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    Are you from Victoria? Send me a message! We can hang out and talk about videogames and modding.

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  1. Check that your antivirus isn't blocking it, and make sure you only have ONE skse preloader installed.
  2. Yeah, it would definitely have been clearer if I had explained it... Thanks!
  3. Any chance you could add an event handler so that other mods can use this as a soft dependency? Basically an enhanced version of the SoulPets_Capture event that determines the gem automatically?
  4. That mod almost makes it possible to add it as a soft dependency. Almost. Hopefully the author will update with an event handler intended for other mods to use it as a soft dependency. I posted on the support forum requesting such an event.
  5. You'd have to go to Eka's and poke around the forums. People don't always let me know when they update or change their projects.
  6. Not sure what you're referring to. Devourment has never included a set of modified outfits.
  7. Is it only endo, or does it happen with vore too? And does it happen with all NPCs?
  8. Digestion time already factors in size. The scale isn't linear -- mainly for practical reasons but also because that's not how digestion works. Half a steak digests only marginally faster than an entire steak. If you're not convinced, visit a locally-owned butcher shop and get yourself some steaks, try it out. Or some apples, that works too. But it has to be one of those two. Struggling is meant to be based on health and pred/prey skill, so it will never factor in size. But larger creatures tend to have more health anyway.
  9. It looks like you were digested by a custom follower. What happens if one of the vanilla followers digests you?
  10. Where you naked when you did the test? Most outfits don't support the coldsteel sliders unless you download outfits that have specifically been converted for Devourment.
  11. I have FISS installed and belly meshes work just fine for me. Devourment does not interact with FISS in any way.
  12. 4 is already there in the MCM. The rest you get from dialogue add-ons.
  13. And you have to make sure that "Build Morphs" is checked.
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