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  1. The Revisited version of Solutions is the same as v5.0 but with more content. You should uninstall the original if you download this variation of Solutions. Damn, might have to check on that one to make sure, but I thought the quest worked fine when I ran my game. Yep your pretty much on point, all it does is make the follower replace you if you are supposed to have sex with any male actors. I guess it's if your playing a male pc or if you want to see your followers get fucked (literally), but otherwise that's the main function of that checkmark.
  2. Hey people, I've been stuck in an issue so far regarding the bear collision for ABC, and looked through about every aspect of the mod to check where the issue was. I'm currently using 1.80, and I had checked to make sure nothing was overwritten or changed at all, but I only seem to get the belly bulge which is the only physics covered by CBBE 3BBB when you select SMP full. The issue could possibly be the mesh, but I'm more inclined to think it might be the CF or MNC version I'm using. I'm currently using the old creature framework alongside MNC 1.2.4, so if anyone else hasn't had an issue with
  3. That's weird, I did not try that yet since I have been using the older CF because of the notorious issue with the erect model not applying consistently, I should try that out now that you mention it. I though CF only changed what mesh would be applied, and it did apply the ABC meshes correctly, so it is a bit questionable. I will see if the newest version of CBBE 3BBB works though alongside the old CF to see if that fixes the issue. EDIT 1: Transitioning to the older CF did not work, neither did updating CBBE 3BBB. I want to check if it works with BHUNP but its most likely does since factor
  4. Porting MNC over to SE is not too bad actually, all you have to do is use Cathedral Assets Optimizer and run the mod's folder through the program, it makes everything semi work in Skyrim SE and is the same way that Pfiffy ports over MNC to Skyrim SE (I think I remember seeing them say that) EDIT: So I ported over the newest MNC version to SSE and it works well, but the collisions still do not work still, so it is most likely not because of the MNC version. Hopefully the fix comes soon, I did revert back to a 1.74 version of ABC though and the collisions work as normal. The collision issue i
  5. Hey @factoryclose, there does seem to be some sort of issue regarding the newer meshes for the creatures, as I don't seem to have collision for horses, bears, or gargoyles as I have checked so far. Going to the previous version though did solve the issue, so nothing major for us, we can wait a little more! Thanks for the mod too, really well done!
  6. The last alternative sounds like a fresh reinstall of SexLab then
  7. I've used the github version for so long and haven't stumbled into that issue. Just to clarify though, he did integrate my "fix" into the development build so my script would be redundant but would still require Mfg Fix
  8. I don't check these threads often, so sorry for the late response, but you probably just need to refresh SexLab by uninstalling it and then reinstalling it in your save. Also, trust me on this, move to MO2 if your planning on having a million mods or if you know nothing about how to compromise conflicts with files, it is far easier than Vortex.
  9. It might work, I would have to check the plugin to see what edits it does since it is a single esp that fixes some conflicting records, but I would say that without me checking atm that the patch probably works well.
  10. what do you mean by the bounty quests? Die deutsch übersetzte Version von SexLab Solutions wird von Solutions Revisited nicht unterstützt. Die Verwendung dieses Patches kann der Grund sein, warum diese Quest Probleme hat, da ich noch nie eine Quest mit den Silberblut-Rekruten in Karthwasten berührt habe. Entschuldigung für die Unannehmlichkeiten.
  11. In all honesty the adjustments made by SexLab Solutions have no sort of major conflict between each other, the patch for it will probably come whenever I feel it's time for me to actually get back to work on the mod. Yet, as the mods has always been, any individual can take the work I have done so far and expand on it. I have been working on and off the project, but have not been able to get most of the dialogue done even though (this is my personal opinion) creating dialogue is relatively easy. I simply have never had the time to do it and kinda regret saying I can do stuff when I actually ca
  12. Also again, sorry for the lateness, but I do use both with only a slightly weird issue in-between the change from the moan to the expression, where the player/npc has their original base facial expression followed by the edit of expression done by SexLab Framework. I've actually seen people use this in a real clever way like izzyguy, who uses the mod random emotions to change the base facial expression and goes back to SexLab Framework's facial expression to get more "diverse" facial expressions that are really just one stagnant and one changing facial expressions. Love his shit to pieces.
  13. Sorry about responding so late, but SexLab does work a bit differently then picking a random animation. Each animation has a set facial experssion attached to the individual, and if not provided with one (I presume) it defaults to happy or something of the sort. That being said, I'm not entirely sure if my fix could cause this issue: I actually got the scripts from the original SexLab for LE and looked through them to see which lines of code were disabled for SE since the script MfgConsoleFunc was not available when SE came out. I've checked nearly every line of code to ensure that any extra c
  14. A slight fix that as a byproduct makes them work pretty well with one another, the two scripts used in tandem with MfgFix really helps use the both of them together with a very small oddity when they move between moaning and the facial expression. Place the scripts into your script folder where SexLab is located and you have a good way of having both yet you of course will still get the weird hiccups that are warned, just not as noticeable.
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