0, and i had 4.5 installed. Updating SkyUI is what solved it for me).
  3. I was sadly expecting such a confirmation, and yet, it has still hit me like a ton of bricks. Thanks for letting us know SleepyJim. To her family and all her other friends, i am so sorry for your loss, and i feel it too. I really wish i could say something better than that, but words completely fail me right now.
  4. I was cleaning out old files on my HDD today, and came across an .mp3 file i had completely forgotten that i had recorded. CoopPlays-FeelsForSiffy.mp3 I recorded it on a day Sif was feeling sad, i can't quite remember what about, but it was so unusual to see her sad that i didn't feel i had the words to express how i felt, and so instead i plugged in my Bass and improvised a short little tune to express it instead. I didn't play very well as my left hand was cramping up horribly that day, but fortunately the gesture did cheer her up regardless. Somehow, it seems very appropriate
  5. The engine thing is not quite that simple, it's more about how long it takes to do it. As modders we've got the freedom to take our time making whatever we want to make, whereas Dev's working against the clock on company dime don't get that luxury, so, if the tools or engine are slow to work with, features can end up getting cut for that reason alone. I'm not saying that is the reason though, just listing it as a potential one. As for the 4-button system, Istill already made the point that most of them are just for show in Fo4 anyway (you get the exact same result nomatter which one
  6. That seems to be a problem either way, and comes down to poor writing. Skyrim often lacks options for player choice, in terms of you not getting to refuse some quests, getting too few or not varied enough speech options, or there just not beeing enough ways to complete quests. It's a problem that could be resolved with more and better writing, but who knows if it would be (was it a result of lacking skill? The dev's not getting enough time? The engine beeing too wonky to work with? Or maybe they just didn't care about it? Who can say). But it's no better in Fo4, quite the opposite i
  7. I doubt anyone would disagree with that sentiment, certainly Skyrim would have been a better game if things like the civil war or defeating Alduin would have had some sort of impact on the game. Better writing would have made things better. No argument there. The reason i personally, and i think many others aswell, get uneasy when talking about more story in Bethesda games, is that we've noticed a bit of a trend in that regard. It seems Bethesda finds it very difficult to write a story for a player insertion character, which could have many different motivations decided by the playe
  8. We don't disagree. When i said "not at all" it was in refrence to you saying "sounds crazy". That'd all be true and a very fair point, well, maybe not so much that an MQ is vital (i could envision ways in which you could make an RPG that doesen't have an MQ, because i've played AD&D campaigns that didn't), but more that what creates a good story is having good character and story archs, and that things need to have consequences and stakes to be gripping. The problem with the argument in this case, however, is that we're not talking about CDprojRed here, we're talking about Bethe
  9. Not at all. Bethesda just doesen't write good stories. Morrowind was their best effort i'd say, but the people who made that effort left the company ages ago, so we won't be seeing a return to that style. So why should we want heavilly story-focused games from them? They are not good at it, so that's never going to end well. The thing Bethesda does well is create a big world with lots of fluff in it to do. On it's own it's nothing all that special, but then the modders enter the picture, and suddenly you have games where the player can roleplay all sorts of characters with al
  10. Thanks but no thanks. If i didn't make it clear enough in my huge post, i've no desire to converse with Kimy on any level or for any reason, and she's been on my ignore list for a very long time now. I just wanted to tell my side of the story after the linked-below post got pointed out to me. Well that, and also i've not eaten for days, and i was just starting on my second bottle of cheap vodka for the day, so i kinda felt like venting some pent up frustration (call me what you want, but atleast i'm beeing honest about it). Not interested? Well, there's no gun in my hand, and i'm not forci
  11. I don't use it Zhash61, but neither will i directly contribute to it any longer. If you've missed it, i'm not a random "demanding" poster, i'm was one of the Developers of the DD framework (i ran both the DDx mod, and also the maintenance of the DDa mod after Zadil left, alongside running maintenance on the DDi mod and contributions to the CD mod among many others), i was working on DD before Kimy even joined this community. I have made textures that are included in this very mod. Go look at the "Credits" section of this mod and you will find my name. There is history here, personal histor
  12. When did i ever say that i was? Do you really think i don't understand that horrible things happen all around the world? That i've never heard of the Rwandan genocide? Josef Fritzel? 9/11? The "dancing boys" of Afghanistan? The holocaust? Do you really think i belive that i am the only person in the world who has ever lived through something bad? Do give me atleast a modicum of credit.. All i've done is share my own view and story on this matter, because i was named and called out on it, so i pretty much had to defend my reasoning. Plain and simple. And no, i am not "c
  13. You have got to be kidding me.. You haven't hurt me enough Kimy? I need another kick in the ribs whilst i'm down? Funny how easy it is to make others look bad when you get to spin the narrative your way, isen't it. I really wasen't interested in airing dirty laundry, i kept my mouth shut about the details all this time regardless of how betrayed i feel, but i guess now i have to interject just to defend what little legacy i get to leave behind here after i'm gone. Well done. You know that reason i hate the CBBE body, the one you'd rather not mention? The fulcrum on which the
  14. That indicates that you're using incompatible head meshes. Hmmm, I think I'm just using the Vanilla head meshes. Does UNP have different head meshes, as well? Alternatively, it does say that the race and body may cause devices not to fit properly, but I'd always assumed that primarily meant beast races. What he should be saying is that Elven races aren't supported, because they aren't. All the Mer races in Skyrim have a different face shape than humans, which is both thinner and longer, with emaciated cheeks and sloped forheads. None of the items in DD were made with Elve
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