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  1. markdf

    CC Question

    Creation Club content has been getting progressively better, and I've found myself picking up a few packs. And now there's an interesting CC mod by Elianora, whose work is amazing. So question: do CC mod authors get a percentage of the sales of a mod, or do they get paid a lump sump for making the mod? If it's a percentage, I would definitely be more inclined to buy mods by creators like Elianora.
  2. Does AAF completely take the place of Dongs of Fallout 4 now? Edit: nevermind, I see what happened.
  3. I made the MCM really fast. Some of the descriptions are probably a bit off.
  4. Just delete the file "meta.ini" from the archive before installing. That will allow you to use NMM.
  5. Fair enough. And I suppose we'd all prefer the focus to be on continuing development of AAF rather than testing upgrade paths and whatnot...
  6. Try using the console command: show DD_Config_LockPickSystem Does changing the lockpick setting in the MCM update the global variable successfully?
  7. Would it be possible to include in the version notes an indication of whether the new build will require a clean save? AAF seems pretty stateless when it's not animating, so upgrading shouldn't be an issue, right?
  8. After making menus for SkyUI, it's literally *startling* how EASY it is to use Mod Configuration Menu...
  9. Barely tested, made while sleep-deprived. Use at your own risk.
  10. View File Provides a simple MCM for Deviously Cursed Wasteland and Devious Devices. Install it with Mod Organizer 2. Submitter markdf Submitted 05/12/2018 Category Other Requires Deviously Cursed Wasteland  
  11. markdf

    Deviously Cursed Menu

    Version 1.0.0


    Provides a simple MCM for Deviously Cursed Wasteland and Devious Devices. Install it with Mod Organizer 2.
  12. markdf

    Nexus mods bitcoin mining?

    The Nexus occasionally has problems with their ad providers. Video ads can use a lot of CPU and RAM, most of them autoplay, and the problem expands out of control if you open more than two or three tabs. Nexus Premium isn't THAT expensive. If you download a lot of mods it's worthwhile supporting the site. And you get much faster downloads and no ads. If you stick with free, then anytime you get an autoplay video ad, click the button to report it, so that Nexus stops showing those ads and goes with ad providers that have less obnoxious content.
  13. Since RSE is replacing survival mode, any chance you could add options to disable fast travel, and healing effects from food and water?
  14. I've been experimenting this morning, trying to get AAF to work. At first I got nothing at all. But I found the tip about moving AAF to the top of the load order, and that got animations playing. Weird, but it works. Didn't even require a new save, it worked on a save where I already been testing with AAF at the bottom... FO4Edit shows absolutely no conflicts (or any overriden records of any kind actually). And Mod Organizer doesn't show any file conflicts. So that's weird, right? However, animations are incredibly jittery. Every animation I tested. I switched to a non-physics body, and that got rid of the big jitters (the ones where the player jumps about a metre away from the partner), but the player is constantly vibrating in place, like a few inches in game but it's happening at least ten times per second. I do love how perfect the positioning is. This looks like a really promising successor to four play. Thanks for working so hard on it!