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About This File

This version is for fun and for translators only. There are so many known bugs that I definitely don't need additional bug reports now.

This is the successor of Maria Eden for Skyrim SE - you can get all the information there until this version leaves the alpha phase. The Maria Eden SE port of @nomkaz is the better choice if you don't understand German and want to have a more stable version


  • I made the mod for my own pleasure. My play style is starting a new game, having some fun, drop the game. This is how MEP is organized - not intended to play the vanilla quests.
  • Lots of things are broken
  • I play MEP solo - no other BDSM mod - so I can't guarantee that it works well with other mods - especially other slavery mods.
  • Please don't waste your time with bug reports now until it reaches the beta phase - and you better avoid this mod if you are inexperienced with mods.


  • German

Maria Eden Prostitution installation Guide


If you don't follow the advices in this document don't expect any kind of support!

Unlike the previous versions of MEP, this is a complete overhaul of the Vanilla Skyrim Environment.
Changes are made everywhere, NPCs react on you depending on visible and invisible properties.

This is the reason why MEP don't plays well together with other mods that affects some of the properties.

It is a BDSM / Prostitution sandbox and not meant to be used for vanilla gameplay.


  • NPC dialogs
  • NPC reactions
  • NPC factions
  • Taverns
  • Jails
  • Some landscapes like Solitude execution place

Requirements (always the latest versions)

  • SkyUI
  • SKSE
  • UIExtensions
  • FNIS
  • ZAP
  • Sexlab
  • SlaveTats
  • Devious Devices Assets
  • Devious Devices Integration (only the resources, ESP/ESM is not needed)


  • Mini Needs
  • MfgFix
  • Sexlab Cumshot
  • SSE Engine Fixes
  • More Nasty Critters for beast fans
  • SLAnimation Loader
  • HavokFix64 (when using frame rate > 50)
  • ENB Helper (if you use ENB)
  • Gamepad - MEP is built with Gamepads in mind
  • Notepad++ or a Json editor if you want to configure things because MEP does not provide a MMC
  • No manual modification in Skyrim / ENB configuration files - only changing the framerate

My ENB Settings for high frame rates





Installation steps

  • Use a mod manager and isolate MEP in a separate profile! Use MO or Vortex
  • Disable all other slavery mods
  • Disable all other mods that controls player behavior
  • Disable all mods that changes vanilla taverns - only changes of textures won't matter
  • Disable all quickstart mods - MEP provides an own one
  • Disable devious devices integration.esm and devious devices expansion.esm. MEP uses DD assets and animations but I can't guarantee that DD mechanics don't affects MEP gameplay
  • Prepare you environment for as much FPS as possible, the Papyrus engine synchronizes with the frame rate and this means that MEP is running much more smoothly with high frame rates
  • enter directory <skyrim>\data\sound\voice\MariaBase.esm and execute create_junctions.cmd
  • enter directory <skyrim>\data\sound\voice\MariaProstitution.esp and execute create_junctions.cmd
  • Run FNIS !

Maria Eden Prostitution game play guide

Maria Eden is a BDSM / Prostitution sandbox and not meant to be used for vanilla gameplay.


Maria Eden consists of the following mods:

  • BDSMMechanics.esm - provides keywords and some basic furniture and restraints mechanics
  • MariaBase.esm - base mod containing keywords, several managers and base mechanics
  • SimpleSlavery.esp - install this if you want that Maria Eden handles simple slavery events - it has it's own auction quest
  • MariaDevices.esp - adds ZAZ furniture's in almost all city taverns in their cellars, some in Castle Volkihar and in Solitude on the execution stage. Although it is optional it spends a lot of fun.
  • MariaProstitution.esp - provides all quests
  • MariaQuickstart.esp - quick start in a small cell with some startup goodies
  • ZEPSlaveLocations.esp - some important locations, focused on Solitude - Slave auction, Slave shool - the others are not yet supported by quests
  • ZEPWhoreLocations.esp - several brothels - most of them in the major cities


I strongly recommend to use the MariaEden startup mod, however - before starting your journey into prostitution and slavery you should wait until all mods has started and all Sexlab animations are registered.
You should start with a clean game and I also recommend to save the game after all mods are up and running and restart Skyrim. Some dialog options are only available after a game reload.

Outfits - Outfit Manager

In Maria Eden outfits have a strong meaning and there are several outfit classed and reserved outfit names.

So one of your first tasks into the Maria Eden world should be to setup outfits.

