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  1. In Skyrim you can edit the alpha channel of the color map and make clothes completely invisible, do you know if this can be achieved in RE2R?
  2. Make sure you have the skirt meshes in its folder (you may have forgotten to generate them in BodySlide).
  3. Fizz Candy 1.2 Sorry, I forgot to add the ground models in the mesh folder, I updated the original post.
  4. I hope you enjoy it, especially the Sky Heels, I put some passion on them So much fun modding Skyrim...damn it
  5. Fizz Candy Retouch This is the Avalon24 version with my personal touch. Features: - Black retexture with transparency - Base Body changed to standard HDT - New feet (CBBE) - The set is modular, and contains: * Lingerie Top with zap slider to remove bra * Side-Tie Skirt * Right Thigh Garter * Panty * Delicate Lingerie Gloves * Sky Heels - Heels Sound System - HDT High Heels System - Recipes and Tempering Long live to Skyrim...ENJOY! Screenshots: FizzCandy1.2 by Daiemonic.7z
  6. The standard now is HDT, most of the ppl uses HDT body (CBBE or UNP) combined with HDT-Physics (HDT dll's & .xmls). Problems: 1. Loosing HDT weights on belly (not really a loss, you can add it to your BaseShape by copying from HDT) 2. TBBP weight is not clean, as you can see in the image: 3. When you installed HDT-PE you copied into your skse folder a file called "hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml" or "HDT.xml". This file controlls the physics aplied to some of the HDT skeleton bones, the breast bone is "NPC L/R Breast". The weight paint in the breast works in conju
  7. YoungTrap 1.2 - 2 New Bra (White, Pink) - 2 New Panties (White, Pink) - Fixed some clippings Screenshots: BazoongasWorkshop-YoungTrap 1.2.7z
  8. As requested.. Honoka Casual CBBE HDT&BS Hi there, the toy between tits was deforming badly so I had to redo the weights and conform also. Some more fixes: -HDT Weight -Clippings Honoka Casual CBBE HDT&BS 1.2.7z
  9. You are mixing pieces from new and old YoungTrap, its my black shirt but the stockings doesnt match the body. Something its wrong in that image, maybe pieces bodyslided to different bodies. I wouldn't passed such a clipping and as you can see in my screenshots it's not present. Please, if you are betatesting, do the things right.
  10. Instead of criticizing you could collaborate by correcting bugs or improving the quality of conversions, if that is what you are worried about. My 2 cents. Btw Sorc... I left you some Pm's with instructions on how convert HDT-PE to BodySlide CBBE without physics loss.
  11. Can you post a screenshot?I am not sure, but, he probably mean this. I didnt noticed such clipping in my char, are you sure to bodyslide the bra (wich comes with the body) and have them equipped?
  12. I'm glad you like it We have much to thank to the original author! Btw I'm going on vacation for a few days, STOP MAKING CONVERSIONS YOU WON'T LEAVE ANYTHING!!!
  13. YoungTrap BazoongasWorkshop This was a really hard work, Sorceress99 (she started the conversion) requested my help with the stockings and here I am, I ended modifing things and adding things here and there (as always) and now I want to kill Bazoongas or whoever it may be, jaja... Ok, the set contains 73 parts, yes 73... Features: -The set is modular and contains: Shirt (White, Brown, Pink), plus Black, Red (added by me) Skirt with transparency (Blue, Red, Grey) 25 Pantyhose 23 Stockings HighHeels in 2 solid colors (Light Pink, Light Blue) plus
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