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  1. Incompatible with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12693 . Oh well...
  2. Hi, thanks for the mod! Converted it to SE and testing now, at least MCM seems to be working.
  3. This patch has nothing to do with your issue, I only added 2 conditions to stop onUpdate event from happening if they pass. There might be some weirdness with eyes but should be overwritten with SL and DD expressions immediately after.
  4. That's the thing though, I installed them as dummy files (FNIS Sexymove, Bathing, Aradia and SkoomaWhore), compiling works, I can even recompile any DCL source script. Just external scripts doesn't want to hook DCL functions at all (tried to use returns i=2, kw=none) Maybe I screwed somewhere with code because I am pretty new to this, but CK doesn't depend on me at all. Also another issue there is trying to open gagdialogue from curseddialogues quest, it completely freezes CK while trying to build topic tree.
  5. Thank you for constructive response. When I tried to look into some properties with CK I encoutered issue on screenshot. The only thing I did which differs from original mod is changing scripts/source to source/scripts in order to make them readable by CK. Is this normal behaviour for SE port? Other mods show script properties fine. Also dcur_mcmconfig can't be hooked by custom scripts within CK for some reason, functions won't work on compilation with any tools, not just CK (while zadlibs works perfectly fine, used VSCode for that). This in general suggest me that something isn't right.
  6. You started this by weird assumption of me being incompetent pedophile. And still clinging to small details unable accept the fact that mod at current state is a mess
  7. It overly bold of you to assume such things on any user. No, a simple vanilla bandit on vanilla race can't fire event properly. I meant the fact you are subjectively tired from it The solution is local, the problem is global, don't you think? My mod install is fine and there is nothing which can possibly overwrite or affect DD or DCUR, I am sure of it just because I manually checked all records for conflicts. Other than cell records there are none, as well as no file overwrites. And also trying to point at user's incompetence is the worst way how you deal with issues, I am not first day/month/year in modding and actually can troubleshoot my own client if it is somehow causing issues, but no, I am not alone with those (or ppl wouldn't tell "It is buggy" on each chat) and different installs with different mod loads always produce same results.
  8. This is the main problem why ppl talking about DD being buggy on SE, nobody bother to do thorough test on their own. That quest was starting on belt equipped and hooked to some DD events back on LE, I don't know if it is changed after some time but quest stages just don't change now on SE. This is not related to DD or DCUR itself Honestly, absolutely vague input on troubleshooting, but yes I had them both registered and not and it is SL animations which are getting skipped or whatever. You just getting teleported elsewhere. And btw DD SE doesn't have ZAZ requirement and works much smoother if you don't register the animations for some reason. this issue is also worth investigating. There is a set of animations which DD provides and they are getting perfectly filtered in SL. If you register ZaZ animations it usually abuse just one animation all the time which is armbinder missionary. that's the thing, I am tired as well and set them to 0, still fire. Also DDi and DCUR gagtalk quest are getting mixed often even if you set DCUR chance to 100
  9. SL Triggers was updated recently, I need some time redoing and testing script which hopefully should solve it.
  10. skee64 included in RM is a replacement for NiOverride. Chains were broken on purpose because nobody knows how to fix HDT on SE and they cause CTD before. SMP can't magically relink something which doesn't work on purpose. The Chastity Belt quest. God knows what other scripts can be broken, it is just an obvious one. Although nobody can tell if it is intended to not work No evidence that this is mod-related and not engine-related. SE version also use to CTD if you spam Cursed event a lot and reload after, same was for LE (but one shouldn't do that, ik) And there is much more issues to tell actually, combat surrender rape won't fire, followers are not processed correctly on loot event sometimes, vanilla prison event is not being hooked, gagtalk rape weight is being ignored and etc. Mod just require some love and actual tests from someone who knows how to fix imo.
  11. My bad told some BS without thinking. Still it doesn't matter that there are no issues exist, and those which do are pretty bad one and obvious for any user. References not filled (Missing name), hdt chains are broken, belt quest is not starting and etc. It is not something one expect from proper conversion, especially if original version doesn't have those issues, right? Don't even know if it is normal that all source scripts throw out an error in Creation Kit and don't have any references filled. In summary, mod feels like being abandonned. Some modders just post update and conversion at the same time on the same mod page, you can probably consider doing it as well so people are not getting confused. Although it's gonna create a mess in support thread.