Outfit categories

  • cat - used for pet play. The outfit DogSlave is used in the Slave of dog quest.
  • cult - used for the religious oriented quest Whore of Dibella. The following outfits are used:
    • Dibellas High Priestess - boss of the temple of Dibella
    • Dibellas Novice - outfit of the bystanders of the boss
    • Dibellas Priestess - outfit for the priestess
  • dancer - used for dance quests
  • femdom - outfits for your female master
  • fetish - just for fun
  • guard - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all female slave guards
  • maledom - outfits for your male master
  • pimp - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all female pimps of the brothels
  • pimphelper - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all female brothels assistants
  • ponygirl - outfit for the pony girl quest
  • slave - outfit for ... guess what ...
  • succubus - outfit succubus, not yet supported
  • wedding - outfit for the marriage scene
  • whore - every outfit in this category is automatically and randomly equipped by all whores. The body part of a whore outfit is enchanted with an effect that discovers the wearer as prostitute.

Slave tats are considered as part of an outfit, there are some nice lingerie tats available that fits much better to your body shape than armor based lingerie.

But also war paints, cum effects and branding signs are available and can become part of an outfit.

Outfits stores your equipped weapon and arrows as well.

NPCs - Actor Manager

The actor manager allows you to modify NPCs - or put them into the list of managed NPCs.

You can treat every NPC into special factions - for example recruit them as followers or marry them.

Managed NPCs

The outfits of managed NPCs are stored permanently and there are functions to fetch or jump to a managed NPC.
On every encounter managed NPCs try to convince you to become their whore or slave.
If they see you naked or wearing a slave collar they will take over the control.

The managed NPC outfit stores a reference to the base outfit - so if you modify this base outfit later your NPC adapts this changes during next game load.
If you delete the base outfit it will not affect the NPC because the stored outfit contains a copy as fallback.

Location Manager

Since most of the quests are related to their location you can use the location manager to teleport to certain locations.

You can also record own locations

Animation Manager

All animations are managed by the Animation Manager

You can define own animations

A animation can be mapped to an animation ID

The animation ID is used in certain conditions - for example the kneeling animation is assigned to the ID 1.
In several quests you are commanded to play an animation.

Restraints Manager

Maria Eden comes with a pre-defined set of restraints that are used in several quests. They are all based on ZAZ and DDa. You can change these assignments so that Maria Eden uses other restraints.

Sexlab Animation Manager

Before every sexlab animation you can choose the animation by tag or by name and you can define a list of favorites

After the animation you are asked if you want to put the animation to your favorites list

My future plan is a black list and then patching the SLAL files to whipe out all blacklisted animations from the sexlab registry.

Visual properties

Every NPC react on visible properties - and the reaction is permanent. There is no way back. So keep attention where you play as a slave, a whore or a pervert slut, the more encounters you have the less opportunities you have to play vanilla Skyrim


If a managed NPC observe you naked (while you are free) he will become your pimp and whore you out.

Slave collar

Every NPC who sees you wearing a slave collar (ZAZ only) considers you a slave forever from now on

Merchants don't sell anything to slaves, but you can persuade some of them with offering sex.
But the prices are really bad.

Every child who observed you will never talk with you anymore.

If you are not enslaved or whored out some followers, every managed NPC and every Pimp will enslave you if they meet you.

Whore outfit

Every NPC who sees you wearing a whore outfit considers you a prostitute forever from now on.

Whenever you equip a whore outfit the body part gets marked. So you should only define whore outfits with body parts.

Most merchants demands free sex before they are willing to trade with you.

Every child who observed you will never talk with you anymore.

If you are not enslaved or whored out some followers, every managed NPC and every Pimp will whore you out.

Animal Whore Tattoo

If you are marked with this tattoo (you get it in slave school after some beast jobs) and you are naked, hostlers wont sell you horses but enforce you to fuck their horses.

Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.

Beast sex

Whenever a NPCs see you being involved in a sex scene with an animal he treats you as a perverted slut.

Some merchants don't want to trade anything with you.

Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.

Dog slave

Whenever a NPCs see you being a dog slave with a cat outfit he treats you as scum.

No merchants will trade anything with you.

Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.


Other visual properties like wearing nipple clamps, clitoris sealing, having whip marks or cum effects just lead to humiliating comments.

Clitoris sealing (triggered by slave shool or master) impacts the arousal level (Sexlab aroused) - it cannot cool down and the player cannot have an orgasm.

Invisible properties

Some properties are invisible but they have an impact on the game - especially in dialog scenes.


Your master won't allow you vaginal penetration sex until you are sterilized.

The sterilization can be triggered in the slave school, in a brothel or by the master if there is an apothecary in the current location.

Partly circumcision

Your labia is cut so your clitoris is exposed.

Sitting and riding increased arousal (Sexlab aroused)

The circumcision is done in the slave school

Fully circumcision

Your clitoris is amputated.

