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  1. Share Screenies Of Your Best Female Sims! Hi everyone! I've being wanting to create some sims in The Sims 4 (great character creator and amazing CC community, btw!) and would like some inspirations! Looking for screenshots of your cutest/sexiest/handsome? female sims you got! TS2/TS3/TS4 sims welcome! Oh and please try to keep images focused on the sims! (sex pics goes to the main stickied thread!) haha
  2. Share Screenies Of Your Male Sims! What does your definition of a hot male look like? I've being wanting to create some sims in The Sims 4 (great character creator and amazing CC community, btw!) and would like some inspirations! Looking for screenshots of your handsome/sexiest/cute? male sims you got! TS2/TS3/TS4 sims welcome! Oh and please try to keep images focused on the sims! (sex pics goes to the main stickied thread!) haha
  3. View File Vindictus Vampslayer - CBBE - HDT - BodySlide By Arrow and Knee Mod Team Original Source 3DMGame: Arrow and Knee Mod Team - Vindictus Vampslayer Retouched; Latest Update: 04/04/2017 v.1.2 * Removed HDT High Heels System. * Added automatic adjustment with NiOverride High Heels, that is, you do not need the High Heel System, but if you have it, no problem. Preview Hello guys today I just bring a BodySlide I did recently, this also includes fine-tuning of the bones in the cbbe shape. I would like to put all the credits to Arrow and knee Mod Team the original authors of the mod. Thank you guys and have fun! Intro: * BodySlide for all set, including hat to import the hair and the cape. * Considerable adjustments in bone structure, mainly in the torso improving animations with swords, bow and impact blows, without clippings. * The cape was separated and moved to a different slot for better diversity and attractiveness of the set. * [Light Version] - [Daedric Rating] - No Restriction. * Adjusted the esp file, because of necessity, this includes the cape gnd as well, but the main file is needed for the rest of the files as textures. [Pack] * Armor, Boots, Gloves, Hat and Cape. Important: Contains only the BodySlide files and a preconfigured esp file, first download the original mod from the author's website to acquire the textures, and then install that BodySlide to overwrite the files. Required Mods The Original Armor Arrow and Knee Mod Team - Vindictus Vampslayer The Body Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition - CBBE - by Ousnius Jeir and Caliente BodySlide 2 BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente The Skeleton XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama It is extremely important that you use a skeleton to make the body look better and smoother curves, already I recommend this skeleton. If you do not use this or another skeleton I can not guarantee the functionality of this mod or a body similar to the pictures, because the design of the meshes were made through this skeleton. HDT Physics Extension HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT BodySlide Outfit 2 Check if all the mod's are properly installed including optional files from BodySlide Outfit 2. Racemenu Morphs for CBBE. Pre-built CBBE HDT + Morphs or Pre-build CBBE + Morphs. Open BodySlide Outfit. Load armor through the group. Select the "Build Morphs". Press the "Batch Build". Select all parts of the armor and press "Build". All Right! Installation Tips: Read only if you are experiencing difficulties and need help with the installation process. Complete installation of all mod's: Not necessarily in that order at some points, but following that way you will not have problems. Submitter Alunder Submitted 03/29/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires [Original Armor] [CBBE Body] [HDT Physics Extension] [XMPSE Skeleton] [HDT High Heel System] [BodySlide Outfit 2] Special Edition Compatible
  4. The sexiest, skimpiest bikini armour has arrived to Loverslab! Lets all welcome The Amazing World of Bikini Armour to LoversLab! This armour was created by some awesome modders from the Nexu$! All Credits go out to Nisetanaka, Kofman77 and Diablio for all of their hardwork! UUNP AND CBBE BODYSLIDE HAS ARRIVED!!! Please use the respective textures in accordance to the UNP body and the CBBE body! Users can use the mod as they like BUT they cannot re-upload with the intent to monetize the mod. They also cannot port to consoles or upload to beth.net. There will be trouble otherwise. Thank you. REQUIRES:: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000/? HDT Physics Extension http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/? NetImmerse Override "for ECE and ECEE users" http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37481/? DawnGuard DLC http://store.steampowered.com/app/211720/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim__Dawnguard/ The Amazing World of Bikini Armour! "MAIN FILE" The Amazing World of Bikini Armour V.1.7 [Fixed Iron Gauntlets 2 and 4 for beast race support. Nord Plate Skirt added and the "Old Fashioned" Bikini's have been converted to CBBE Bodyslide] http://www.mediafire.com/file/j1bt3vdba29yqz1/The_Amazing_World_of_Bikini_Armor-83383-1-7.7z "OPTIONAL FILES" T.A.W.o.B.A UNP Meshes [Regards to behinds] http://www.mediafire.com/file/rja63p1whk63cj9/T.A.W.o.B.A_UNP_Meshes-83383-UNP-Butts.7z T.A.W.o.B.A UNPB Meshes [Regards to behinds] http://www.mediafire.com/file/cqbnjcb3us33nb3/T.A.W.o.B.A_UNPB_Meshes-83383-UNPB-Butts.7z T.A.W.o.B.A CBBE CURVY Meshes [install after main file and overwrite] http://www.mediafire.com/file/re2uaihf8xwkg7a/T.A.W.o.B.A_CBBE.Curvy_Meshes-83383-CBBE-Butts.7z "Miscellaneous Files" T.A.W.o.B.A UUNP Bodyslide V.Topless 2 [Regards to behinds] http://www.mediafire.com/file/6ikjex9jada56jj/T.A.W.o.B.A_UUNP_Bodyslide-83383-Topless2.7z T.A.W.o.B.A UUNP Bodyslide Tiny Fix 4 - Fixed : Falmer Heavy Boots , Iron Gauntlets 2 & 4 [install after UUNP Bodyslide and overwrite] http://www.mediafire.com/file/twpnw0jc99e9e4e/T.A.W.o.B.A_UUNP_Bodyslide_Fix-83383-UUNP-Fix-4.7z T.A.W.o.B.A CBBE Bodyslide V.Bottomless 4 [install after main file and overwrite] http://www.mediafire.com/file/zblpqx1uhx6s4dh/T.A.W.o.B.A_CBBE_Bodyslide-83383-BTTMLSS4.7z Light Armours .ESP [install after main file and overwrite] "I can confirm this works with CBBE" http://www.mediafire.com/file/p8g4r83qiqvmpzl/Light_Armors_.esp-83383-.7z The location in game is from Alvor the Blacksmith in Riverwood. LINK TO THE ORIGINAL:: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383/? NISETANAKA' PRESETS:: (use ECE to access presets) http://www.mediafire.com/file/25vdgttb82jsfjv/NISE_PRESET.7z