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  1. Tbh I didn't test default creature animations myself yet, might even add a tweak to remove them as well. As for existence of such thing - I am not aware.
  2. No idea, I am not the author of SL and there is no changelog for latest versions. Personally staying with beta 8, performance wise.
  3. I've checked the content of release version of SexLab, it should be mostly compatible, the only thing that is missing is following: judging by which it is safe to assume it is compatible with a minor defect. You can try it, if something goes wrong with animation list just report it here.
  4. Replying on performance decrease issue reported by dePog, I've ran some tests on different versions of SexLab with the same set of rules everywhere (default settings, disabled SL logging, used SL Tools normal animation pool selection). I was calculating the delay between 'Entering Making State' and 'AnimationStart' events log because it seems the delay between those two is actually responsible for the delay in-game. The sample is pretty small so some data is weird, but conclusions can be made. Here are some results: timertests.txt
  5. This one has a bug where it 'forgets' device interaction hotkey. Works only once before requiring to interact with device again or rebind it in MCM. Small Finisher also doesn't seem to trigger. Anal plugs are removed instantly, skipping minigame. Rusty choke pear can only be Unlocked but not lockpicked White and Black Abadon Armbinder can be lockpicked? Can't find regenerating/mending properties on patched devices any longer, tested on different colour straitjackets. And even their sentience doesn't seem to have any effect, at least they won't trigger plugs. Plug orgasm doesn't inflict exhaustion even if minigame was stopped by it, and also log sometimes pair plug orgasm with plug+struggle orgasm message, not sure if those count as 2 for purposes of SLA or Abadon quest. Suggestion: different types of exhaustion depending on activity, for example mental exhaustion from struggling with magic, and weakness from struggling with use of health. Would make sense if you relax mentally while stressing out muscles, allowing magicka to be filled.
  6. Sounds for me like a general Skyrim lockpicking issue. Right now I feel like key being a bit more easier than lockpicking since you need to hit crit in both to open the lock minus lockpicking minigame. On magicka struggle - devices are affected by DD modifiers, you know that, right? Can't really judge here if one easier than another, but I personally prefer desperate struggle to magicka one because the former does 1.5 more damage to device strength while the latter only does additional damage to durability (and I am playing mage with approximately equal stat distribution, 325 health 260 magicka 170 stamina). It is quite obvious which method is easier if you compare both on Blue Straightjacket and Shiny Armbinder, first can be ripped off in one go if you hit critical, and armbinder is a pain to struggle. I can probably suggest a few things here: Different struggle presets for each of AV, for example magicka struggle deals 33% less strength damage but 1.5 times more durability damage than now, but as an option to choose. More severe exhaustions, repairing orgasm exhaustion would probably be suffice. More active plugs if player uses some sort of spells like healing or alteration skins, like is with vanilla DD. I don't really have an idea if it is possible to modify sweetspot location size for lockpicking when you struggle from UD depending on lockpicking difficulty, but it would be nice to see. Otherwise there are master tier locks exists which are not really used by the mod. Personally invested 3 perks in lockpicking and skilled it up to high level, expert locks are a joke even with 1 lockpick attempt. But I think there are people who handle lockpicking much worse than me, so I am not really a good reference to compare with. Maybe make Mending modifier more harsh, passive regeneration +huge regeneration on each orgasm, it is barely noticeable right now. Also, one of Ordinator perks. Completely gamebreaking for UD
  7. Thx for an update, I was so confused with save corruption that I've already lost the point if any bug was valid not just for my own save file. Managed to clean it up properly this time and ran some tests afterwards. These are valid for release version, not the beta patch above: Asking friend to help with locks and winning minigame results in character being stuck for some time (picked Straitjacket with 1 lock) Asking friend to help with abadon plug still produces quest popup and interrupts minigame Opening items with a key should probably not inflict exhaustion. 5 stacks of it just by opening belt looks strange. Minigame spontaneous interrupts, moderate struggle got stopped this time. They sometimes can happen 3-5 times in a row, here is just an example. Orgasm exhaustion value and timer MCM settings are not respected by mod, they are always set to default values. Orgasm from non-Abadon plug (controllable anal plug for example) doesn't inflict exhaustion. Turning on and off controllable plug also breaks other vibrations, potentially breaks Small Finisher.
  8. Scrap everything, new UD version breaks save file completely. I cannot clean it out without save file corruption, will just start a new game. UPD: Started a new game, UD still acts wonky. Either won't initialize MCM properly at all or first 2 option tabs respond time is waaaay too long. Reinstalled the mod just to be sure, using DCL and BRRF patches, and disable papyrus logging, issue is gone. Something tells that's a save-baked issue when logging is enabled.
  9. What happens by step: You struggle normally with minigame Something interrupts the minigame, I am not sure if is an event like orgasm or device equipment or something else You try to struggle again Minigame UI appears and shuts down immediately, indicating that minigame started and stopped, exhaustion debuff appears. Notable thing about this is that it only bugs out specific types of struggle. For example, I cannot use Moderate Struggle but may start Desperate one. From technical perspective it feels like some sort of 'flag' is getting inverted temporarily. Also inventory item for Abadon Plug is still not being unequipped/removed correctly, quest ends, item set is getting equipped and UD unregisters the plug, but in inventory it still appears to be equipped, although not locked.
  10. Update, yay! *Intense sounds of plugs going in* First and foremost want to report that updating to the most recent version midsave without purging DD formlists will break your devices, you won't be able to unlock them. But is still doable by cleaning out whole DD mods family from save file. Note: seems like update affects only existing devices, new appear to be ok. Tested these on dirty save, so might require verification: - UD ignores catsuits and equips straitjackets over them, bugging the latter without possibility to repair - Struggling from device and opening an inventory quickly after removes the device only partially. Edit: nevermind, device is getting reverted back even if I don't open the inventory. It is still visible but has no interaction item in inventory. Presumably something with device list update, it just 'updates' back on player, it doesn't happen constantly. - There is a version-persistent bug, if your start struggling again, a minigame strats, UI appears but then it immediately cancels itself, inflicting a debuff. Will continue expanding this.
  11. UD just spooked me out with 'Mysterious voice' commenting atronach summon with a loud Nord voice "By Ysmir this will not end well.". Right after device struggle. Edit: right after I've posted this tried to summon next one:
  12. It can actually happen right from the start of a new game btw, SexLab can generate ridiculous stats for NPCs. Also it looks like SLSO and SLAX need some MCM adjustment since they both try to apply lewd modifier on arousal loss on orgasm, and it makes lewd penalty curve really steep.
  13. Lag only appears for UD minigame, vanilla flashes and changes are lag-free. It's Less Intrusive Hud with bar texture replacers, but everything is pretty much vanilla, just positions are changed. I am more inclined to believe that's hardware/SE-specific instead, or just everything together with latter mod additions. Might be some engine issue, or one which was introduced by one of the 'fixes'. Didn't see it outside of UD though, maybe because it happens so rare that it requires a lot of AV fuckery to reproduce. Will look into that more. Deviously Cursed Loot has a Self-Bondage trigger or loot punishment, which makes you equip random devices that you are carrying within your inventory. Basically it 'pulls the trigger' with one 'chamber slot' being 'loaded' with nasty Abadon Plug (if it can be equipped tho, didn't happen once to me yet, but I wasn't trying). So there should be a chance of starting the curse involuntary.
  14. Got an idea for russian roulette: change DCL to self-bondage only mode, carry 1 Abadon and 5 different other plugs, with a belt. 😈
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