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Milk Mod Economy SE 04-02-2020

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About This File

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Full version requires:

Skyrim Script Extender SE (SKSE)

RaceMenu SE




Sexlab SE 1.63+

Naked body and armor replacers with NPC Belly and NPC L/R Breast nodes, otherwise breast and belly sizes wont work



  1. Install MO or NMM, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working.
  2. Install all requirements and their dependencies
  3. Install latest Assets and Scripts
  4. Run FNIS.
  5. if mod doesnt work(no MCM/poll 0 error) - disable mod esp, Finish Helgen/Alternate start, enable esp, if that doesn't help try Save, Load



Short description: this mod is about milking titties, a lot of milking titties


For full version description refer to Legendary Edition thread description.

Full version shares same code as Legendary Edition so it should support all Legendary Edition mods as long as they can be run in SE



What's New in Version 04-02-2020


    v 04-02-2020

fix morphs


    v 04-02-2020
changed scaling from compatibility reset node to 1.0, to just remove scaling
added instant breast/belly update when changing settings in maid debug
added belly size update when drinking lactacid

    v 19-01-2020
changed breastnode detection to return 1 if no breast node found, so formulas wont be broken with smp skeleton
fix for EggFactory

    v 29-10-2019
added option to disable arousal rise during milk production
added Fertility mode 2.x baby armor support
disabled cum production for vampires and succubuses


    v 08-09-2019
fix for checks to prevent milking, lactacid scenes when actor cant be animated(already/still in SL scene or forbidden by SL)


    v 01-09-2019
added checks to prevent milking, lactacid scenes when actor cant be animated(already/still in SL scene or forbidden by SL)


    v 19-08-2019

removed old hdt hack, because people dont read description

    v 04-08-2019

fix some error log spam during orgasm
enabled body scaling for males


    v 10-06-2019
increased max mastery lvl to 40, max maids 5-> 20
set max mastery lvl for economy to 10

    v 04-06-2019
split LE mod into "assets" and "scripts"
merged LE/SE to same base
set default multibreast chance to 0
multibreast no longer come prebuild, use bodyslide
support for fertility mode 2.x
added payout for milk trading to be based on selected MME difficulty (more monies for easier difficulties)
removed max lactacid limit when breastsize/level limit enabled


    v 11-02-2019
fix mobile milking with cuirass not recognized correctly after 15-12-2018 @sexlabnostrip
fixed mobile animations not beeing disabled by toggle in some cases


    v 26-01-2019
fix milking/leveling reset after sexlab orgasm
updates for russian translation
added modevent when milking is done ("MME_MilkingDone", akActor, bottles, boobgasmcount, cumcount)


    v 10-01-2019
fixed errors in papyrus log
removed nio check, apperantly it doesnt work with SE


    v 01-01-2019
fixed double milk reduction during sexlab scene orgasm
changed living armor to feed lactacid if actor has less than 1 lactacid


    v 26-12-2018
some changes to volumetric scaling
re-enabled suction cups
added niocheck for scaling
    v 15-12-2018
added sexlabnostrip to milkcuirasses
added some checks to prevent milking start during sexlab animation
having sexlab orgasm while wearing milkcuirass now gives milk 


    v 01-12-2018
fixed no animation playing during mobile milking
removed some mcm debug spells
added volumetric breast scaling
increased max mcm slider for boobmilk/level scaling to 1
increased breast debuff to breast size
fix to breastsizemod form breast potions


    v 18-11-2018
fix for leveling up removing milk above milkmax when it shouldnt
fix for breast reduce potion reducing breasts indefinitly, if you used that potion you need to either reset maid or set basebreastmod to 0 in debug menu
fix? for breast enlarge potion, it worked only with breastupscale option, now work always
changed lactation induced by breast enlarge potion to always increase milkgen by 0.033, though its still cosmetic at default mod settings unless maid is pregnant or drunk lactacid


    v 16-11-2018
removed uie from esp
fix for rnd script


    v 03-11-2018
fix for rnd json
breast potions now make characters a milkmaid
added fancy MME orc caves with cowgirls by EinarrTheRed, with fixes since he's missing