NISETANAKA' SKIN:: http://www.mediafire.com/file/02izs39xl5r984u/niseSkin.rar NISETANAKA' TINTMASK FILE:: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ppbmaqoxrwzsk2p/tintmask-83439-aah.7z NISETANAKA' HEAD NIF FILES:: (NOW UPDATED WITH MINOR FIX) http://www.mediafire.com/file/vn0722neba784db/nise_NIFs_repackaged.rar Want the SSE version? Check this link! https://general-andreis.tumblr.com/post/160118699301/general-andreis-the-amazing-world-of-bikini I had the blessing of Nisetanaka and Kofman77 and Diablio to be able to upload this to Loverslab! Thank you guys for the hardwork once again! Hope to see more! If I forgot to credit ANYONE regarding these mods, please let me know ASAP so I can get your name here! PLEASE ENDORSE NISETANAKA' ORIGINAL POST ON NEXU$, SHOW HIM LOVE! <3 HUGE THANKS TO NISETANAKA FOR THE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL BIKINI ARMOUR! HUGE THANKS TO KOFMAN77 FOR THE CBBE BODYSLIDE CONVERSION! HUGE THANKS TO DIABLIO FOR THE UUNP BODYSLIDE CONVERSION! HUGE THANKS TO DAYMARR FOR BACKING US UP ON THE SSE SIDE AND BEING HELPFUL! and me for helping all of them get this put up on Loverslab Kofman77 DEMANDS bottomless screenshots! GET THEM POSTED!! seriously tho, appease the bikini gods and get those screenshots posted! My contribution for the sexy bottomless pictures, Please welcome my character; Kyleeka Seterian, a gorgeous Nord! Mod review! Thanks to Dwadle "aka Porterhause"! Make sure to subscribe to him on youtub3! If anyone has issues downloading the files through mediafire, please let me know ASAP, will upload somewheres else. Thanks!
  5. Animations seems off

    Hello, I installed the mods properly but during gameplay of using the sex mod it seems that the models always seem to be misaligned so where most female models look like their being screwed by a mysterious man or themselve without using said strap-on mod, is there a way to properly fix it?
  6. Patreon Tumblr News and Updates 15.01.2018 Fixed Ela, Lydia Jorjadze and Velvet Assasin 1st person mesh bug in sneak mode 06.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Ela outfit from Rainbow Six 03.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Lydia Jorjadze 27.12.2017 Release of Combat Girl 26.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Velvet Assassin 07.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Sweet Rebel 29.09.2017 Release of patreon request - Autumn Girl 29.07.2017 Release of patreon request - HoloSuit 10.06.2017 Release of patreon request - Hyper Suit 28.05.2017 Release of Virgin Killer 12.04.2017 Started April Public Voting #4 (12.04.2017 - 12.05.2017) 08.04.2017 Release of March patreon voting winner - Cyber Suit 23.03.2017 Release of Killer Catsuit 09.03.2017 Release of February patreon voting winner - Foxy Girl 01.03.2017 Release of January Public voting #3 - The Scissor Girl 12.02.2017 Release Extravaganza (40 in 1) - BZW birthday edition. 26.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl FishNet version v1_5 Some fixes + vault suit upgrade + decent defense stats 25.01.2017 Fix Wayfaring Stranger TankTop (looks more natural) (v1_4) Full version no longer supported. 23.01.2017 Release Wayfaring Stranger v1_3 - requested by Mr. Evile 19.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl v1_2 (Texture and Neck Fix) 18.01.2017 Release of patreon pick - Cosmo Girl 07.01.2017 Started January Public voting #3 (07.01.2017 - 07.02.2017) 06.01.2017 Release of Janyary patreon voting winner - Anarchy Girl. Starting from today, every new outfit would have separate .esp file. 19.12.2016 Release of patreon request - Action Girl. Add ballistic wave support to Ninja Outfit 13.12.2016 Release of community Christmas present - Santa Baby 04.12.2016 Release of November patreon voting winner - Bullet Girl 27.11.2016 Release of public vote winner - Rough Night 04.11.2016 Finished winner of patreon voting - Street Fox. Fixed stockings in Goth Girl. 01.11.2016 Changes in policy. Thanks to Mr. Evile support, all the new armors and some of old ones have ballistic wave support. 27.10.2016 Western Swing Release and starting November Public Open voting. Workshop Policy 1. All armors are free and available for everyone. No pay-wall. 2. Community decides what armor will be next and what features it support. 3. New armor mods are chosen by Open public voting Monthly patreon-only voting Personal request (More info) "I have a Great Idea" request (More info) 4. Workshop efficiency: 2-4 mods per month. General Info about armor mods 1. All armor mods can be crafted at chem lab. 2. All armor mods have CBBE Bodyslide support 3. Most of the armors have few color themes 4. Some of the latest amor mods have ballistic weave support 5. Some armor mods change it's color at armor workbench. Support me 1. Support me on patreon 2. Create a beautiful screen-shot 3. Create youtube video 4. Use salesfiles download links Media
  7. View File Once a Project in Queens Blade for Skyrim By Grafo http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13530-queens-blade-for-skyrim Since the project no longer supported and people had questions I'll post it as a separate mod Name; Echidna F.S (as original character designed by F.S artist) Race: Custom Race Voice: Female sultry Marriageable: Yes Height: .90 Weight: 100 Skin: Fair skin (4k\compressed) (by HHaleyy ) Body: Custom UNPb Location: Whiterun - The Bannered Mare Armor: Echidna outfit remodel (original by ken1945 ) Class: Rogue assassin Skill & perks: assassin bandit Manual or your favorite mod manager ------------------------------------- Unrar,drop to Data folder bsa\esp\meshes & textures ---------------------------------- remove BSA\esp remove > meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\QBlade Echidna.esp remove > textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\QBlade Echidna.esp Thanks to Beth crappy engine F.S and Q.Blade Designers . Players, who like Not lore-friendly and Anime based content. Permission free ================================ Feedback All is fine,thanks for feedback! Submitter romeozero Submitted 10/12/2016 Category Companions Requires XPMSE Special Edition Compatible NO
  8. Well...

    blubb so I uploaded some of the videos I made back then ( sfw and nsfw ) to a google drive, I know some folks of you were asking for them and I decided to load some more up since I had time here you go Enjoy I wan't to upload all of the vids I made over the years ( even the rly rly old bad ones lol ) but the google drive has only 15 GB ... so ye I rly don't wanna make any more google accounts cus I will lose track any suggestions?
