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  1. What happened to the previous version? This one seems to have some of the textures removed.
  2. So I've tended to stay away from Advanced Needs, for the simple reason that I like having Survival Mode's weighted ammo. But then I saw this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35464?tab=files Is RSE compatible with it? Could I use it to get my weighted ammo and still use Advanced Needs?
  3. What is the source of incompatibility with mods that alter carriages like SLUTS? Is a patch possible for the future?
  4. The Sexist Guards mod adds monologue. You can disable all the actual guard stuff.
  5. The description of the update says that a clean save will be needed for the final version of 6.0. Is that just for the quest? Or are there other feature changes that will cause upgrade issues?
  6. markdf

    you are prejudiced?

    Half of the old testament consists of stories of the Hebrew people invading their neighbours, slaughtering them, taking their little girls as sex slaves, and all on god's direct command. The brutal aspects of modern Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ALL have their basis right there in the old testament, the foundation of all three of those religions. "Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace on earth! No, rather a sword. If you love your father, mother, sister, brother, more than me, you are not worthy of being mine." -- the original "Nice Guy", Jesus.
  7. markdf

    Dovahkiin's Infamy

    In The Blacksmith and the Drunkard, when Alvor goes to confront Embry over having sex with Sigrid, Embry doesn't respond. And after giving his speech about settling their feud, Alvor just stands there. Any idea how to get the quest to progress?
  8. markdf

    you are prejudiced?

    Free for who? The slaves who did all of the actual work? Or after that, the people arrested under Jim Crow laws and forced to do involuntary prison labour? The only thing "free" about American enterprise is the fact that a lot of work got done for *free* by slaves and prisoners and indentured servants.
  9. I always check a mod in Tes5Edit before I run it, and I noticed a couple of things. 1.) It needs to be cleaned. There are ITM records and deleted records, both are a bad idea. 2.) For no apparent reason, the Drunk Huntsman is being renamed to "Bondage Store". 3.) The location marker for Laura's Bondage Shop is part of the Drunk Huntman's location form. It should probably have its own. For all I know, these are deliberate. People occasionally have reasons to do stuff like that. But if not, you might want to address them. EDIT: Nevermind, I see that you're already on top of it! ? Okay, a couple of better thoughts now that I've actually played it. 1.) It would make sense for the doors to the back room and upstairs to be locked, since this is presumably Laura and Katarina's home. Yes, the vanilla shops don't bother with this, but they should. 2.) If you sell Laura an item that is locked onto your body, you get the money but don't lose the item. However I'm not sure if it's even possible to fix that. I actually have no idea if Captured Dreams ever solved that problem either, it's been a while since I used it. 3.) The current location seems perfect! I have The People of Skyrim installed, which is about as conflicting as any mod could ever be. It conflicts EVERYTHING. But it doesn't conflict with yours. 4.) The dialog is well written, it's obvious you put care into it. 5.) It shouldn't be that hard to use a script to check for Captured Dreams and Cursed Loot and populate the shop inventory with items from those mods. 6.) You could add radiant quests to retrieve materials that Laura needs for crafting keys or repairing gear, in return for giving the PC keys. I'm not sure how much quest stuff you're interested in, but that would be a way to add reasons to keep visiting rather than just stocking up on keys once, stashing them in breezehome, and never coming back.
  10. markdf

    SexLab Dialogues (2018-02-10)

    SQS says: Stage 0: 1 Stage 5-900: 0 SQV says that there are no scripts attached, zero aliases, the quest is enabled, the state is "running", current stage is zero, and priority is zero. But none of SLDialogue's responses show up when I speak to Alvor. The blacksmithing tutorial runs fine (stages 10 through 110 are set to 1, stage 200 is still 0, and completed in the journal). EDIT: so this actually turned out to be a weird mod organizer bug where the scripts for the mod weren't being included in the VFS... but thanks anyway for responding. ?
  11. markdf

    SexLab Dialogues (2018-02-10)

    The Become a Blacksmith quest wont start, even after completing the blacksmithing tutorial. Can it be manually started?
  12. markdf

    Milk Mod Economy

    I read it back in the early days, I didn't realize it had changed. Thanks for the information! ?
  13. markdf

    [Ren'py] The Forest ver 0.04

    Can you give any more information about the game? Like what type of game of it is? An RPG? FPS? Adventure? Night-in-the-Woods-style story game? Maybe even a screenshot or two? ?