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  1. I have absolutely no idea why, but Im noticing that sometimes the actor value for the collar master gets reset - which basically makes it so that the master doesnt harass the player anymore. Uploaded a version that adds some safeguard to that mysterious behavior. (should fix the bug, in other words). Really makes no sense though. FO4 scripts can be a headscratcher sometimes
  2. FYI if you managed to download 1.11.2, I found a small bug where you get the notification of approach starting, even if theres no one approaching you. 1.11.3 should fix that
  3. Uploaded a small update: 1.11.2 -ADDED: New feature for NPC to wait for player to be alone before approaching to harass. This can be disabled in MCM to restore legacy behavior where NPCs approach right away. When enabled, NPCs will wait up to 20ish seconds for the player to be alone (no other human NPCs nearby within line-of-sight, excepting current companions). If 20sec passes and player is still not alone, the NPC gets impatiant and approaches anyway. If the approacher notification setting is turned on, you should see a "Someone is watching you" notification to mark the start of 20 seconds. This is to give player ample warning and time to find a remote place if they dont want to be forced to have sex in the middle of a large crowd. -FIXED: Fixed an issue where sometimes the defiant response was not available for the collar master dialogue. -FIXED: Fixed an issue where the RH collar was still being counted as a DD collar for vulnerability score (DD approach)
  4. Oh interesting, thanks for reporting that. Im not sure if there is a way to check if the player is currently in looksmenu. But I'll prob add some timer so that the "master" information is held on to a bit longer, instead of being dumped as soon as the collar comes off. Edit: updated a new version that should avoid this issue
  5. Are you using JB's patch for this mod? If so, that's probably why. I've noticed that JB added a bunch of his new tattoos in the XML files. But some of them seem to be missing in the array in the .esp file. So the result is that those new tattoos get applied successfully but do not get removed (because removal goes off of the array, not XML). I just uploaded a small tweak version that adds an MCM option to remove all overlays during tattoo removal. This will ensure that all tattoos are removed successfully. But the side effect will be that other overlays that are not tattoos, e.g. cum overlays, will also get removed. It's the best alternative I can come up with, other than having to update this mod every time JB comes up with new tattoos.
  6. Edit: oops originally replied to the wrong comment Yea thats "intended". It's because I got lazy adding a different dialogue section for when the player doesnt have enough caps. One day, when I am feeling more meticulous, I'll add a proper dialogue for the not-enough-caps case.
  7. No, sorry not at this time. That's not easily changeable by MCM. It'll be something I have to change for everyone. I might consider it though, especially for attributes that are a little more permanent, like player's slutness.
  8. I should note that unlike other approaches, the player lacks real good choices here. It doesnt matter whether you're in good spirits, or dominant. The NPC has you by the balls because you are wearing a shock collar. You can give defiant responses for roleplaying purposes, but you need willpower to do so. And every time the NPC shocks you, you will lose a little bit of willpower. When you reach 0 willpower, you cannot offer defiant responses and will only be given the option to surrender.
  9. So I was excited to get a shock collar on me after I got defeated in combat and violated. But I was disappointed to find out that nothing really happened after that. There wasnt a mod that really took advantage of the shock collars - it was nothing more than a nice decoration. So, I decided to add some features that hopes to fill in that much needed gap. Version 1.11.0 Changelog - NEW: Shock collar approach. When the player is wearing a shock collar from RealHandcuffs, NPCs (only ones with evil morality) will approach the player and try to dominate them. -- It works like most other approaches, except the NPC will shock the player in order to gain compliance. (The NPC actually doesnt have the trigger in their inventory, since I felt if the NPCs were settlers it would be too easy for the player to simply take it) -- The NPC will seek to make the player his personal sex toy. It's more like a "lite slavery" and the player is free to roam around. The NPC just makes some demands that the player needs to meet. I'll let the NPC in game explain his demands in detail. -- While the NPC is a "master", he won't approach the player for anything else (other approaches like fan/hypno). I just felt it would be too un-immersive for the NPC to call himself master and then turn around and offer the player a drink, calling himself a fan. -- You can kill the NPC "master", but if you are still wearing the collar, the mod will shortly assign a new one. So in essence, you're never free until you can get the collar off. - CHANGED: Normal NPCs via Devious approach no longer know how to remove shock collars - it's too sophisticated. Shock collars also wont be counted against player's vulnerability, meaning Devious approaches wont happen due to player wearing shock collars. - ADDED: A new NPC in Diamond city dug out inn who knows how to remove shock collars, for a price. Shock collars with 4 digit access codes will be more expensive to remove than ones with 3 digits. You can change the cost in MCM - ADDED: After a bad spiked drink fan approach or hypno approach, theres a chance that the NPC will lock a shock collar on the player with random access code set. Chance can be changed in MCM. - ADDED: MCM enabled feature to teleport approachers to player, if the approacher has a hard time navigating to the player. This is to help stuck NPCs that usually happen in settlements. - CHANGED: Almost doubled the NPC search area for gangbang. This should result in gangbangs being able to find more NPCs to participate in. - ADDED: MCM hotkey to quickly enable/disable mod. When using this hotkey to disable, will also abort any current approaches.
  10. Hey JB, fun mod! It's something new and I cant wait to try out all the quests. Im stuck at the "Becoming a pornstar" quest and cant figure out how to progress further. I had sex with the plumber, went down to my boss, collected my payment, then he instructed me to go grab his motorcycle from diamond city. But I dont get any quest markers. I go to the outside of diamond city, and I do see the red bike, but no activation options or anything - Im not sure what Im supposed to do with it. The only NPCs around are the caravan guards and the Brahmin; Danny and other diamond city guards were killed long ago during a shootout - maybe that's why I cant proceed? Is there any way I can use console commands to move past this stage? Thanks!
  11. allo