  9. View File Description: Original concept was posted by archer1986@3dmgame.com, but the files was lost somewhere in the internets. So, i decided to replicate it from the screenshots that remain. Now in two flavours: CBBE and CHSBHC Screenshots(HEAVY): What's inside: Cuirass Cuirass with stockings Gloves Boots Boots for HDT HHS Really Awesome Invisible Helmet Heavy. Armor rating matches the one for the Dragonplate armor. Requirements: CBBE textures HDT High Heel System(optional .esp without this requirement) BBP skeleton. Where to get: Exchange your dragonplate armor for this one at Tanning Rack. No freebies. Or use the mighty immersion-breaking console: "help DPnTrielek" Credits: 1) asianboy345 for importing UNP-sized Tera armors into Skyrim(go and give him some Kudos's) 2) WarMaster09 for CBBE'ing those armors 3) xp32 for the HDT-compatible Trielek boots 4) HydrogensaysHDT for his awesomeness(actually, for HDT HighHeels System here) 5) Alan of "ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM" for BBP Armor Packs(that's where i've found that Dragon Princess armor) 6) Luxurysky for the amazingly good Trielek retexture 7) chsbhc(whatever this means) version brought to you by Hodoki 8) archer1986 for the concept, and for teasing me with his screenshots and not reuploading his version. That bastard... To Do: 1) A little clipping can be observed at the inner side of arms. 2) I suppose i should do something to make those armors temperable? 3) Complete the set(invisihelmet/pseudohelmet, do something so the set will be recognized by the perks). 4) This armor is very distracting, be careful.(Can do nothing about it, sorry). 5) Should i increase the AR of the cuirass with stockings relative to the one without? Submitter Uriel Submitted 07/30/2013 Category Armor & Clothing Requires CBBE, HDT High Heel System Special Edition Compatible
  10. View File File Name: Luxury Collection for CBBE HDT Bodyslide File Submitter: ApoKrytia File Submitted: 16 Aug 2015 File Category: Armor & Clothing Requires: CBBE, XPMSE, HDT High Heels System, Heels Sound Declaration Description For the most luxurious female characters, I bring you the outfits collection of fashion and beauty. Large amounts of high-poly items with the varieties of 2K textures can be dressed up in your own unique style. For now, this mod only contains items that are merged from Rayne1023's mods. I improved the textures and the bugged esps, expanding textures varieties, and converted them to CBBE HDT Bodyslide. Most of the models and textures are ported from Poser/DAZ. Due to the high-poly models and 2K textures, you should expect some performance impacts if you have already struggle to run the game with your current build. Because of the file size, I upload the main file to MEGA, and post hot fix directly on LL. Courtesy of Gwanuneg Below are original released mods and Japanese introduction pages. These files are not required. Features Preview Large varieties of high quality outfits. Textures are fixed, improved, and expanded. Not all of them FYI. All textures optimized by DDS compression or SMCO. NIF specular strength reduced. CBBE HDT Bodyslide supported with various zap. Weight slider supported. Heels Sound supported. Box ground models added. Different fine-tuned heights for High Heels. New CBBE feet mesh imitates the Victoria 4 feet from Poser/DAZ. Light Armor only, with Dragonscale stats but decreased weights. Sorted names - LUX [original outfit name]: [texture expansion name] [part] (color/style tag) Some bug fixes. Not craftable and a few items are temperable. I gave up adding tempering list. No 1st person models and assignments. Use this or fix by yourself. Requirements Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- V3.4+ BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio V2.7+ XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended V2.0+ HDT Physics Extension HDT HighHeels System Heels Sound Acquirement Use console or AddItemMenu I don't think it's good to make tons of lore-breaking items craftable. And of course it will be a hell to make these items craftable and temperable. If someone want to do it, feel free to upload the esp. sidfu offer an esp that makes items craftable at tanning rack. WraithSlayer provide an esp which makes items buyable in Whiterun. Installation Use any mod manager or drop into Data manually. Overwrite anything. Uninstallation Deactivate in mod manager or delete files listed below: Known Issues Some bugs(missing race supports etc.) inherit from original esp. I hope someone can help me fix these......I'm tired of them. Fxied by A.J. Too many items, so there is lag when opening AddItemMenu. Some of the names are too long. Please hide the type and class columns in SkyUI because the awesome icon already do it. Feel free to give me better names. Don't use negative value at calf parts with close-fitting outfits. We can only fix clippings between 0-100. Default meshes in BSA are CBBE Curvy, so there are clippings at calf parts. I'm new to texture modding. Maybe there are lighting issues I didn't aware of. Feel free to point out. Bodyslide is a morphing tool, you should expect distortions. I have done my best to prevent them. Credits Renderosity and DAZ3D creators for original models and textures. Google the outfit names if you are interested in who creators are. Rayne1023(aka AeroBlacksmith) for the ported models. Blabba and Cell(aka Ousnius), Tianya, and InsanitySorrow for the tutorials. Arison_c and CT77 for the feet mesh from this mod. xXDeliteXx for some textures from this mod. Raven for the ground models and textures from Luxurious Seduction. BloodFree, Ramccoid, Nebula, Majk360, CaBal, and HalkHogan for the cubemaps. Titan7585 for screenshots and testing. A.J. for helping me fixed race bugs from original mods. Blabba for the bsd files from HDT Body. If I miss any credit, please inform me. Tools Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 2.7c-f 3dsMax 2012 NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha 2 Photoshop CS6 Extended TES5Edit BSAopt SMCO FAQ Q: Can you convert to 7B/XXX? A: No. Reason? This is a BODYSLIDE thread. Google it, read the mod page and all tutorials. Q: Why CBBE? A: I don't know. I have used CBBE since the game released, and then Bodyslide make me stick to it. It isn't time to switch to UUNP while there is CITRUS. Don't mention that UUNP is harder to convert, which results in very few conversions. Q: How about UUNP? A: Not me. I would be glad if there is a UUNP one. Q: CTD? A: Something on your end. Q: I can't connect MEGA. A: Fix your connection. Chrome, extensions, or whatever. I recommend this Q: Small clippings? A: Fix by yourself or use some more normal body shapes. Submitter ApoKrytia Submitted 08/16/2015 Category Armor & Clothing Requires CBBE, XPMSE, HDT High Heels System, Heels Sound Special Edition Compatible
