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    Are you from Victoria? Send me a message! We can hang out and talk about videogames and modding.

    Skyrim (probably my favourite game ever)
    Modding Skyrim (addictive, isn't it?)
    Videogames (the ultimate hobby)
    Programming (I love Java and Python; I can wrangle some C if I really HAVE to)
    Science (I actually AM a scientist; a synthetic chemist to be specific)
    Technology (I will be the first in line to get myself cyborged)
    Books (reading Neil Gaiman's books right now)
    Superhero movies / show (wasn't Jessica Jones just the best series ever?)
    Cartoons (who here loves Invader Zim?)
    Eating good food (and plenty of it... I will never be thin. :-) )
    Making good food (my pumpkin pie has literally brought tears of joy to people's eyes)
    Passionate love-making (does anyone NOT like this?)
    Cuddling (with a lover, a friend, or just with my cat; I'm not picky.)
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    Does anyone really want to know my bio?! If you really want to know for some reason, just ask.

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  1. If you feel like translating the strings file, feel free! I'd love to have some translations.
  2. Are you using AllGud or Devious Devices or any other mod that slurps up lots of slots?
  3. I'll add it to the installer the next time I'm on my dev PC.
  4. I don't go against people's posted permissions. I have nothing against those who do, so if someone wanted to make a DAR mod that swapped the animations, they should feel free to. I'll start stashing a copy of the current actor weight in Variable09 so that DAR has something to check.
  5. I'm trying to balance the range so that it works for things like Dragons but also isn't excessively far.
  6. Delphine is an absolute beast of a predator, very hard to vore.
  7. You need the Comfy perk, then you need to be endoed, and then you open the QuickSettings menu, then you choose "Vore Sleep". And then you will go to sleep.
  8. If you have the perk and are somewhere safe, the menu should have a "Sleep" option that lets you ACTUALLY sleep.
  9. If you have the perk and are somewhere safe, the menu should have a "Sleep" option that lets you ACTUALLY sleep.
  10. Some follower frameworks are a bit ... aggressive about teleporting followers to you.
  11. I found the source of the weird XP bug, thanks for reporting it.
  12. Do you have any other cold-weather themed mods, not counting frostfall?
  13. You're going to need NetscriptFramework installed so that you get crashlogs. I can't help much without that crashlog. And yes, ctd while defecating is strongly associated with Wet and Cold.
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