Player can no longer be aroused (Sexlab aroused)

The circumcision is done in the slave school



Category Main
Start Autostart
Status Playable

This quest is the main bootstrap for Maria Eden and provides the furniture mechanics


Category Zone
Start Location
Status Playable

This quest is triggered whenever the player enters a place where prostitution is expected. It does not provide own functionality but it registers a lot of random encounter quests.
Only in these locations people are asking you for sex.


  • Military camps
  • Orc camps
  • Towns and cities
  • Taverns
  • Brothels


Category Zone
Start Location
Status Playable

This quest is triggered whenever the player enters a place where special restrictions apply to slaves.
A slave has to be restrained, a slave has to wear blindfold in temples and in the jarl house.
The master will take care of the restrictions


  • Jarl houses
  • Jails
  • Temples


Category Zone
Start Location
Status Playable

This quest is triggered whenever the player enters a brothel. It triggers random guests and registers a lot of random encounter quests with prostitution as main subject

The random guests are NPCs from the brothel town location

You can ask the pimp for a job as a prostitute.

There are NPC whores doing their busyness.

If your enter the brothel while wearing a slave collar the pimp will enslave you.

Known issues: Sometimes the NPC whore jobs stucks, use Cheat manager to kill the NPC whoring quests.
Sometimes the NPCs do not recognize that a bed is occupied by you.


Category Main
Start Keyword, triggered by other quests or ask auctioneer
API MariaAuctionKeyword
Ref1=seller (optional)
Ref2=customer (optional)
Status Playable

In this quest the player will be auctioned off. It is sometimes triggered by other quests, eg. the master gets bored, the pimp is unsatisfied, punishment for a major crime after leaving the jail, slave training in slave school finished

If you have installed SimpleSlavery.esp from this mod, all SimpleSlavery events are captured and driven by this quest.

If the quest starts without a seller the player is escorted to the auction house.

The player can sell himself to the auctioneer via dialog.

Potential customers

  • Managed NPCs
  • Pimps (from brothels)
  • Potential followers from the city of the auction house.
  • Random NPCs from the city of the auction house.

Known issues: There are some pathing issued when the auction guests are going home.


Category Main
Start Keyword, random encounters and manual offers (talk to NPC)
API MEPInterestKeyword
Ref1 = john
Ref2 = second john (optional)
value1 = 4711: free sex without dialog value2 = 1: free sex with dialog
Status Playable

This quest prepares a whore job - usually a john asks you for a sex or torture job.

It is mostly triggered be encounters when a NPC considers you a whore and you are in a whoring location.

But sometimes it is also triggered by your pimp if he finds a john for your.

If your john considers you a slave you cannot reject.

If you reject and your pimp is nearby it can lead to punishment.


Category Main
Start Keyword
API MEPJobKeyword
Ref1 = john
Ref2 = second john (optional)
value1 = job type that was negotiated in MEPInterest
value2 = bitmask : 1 = john will lead to sex, 2 = sex right here, 4 = forced BDSM, 8 = free job
Status Playable

This is the main prostitution quest and it is triggered by MPInterest or sometimes directly by your master.
The success of a job depends on the time spent for sex.
If you fast forward the sex scene to much the job will fail and the john won't pay.
If you are not a free prostitute your master or pimp may punish you.

If you are a free prostitute and doing a job in a tavern the job may gets interrupted by the innkeeper.
You should ask the innkeeper before and if he accepts whoring in his tavern he wants a cut and he takes the payment from your johns.
Ask the innkeeper for your cut.

Every john remembers your meeting and humiliate you with vulgar remarks

Known issues: Sometimes the NPCs forget to re-equip their clothes.
Use the cheat manager to reset them manually.


Category Main
Start Keyword
API MEPPaymentKeyword
Ref1 = john
Status Playable

After a whore job the Payment quest starts.

Depending on the outcome of the job (john satisfied or not) different things will happen.

If you are a free prostitute you receive the payment.
If you are a free prostitute in a tavern, the innkeeper receives the payment.
Otherwise your master or your pimp receives the payment.
If you are not a free prostitute and the john is not satisfied your master or your pimp will punish you.

If you are not a free prostitute and a new john asked your master or pimp for a job during a running job he immediately triggers a new whore job.


Category Main
Start Talk to Senna in the temple of Dibella in Markath
Status Playable

If you want to become a temple whore of Dibella go to Senna and ask. She gives you a task and if you have fulfilled it you go back to Senna for the initiation rite.

You will receive special clothes - especially a flower circlet. If you wear this circlet you are recognized as a temple whore.
As a temple whore you will not receive payment from your johns.