  11. View File Apal Armored Leotard for CBBE and Atomic Beauty A simple standalone under-armor that reveals your hips and makes your legs appear longer ! Craftable at a chemistry station. Once crafted, you can modify it at a workbench REQUIRED: CBBE Bodyslide & OutfitStudio Installation: - Step 1 : Download it with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager - Step 2 : Extract it with the brand new installer fully functional - Step 3 : Run Bodyslide and build it - Step 4 : Profit CreditS: Thanks to Chuckdm for his Railroad skin : RRmod in download section, only available for Sleeveless version Caliente and Ousnius for CBBE and Bodyslide FOMOD files made with FOMOD Creation Tool by http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/10324035/?]Wenderer[/url] For the screenshots : Ralfetas for Fortaleza armor WhiteShades for Bodyslide Underwear Mesh (for the socks) Darklynxxx for Suitdreams (the belts, more particulary) Armorsmith Extended for holstered weapons Ponytail Hairstyles by Azarkiowa for the hairs This mod is free to be modified and used elswhere with my permission, and only for free mods. Submitter Apal Submitted 07/18/2016 Category Armor & Clothing Requires CBBE, BodySlide  
  12. Deathbywesker's Gaming Sims

    View File View File I was feeling generous and decided to share some of my gaming sims with the community. Keep in mind, all of these sims are in the nude (not fully nude) because I wanted to limit the amount of cc needed for them and it's also easier for me to track down the cc. I have old look books in the gallery that you can use for them though. Most content these sims are using are the same (genetics wise), but I have listed them again for each sim. I'll leave the body goods up to you, but keep in mind some content aren't compatible with others. *Ex. All or most of these sims will be using Luumia's default skin replacement (Smoothish II) and they are not compatible with Hiroki's Better Body or other default skin replacements.* Feel free to experiment to your liking though. All of my sims should compatible with the latest update PC / Mac and should be compatible with older versions and newer updates. *To add them in your game, simply unzip the folders with 7-zip or WinRar and put the tray files into your tray folder. You also need all or most of the content I listed below if you want them to look the same in your game.* Optional outfits: Hide contents Chris's Re6 outfit by Zulf Cepzid: http://cepzid.tumblr.com/post/164898344092/resident-evil-6-chris-redfield-outfits-category Chris's Re1 outfit by Zulf Cepzid: http://cepzid.tumblr.com/post/157395014002/chris-redfield-outfits-from-resident-evil Jill's Re1 outfit by Zulf Cepzid: http://cepzid.tumblr.com/post/163789835507/jill-valentine-costume-category-female-teen Jill's Re3 outfit by Rumoruka Raizon: http://rumoruka-raizon.tumblr.com/post/150258885131/jill-valentine-resident-evil-3-full-body-outfit Bayonetta's original outfit by Saikyo: http://saikyoc4.tumblr.com/post/107791739338/bayonetta Chuck's outfit by Wesker Lover: http://wesker1993.tumblr.com/post/128200967786/since-im-a-big-zombie-fan-one-of-my-favourite#notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris Redfield CC List: Hide contents Hair: Luumia's Augustus Hair *Link doesn't exist anymore, he's updating all of his old content* Facial Hair: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1324046 Eyes: http://kijiko-catfood.com/eye-colors-default-replacement-non-default-vampires/ *non-default eyes* *optional, you won't see them anyway because of the 2nd eyes* http://endless-laziness.tumblr.com/post/100657031261/95-mix-eyes-facepaint-all-eye-packs-ive-made-now *this is what you'll need* Brows: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1320748 Optional Default Teeth: http://pyxiidis.blogspot.ca/2017/04/ea-teeth-begone-default-replacement.html Optional Default Lips: http://simsinspring.tumblr.com/post/138382185665/dreplacement-lips-you-can-have-only-one-lip Top: http://luumiasims.com/post/152404590469/body-redux-3-new-body-replacements-to-improve *Bod-E II, muscular non-default and Smooth II default skin* Hands: http://luumiasims.com/post/119319961774/the-lack-of-a-hand-size-slider-in-sims-4-slightly Lips: http://simsontherope.tumblr.com/post/125076414341/realistic-lips-for-the-sims-4-i-think-ea-did-an Feet: http://untraditionalnerd.tumblr.com/post/136146893240/download-detailed-feet Skin: http://xldsims.tumblr.com/post/149505614209/ive-been-hording-this-for-a-while-now-and-use-it Skintone: http://kijiko-catfood.com/non-default-skin-tones-and-default-tuning/ Skin Detail: http://sims4nexus.com/?page_id=3041 *Scroll down to Overlays and download defined nose 1 & 2, mouth, foreheadlines, feet, and hands* https://tamosim.blogspot.com/2014/09/ts4-basic-eyebags.html *this is the correct link* *eyebags* http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1330957 *mouth corners* http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1365360 *contour* Optional: *I reccommend using the increased fatness and muscle slider by Sir Daubeny for Chris along with the no fatness/ no muscle mod.* cc credits: luumiasims, xldsims, Pralinesims, kijiko-catfood, endless-laziness, pyxiidis, siminspring, simsontherope, untraditionalnerd, Sims4Nexus, Tamo, RemusSirion, Vanderetro and L'universims Chris's appearance is based off his Re6 version. I might plan on making Re1 Chris and Re5 Chris in the future. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jill Valentine CC List: Hide contents Hair: The hair I'm using for Jill is the Innocence Hair by Kiara Zurk. *I took the link down because I was informed that it could be harmful to your computer, please be careful if you download from her site.* Other Optional Hair: Rusty: http://blog.naver.com/PostThumbnailView.nhn?blogId=jinhee_a&logNo=220388441784&categoryNo=99&parentCategoryNo=99 Nightcrawler: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1342023 http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1351201 http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1396639 Lashes: http://kijiko-catfood.com/3d-lashes-version2/ Eyes: http://kijiko-catfood.com/eye-colors-default-replacement-non-default-vampires/ *non-default eyes* http://endless-laziness.tumblr.com/post/100657031261/95-mix-eyes-facepaint-all-eye-packs-ive-made-now *samething with Chris, you'll need these eyes* Brows: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1316642 Makeup: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1344175 Optional Default Teeth: http://pyxiidis.blogspot.ca/2017/04/ea-teeth-begone-default-replacement.html Optional Default Lips: http://simsinspring.tumblr.com/post/138382185665/dreplacement-lips-you-can-have-only-one-lip Lips: http://simsontherope.tumblr.com/post/125076414341/realistic-lips-for-the-sims-4-i-think-ea-did-an Feet: http://untraditionalnerd.tumblr.com/post/136282458645/download-detailed-feet-lady-edition Skin: http://xldsims.tumblr.com/post/149505614209/ive-been-hording-this-for-a-while-now-and-use-it http://luumiasims.com/post/152404590469/body-redux-3-new-body-replacements-to-improve *Smooth II default skin* Skintone: http://kijiko-catfood.com/non-default-skin-tones-and-default-tuning/ Skin Detail: http://sims4nexus.com/?p=4813 *defined nose* (Sims4Nexus) http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1350181 *mouth corners n4* http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1350179 *eyebags n10* cc credits: KiaraZurk, kijiko-catfood, endless-laziness, S-Club, Pralinesims, pyxiidiss, siminspring, simsontherope, untraditionalnerd, xldsims, luumiasims, Sims4Nexus, Vanderetro, and L'universims Jill's appearance is based off her Re1 (remake) and Re5 version. