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  1. Always remove all files from the previous version before installation! WickedWhims is made out of just 3 files! (TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Tuning.package, TURBODRIVER_WickedWhims_Scripts.ts4script, ww_cas_parts.json) Don't install any breasts, tongue, or penis animation skeleton (rig) mods! Can't undress? Remove outdated mods affecting Sims visuals! Didn't find an answer? Create a new topic.
  2. So I've finally made the decision to grab Rimworld on the cheap and am looking for a good list of mods that are both Adult and Non-Adult to grab for a long playthrough. Anyone have any suggestions for mods to grab to round out and expand on the vanilla Rimworld gameplay?
  3. Distorted Penis

    So this new problem appeared right after I downloaded the updated WickedWhims mod. I remember the penis looked less detailed than it does now, but it used to work with every other mod I downloaded/used. Now whenever my sims have sex, the penis gets messed up.... I tried to remove some files, but nothing worked. I'm unsure whose file is causing this problem and would like to know how to fix this. It's making the mod less fun for me with my sim's cock all screwed up. >_< First 3 pictures is what I'm currently experiencing. Last 3 pictures are what the penis used to look like and how well it worked before. Also, a quick screenshot of what files I have.
  4. Trying to get my Wicked Jobs to work, and it will not work. It shows me an error. I legit looked, everywhere I can. I see others work perfect. I saw Pastel Sims, latest up load works perfectly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVANCf7Izv8 I deleted everything. I updated all the mods that i deleted. Really appreciate any help. lastException.txt
  5. Ive searched everywhere and the only mod that puts you in 1st person is Joy of Perspective (which crashes the game everytime I install it). Is there any workaround for this? Maybe a way to use freecam?
  6. I've been modding skyrim for a few years now, and I'm still not the best at it, I really only know how to install mods and where to look to find files and such, never got deeper into it. I use mod organizer and I'm wondering if I could use unp on one save game for one character, then use cbbe on another character on a different save game. On the same hard drive, same game installation, just with mod organizer, can I do this? As much as I love using unp, I want to try cbbe armors and such on another character without losing all the armor and the familiar body type on my main character. Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. So i deleted all my old wicked files off the computer and added the new one to the mods folder however whenever i open the game wicked is not an option. I have no idea what I did wrong or how to fix it.
  8. Alright so I've seen a decent amount of people talking about the HDT SMP recently and how it was superior to the CBP Physics mod, so I created an account on the Chinese website and downloaded all of the required mods. Can anyone give installation instructions in laymans terms? I've tried a few things with said mods and can't seem to get any physics working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Games with female protagonist

