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  1. That means that the outfit doesn't have those sliders. To have locational vore both naked and clothed, you need your body and outfits match. On Aryion.com there are a few conversion projects to add vore sliders to outfits. Or you could use standard 3BBB or CBBE sliders instead of the vore sliders.
  2. What kind of skull? Just a random skull you found, or was it someone's skull, produced by digesting them?
  3. Interesting idea! I recommend going to the Aryion.com forum and looking up some of the modders who Devourment dialogue and add-ons. Gherking, InvidiaSyren, CacameAwemedinade, and there are few other actives I'm probably forgetting.
  4. And do you immediately start getting Lua errors spamming your console?
  5. Does it stop working while you're actually playing, or is it when you load your savefile?
  6. So what I'm hearing is that you just have some rants on Spotify and no actual peer-reviewed research, and no names of ACTUAL nutrients. At least Gregathit had an actual list nutrients that are *harder* for vegans to get naturally (although still possible in every case). The problem is this black or white attitude towards nutrition -- that you'll die of malnutrition without animal products. You won't, and there are millions of people who are very much alive to prove that. They may not be as healthy (although I'd like to see research before I believe that), but they are definitely no
  7. Depends on what your standards for "healthy" are. If you expect the quality of health and longevity that people in industrialized nations are accustomed to, then yeah it's hard and requires a magnificent range of foods from a lot of places -- the fact that anyone can do it is one of capitalism's triumphs. But that's a far cry from vegans dying of malnutrition without supplements, which was the claim I was contradicting.
  8. So it should be easy to name those nutrients then, right? Or even name the scientists in question?
  9. That's not even remotely true. I love meat as much as anyone, but people can absolutely survive on a vegan diet. Humans are consumate omnivores, we can survive on some pretty extreme diets -- from entirely plant based, to almost entirely meat based. That's not ideology, it's human biology. And if you're not convinced, try to actually identify even ONE nutrient that is not available in adequate quantities from a vegan source.
  10. I absolutely care about mothers. I don't much care about pro-lifers, which is why I get so much amusement from the idea of them lining up to have unwanted fetuses transplanted into them. Except that so few people will actually want to do it that it will be a full time job for the true believers. The rest will just finally shut and move on once their hypocrisy is on full display.
  11. You've made sure you have the most recent version of JContainers right? And that NO other mods are overwriting the files?
  12. The equippable belly equipping even when it is disabled is a bug, and will be fixed in the next update. The equippable bellies only have four morphs -- "Vore Prey Belly" and the three struggle sliders. So the equippable bellies will never work with any other sliders. When you build the bellies in Bodyslide, you have Build Morphs enabled, right? I apologize if I've already asked this, but your issue is vexing me. Everything looks like it should be working for you.
  13. Except that people CAN get rid of kids they can't or wont take care of. That's why we have the foster system, child protective services, and safe drop locations. You can 100% walk away from them. I'm sure you're aware that most western countries DO have a long history of sterilizing people against their will. The mentally ill, the poor, unwed mothers, black and indigenous people, pretty much anyone that the attending doctor personally believed shouldn't be having children. It's generally considered to be a monstrous practice. But if we're talking about society footing
  14. My point is that for many people, it DOESN'T revolve around whether a fetus is a person or not. People don't have the right to use another person's body without their ONGOING consent. If you're giving blood and decide halfway through that no, you prefer to keep it, they HAVE to stop. If you're donating a kidney to someone, you can change your mind at any point up until they give you the gas. No one, even a tiny person without functional organs, gets to use someone else's body if that person decides they don't want to be used. That's why the home defence analogy is apt;
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