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bayonetta CC List: I based Bayonetta's appearance off her Smash 4 and Bayonetta 2 look. (In my game she's using more than 1 hairstyle, for you guys I only listed the one hairstyle above because I think it suits her best.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chuck Greene CC List: Chuck's appearance is based off his Dead Rising 2 look. (I haven't really played this game fully or played any of the other Dead Rising games.) I don't like games that have a time limit, unless I have the option to freeze the time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *TOU: You may do whatever you want with them, just please don't reupload or claim them as your own. You can tag me by using #deathbywesker or #shinyjynx if you use them.* If there are any issues or mistakes I've made please let me know. I don't take requests, sorry. Thank you to all the cc creators listed above, it would not be possible to make them like this without their creations. Consider them a thank you gift & Have fun and enjoy. Submitter deathbywesker Submitted 12/08/2017 Category The Sims 4 Requires The Sims 4
  13. View File BODYTEXTURES + WARPAINT All the skin textures are edited and painted by myself. (Using the original 4k textures) Clean Version + bodyslide preset Preview: Senua's Warpaint Preview: ----REQUIREMENTS: -PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest -HDT Physics Extensions -PSQ Transformpackage [Fomod] 1.4 Sexlab Framework Sexlab Aroused NiOverride UIExtensions ​ ----RECOMMENED MODS: Animated Dragon Wings Alduin Wings Evil Retexture Astaroth Horns Redone The Amazing World Of Bikini Armor ENB (The skin textures best used with an ENB. Without ENB reflections the sweat/fluid or the "invisible back tattoo" will be less effective/noticeable.The "invisible back tattoo" in human form appaer as scars and gets shiny when transformed) ----INSTALL: After installing the REQUIRED mods (PSQ and PSQ Transformpackage 1.4) you will have the following folders in your Skyrim Data folder: Data / Textures / PSQ / - humanbody / female - succubusbody / female Place the .dds files from your choosen texture preset in these folders. ENB settings: To edit the amount of glossiness open your ENB GUI and scroll down to the Enviroment section and look for SpecularAmountMultiplier and SpecularPowerMultiplier. Recommened settings: 1-4+ Above 10 you get the oily look, which is nice but kinda covers the sweat textures. Make sure the IgnoreWeatherSystem is enabled. Bodyslide: If you are new to PSQ I suggest you to make your own bodyslide for each human and succu form. Open Bodyslide and create or use the one you already have. Enable Build Morphs and Hold CTRL while you click on Build then navigate to: Data / CalienteTools / BodySlide Copy femalebody.tri, femalebody_0 and _1.nif and place them into your PSQ mesh folder located: Data / meshes / PSQ / -humanbody -succubusbody If you create different body for human and succu the shape of the body will change when you transform. Cum Texture Replacer (work in progress) Preview: Eye Textures for PSQ (soon) Schlong Textures (soon) Submitter The Ki La Submitted 08/06/2017 Category Models & Textures Requires PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest Special Edition Compatible
  14. Sultry Susan

    Version 1.0


    Here is a preset of a very lovely and attractive young miss named Susan who is sure to turn the heads of commonwealthers. Requires the following mods to work *Looskmenu *Fallout 4 script extender *THbrows *Mischairstyles *Zella's hair color collection To install, just move the susan.json file into the following directory Computer/Local Disk/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/fallout 4/data/f4se/plugins/f4ee/presets
  15. Sultry Susan

    View File Here is a preset of a very lovely and attractive young miss named Susan who is sure to turn the heads of commonwealthers. Requires the following mods to work *Looskmenu *Fallout 4 script extender *THbrows *Mischairstyles *Zella's hair color collection To install, just move the susan.json file into the following directory Computer/Local Disk/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/fallout 4/data/f4se/plugins/f4ee/presets Submitter ChokingHazard Submitted 01/05/2018 Category Other Requires Looksmenu, Fallout 4 Script Extender, THbrows, MiscHairstyles, Zella's Hiar Color Collection  
  16. View File What are Alu Fiends and Cambion? Here is the Wiki TLDR: Offspring of Succubus and Mortals that have wings, tail, fangs, horns and some strength of the succubus as well as the ability to shape shift to look normal. Video: Check out the video for a preview of how it looks in game and for how the transformation looks. Note: Please report any bugs so I can fix them, also once i can fully figure out how to do a MCM I will add options to the wings tails and horns also as far as I am aware this mod should be compatible with all uhh 'adult' mods. What does this mod do? This mod lets you transform in and out of the Alufiend/Cambion state. It supports both male and female, and is not a custom race so you can use it with any body and race you wish because YAY HALF BLOODS! Demon Form Grants: Zero Fall Damage 5% Damage Bonus 5% Damage Reduction Increased Jump Height. 50% Reduced cost of Illusion Spells 50% resistance to fire Minor Health Regen Also ability to summon an Oblivion hound that scales to your level once per day lasts for 3 minutes. (book sold at farengar) (Fiends typically are able to call on their own, but not much demonic thing so went with the hound) You will be Attack on Sight in your demonic form. Required Mods: You will be required to have both of the below mods to run this one, ensure that my mod is lowest on the load order. Animated Dragon Wings - By Anthon (I use the 150% size you do not have to adjust to your liking) HDT Physics Extension - By HydrogensaysHDT Note:Special thanks to Jacques00art for letting me use your HDT Dragon Tails mod in this mod, it really helps sale the feeling of what I was trying to capture with this. So thank you again Credits: To the Above Modders, Anthon, HydrogensaysHDT, jacques00 and ThednNightshade this mod would not look so amazing with out these particular peoples mods, take some time to go check out their other stuff. Installation: Install the above mods, and put my esp below them or things probably won't show up properly. How to get the Ability: You can buy the spellbook: Fiendish ways from most of the main cities mages such as farengar just look for the spell with the console via pressing ` than type help "demonic" than add the spell using player.addspell (number goes here) Shout out: To the author of TDN Equipable Horns I am using one of the horns from this set, and honestly there are just so many amazing horns from this, this is not a required mod as the author has given permission