    The vast majority of 18+ games seem to be aimed at dudes, which makes it kind of hard to find a game with a female protagonist. It doesn't seem like there's any reliable way to filter out content based on the protagonist's gender on this forum, and it's even harder to figure out whether a game is actually good quality before I download it, so I thought I'd ask for some recommendations. What are some good NSFW games with female protagonists? I'm interested in both straight and lesbian content. Ideally something actually aimed at women would be great, but I'll take content obviously written for dudes as long as you're playing as a woman and it isn't too blatantly obvious that the writer has no idea how female bodies actually work. I like kinky content generally, but I'm not big on gore, incest, or bestiality (unless it's like a dragon or a werewolf or some other sentient creature with the capacity to consent). For some reason, ruling out those particular kinks seems to narrow my options quite a lot. I've used NSFW mods for Skyrim before, but that's more work than I want to put into this and it kind of comes back to bite me every time I feel like playing Skyrim normally. So I'm looking for standalone adult games.
  10. I was trying to get Bodytypes of Skyrim http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40280/? to work so i could have variation in NPC I was trying to add the following cbbe based custom body Meshes to the Xtra01-9 folders in Bodytypes. http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/29827/? I love Cleevage v10 http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/54538/? Manga Body CBBE http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/13250/? CBBEv3 Manga version and try to use the following Khajiit Textures in the Xtra01-9_Main http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/62193/? Feminine Khajiit Textures so some would be grey cat and others would be leopard for variation however when i swap bodies to any of the custom/extra slots i get the mesh but no textures. no matter where i put the textures in any of the folders i can not get the textures to work with this mod. I have tested the bodies and textures and they both work fine when installed like a regular body mod, but i can't get them to work at all with bodytypes If anyone could walk me through this it would be greatly appreciated
  11. I need help with Blush When Aroused, I cant get any slots free. So in my Racemenu I tweaked the NIOverided.Ini for facial overlays to have 16 slots but they all automatically get filled up by Vanilla warpaints and the problem is I dont have an option to choose something like Empty or Default. Please help me im not sure what is wrong I got all the requirements but I keep on getting a Fatal Abort and BAW is not doing anything for me at the moment. TLDR yeah I know I need 2 unused slots, im trying to achieve that
  12. Hello! I know this forum is constantly spammed with people needing assistance with downloading WickedWhims, so I'm really sorry for posting. I've watched a ton of videos, combed through the forum, and looked over TurboDriver's instructions/installation mistakes list several times, and I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...so now I'm here. I am using a MacBook. I installed WickedWhims directly into my Sims 4 mods folder along with some animations and extracted all the files. My game was just updated, I have CC/script mods enabled, and I don't have any duplicates of WickedWhims installed in the mods folder. I've tried deleting a ton of my CC to see if that would fix the problem, and it didn't change anything. I have the box of condoms and the birth control pills showing up in buy mode, but I don't get a notification for WickedWhims after starting a new game. I see a couple of WickedWhims files listed in the mods popup list you get when you start Sims 4 up, but in one of the videos I watched I saw a couple files I don't have listed (such as exhibitionism). Do I need those files? Why aren't they downloading? I just have no idea what I've done wrong, and would really appreciate some help. Thank you!
  13. Hello Lover's Lab community, I come in peace (with a dumb question). I have recently downloaded the Wicked Whims mod with a lot of the listed expansions, including a few of the penis textures, but once I entered the game only one of them worked - the Better Body Erect Penis (can't remember the size, but not sure if that matters). The rest either look like vitiligo or just like a black void. On females it only looks like a black void. Then I looked in the WickedWhims help section and it suggested to remove any skins that "don't support the extended texture space". So, my questions are: 1. Could this be caused by me having multiple textures made for the penis? 2. Does this mean my other skin details I've had before are interfering and that I should remove them? If so, how do I know which ones are causing the problem? Thanks for your time! I'd appreciate the heck out of an answer.
  14. Hi guys, this is my first time asking here in loverslab and i just want to know if any of you know any tatto similar to this picture provided, it doesn't need to be an anime-ish or the likes, just anything that has the kind of tattoo this guy has. thanks in advance.
  15. This is my first time making my own animation. I got very far today; all the way into the game where the sims did the animations in game with each other BUT they were not lined up anymore. Not even close. That's my issue. I'm certain they are lined up in my blender project, so why are they moving into an offset location by the time they are in the game? Please help It sucks to get this far and be puzzled.
  16. Hi guys, this is my first time asking here in loverslab and i just want to know if any of you know any tatto similar to this picture provided, it doesn't need to be an anime-ish or the likes, just anything that has the kind of tattoo this guy has. thanks in advance.
  17. small tweak

    i got my first hair mod working!!!:3c (it was a full hair/face mod but the face one stopped working idk) i like everything so far except the obvious issue,the hair is somehow receiving light on the inside of mesh instead of the outside?? ive tried all of the transparency settings n nothings changed :T (will also upload tmc files to use once its completed) pls help i think its something really small n stupid that could fix it uwu
  18. So I have an issue with a certain scene (triggered by a mod, specifically Sexout Breeder, and very specifically the first scene of the deathclaw quest. And yes I've also made a post in that mod's topic) applying sexout tokens to my character that then get stuck and prevent sex scenes from starting. This seems to have happened 100% consistently with this scene, so unless I can get the mod fixed I don't think things will fix on this end. Problem is, from what I've read on the tech support forum stuck tokens seem to be a general issue, not exclusive to this mod. In addition, removing them with the player.removeitem command and reloading my save does nothing to fix the issue - even with the tokens not in the inventory, I still can't initiate any sex scenes. I go through the dialogue trees and then nothing happens, the actors just walk away. If I try to use the masturbate hotkey, nothing happens either. I tried again to init a sex scene and then looked at what printed out in the console, and I got this: "SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, actor is invalid code: 1", the last line in the console on the image below, which also includes my inventory at the time to prove there are no stuck tokens in inventory anymore. So there's my problem. I'm getting a stuck token every time, but removing the tokens manually and then saving and reloading doesn't help at all, my functionality for sex scenes is still disabled. Does anyone know how I might go about fixing this? Pic for reference:
  19. FNIS T-Pose

