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  1. Is there a way to trigger masturbation so that ardor doesn't get too high at a bad time?
  2. Gangs of Skyrim

    Steam wouldn't be so bad if it just had an option to actually DOWNLOAD the mod instead of just directly installing it. Any serious modder uses NMM or MO or something, and doesn't want files just dumped randomly into their game directory. :-(
  3. Gangs of Skyrim

    Steam Workshop? WHY?
  4. I was more thinking just something simple that would allow me to use the Intimidate perk to pacify a raider, and then I could slap a collar on them and watch them flee.
  5. Is there a good accompanying mod that allows collars to be placed on subdued raiders?
  6. This is an issue for a lot of mods on LL. Maybe we should try to organize a community voice-acting initiative? There must be at least a few people on LL with pleasant voices and decent microphones (or whatever else is required, I know next to nothing about this). I bet there are lots of people here who would love to record their voices for mods.
  7. I haven't worked on them at all in over a year. The results were too inconsistent. And without the technical knowledge to use Blender to fix the problems, I just can't make a satisfying conversion of LSAR to UUNP. Unfortunately, LSAR will have to wait for an actual 3D artist to come along and give the project some love.
  8. Converting the glass armor proved to be extremely difficult, as it's made up of a bunch of disconnected parts that don't scale together very well.
  9. It's not even in a menu. The UI is divided into three sections. The section on the bottom right displays the data associated with Scripts, instances, etc.
  10. BeeingFemale

    I thought there was a 1.4, but I could be mistaken.
  11. PetProject

    Seriously! This is exactly how new modders get started. Start by looking at the parts of the ESP file using Tes5Edit, seeing how they fit together. Read through the scripts when necessary, Papyrus isn't that hard to learn. Then jump in with CreationKit. :-)
  12. PetProject

    So learn to mod, start adding new features. That's part of the cycle of modding, and it's why so many mods have redone or continued in their names. Someday, we could all be playing DPPR -- Dust+ Pet Project Renewal. Could be big. :-)
  13. BeeingFemale

    Is there a link anywhere to BFAP 1.4? I've done a few searches, but can't find it anywhere.
  14. It is a very good thing. That's why it was added a year and a half ago.