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  1. A Forsworn Story

    Just CurrentFollowerFaction I guess. So it removes AFSFriendForswornFaction from the list of relations.
  2. Same, it seems to be fixed now.
  3. A Forsworn Story

    Does this mod do anything with the Companions? I had a weird thing happen in a new game, where I arrived at Whiterun for the first time, and found the Whiterun Guards battling a group of unnamed Companions in Wolf Armor. I've never seen a group of generic Companions before, and definitely never seen them battling guards. I checked them out using the console, and it said that zaForsworn.esp was the last plugin to make changes to them. From a quick peek with TesEdit, it seems like it might be a conflict with Sexy Bandit Captives, which alters some of the same faction records as Forsworn Story. Might be worth having a note on the description, or talking to the author of that mod to work out a way to make them compatible.
  4. Same. The new site was working perfectly for a few days, and then suddenly all of the formatting disappeared. It's like the CSS has all been disabled or something. Almost completely unusable. For example, it took me about fifteen minutes to find this thread and make this post, something which should only take about 30 seconds. I've tried it in Firefox (both PC and Android), Chrome (PC and Android), and Internet Explorer. Cleared all my cookies and saved settings, etc. No difference, still broken.
  5. I guess maybe the pressure has to come from patrons. If people who do contribute to a patreon start demanding that the authors follow the One-Month principle, it would probably go a long way towards keeping the peace with other users.
  6. I love this request. I searched extensively, because I now desperately want you to have a hat rack. But there seems to be nothing out there. :-(
  7. Paying for it can be hard. Low-income gamers tend to see paid content as forcing us out, because we literally can't afford stuff like Patreon, and can't justify paying $5 every time we want to try out a mod. It doesn't matter how hard the developer worked and how good the content is, we still can't afford it. Paying for the game itself (and a system to run it on) is hard enough, and often requires making sacrifices in other areas of our lives. So we often choose games that have a modding community because that increases the replayability of the game and makes it a better investment. So when content starts getting locked behind paywalls, some people react with a lot of anger and frustration.
  8. I love the obituary on the download page! :-) It's great that Zaz and the Tara furniture pack are combined now!
  9. Very large saves can use a LOT of RAM, due to some of the indexing stuff that ReSaver does to improve performance. One of Java's baffling deficiencies is that it can't handle allocating lots of memory with jumping through a bunch of hurdles, and even then Java 32 seem to top out at 1 gb.
  10. Apparently YPS is applying high heel effects (like the speed debuff and satisfactory appearance) to werewolves. I'm using Moonlight Tales and Mighty Beasts, but neither of them adds HDT High Heels or anything to the werewolf models. Is this deliberate? Is there a way to disable it?
  11. Corrupted Saves

    Use Crash Fixes, definitely. ReStringer was a tool of desperation, meant only for the most ridiculous modders who insisted on installing LotD, Interesting NPCs, and every sex single mod available, and would not budge on that. And even then, it's an appallingly invasive tool. Crash Fixes is a far superior solution. No one should be using ReStringer for anything, ever.
  12. SL Kidnapped Redux

    The debug notifications that appear in the top left corner aren't being translated. Is that intentional? I don't think SkyUI translation works on those.
  13. I keep getting messages saying that "His/Her nethers tingle as he/she slides the amulet on". I can't seem to work out which mod produces that message! Any ideas?