for others to use so long as credit is do, but really if you are looking for horns for other characters take a look at this mod! Links to some mods to help with customizing your new alu fiend or cambion! Eyes of Beauty - By Gabriel Mailhot True Eyes - By Jimtownirish Animated Feather Wings - By Milisot1325 (Get this if you prefer the feather wings in the pictures I have. Evil Wings Retexture - By Knightmare077 (get this if you want the red and black wings shown above) cbbe body - by Caliente (my preffered body mod but you can use others if you want) Shroud's Juicy Dragon Wings - By Shroud Sage, lets you rexture the wings in a pretty amazing way! (thank you teepeezombie for the suggestion) Know Bugs: On Occasion if you die in your Demonic form you will still be able to jump high in normal form. I am told this has something to do with script lag. But if you restart the game should go away. I am still looking for a fix its a issue with the animated dragon wings, hopefully can find something if anyone has some insight please let me know! Submitter haytur Submitted 03/22/2015 Category Races Requires Dawnguard, Animated Dragon Wings, HDT Phsyics Extension Special Edition Compatible  
  17. View File NOTE!!! Make sure the 3 included ESPs are checked and placed last in load order. Requires latest Bodyslide 2.7+. INVISIBLE ARMOR or floating head problems, read the install instructions. Please read UNINSTALL instructions if you had previously installed v1.0. Download Filenames: TrX Armor Replacer Vanilla v1.3 (listed as Mirror) TrX Armor Replacer DLCs v1.2 (listed as Similar Files) Updates: TrX Armor Replacer Vanilla Patch v1.3a (fixes some incorrect names and Savior Hide ground mesh. Install after Vanilla v1.3) Optional: TrX Sloot Armor Stand Alone Bodyslide Preset - CBBE Sloot Body Note: This will break immersion. Some of the armors in this mod have higher polygons and may affect performance on low end machines when many NPCs are wearing them in your area. Doing this project I realized how many mistakes I made in my previous armor packs. Those are full of nif problems. I promise this pack is much better quality. That's all thanks to the the folks on here that have replied to my quetions. Thanks guys! New Updates 8/26/2015. See details below. ✦ What is this? ✦ Vanilla/Dragonborn/Dawnguard armor replacer with some of the more popular armors and clothing created by the talented modding community. Many of the armors have been retextured. Quite a few are mash-ups for a fresh, never seen look. Made for CBBE HDT body with Bodyslide files. I have included the Bodyslide body presets seen in the screenshots; TrX Sloot Body and TrX Sloot Body Gear. TrX Sloot Body has enlarged nipples for nude body. Use this to build your HDT CBBE Body. TrX Sloot Body Gear has reduced nipple size to eliminate armor clipping. Use this to batch build armor and clothing. If anyone wants to convert to UNPB or other body types, please feel free and send me a link. Please let me know if anything looks out of place. Also I could use some help in the bug list below if anyone can figure them out. ✦ Get It Now!!✦ Three chests in game labeled TrX Loot Chest. Console command 'help trx'. A list of chests will appear with ###### in front. Console command 'player.placeatme ######' ✦ Requirements ✦ HDTPhysics Extensions XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (select Groovtama during install) Caliente'sBeautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- BodySlide2 and Outfit Studio ✦ Installation ✦ Install all files listed in DOWNLOAD section. Place ESPs at bottom of load order. For step-by-step install guide, please see Chronotrigger77 RemodeledArmor for CBBE but install this mod in place of his. Once everything is installed, you need to build your HDT body in Bodyslide. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LATEST BODYSLIDE 2.7. 1) Start Bodyslide. 2) In Outfit/Body drop down menu, select CBBE HDT. In Preset drop down menu, choose a body or play with sliders to make your own. Click Build. 3) In search box Outfit Filter, type TRX. 4) Click Batch Build. ✦ Updates ✦ 9/8/2015 TrX Armor Replacer Vanilla v1.3 (See below for pics) Fixes invisible head bug for hoods. Adds more color variety to some clothes. Adds a few BnS HDT armors. Changes Savior Hide to BnS armor. Adds BnS HDT armors for high level mage content. To get in game, Console Help "TrX Easter Egg Chest". Player.Placeatme ####### ✦ Uninstall Instructions✦ V1.0 used the default mesh names so when you build via Bodyslide, the original meshes were overwritten. In order to revert closer to vanilla state, install another armor replacer such as Chronotrigger77 RemodeledArmor for CBBE. Batch build to overwrite default meshes, then install TrX Armor Replacer and batch build TrX armors. You only need to do this if you installed v1.0. Any versions after uses unique mesh names and IDs. If you are upgrading, follow above. Then overwrite all files and batch build TrX armors. ✦ Bugs ✦ Here's a list of bugs I'm working on. - Danica Purespring and other NPCs that used to wear hoods are missing their hair. I can't figure out why. Any help would be appreciated. ✦ Credits & Permissions ✦ This has been a huge project taking a couple months. It started out as just a few armor replacements using Tera armors but became much more comprehensive. I ended up replacing variants of armors as well because I enjoy seeing a variety of terrific armors from the modding community. After two months, I'm fairly burned out and decided to release this. There's still a few armor variants I want to replace with different models but for now they are re-colors. Many thanks to the people below for their excellent work. If I missed your name below, I apologize and do please let me know. nsk13 EnMasse Entertainment asianboy345 Frigus yurica gatti2012 esmm40 calyps xinafay Aradia jmenaru s666 nausicaa36 zotman12 DanielTDrea Insanity fox tiwa44 KURESE zzjay golgappa nakrulz Severus616 newermind43 TomPomMax Alunder betterbecause mxwqtkl TrX Armor Replacer v1.3 Screenshots TrX Armor Replacer v1.2 Screenshots Submitter samisme74 Submitted 08/17/2015 Category Armor & Clothing Requires See Requirement List in description Special Edition Compatible  
