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    My story with modding started when i found that my female character have child-flat-ass and i started to looking for way to correct it ;-) Few days later I wrote first papyrus script. I'm BDSM lover so as a gamer and modder I enjoy every day on this forum.


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  1. i need to check it at home - im not sure - i think i had some problem with it too probably DT is agresive and try to open mounth after training (but maybe also without... close? ) - it's not critical for me but... annoying.
  2. it seems that texture for day83 is missing strange - i cant confirm it now - but to quick fix try to find in skyrim/data: /texture/actors/slavetats/dt (or something like this)/ find file .dds - probably day83.dds if this file not existt try to find day82.dds and clone it with changed name to 83 i dont remember name file syntax - so keep in mind, you can find somethin similar to my example only. good luck
  3. no, how? no, find plug if you want be silent, use diaper path from this mod. be creative! TODO: check use SLIF
  4. i cross fingers. im lame but i realy want to try this mod in my game (oldrim here). i tried to use bodyslide but without good effects at this moment
  5. @Code Serpent wow, something fresh on LL :3 ❤️ are you able to add SLIF support? EDIT:
  6. @Code Serpent Hi! I love your mod but im stuck in trouble. Any chance to add debug/rescue button in mcm to reset "capture quest"? I think that i killed all bandits and in same time quest "avoid" was started - now is active (long time after this fight). that's broke this feature.
  7. Ich habe die Dateien DT SE und die Texturen installiert aber im Spiel erscheint nichts. Fehlt noch etwas?

    Die requiments waren bereits installiert und funktionieren gut.

  8. download 3.1 core, mayham and martyr + tats/texture pack you need this 4 files to instal to expiriance all new features. this mod still have no good description. but you should find all improtat things in changelogs
  9. i cant belive camera shake is a problem? lol maybe i add option in mcm to turn off/on it im going to add some changes soon - maybe in next days i will reupload Devious Butt all vanilia races with real DD plugs must works. about another rases - im not sure now
  10. whats about separate modificator for boobs(left/right), butt and belly (and maybe other nodes?)
  11. tats are no longer supported - i leave old JSON for slavetats - to help one of updates, you need to edit json first if you want to use it with slavetats
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