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  1. It must be an error on your end, no flag here and I use windows defender EDIT: NVM windows and NMM just auto deleted the file
  2. I take it this was never fixed? even with the option disabled in the mcm menu my pc pisses her self and receives a debuff every first hit in combat, even when I trigger the empty bladder/bowel right before starting
  3. looking to report me again? If you took the time to actually read the post, you would see that I did NOT download the file from the link shown in the prior post, and has I stated quite clearly, I used an alternate link that took me off site and the virus was on the site, not in the dll file, get the facts straight before you start running your mouth
  4. I am currently running Indarello's patch installed with support for Savage Cabbage and BP70 disabled, can this mod be installed with out conflict? or will I have to remove the cum overlays support completely from Indarello's patch?
  5. Looking at the error report, I'd say a missing plugin and a bad install, are you using Indarallo's squirts and cum patch?
  6. I never said there is a virus in the dll, I followed a link from one of the the se sex lab guides on this site, to an OFF SITE location to down load the file, that site witch was was most likely hacked, forced a redirect to another page, witch set off my anti virus, The dll I down loaded from that page is installed and working fine. I expect mod authors to properly maintain there files, not having people searching all over the page and internet for a vital component required for the mod to function, when it would take a maximum of 15 minutes to repack the file, instead, it took me two full days and a complete uninstall/reinstall of 230 mods to get my game to load due to this lack of proper maintenance. It also would not be difficult to place the link, you show here, in the mods main description, instead of it being buried somewhere in the pages of comments and improperly labeled files. Sorry this "Senior Member" disappointed you
  7. you did not mess anything up the dll needs to be updated to the current run time
  8. Also, If you are using Indarallo's patch, it is not compatible with 2.4 until it's updated, has a work around, until the patch is updated, you can install 2.4 and reinstall indarallo's patch v6.2 with the option for BP70 un ticked, on a side note this works for SavageCabbage V1.2.1 also
  9. The one patch is your problem, it is outdated, and incompatible with any recently updated animation pack, Do Not Under any circumstance overwrite the current versions of, SavageCabbage, BP70, Atomic Lust, Mutated Lust, Grey's Creature Packs, with the one patch, here are the current instructions for installing the one patch, install lito's 2.0a, grey's 50 shades of fallout(this may actually be fine without), install the one patch overwriting all, next install, lito female voice fix(if you plan on using Indarallo's patch install custom moans overwriting the voice fix), SC, BP70, AL, ML, and Grey's creature packs overwriting ALL one patch files, if you are NOT using Indarallo's patch, install either Ulfbeart's erection fix or(recomended) silverperv's erection fix, with SC option NOT ticked, you should be playable at this point, if going with indarallo's patch install 6.2 with SC options NOT ticked, followed by silverperv's erection fix, also with SC options Not ticked, these instructions should produce a 0 error AAF install, that will be easy to update when Indarallo, and silverperv's patches update to support SC's latest version
  10. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the bug is caused by a corrupt save
  11. Two questions, do you have silverperv's erection fix installed? if not download it and install, next what version of body talk are you using? if you are using version 2.70, it is not compatible with the current morph settings, and you will need to remove it, and download and install either v2.75 or preferably the latest version v3, then rebuild your body using bodyslide with the erection slider set to 0 and the morphs enabled , I would suggest, if the erection patch is not installed, to install that first and test, if it works you can bypass updating the body, but I recommend doing it anyway, has there are some worthwhile improvements in the latest version
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