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  1. tyvm, i found one, it does other stuff but is good and works as needed, tyvm
  2. Any mod that u sugest me to do so? or must be on the file directly? tyvm for tur guidance
  3. Retrieve tho bow (Notice board quest) Gulsen a High elf Leveling up Loredas 06 Hearhfire 4E 201 Well, by some poor destiny spin, Gulsen ended up on open sea in front of an small island, on the horizon there was a larger one with a snowy volcano, no food, no drinkable wather she was helpless on the cold, so she decided to swim and seek for aid, all was cold, ashes savage beasts, wolves, found a skaal village but no one lended a hand, men aptemted to rape her and fleed stealing some food, people on extrange shrines wont pay attention, wounded and tired she found a riekling cabin, they where able to barely speak so she tried to help in order to have shelter, at the end of the easy tasks she was attacked by the Chief and defeated him with the help of the other rieklings, well, suppouse that wasnt for free, they mated with her all the day until they got exhausted, the next day she woke up working on a shrine near that cabin, but this time sorrounded by the rieklings, they followed her and naw she wasnt alone, hunted for her, aided her, crowded by illnes due the unclean beasts mating with her, but with support and protection, discovered that she can somekind of comunicate with them and convince to join her if she achieve to calm them and seduce aggro ones, so she began to try to convince other rieklings to join her cause, she is 15 days pregged naw and trying to not let die her new tribe because they was the only ones that helped her on her arrival on the island, she is naw only trying to get stronger in order to expand her new home and be able to reach Skyrim, and the way to do so is keep mating with her new kin because it seems to increase their habilities and doing the missions on a Missive and Notice boards she found on raven rock, is somewhat a Snowhite naw, no one messe with her with 9 naked rieklings behind her XD Trully I never liked to play on Solstheim but ended up being quite organic and immersive, is wa i like from skyrim so much, normally my heroine will end up traveling to skyrim on the first day stealing and selling whatever thing she finds, naw well, wast wa i had planed for her but have ended up satisfying XD Im leaving my load order if anyone is interested on any mod tho achieve somthing like that o/
  4. I removed it in the past, maybe i broke it in some way, enjoy bud o/
  5. Doin wa i described yes but without the mentioned feature, i have another playtrough without Violate, Hardship with a male protagonist that haves all MCG working without troouble, dunno if those mods or an overload of mods are pausing the funcionalituy of MCG
  6. check that it be a vanila or supported bed, cant be done in any bed
  7. I had the same problem, clicked the option of restart the mod and the interaction towards the npcs works ok, in my situation the Initiative feature of npcs doesnt work for me
  8. Tyvm for ur consideration, keep doin awesome stuff bud!!
  9. h, I have beena fan of the mod since the begining, it grew so much naw, tyvm, I was wondering if somthing could be possible, Flashy CAP haves features where ur follower can be kidnapped, is it possible to flag that follower as pregnant after a certain amount of time if u dont go to rescue her? like they used the drug u re introducing SCREAM, just saying, it could be awesome thnx in advance
  10. that could be awesome, like the gnomes feature, spawm randomly here an there, explode if concurr on the sim and the animation begins, that could be interesting
  11. Is there a plan to have the chance of interrupt an assault in order to save a sim from the attack and gain sympathy from a saved sim? like the dialogue that pop up on whicked whims to stop an ongoin sexual interaction between sims when you want to make them stop, thnx for ur mod, with the mod of control sim this and sims snatcher is useful to roleplay
  12. nah, took me for surprise, i like to have sudden changes on the play, this wasnt on the plans, but we will make it XD
  13. tyvm my simwife got pregnant but they began to bang when i enabled woho from wicked whims, she was on the pill and whooed too , so i was wondering if i had to stop them or let them do it as they please because she was on pill, gonna tweak the MCC then becuz im ok with her pregnant but dont think they endure another child XD
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