  18. View File PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. ----10/20/15 Update---- Replaced CBBE body with HDT version (XPMSE skeleton and HDT physics extension is mandatory now). Added white hair color option for all hairs. Added silver, green and light blue eye colors. Redid Elizabeth ear smaller (it shoudn't stick like airplane wings anymore). Increased Elizabeth armor stats and reanimate spell level range. Used TES Edit to force Serana race back to nord race (this should fix any problems with her cure script). DESCRIPTION ================================== This mod will change Serana, Valerica and Harkon's appearance, Harkon stays mostly the same though (just changed his textures and hair). It may be incompatible with any mods that change Serana, Valerica or Harkon in any way and other mods that change vampire appearance as a whole. I can not guarantee it will work with other Serana mods (although some users reported Serana Dialogue Edit and Marriable Serana to work). You can use the installer to choose between 10 hairstyles, 4 hair colors, 8 eye colors, 4 makeup colors, 4 body types (CBBE, UNP, UNPB, 7B Bombshell) Also added an optional file with non glowing eyes and without fangs to simulate a cured version of Serana (only 2 hairs to choose) The Seductress Elizabeth file is just a new NPC with the same appearance, for those that don't want to replace Serana or don't have the Dawnguard DLC. She can be found on Sky Haven Temple, she uses the vampire leather armor by RavenDier. You can choose various options for her too. This version of the mod will put a vampire follower called Elizabeth which can be found on Sky Haven Temple. May be incompatible with other mods that change vampire appearance as a whole. She is located inside Sky Haven Temple main room near the table. ITEMS USED ON THE SCREENS ================================== *ENB* Poupouri ENB - Morning Star v0.236 by Machiimachii *Armors* Succubus Armor by Hentai & CBBE version by Nausicaa // Dark Lilith Armor by Nikitaa // Vampire Leather Armor by RavenDier // Vampire Dark Knight by Newmiller // Lingerie Set by NPR // Divinesight Robe from CBBE TERA Armors by Frigus // Drakul Armor by Zerofrost // Sexy Swimsuit and Bikinis for CBBE by Nikitaa // CBBE Dawnguard Vampire Armors by Echo 1162 // BnS Heijun by Optioq *Accessories* Old Kaw's Claws by Kaw // Equipable Tongues by Morten // TND Equipable Horns by TheDNightshade // Castanic Horns by Saru // Astaroth Horns by NPR // Animated Dragon Wings by Anton *Weapons* Dread Knight Weapon Set by Jojjo // Liliths Sickle by Wiikki CHANGELOG ================================== 3.2 Replaced CBBE body with HDT version (XPMSE skeleton and HDT physics extension is mandatory now), added white hair color option for all hairs, added silver, green and light blue eye colors, redid Elizabeth ear smaller (it shoudn't stick like airplane wings anymore), increased Elizabeth armor stats and reanimate spell level range, used TES Edit to force Serana race back to nord race (this should fix any problems with her cure script). 3.0 Reverted back peggygift hair mesh so that it clips less with the breast. 2.9 Hotfix for the Navre hair colors. 2.8 Can improve Elizabeth armor now, added colors to vanilla hair. 2.7c Various esp edits, Elizabeth should reanimate properly now. 2.7b Added Harkon nude body (not that you would care, mainly for testing for upcoming follower), minor edits to Elizabeth armor (changed boots, added fingernails, added skirt to sevenbase version). 2.7a Updated peggygift, peggyelf and peggyvamp hair meshes. 2.6b Added Elizabeth new version. 2.6a Added several appeal options, fixed teeth position, changed Harkon head. 2.5 Redid the character with ECE. 1.4 Organized all the options neatly in the installer. 1.2 Fixed an issue on Elizabeth armor disappearing with follower inventory management mods. 1.1 Added optional tints and vanilla hair. 1.0 Release. REQUIREMENTS ================================== -XPMSE Skeleton -HDT Physics Extensions INSTALLATION ================================== Simply install with Nexus Mod Manager and pick the desired options. You can install manually if you know what you're doing, the common folder contains the core files, the other folders have the files that should replace the core files. UPDATING ================================== Uninstall the previous version first, if you installed manually make sure to delete all files. NOTES ================================== 1- This mod modifies both Serana and Valerica weight to 100 but in the vanilla game their weight are set to 20 so you will encounter a small gap/clipping in the neck area because of this weight difference, if you wish to fix this please do the following: 1-Open the console and click Serana/Valerica so that their id appears. 2-Type "setnpcweight 100" without quotes and press enter. 3-Type "disable" without quotes and press enter. 4-Type "enable" without quotes and press enter. 2- You can get a discolored face or headless character if the face data on the esp doesn't match the one on the head mesh, this happens when you try to load a save that had a previous Serana appearance mod installed without proper uninstalling all the files first. This can also be caused by messing with the character appearance in some way then saving, like for example changing her race with console commands or trying to use the creation kit to change something. If you experience this please load the game without any mods that affect Serana and see if the game loads her default appearance without problems then save the game and install my mod. If you still have problems try a new game without any mods, if the problem persists try deleting the scripts folder and your INI file in the my documents folder 3- If you use the "manage with AFT" option from Amazing Follower Tweaks" she will revert to whatever default vampire eye texture you're using on the next cell load. If you want to fix this you'll have to replace the default vampire eye texture for all vampires, copy the texture you want from the eye folder of this mod and put it on Data/Textures/actors/character/eyes. Now make a copy of eyevampire_01.dds on the same folder and rename to eyevampire_02.dds 4- If you want Serana or Elizabeth to wear something else other than her default outfit you'll need to either give something that exceeds her current armor rating, that is the base item armor rating combined with her armor skill or just use a follower mod that allows you to manage follower outfits. 5- Sometimes when loading the game Elizabeth will simply not spawn, you can check if it spawned by typing in the console "help elizabeth" without quotes, memorize the first two digits of her id then type in console "prid xx003323" without quotes where xx is the first two digits of her id, finally type in console "moveto player" without quotes. If this doesn't work please exit to desktop and load the game again. As a last resort (not recommended) you can type "player.placeatme xx000D70 1" where again xx is two digits of her id, this will spawn a copy of the character directly on you. 6- Elizabeth is a bit overpowered in the regular game, it is recommended you play on master difficulty or above. RECOMMENDED MODS ================================== Amazing Follower Tweaks ShowRaceMenu Alternative Skyrim NPC Editor Female Facial Animation BVFE - Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes RV Vampire eyes Spectral Shade eyes The Hairstyler Serana hood with hair replacer PERMISSIONS ================================== The files used in this mod were either free to use or were given permission by their owners. Refer to each specific mod about their permissions. The TERA assets belong to En Masse Entertainment and their original creators. CREDITS AND THANKS ================================== TERA Armors Collection by asianboy345 (original assets owned and copyrighted by En Masse Entertainment) Vampire Leather Armor by RavenDier & Sevenbase version by furiousreason Kaw Claws by kaw Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition by Caliente UNP body by Dimon UNPB body by xp32 SevenBase body by Crosscrusade, DeMoNhUnTeR1986, Sevennity 4uDIKs Male body by 4uDIK Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team Female Facial Animation by nao4288 ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii CCC Hairs by zzjay SG Hair Pack by Hellosanta SG Female Eyebrows by Hellosanta SG Female Textures Renewal by Hellosanta Better Males Textures by Chriss57 BVFE Serana by Aipex8 Better vampire fangs and eyes by Aipex8 Rosario vampire eyes by Pemamendez Spectral Shade eyes by Krisan The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot Smile in HD by zzjay Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi Geonox- High Res Face Maps for Men pikkatze- Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents Chris57 and FavoredSoul- Better males yllib - No More Ugly Bronze Shine Submitter damnyou123 Submitted 03/08/2014 Category Companions Requires Dawnguard DLC Special Edition Compatible  
