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  1. No, it is still pending release, I was just curious to see if this mod was going to be continued
  2. With 300 + plugins, you may be experiencing some memory issues due simply to an overloaded game engine, I used to experience the same issue with Skyrim SE, lightning the load order fixed the problem
  3. I am uploading the zip of the files I installed, this only covers the AAF morphs xml, ferals, and wolfs, the rest of the files are incompatible with the current version of indarallo's animation fixes patch and need updating. all files have been scanned repeatedly and report has clean. To install use NMM or drag and drop into data, may work with vortex and MO if they are capable of installing archives containing only data files ErectionFixBySilverpervCreatureOnlyV7.9.7z
  4. I managed to open one of the files that actually passed the initial antivirus scan, I immediately deleted the fomod, and installed manually, so far no issues, In these situations bypassing your antivirus is a really bad idea, it's not worth potentially infecting your rig
  5. it passes mc gaff and defender on initial download, but gets deleted minutes after install, obviously there is some thing wrong here, the file is way outdated, the current version of inderallo's patch is 9.1, this is still at 7.9 witch is un installable. I have no explanation for whats going on here, but something needs attention, I was installing a cut down version of 7.8 but this no longer works, it causes several errors with AAF witch disappear with removal of this mod, are there any plans for future updates or is this mod dead?
  6. It must be an error on your end, no flag here and I use windows defender EDIT: NVM windows and NMM just auto deleted the file
  7. I take it this was never fixed? even with the option disabled in the mcm menu my pc pisses her self and receives a debuff every first hit in combat, even when I trigger the empty bladder/bowel right before starting
  8. looking to report me again? If you took the time to actually read the post, you would see that I did NOT download the file from the link shown in the prior post, and has I stated quite clearly, I used an alternate link that took me off site and the virus was on the site, not in the dll file, get the facts straight before you start running your mouth
  9. I am currently running Indarello's patch installed with support for Savage Cabbage and BP70 disabled, can this mod be installed with out conflict? or will I have to remove the cum overlays support completely from Indarello's patch?
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