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  1. I used Hardship to get nora into a raider bad boyfriend relationship on the CSA imprisonment and began a settlement of raiders on conqueror since he become friendly it dont affects the playability and can be appointed as a settler using AFT
  2. the surrender event of violate leads to the kidnaping of crime and punishment? ty in advance
  3. I play on survival but had the same hard time with the devious devices, as Egoballistic states above those mods can help u out from that situation, if devious devices is so hardcore for u try just the real handcuffs addon, it haves lock picking feature to get out of bonding for u and your followers, I dont use the Devious devices utill naw with Boston Devious Helper, maybe u need to mix the experience with CSA integrated withj violate in order to recive food for good behaviour and have food and not die faster, that and harship allow u to ask stuff from people to survive in situations like that
  4. My nora and piper spended like 50 days on CSA with gunners, birthed like 8 childs and survived the waves of ghouls, deathclaws, raiders, assaultrons and did exactly wa u did, waited until was time and was ready to face the fierce commonwealth with war of the commonwealt active in my load order, wish i was able to use the Sim settlements conqueror gunners to convert nora into the dark side but well, that was uncompatible, ty to all this good moders that gives an unexpected narrative to our games
  5. So bad i wasn't able to trigger the deathclaw quest progression, can't interact with the beast and just stays standing there,
  6. Only have lacy underwear and sporty underwear, have no more room for pluggins, reaching dangerously the 250 x( tyvm, gonna give it a try, if she end up naked i guess it counts as slutty xD
  7. the follower must be a female? if i have 3 of the slutty mods the mod will pick up one of those? tyvm in advance
  8. Is there a chance that a perk increase on the childs be increased randomly? I use the AFT mod in order to bring the grown childs along but would like to have their perks increased in order to use them as lock pickers, hackers, fine shooters etc, wondering if this could be droped on the sugestion basket, dunno, giving them burnt comics or electronic parts so it can count the amount of perk points they will learn and be useful grown settlers to recruit, tyvm for this mod, along with the Family planning addons is super awesome, tyvm
  9. I feel baby perks are quite useful, my nora is carrying it every time but feel it have to be a con, dunno if it is on the posibilities, what about the baby cry every now and then so u have to milk the player or another npc in order to have milk bottles to not be detected, becuz naw i had piper giving me her child for the times i need the carrying effect and the one of nora for the enemy detection wa is super awesome, i wish we could give items to the kiddos when they grow so they can have hacking, lockpicking perks to have a reason to make thhem followers and bring them along, reasons to have the babies are super awesome naw XD ty for ur mod
  10. tested and working, just need to drop the baby and pick it up so it works
  11. Found that Intra uterine device makes invisible the held baby when both are equiped,
  12. I forgoth the feature of detect life while carrying the baby, is so awesome! I play without compass and red dots so its quite useful!
  13. I was needing a way to scape from the devices, that kept me from using them, awesome naw we have it, tyvm!!
  14. Is pure gold, the toxic boyfriend scenario was awesome xD wonder if it could be tied in to the shocking collars of violate and the quest where u find the father of the current pregnancy of aaf family planning where u ask the father to rise the child on an exclusive relationship i beg u if is possible xD played with CSA this mod brings WA it was lacking, tyvm
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