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  1. Do I have to turn off read-only on everything or what? Also, _skin_SkinDefinitionFile.txt is what im editing to change the texture right? Why is nothing happening when changing it? I'm pressing Alt+R and nothing is happening Sorry if im asking stupid questions
  2. Mods don't load Missing a binary for optionsmanager Readme file lacks attention to detail
  3. I could be wrong But it looks like that's the world model (the one view in the inventory menu)
  4. Perhaps someone can explain to me what the proper paths are just so I can do it manually or maybe even finesse the program into extracting the textures into the right folder Or maybe someone can just send me their game as a repack Any help would be extremely appreciated.
  5. My other post might be an unsolvable problem, so I'm making this post to hopefully combat the problem that made me want to update in the first place I have a character, spent a lot of time on her. Whenever I reload her or load her in a scene, her hair drops to eye level. Then if I switch hair and then switch back. It's fixed. Anyone have a clue why?
  6. Very annoying stuff going on here. If anyone can help me, i'd highly appreciate it Im fairly new Basically I have all my mods placed into 'MODS' (Mods I've taken from a previous repack version) I'm aware that all mods may not work. But they aren't even loading in-game. I have a friend with same version and same program and his doesn't dump textures into the game directory, and his game works with specific mods. What did I do wrong? Am I missing something? How can I fix this?
  7. I’m curious as to why you blocked my access to this mod on Nexus, when I helped fix it lmao??? And I was particularly polite.
  8. Unfortunately this didn't work I'll research this and then return with my results. Thank you very much
  9. Exported an edited NIF with Blender and it shows up in Blender and Outfit Studio but not in NIFSkope I haven't tested the outfit yet to see if it loads in game Though I'm sure the outfit not loading in NIFSkope is a problem of itself It seems like there may be a quick fix for this, or maybe a step I missed If anyone knows, please let me know.
  10. Here is the .esp, if anyone is able to examine it Olfina GrayMane F&M.esp
  11. Unfortunately, this still didn't work Though I highly appreciate the response
  12. I have Olfina Gray-Mane as a follower using a mod I got from Nexus Whenever I kill a Thalmor agent, she leaves my service and starts aiding them by fighting against me Now, idk how this is lore-friendly or not, but how do I change this via the creation-kit? If you know anything; please help me, drop a simple comment or an in-depth comment. Whatever suits you. The help section for regular Skyrim has been so desolate as of lately, and this should be a simple fix. I'm just not well versed in follower creation. Edit: I just tried making her a Stormcloak and she still helps them, and t
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