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  1. I got to be able to do private shows with the Dog, I did 5 or 6 different ones, always for the same two customers, but I don't know how to keep the other quests going, to unlock the other animals and the scenes in the other basament rooms, can you help me, please?
  2. Does this latest version of NifSkope https://github.com/niftools/nifskope/releases/tag/v2.0.dev7 work 100% with the old Skyrim LE on Windows 7 64-bit?
  3. But.. where can I find FNIS.ini for edited this "LoadCTDCalculation to 0" ? I have installed FNIS 7.6 XXL with NMM, but I can't find any "fnis.ini" txt file in the installed FNIS user folder, and not in the Skyrim folder, where is it..? or is there a way to make it generate?
  4. It is about 3 years that I have not played and updated my Skyrim installation, in these days I have updated all my old favorite mods, I have Skyrim LE with body made with UUNP bodyslide with HDT PE and Fair Skin texture, medium height, race are Breton or Yg nord, skinny build, the classic Russian girl, long legs medium-small breasts, everything works, breast, butt, belly bounce and HDT vagina and bellly collision, I use the classic SOS and Floppy SOS only on balls, for lesbian/futa scene I use UNP equipable SOS. The result, however, is unbalanced, with men and the classic SOS mod "Vector Plus" penis, with a size no more than 5, but also 4 or 3 if the male character is larger and taller than average, sometimes the vagina does not open a little less than it should, it also depends on the animation, the breasts move too much, being medium to small, they move as if they were almost jelly during walking and in sex scenes, even the belly swings more than it should up and down, but unfortunately it swells very little or nothing during most of the scenes of penetration even with medium-large penises. Some kind soul can explain to me step by step the fastest and most effective way to increase the the belly bulge effect during a penetration by medium SOS penis, possibly not beyond SOS size 5, what should I do, use some Tool and edit specific parameters in the XML file for HDT PE collision, that I don't even remember where it is, and if so how? and how do I make the bounce more rigid, less slippery jelly effect, so that a medium-small breast, does not bounce as if it were an XXL breast, which is much heavier, here too how should I proceed?
  5. Where did you find the following mods for HDT / SMP ? +COSHD LE SMP full SOS+anus +SOS SE-HDT-SMP +UUNPVaginaN Full SMP Bodyslide XPMSSE4.51+anus v2 +UUNP Special SMP Pack SSE bodyslide +UNP Remastered Alpha 1.2 +UUNP SMP Collision Bodyslide +UNP Female Body Renewal -UUNP SMP_separator are they only for Skyrim SE..? or is there something for Skyrim LE and UUNP BodySlide too..?
  6. In practice.. as soon as I entered the mansion with the bard, no dialogue or event started! as soon as I entered the Mansion, after what according to the bard he started playing, and also waiting for it to finish, I was try to talking with Thane or Japser, but there is no dialogue option to carry on the quest progress log, the dog is upstairs floor near the cage I tried several times with Thane and Jasper, to type in the console setstage NA_MQ_Start 135 and then pressing enter, but nothing happen/change, it hasn't had any effect, I don't understand why it doesn't work?
  7. Question for everyone! I have installed the latest version 0.9 of SOS schlong for females - UNP I use Fair Skin texrture, and I saw that there are three patch files: Fair Skin A - B - C I didn't understand the difference between the three filea A B C, if all three or only one of the three should be installed ? also I don't understand what the 0.8 "small" version is, but SOS is not scalable or different size-options? how exactly does the "small" version differ from the others, including the more recent v0.9 ?
  8. I get this message when I run FNIS XXL for Skyrim LE: Reading zzEstrus >>Warning: Inconsistent mod zzEstrus. Number of animations differs between FNIS List (324) and corresponding behavior file (312)<< it is as if the Estrus mod (v2.5 beta) was not loaded by FNIS, in fact there is no in-game in the MCM menu, just as there are no Estrus spells, how can I solve this, please? and out of curiosity.. which mod belong these animations recognized by fnis as "KomAnimSBT" ?
  9. I tried the mod, the initial part looks identical to the original mod, and I had the same bug, which I had the first time with the first version of Animal Mansion that I tried 6 or 7 years ago, basically once I brought the bard to the girl who manages the mansion, when I try to talk to her, the text dialogue does not appear, and therefore I cannot continue the quest, I think there was a way to solve, but I don't remember how?!? unfortunately.. the last valid save I have is before start of the quest, so if you load it up, I would have to do it all over again, though. in it would not take much, the doubt is that we can re-block the dialogue again, perhaps even at another point, and not be able to complete the initial question that unlocks the mansion activities.
  10. Yes, I have read this thread,but.. I wanted to know if anyone knows what the latest version was, before it was removed from LoversLab, the most recent version of "Captured Dreams" that I have in the mod manager folder, should be v4.05 which dated 2016, I don't even remember exactly what this mod consisted of, I remember that there were BDSM elements, maybe a quest..? or a mansion, where you were "initiated" to the various practices, etc .. I remember well, or am I getting confused with another mod that uses Devious Devices's BDSM elements?
  11. Can anyone tell me what are the latest and most recent released versions of Captured Dreams Shop?
  12. Can anyone tell me what are the latest and most recent released versions of Captured Dreams, please?
  13. The nexus link are hidden now https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24020/? where can I find the exact "Brawl Bugs Patch" that TDF prostitution v2.2..5.5 required?
  14. Can you help me understand which Devious mod of 4 or 5 years ago, gave a kind of big house, I don't remember where it was located on the map, once entered and accepted to participate, it was undressed and tied, etc .. one sort of initiation rite, there was a man, or maybe it was a woman who guided us, crossing the main hall, we entered another room with other people put in detention, tied up, etc .. I no longer remember what happens next, they are passing years .. maybe it was called Devius Mansion, or something like that .. I have no idea which mod or quest it belongs to, do you have any idea, what it might be?
  15. This AnimalMansion Plus for Skyrim LE is compatible with more recent "More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition V12" ? or work only with the old "Nasty Creatures v9" ?
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