  19. I need a mod to make my PC strike sexy poses, in *showracemenu* I can make my PC do poses but they are all vanilla, where can I download poses, I can’t find any on nexus, and I’m not getting an answer on their forums, I figured I would get a good answer on the superior site anyway, LL. Best mod site there is. 😄
  20. Merry Xmas

    ***Merry Christmas Everyone*** Bonus: Sexy Christmas GIFs
  21. View File Dancing Shadow Rose - CBBE - HDT - BodySlide - Zaps by Woodsnow Previous Version: ShadowRose Armor - Bombshell / Cleavage BBP (Optimized) by Jordick & IDZERONO Reference: Link: 3DMGAME Link 2: Eiheispot1.blog.gc2.com Retouched; Latest Update: 27/03/2017 Preview Hello guys I'd like to introduce them to a mod that I've been working on at the end of last year at the request of a friend. He sent me many mod's to do a rework and I agreed to help him. Consider a great retouching, and quite large. The mod is not mine and the credits go to Woodsnow for the first rough of the conversion. This mod is found in the Chinese community, but hard to find good sources for download, some can be found here in the forum, but are outdated, I talked to the author sunhawken informing about this update and he liked the idea. Have fun! Intro: [New] * Added automatic adjustment through Nioverride High Heels. Just download the optional file and install over the main version. * All BodySlide Updated; Full BodySlide Support. * Add Full Zap Slider Support for all parts of the set. * Several corrections on the meshes and bone structure. * Added gnd files for all set. * Moved the gloves of the main armor for a separate slot aiming for the full bonus of the set. * Added New Style E [White & Black]. * Fixed first person view for all set. * Fixed possible mismatch of colors in the hands of gloves A when re-equipped. * Fixed small clipping in gloves D. [Pack] * 4 Cuirass + 7 Alternative Colors. * 4 Gauntlets + 5 Alternative Colors. * 4 Boots + 5 Alternatives Colors. * Totalizing: 29 Parts. * Craftable, Refineable & Enchanted. * [Light Version] - [Daedric Rating] * Book Restricion to save the forge. See below where to find or check the latest images. Book - Where to find? Found inside the Temple of Kynareth in the room right on the table. Notes/Tips * The armor B has a skirt with a very thin layer that can cause clippings in some animations such as walking and running, if that upsets you, use the zap slider to remove the skirt. * The armor D also has a skirt so if you use a very heavy preset and cause clippings in walking or running animations, you can choose to remove the outer layer of the skirt through the zap sliders. * The circlet has an insignificant difference compared to color; Silver and Bronze, maybe will be more noticeable depending on your settings and ENB. Or use this mod to get the set: AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer by towawot Important: You need HDT High Heels plugin installed and in the Load Order to prevent CTD's. (Or) Install the optional NiOverride High Heels file. Required Mods The Body Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition - CBBE - by Ousnius Jeir and Caliente BodySlide 2 BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente The Skeleton XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama It is extremely important that you use a skeleton to make the body look better and smoother curves, already I recommend this skeleton. If you do not use this or another skeleton I can not guarantee the functionality of this mod or a body similar to the pictures, because the design of the meshes were made through this skeleton. HDT Physics Extension HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT HDT High Heels System HDT HighHeels System by hydrogensayshdt BodySlide Outfit 2 Check if all the mod's are properly installed including optional files from BodySlide Outfit 2. Racemenu Morphs for CBBE. Pre-built CBBE HDT + Morphs or Pre-build CBBE + Morphs. Open BodySlide Outfit. Load armor through the group. Select the "Build Morphs". Press the "Batch Build". Select all parts of the armor and press "Build". All Right! Installation Tips: Read only if you are experiencing difficulties and need help with the installation process. Complete installation of all mod's: Not necessarily in that order at some points, but following that way you will not have problems. Special Thanks/Credits woodsnow the original author. sunhawken, Jordick and IDZERONO for the BBP reference. Ousnius, Jeir and Caliente for the BodySlide Outfit 2. HydrogensaysHDT for the HDT Physics. XP32 & Groovtama for the skeleton reference. Bethesda for the game. Autodesk 3DS Max. Nifskope. Skyrim Creation Kit. Tes5Edit. Loverslab to host the files. Submitter Alunder Submitted 03/27/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires CBBE Body, BodySlide Ouftif 2, XPMSE Skeleton, HDT Physics Extension, HDT High Heels Special Edition Compatible
  22. Hello everyone! First of all, i want to say i'm total newbie in 3D modding. But i want to learn to change clothes and/or armors textures. Like making latex/leather/pvc effect. I searched alot of threads and found nothing useful. So can someone, please, direct me to the right way or post tutorial for editing clothes into latex/leather/pvc effect. Thank You
  23. Esma Knee High Boots

    View File I came with a new pair of boots for your beloved sims No OMSP needed because will lift the sims 11/12 units above the ground For T/YA/A/E female sim for any occasion 3 recolorable channels Any issues or bugs found with them please contact me to fix them Submitter rauul995 Submitted 12/15/2017 Category The Sims 3 Requires The Sims 3 Base Game  
  24. Esma Knee High Boots

    Version 1.0.0


    I came with a new pair of boots for your beloved sims No OMSP needed because will lift the sims 11/12 units above the ground For T/YA/A/E female sim for any occasion 3 recolorable channels Any issues or bugs found with them please contact me to fix them
  25. There are so many "poser" packs but all are for females, even halo's poser with its very few male poses. I am just wondering if there is any way to get a flexing and/or manly poses? Is there anyone who can make on or?