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  1. Sex Madness View File This is rewrite of my retired random sex call mod AAF Madness. Works in different ways after you have assigned hotkey in MCM: - quick press Hotkey - sans area for NPC's and does shit - press-and-hold > 2 secs let you choose PC/NPC's with hotkeys AAF package override is recommended, it only overrides actives movement speed before "GATHERING...." Submitter lapolla Submitted 04/27/2021
  2. Look like it works as intended. You know, you can always press your Hotkey to abort it. Also there is switch in MCM like "toggle gang bang on/off". Happy to oblige, you slut!
  3. @maddadicusrex It is good to be back. cp2077 was boring to death. Turn off "Player always active" switch and report back. I am adding more debug messages, will upload new version soon. Why we need translation in ru?
  4. And yes, it is "a call mod" as all here. Gamebryo calling SWF back and forth to make animation... with XMLS..... Piece of shit, game engine, piece of shit that SWF owner.
  5. @wickedninja8599 I can see you struggle trough you part, running game mods. My only advice to you is - do not follow advises. But to business, when mod says it needs AAF - it needs AAF. I can see from your screen capture, that you have it installed and it is running. You can start AAF animation in that wizard by using its key shortcuts, or even faster press F11, to start animation with closest actor at anytime. Again, AAF needs only F4SE and LooksMenu as requirement(including animation packs), no need of shits like AddressLibrary, AAF BumpRide...
  6. @Invictusblade There are some uninitialized global variables that throw: Perhaps CK?
  7. Not wizard here, Bethesda went wrong by picking that game engine.
  8. @BraveBunny Do not use comments like this: <!----------------------------------Sitting-----------------------------------> "-" character is not allowed in XML comments.
  9. Dude you are wasting time by replying comment in the forum.
  10. LoL, there is never A happy bitch! If you don't like it, don't use it. Get WeightGain for example.
  11. Kudos - great job! As at it looks like inflation is cumulative (at least for NPCs), can I suggest when the timer is up not to reset the morph, but decrease it by that factor? Est voila, you got ala Skyrim inflation, just need to add the animations. gj
  12. Nope. No way with the game engine and scripting interpreter Bethesda chose a long time ago - bad by design. At least Blizzard games re spawned - DOTA, LOL ... But you can always try AAF Madness with Skip-walk turned off
  13. Hi lapolla 🙂  your works are intrested . The update 0.0.5 to AAF Madnes don't shows up at the Downloads.


    p.s : thank You . 0.5 is ON


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