    may be you can help.

    on sexuel harassement on bimbo animation when they start no problem but!

    I have fusion girl last version, the breast ant but start at zero slider hum.

    ok; my toon have 36 d and lost everything on the start  . mod work but i could not got what i had 36d may be 36 b+- after time. and i dont have the script for take all your cum or something like that after.  sucking too . i dont know.

    but i just change my mods org.  vortex for mo2. vortex change my order but as per vortex everything look fine but too many thing disappear it s depend the way you look. like in concord ect... and problem too with some animation some time when they finished, i got stock or white screens but the game still running in back...Hum! ok i am running +- 250\300 mods. but my pc have i9 with 2080ti and32 g, memory.

    So i will see with a new configuration i am not finish yet.

    What do you thing about the breast sizes start at zero slider


    i know i am not good in English

  12. You can have companions as eligible harasser, but the mod wasn't really designed with that in mind. So while it will work, the experience IMO is going to be subpar. It sounds like what you're looking for is essentially provided by a mod called "Boston Devious Helper". It has a feature where your player can agree into a D/s relationship with a companion, and they will from time to time force you to do devious things that get more devious progressively. I don't know what happened to that mod though. I can no longer find it on LL. It used to be here like a week ago.
  13. Thanks! I dont currently have time to do much mod updates. So I most likely won't be able to add a setting to disable the morphs, while keeping the "effects". You can, however, make small edits to the config.json (in Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Config\FP_SexualHarassment folder) to essentially disable the morph. In that file, look for "Breast Morph Size Start", "Breast Morph Increase", "Breast Morph Max", (and butt ones also), and update the min/max values to something very small, like 0.001. That way, in game, you will be able to update the MCM settings for these to the values you edited to. Setting these to very small values will make the morph changes unnoticeable, but as far as the mod is concerned, it's applying morphs. So I think that's prob the easiest and cleanest way to get your desired effect. As for triggering the event, you can set the serum chance to 100, and "fan devious chance" to 100, then use debug option to force a fan approach. If you get the Drink fan scenario (not the massage), you should get the bimbo serum. Right now theres no setting to force a drink scenario vs massage, but they should be 50/50. As for NPCs standing still/spectating during gangbang, it's certainly possible, but I kind of like how the NPCs just fuck you and just leave you to go on with their business while others take their turn. I did notice myself that AAF craps out if the NPC leaves the cell before the animation starts, so I might add a check for that later when I have time. As for the animation playing in some random location, I have no idea why it's doing that. I made it so that the AAF scene plays at the player's location (and that's how it works for me).
  14. Been playing your mod and it's great . I always role play a character who starts out strong and cocky, but eventually gets captured and sold into slavery (RSE Abuduction). After some severe attitude adjustment, she's let go. She then finds herself in Diamond city, and with a broken spirit and no confidence in herself, she never ventures past the walls, and inevitably turns to prostitution to pay for necessities. Your mod fits perfectly with the general theme that I'm looking for. Anyway, any plans in the future for punishing "runaway whores"? Right now it's too easy to just leave your pimp because there are no consequences. Wondering if you had plans for adding a feature where if you go AWOL, the pimp gets pissed off and sends mercenaries to capture and bring you back (and torture and punsh for going AWOL, of course). That way you're sort of incentivized to go back to your pimp and actually pay the 3000 caps you owe, unless you dont mind being hunted for the rest of your life.
  15. I don't mind it. But as you said, it will require some significant changes. It's more or less going to be a re-write of the whole mod, with only ideas being carried over. It will also be a big performance hit, having to manage all NPC's individual states. At that point, one might wonder, what's the point - is it worth it? Are NPC's attributes going to be used in any way to provide extra gameplay value? At this stage in FO4 modding scene, no other mod is going to be using it. So most likely any mod that uses NPC's attribute mechanics are going to have to come from you. Even couple years ago, there was lack of interest in this mod, which is why I ended up creating Sex Harassment myself. Permission-wise you have my green light. You can copy as much source code or ideas over as you'd like. I just wonder if all the effort is going to be worth it. It's your time though, at the end of the day.
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