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  1. you have to install the firmware after picking it up
  2. ROFL this is good, you should write a fiction novel
  3. From what I can tell the mod is abandoned and outdated, I uploaded a file a few posts above this one, containing only the creature fixes and the erections XML, installing it should fix your problem, just make sure to completely remove the original
  4. I admit my response was harsh, and I apologize, but run Ivy by the recommendations and you will have a much better experience
  5. what part of don't use Ivy with multi follower mods don't you understand? none of the current multi follower mods work cept reginalds'
  6. I just checked my xml files(RufGts' original mod file needs to be fixed/updated also), and I left the settings at 60, but I may have neglected to adjust them, I'm not really actively working on FO4 at the moment, and I left some projects unfinished
  7. @EgoBallistic after installing v1.10 I found AAF errors that may explain the non functioning anims, the rufgt old animations section of your animation data XML is still using the old obsolete "time" property rather than the current "frames", changeing these will fix the errors, FE: <animation id="Atomic Embrace" frames="400"> correct , <animation id="Kissing" time="60"> incorrect, <animation id="kissing" frames="60", will remove the error, but the actual number may have to be adjusted, has 1 frame = 33.333 milliseconds, and a setting of 60 may be too short for some animations to play correctly, IIRC I think I set them to 160, hope this helps : )
  8. Darlene is not fully compatible with Ivy, they can be installed at the same time, but they can't be recruited together, has one of them will have broken dialogue(both need to occupy the first slot for their dialogue work properly), playing with either one solo is fine
  9. Check your f4SE plugins folder for a duplicate LLFP dll, also , if you updated on an existing save try starting a new game
  10. post a screen shot of the error log, there is no, and has never been a version 2.0 of custom moans, I have just updated the patch and all the animation files and have 0 errors, with the correct current version 1.2 of custom moans
  11. Installing this is much easier : ) IvyTextureFix.7z
  12. I had the same issue, I made a copy of the quest textures BA2, unpacked it, and installed the dress texture loose, fixed it right up
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