    Alright, I decided to get back in the game and installed a fistfull of mods, everything is working fine, but all humanoid characters are stuck in a tpose. I managed to get animations working for creatures, but all humanoids are permanently stuck in a tpose. Here's the log I got from GenerateFNISforUsers if that helps; FNIS Behavior V7.4 18/04/2018 5:13:49 PM Skyrim 32bit: - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ (Steam) Skeleton(hkx) female: XPMS (242 bones) male: XPMS (242 bones) Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix" Reading FNISBase V7.4 ... Reading FNISCreatureVersion V6.1 ... Reading HornyDragons V1.0 ... Reading MoreNastyCritters V1.0 ... Reading SexLab V1.62 ... Reading SexLabAroused V?.? ... Reading SexLabCreature V1.61 ... All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files... Alternate Animation mods: 0 sets: 0 total groups: 0 added file slots: 0 alternate files: 0 Create Creature Behaviors ... Reading HornyDragons V1.0 ... Reading MoreNastyCritters V1.0 ... Reading SexLabCreature V1.62 ... 1708 animations for 7 mods successfully included (character) 1670 animations for 3 mods and 41 creatures successfully included.
  20. Papyrus Logs

    OKAY SO. I've been trying to get this issue fixed for the past week. I need more than 1 brain helping with this. I'm posting a single log after I've started the game and loaded all the mods. This log is from sitting still in one position for a few mins. The issue that I have is my FPS just goes down. I load in, start at 50, sit in 1 spot and look at a tree and my fps slowly goes down to 20. Also can anyone name some mods that are script heavy that I can remove my load order? Papyrus.0.log LO.txt
  21. Help a newbie out please? I have am very new to installing mods, and Skyrim in general. I went to raid a falmer cave and started a scene with a couple of Falmer... and their loin clothes stayed on, and no penis/erection. The animation played fine but no fun nudity on their end. Which was... unsettling. So... what mods/add ons do I need to give my boys their working bits. Specifically Falmer, Draugr, Werewolves, Reiklings, and Dremora. Just to be SURE I have everything I need. I haven't run into all these boys yet but I plan to. And I want to be sure not to have this problem again. Thanks
  22. So here i am, installing wicked whims. everything is fine until i open the zip folder and transfer it to my mods. It wouldn't work? I tried again, deleting every file that has to do with it and the same problem. I have 'Enable Script Mods on' but it still wouldn't work. For now, im just going to stick with whatever i have for now, but i will visit here again in maybe a month but i cant promise Any Help is Appreciated!! ~~A~~
  23. Is there any way to find a form's editor ID with papyrus? For example, if I have a copy of the first Fur Armor variant available and I need to check what it Editor ID it has. Fur Armor variant 1 has the Editor ID "ArmorBanditCuirass" and variant 2 has the Editor ID "ArmorBanditCuirass1", so being able to check the Editor ID would let me differentiate the two when searching through a list that contains both without having to compare them as entire "forms." (Because otherwise every entry in the list would have to be an entire armor form, which takes much more processing power to go through than simply comparing strings.) Alternatively, is there a way to retrieve an armoraddon's name? The name of an armor's armoraddon could also be used to compare to a list of armoraddon names, if only it could be retrieved through code first. If you're asking "why not just compare armoraddons directly?" then the answer is the same as above. It would take much more effort for the engine to compare armoraddons to each other than to just compare 2 strings, not to mention the size of the list itself would be much larger for having to store dozens upon dozens of armoraddons rather than just short strings. Any help or advice would be appreciated! ^^
  24. So I try to install Halos Poser, I've been holding off because I know that I've had this problem in the past. Whenever I try to install it, the installation goes fine and everything until I get to updating FNIS, I try to install it but it says that I have too many animations. So far this is the only mod that I've had any troubles with. I would really love to use this mod but I can't figure it out. I tried installing the FNIS mod for more animations but I dont remember it working, but that was over a year ago. If anybody could help out that'd be great! Thanks in advance!
  25. Hello wasn't a long time not much active but the profile view is changed and i can't find my mods which i uploaded to this website it seem like there is no buttom for Content on my own profile anymore if i click on my Profile i just can see followers , about myself some infos , and last visitors.. no section were i can manage my content files ..