  12. Third, I'd pretty much support your work Kimy if last update on both SE versions of DD and DCL wouldn't be more than 2 years ago. Mods are still very "beta", everyone on discord keep telling not to use them because they might be dangerous to use and all bodyslide support is covered by other users. Even your profile feed hints you are more focused on LE versions of mods. Just subbed for the first time in desperate hope of seeing any updates for SE version
  13. I think one can store all data as numerical variables with PapyrusUtil, at least this is how Aroused or DD variables are stored. StorageUtil.GetFloatValue() and StorageUtil.SetFloatValue(). They are also linked to actors so it would be easier to manage different followers.
  14. Zaz animation pack has resources for that, also some mods like DCL (and some prison mod, don't remember which one) utilize flogging procedure but it looks like simply attacking with whip. Just a long term objective in todo list, I think it is not really hard to store an array of data for each follower and create a function that fetches specific value and/or converts it to a "state trigger". For me it would just need some time and research. There are quite few lightweight slavery mods available so far, it might take just a different look like whoring player out to some lowlifes. Although this would totally break a "friendship" part for sure. I think of using "rescue spell" function to do the same job but for player-to-player, "while" cycle which scans for equipped devices 1 by 1 and removes-equips them, but replacing with certain colour keyword on equip. Still need to make the spell work though. Edit: another take on colour match is to add global variable which stores colour and type on any device equipped, and while mod functions if there is devicecount >=1 then take the value from that variable and use it again. The spell part is more like re-render devices if another mod equipped something what doesn't match.
  15. So the original idea came from aspect of playing as healing/buffing support character with strong tanking follower (as Lydia) and using Cursed Loot. During cursed loot events follower is sometimes equiped with debilitating devices which don't allow her to act or fight, so I thought that it would be good to add some kind of spell which allows to free your follower by transfering devices onto urself and allow her to defend you during combat while being heavy restrained, as well as taking advantage of your submissiveness or helping you as being your keyholder. (I almost done creating just spell, at least in alpha version). As another entry point for follower to act with you is just having hands bound. The consequences would include different events depending on what is follower affection/stats towards you. If loving and caring, frequent after rescuing follower with spell - kissing animation. Then help you out or depending on some various stats (trust, dominance, perversion, annoyance) follower can start playing with bound player starting with kissing animation (not necessary after spell), taking all keys, tightening device to close-to-unescapable state and removing manipulated locks. Also she would oversee if player is about to escape heavy bondage, she would intervene and re-equip it or tighten it again. take all keys and leave player bound without any help to escape, enjoying the show take all keys, gag or blind player (rope if no devices available in follower inventory), tighten devices to unescapable state and relieving from duty, waiting for player to come back at home or follower hiring spot If annoyed and not horny but not really dominant - unwilling to help you to get out of restraints, reduce annoyance. Also offended person wouldn't want to be intimate in any way. If annoyed and horny - force player to make follower get off, like forced licking (or just rape, maybe with futa support) without caring about player orgasm. Might come with some kind of safe word usage if player don't want it so it is kind of consensual rape. Safe word should increase dominance or some other stat? Maybe reduce trust a little. The ability to ask follower to help player getting off while she is bound and horny (with possibility of refusal and teasing but not allowing to orgasm if follower is dominant) Same with not being bound and with chance of same consequence + equipping a belt, which may come with some kind of plugs which also torment player in same fashion. I think follower has to get this belt somewhere with plugs before this event, spawning one out of air would be ridiculous. Also this can allow player to actually rebel and take all devious stuff from follower if she is heavy bound after another trap event, thus blocking this event from happening. Vibration spells for DDi can also come in handy here. If annoyed and not horny + dominant (arousal <40)- flogging (require whip in follower inventory which can be also stolen), reduce annoyance Stealing devious gear can lead to consequences and changing some stats respectively (follower less dom, more annoyed, player less submissive and etc) Also I thought it would be good thing to change all devices equiped by rescue spell to match same keyword/colour. As far as I planned to do this list myself I can help with any coding+debugging, although I have pretty little knowledge on how to create new things properly. Edit: some relationship categories loving - hating (something serious should happen, this wouldn't allow follower to be hired until some kind of gift or quest?) caring (raised by rescue, being obedient, healing and etc) - indifferent/cold trusting (asking for allowance to do something?) - distrusting (stealing while being submissive, escaping devices while playing with player) angry (friendly fire, stealing) perverted - depends on arousal time rate maybe? submissive - dominant sadistic (? maybe from just killing enemies, affect chances to inflict pain to player by flogging/don't listen for safe word. Reduced be counter-flogging or leaving follower bound for some time to cool her off, this would make those features really appreciated by users)
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