Category Main
Start Keyword, ask a dog or ask a hostler
API MariaDogFollowerKeyword
Ref1 = dog
value1 = if != 0 then player becomes slave of the dog
value2 = if != 0 then the dog will initially rape the player
Status Playable

Beast functions are only enabled if you have enabled beast animations in Sexlab.

You can ask any dog to follow you.

As long as you don't ask the dog for sex nothing special happens.

If you asked your dog more than 3 times for sex he will become your master (cheat = setstage MEPDogFollower 20).
As your master he will rape you whenever he wants

If you had sex with your dog more than 6 times he forces you staying naked (cheat = setstage MEPDogFollower 21).
If you have defined a DogSlave cat outfit it is equip and whenever you un-equip one part of the outfit he forces you to re-equip it.

If you had sex with your dog more than 9 times he forces you crawl (cheat = setstage MEPDogFollower 22).

If you wearing a DogSlave cat outfit you are recognized as a dog slave.

You can ask any hostler for a dog and you can convince him to give you a dog for free - but you immediately start as a dog slave.


Category Main
Start Keyword, ask managed NPCs or potential followers, or ask anyone while kneeling
API MEPPimpKeyword
Ref1 = new master or pimp
value1 = if 1 then player becomes slave, otherwise a whore
Status Playable

This is the major quest, the NPC will fully take over the control over you.

If he is only your pimp he just take a major cut of your income and collects whore jobs for you. He sometimes triggers harmless quests to increase your notoriety.

If he is your master almost every aspect of the game changes and he starts several tasks, most of them triggered by encounters.

He has two major goals - earn much money and humiliate you as much as possible.

Two factors controls his behavior - his actor value "mood" and his relationship rank to you.

Most of your activities have an positive or negative impact on these factors.

If the factors are really bad he will send you to slave school to teach you how to obey or he will sell you.

The only way to get free again is the dead of your master, or you might find a potential follower who buys you.


Category Main
Start Triggered by other quest or ask slave trainer
Status Almost playable, work in progress

You are treat as scum in a cage. Every hour (or press Escape) a new (training) session is started, sometimes people from the current city visits the training.

The visitors remember seeing you in the school and humiliate you verbally.

Some sessions end up with player execution.

The school finishes with player execution, player sellout to an NPC or slave auction.

Edited by zaira
Forget to mention FNIS

What's New in Version 2.5.3 (repacked)


Maria Eden Prostitution history

Release 1.09

  • Pimp might sell you after 3 days if he is unhappy with your prostitution performance
  • Male pimp want a blowjob every 4h
  • Goto tavern - press Escape to quick jump
  • Register slave in town - press Escape to quick jump
  • Slave training quest - press Escape to trigger a new slave task
  • Whore job pissing
  • Whore job handjob
  • NPC whorejob animal sex
  • Stables are detected and triggers a animal sex quest
  • Pimp is demanding several tasks based on location and daytime
  • No more insivible leash - you have to follow voluntary. I have given up to find a reliable solution.
  • Restraints are no longer locked, the player shall always have the control
  • Slave branding - this is the only restraint that cannot be removed. Once the slave is branded there is no way back, everybody can see your slave status
  • Soft Circumcision - outer labia gets removed (Slave training, non-visual), Player gets arroused when sitting down or riding a horse
  • Hard Circumcision - clitoris gets removed (Slave training, non-visual), Player cannot get any orgams
  • Sterilization - you get sterile (Slave training, non-visual), Player cannot become pregnant
  • Pet toy branding - lot's of debuffs in combination with animals (Slave training) (random rape etc.)
  • Nipple clamps as punishment if you make your pimp angry
  • Pain heels as punishment if you make your pimp angry
  • MEP uses own restraints now - meshes from ZAP, alternative animations from DD
  • Manages NPCs remembers their outfit based on outfitnames instead of inventary
  • Almost every vanilla dialogue is adapted when you are a visibile slave or whore
  • Stacked john requests - if a john asks your pimp for a job and you are busy with another john he is waiting
  • Please whip me quest
  • Gallows Game quest
  • Dog show quest
  • Dog follower / Slave of Dog Quest
  • Temple Whore Quest
  • NPC AI - lots of states are now permanent and the NPCs remember them

Release 1.08

  • Trigger lunchtime tavern visit only for slave whores
  • Trigger evening tavern visit at 22h instead of 20h
  • No animal quests when sexlab creatures are disabled
  • Dance job
  • Buy and sell the whore
  • Brothel support:
    • Daily life
    • Home visit with escort
    • NPC whores
    • Business from 9 till 0

Release 1.07

  • Fix for broken blindfold removal after jobs
  • Simple Slavery Mode event support
  • Single whipping job enabled for female johns
  • Job dialogs shortened up
  • Some more humiliating dialogs

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