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[AAF] Tattoo After Rape (1/18/2020) 1.1.2

About This File

Tattoo After Rape




A simple mod that adds a permanent tattoo on the player after the player is raped. Also adds an NPC in Dugout Inn (Diamond City) that will remove the tattoos for caps



Tattoo After Rape

When the player is raped, the mod will add a random Tattoo on the player. The tattoo used by this mod is from Tattoos for captives. It will randomly pick from over 100 tattoos from that mod. Note that that mod has over 300 tattoos, so not all tattoos from that mod are used. Only reason is after adding 100, I got tired of copy pasting :P . The player being raped is interpreted by "PlayerRaped" meta, a flag used by mods like Violate, Sexual Harassment, etc. It will also look for "Aggressive" animation tag.


Note that the tattoo added by this mod is "permanent", meaning it will not fade away on its own. Only ways to remove it are by talking to a tattoo remover (added by this mod), or via looksmenu (cheating).


Customize Chance

You can customize tattoo application chance per rapist race and faction. For instance, you can set it so that rapes from Super Mutant has 25% chance of tattoo being applied, while human Raiders have 100% chance. The current list of supported race and factions are: Super Mutant, Synth, Human, Raider, and Gunner. (Human includes Ghouls)


Faction Specific Tattoo

If your rapist is a gunner, they may put on gunner-specific tattoos. Alternatively, raider rapist may put on raider-specific tattoos. The chance that the rapist uses faction-specific tattoo instead of a generic one can be set in MCM. Non raiders or non gunners will not use these faction specific tattoos, and will always use the generic ones. Currently, only gunners and raiders are supported for faction-specific tattoos.


Tattoo Removal

Adds an NPC called "Tattoo Remover" who will remove all tattoos applied by this mod for 2000 caps. (It will also remove the same tattoos applied by other mods, if the ID are the same). He's located in Dugout Inn of Diamond City. He's next to the ice machine (to the left after you enter the inn). Nothing special about this NPC. He removes tattoos for a living.


The tattoo removal cost is changeable, via MCM. Note that even after you change the cost, the NPC will keep saying it costs 2000 caps. That's only because of the game's limitation.


APIs for Mods

This mod exposes 3 APIs so other mods can easily integrate tattoos. Other mods are able to call:

  • GetTattooCount - returns the number of rape tattoos that are currently applied on the player
  • AddTattoo - Adds a random rape tattoo on the player
  • AddTattooFromSet - Adds a random rape tattoo on the player from a set (generic, raider, or gunner)
  • RemoveTats - Removes all rape tattoos on the player


Details can be found in the Modder's Resource section below.



  • Fallout 4 Game version of 1.10.162 or newer (creation kit changes are backwards incompatible)
  • AAF and all its requirements - animations, themes, etc. Requires 
  • Looksmenu (also required by AAF anyway)
  • Tattoos for captives - 2.4 or newer. Make sure to download at least the "Captive Tattoos" file



  • MCM - if you want to be able to change settings. Or you can just use console to change settings, too.


Known Issues

Since the mod randomly picks from over 100 tattoos, sometimes they may overlap, and look ugly. If this really bothers you, you can customize the pool of tattoos this mod picks from in Data/AAF/tattoo_after_rape_overlaysdata.xml file. But it's hard to tell from that file alone which overlaps with what. So you'll have to figure that out somehow.

Edited by twistedtrebla

What's New in Version 1.1.2


(Clean save not req when upgrading from 1.1.0. But required for anything older)

-ADDED: MCM option to remove all overlays (not just known tattoos) during tattoo removal. This "debug" option is being added to address the issue where some tattoos are not being removed successfully.


(Clean save not req when upgrading from 1.1.0. But required for anything older)
-FIXED: MCM setting for faction-specific tattoo had wrong range.


(Clean save req)

-ADDED: about 50ish new tattoos from Tattoos for captives mod. 2.4 required now

-ADDED: faction-specific tattoos. Your rapist's faction can now determine the type of tattoo that will be put on you. For example, a gunner rapist will put on gunner tattoos. Non-gunner rapist will not put on gunner tattoos. The chance that the rapist uses their faction-specific tattoo can be set in MCM.

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