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    Are you from Victoria? Send me a message! We can hang out and talk about videogames and modding.

    Skyrim (probably my favourite game ever)
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    Videogames (the ultimate hobby)
    Programming (I love Java and Python; I can wrangle some C if I really HAVE to)
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  1. During combat rape scenes, is it possible to have companions assaulted too?
  2. markdf


    I actually don't have one handy. My order, which is relatively stable, is about like this. Other people will give different orders that work for them, so there's no single "best" way to do it. When you think you have a good load order, test it. Start a game, run around like crazy, test the features of each mod. The only way to be really confident is to use Tes5Edit or SSEdit to actually go in and check for conflicts, but following a guide is a good start.
  3. markdf

    I love this community

    It's taken hard work by the moderators to make it this way. Warnings, bannings, locking threads, not to mention being pretty awesome themselves. So they definitely deserve a shout out.
  4. Do you know if it's possible to block these animations during normal sexlab scenes? They're amazing, and I kind of want to save them for mod scenes where they are context appropriate.
  5. markdf


    That's basically the experience of using Vortex, right there.
  6. markdf


    I incorporated some of the source code from PDTWrapper into ReSaver, it was really helpful. ReSaver was basically my attempt to combine SaveTool's awesome UI with PDTWrapper's flexibility and power. Never managed to recreate SaveTool's incredible speed though...
  7. markdf


    Definitely a fun mod. But yeah, one button click to escape the X-cross, or even to get free from the spit. Do you have Zaz8? I do, so I wondered if it might be a conflict.
  8. markdf


    Because of this hostility in that post. Inexperienced modders are just as likely to create new problems by using LOOT as they are to make things better. Attacking someone for not using LOOT is way off base. There are very good guides out there for how to sort your load order, which explain why things go in the order they do. Individual mod pages also give good advice about where those mods should be placed. THAT'S what new modders need, otherwise they'll just wind up back here or on Nexus asking for help again when LOOT gives them a ridiculous load order that wrecks their game. In my years of helping people troubleshoot savefile problems in Skyrim and Fallout 4, LOOT has been a problem more often than not. Bethesda's plugin format just isn't that amenable to automated sorting or patching -- look at the nightmarish complexity of just getting Wrye Bash to produce a decent patch! And Wrye Bash is about as clever as software gets without using AI or something.
  9. markdf


    Anyone with the knowledge to create their own rulesets is already able to setup their load order by hand and do a better than LOOT ever could. Because ultimately what skilled users end up doing is specifying the entire load order by hand using LOOT rules. Then they realize that they're wasting their time using LOOT and just setup the correct order directly.
  10. markdf


    What are you talking about?? Using LOOT is disastrous with Sexlab mods. It does not reliably sort complex load orders, it only works for load orders that are simple and have very few conflicts.
  11. I see what you did there. That is a truly old-school reference.
  12. markdf

    Introduce yourself

    I wear a respirator at work sometimes, kind of kills the sexiness for me. My favourite breathplay item is a leather belt, although I've just started experimenting a bit with bagging. People panic like crazy when they're bagged.
  13. markdf


    Fair enough. Maybe the idea could be farmed out to someone who has alternate start experience. It would go great in the CCAS mod.
  14. markdf


    A feature that would go great with Ravenous would be a scenario for Alternate Start, so that players could easily jump right into the mod. Same for From The Deeps.