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  1. Getting serana knoked up and reacting on surprise have awesome dialogues and is super amazing, thnx for this amazing mod!
  2. Hi, I would like to ask for a feature about the female followers that get abducted on the trip can be affected by the Fertility mod impregnation from the faction they get abducted in order to get on haste on rescue them from there, hope u consider my request and thnx for keeping this mod alive, tyvm in advance
  3. I know u maybe re quite busy, hope u can read my asking and consider it if it havent been adressed, dunno if it could be possible they when already carrying the offspring say from time to time how excited they re on being pregnant, thnx in advance, is an awesome immersive mod ure adding to our playing, thnx so much!!
  4. I maxed the sliders on family planning and runned tests, it happened, i removed my old installs and placed just the contents of the mod, build bodyslide and ran tests wit maxed sliders tosee things happen and use the keys of debug to check if pregnancies are happenig, hopeu have luck on it
  5. Gold since release, thnx, naw that u adopted the family planning mod, could the father quest have the out come of make the father actor a recruitable follower? Thnx for ur hard work and awesome content
  6. Hope the canibalism be considered as asurvival option on the mod and as balance to the evil, in my play settings sleepless nights makes the area where abduction have my char captured in order to make it more active, some times there is no food, only corpses, would like to see it integrated to your mod, 10 days of captivity are hard to survive, gradually they will get dead because the invasors and sometimes some enemy carry an Reanimator gun so i can heal them to not fall on other hands, but have to eat, so canibalism is the option XD
  7. dont remember if this mod made the shoes unable to be crafted unless u unlock the black widow perk, and had the mod YOU RE NOT SPECIAL to find the book to craft it, was awesome, not upated the mod since june 2020 XD thnx
  8. thnx, i wasnt updating the mod because was afraid it wont gonna have the feature i like, thnx so much!
  9. forever grateful for your mod, thnx so much
  10. any chance to get an update for icestorm?
  11. The point no 10 is all i have wanted since playing csa abductions, the faction keeping u alive meanwhile you accomplish tasks as kill, rob, take settlements untill you be able to scape or leve the faction, hope some day u havetime to do so, awesome features, thnx for ur mod
  12. Are there plans on make the vampire powers from wickedwhims used autonomously by the npc sims? Thnx in advance
  13. the dialogues are quite finely done, is an amazing twist, not returning anymore XD enb 2020_11_10 10_40_45_34.bmp
  14. Well, i can suggest to guide your quests crafting based on the bijin follower, wifes, and npcs series, pretend to go all those ways, thnx so much for this twist.
  15. oh thsi is so awesome, Illia havent said anything but same happened with mjol, we was just getting into a dungeon and in the middle of the exploration she says her line about it, was so awesome jojoj, thnx so much, had my doubdts about change to fertility mode but guess is ok, miscarriage by hits is missing but have other features more than Beeing female, tyvm for ur awesome mod! o/
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