    v 24-09-2018
fixed notification key not stoping/aborting milking
added support for FertilityMode and BeeingFemale babies, they will drink milk every hour if character has 1+ milk, not naked, has no multibreast


    v 13-09-2018
fixed lactacid reduction formula, was too low
fixed dialogues not recognising racial vampire/ww/succubus milks
fixed incorrect milk value when dialogue trading multiple different milks
increased x2 economy milk price, so its usually more profitable to sell through dialogues than straight to vendor
changed khajiits to only buy/trade normal/race milk
increased MMEs leveled list chance to 100%, so if game rolls MME item, one of them will spawn
added lactacid and WW,V,S milks to alchemist vendors
added generic milks to npcs
*chance to roll MME milks is not 100% as there many other items


    v 02-09-2018
changes to installer script


    v 19-08-2018
fixed animation change working in milkpump
fixed empty story messagebox


    v 17-08-2018
milking animation change now only works for pc and only with enabled MobileMilkingAnims mcm option
fixed double fire of Mobile Milking Anims


    v 16-08-2018
fix messages
reverted names detection to GetLeveledActorBase


    v 15-08-2018
removed uie scripts and stuff related to it


    v 14-08-2018
added ability to change milking animation with notification key
probably fixes and optimizations, lets hope nothing broken
changed some notifications to use json files
changed lvlup,breast,story messages to use json files
split strings json into sub jsons for stories, lvlup, breast fullness messages
changed rnd to use jsons
added new installer options for mod logo
removed uie option, since it most likely wont ever be done


    v 30-07-2018
changed belly scaling, so it wont cause conflicts if using old netimmerse option
animations with "Breastfeeding" tag should cause milking, that is if you find such animations or add tag yourself


    v 17-07-2018
fixed fixed milk production
split zaz patch into sandbox/no sandbox versions


    v 10-07-2018
corrected milk generation with lactacid formula
changed/added more difficulties(+-0.25% per difficulty), adept(ex-normal) is x1, you need to change those in mcm if you want to see correct difficulty if upgrading


    v 08-07-2018
fix for armor stripping incorrect order (due to breast milk)


    v 26-06-2018
khajiits will now give 1 free lactacid after breastfeeding them
added sexlabnostip to xTITS armor
changed so final payout inc all fees cant be lower than 0 when selling milk
lowered economy max tax 80%->75%, so you'll get atleast something, when selling at bad prices
fixed double upkeep calculation in dialogue trade
added taxes display to mcm
disabled debug "Mode" message after milking

    v 16-06-2018

fix sandbox, zaz esps
added zaz sandbox


    v 05-06-2018
fix for SSE Nio


    v 03-06-2018
reduced milk prices to sane? level
added pregnancy detection for fertility mode


    v 02-06-2018
changed milk leaking formula, so most milk above maximum will be lost, unless wearing milkcuirass, then it will be added to milk container and can be retrieved after milking at milkpump
added mcm ruskii translation
when milkslave added through event with custom level/milk they will instantly refresh bodysize
    v 28-05-2018
fixed potentially lethal health damage drinking breast enlargement potion and triggering multibreast event
fixed esps: zaz, sandbox, campfire
    v 14-05-2018
added vampire/werewolf/succubus maidlevel based milks, 120+ milks
renamed editorIds of all milks, so that tey can be filtered into some sense list in ck
native support for Sexlab Hentai Pregnancy LE/SE


    v 13-05-2018
readded unmilked/milked buffs
added vampire/werewolf/succubus formlists
normalized milk weights to 1
added some fixes to milkslave creation via event


    v 03-05-2018
changed milk generation formula = base milk generation*(1 + ((Lactacid * Lactacid) / LactacidMod ))
added "SOS Pubic Hair Bush" to futa exclusion


    v 28-04-2018
merged pumps scripts, removed bound script, now it should be safe to switch pump plugins mid game
changed how milkpump animations called, animations should be more smooth


    v 11-04-2018
Full mod conversion test

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