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  1. Hello Master b3lisario, sorry but, the link to Deadly Mutilation SOS patch, is broken, could you please re-upload it?

  2. Does sos work on vampires. I have a mod where my vampires looks like nords (humanoids). But my vampire character, and i believe even the npc vampires, refuse to remove their underwear and that is bloody annoying...Please help me fix this annoying problem.

  3. SOS - Equipable Schlong - and more 0.3 wont become erect it is just stuck it wont go down it wont go up

  4. Hello can you upload your files from SOS - Equipable Schlong - and more on other server cause their are broken and that baidu server is too difficult to download


  5. eyo, can you repost a working link of the unpb conversions (merged esp would be preferred) thanks

    1. legendarypocuswand


      i'd recommend posting it here on this site so it doesn't get nuked if possible

  6. Does this Spanking Mod work for Special Edition?


  7. Hi, can you reapload Deadly Mutilation SOS patch ?
    "- Deadly mutilation - There are texture issues with the corpse meshes from DM. This is a patch by uglykidcid's uglykidcid Deadly Mutilation SOS patch. Thanks!- Better Males - No point in using better males body options with SOS, its redundant. Hair and Face options of Better Males do not conflict"

  8. hello it doesnt work how do i make it run ? i did everithing that this mod reguieres 

  9. hi, could you tell me what to remove with tes5edit from the bikini maiden mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85739), to just have the followers, but not the armors spread through leveled list?

    i saw you tell some dude what to delete from osare panty mod, to just have the pantys without scripts, and that help me a lot! thanks!

  10. can u give me UNPB BBP Pregnant Body

    1. blackjoe126


      https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/20227?tab=files   i can find only this one. but i use it  anyway for me.

  11. Can someone help me? In SOS I can't find SOS Shop and my character doesn't have a schlong please help unless I download Light aswell so someone help me please!

  12. View File I'm having issues to update the file description. Here's the original thread where you can find all the downloads Conversions for UNPB with BBP Submitter b3lisario Submitted 08/29/2013 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  13. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/23944-sos-schlongs-of-skyrim/?p=782453
  14. Maybe something like this int rnd = Utility.RandomInt(0, SOS_Data.countAddons()-1) Form rndSchlong = SOS_Data.getAddon(rnd) SOS_API.get().SetSchlong(akActor, rndSchlong) I think DetermineSchlongType none means some issue with the race or gender. There could be extra info in the sos log file in user/skse folder
  15. You mean the script version error you get when loading the skyui, right? If so, you need the right number in the file "version.as" which is used when you build the swf's Suspiciously this "version.as" file is not updated in the skyui github thing. I think the skyui people don't like mods that overwrites their executables and I suspect the skyui sources won't be publicly available anymore. For skyui 5.0 the right number is 1025. I don't know the number for 5.1, but you can easily get it just by modifying the skyui papyrus file that does the check (I don't remember which one). Let me know if you can't figure the number for 5.1
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