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  1. It is indeed using "Belly Pregnant" sliders. I felt that made most sense since the cum would be in the womb, i think? For fusion girl body, "Belly big" sliders don't go as far as pregnant ones. They also both look the same to me. No idea about CBBE. Havent used that body in a while now.
  2. Just encountered the same bug myself after updating to 1.8. Except my character probably gained like 80lbs instead 😜. Did you ever fix this? If not, isn't it because AAF creates a copy of the player every time it starts sex animation with the player involved? NPCs don't have this problem. But for whatever reason, AAF will use a clone of the player actor and use that for its animation. My guess is for smoother camera movement. And when a clone is created, your bodygen probably slaps it with a randomized slider values. To avoid it, you'd just add a condition to check tha
  3. Oh, this mod only applies belly morphs to the player, not the NPC. This mod in its entirety is limited to the player currently, for performance reasons. So you may have to get yourself pregnant
  4. Yea it should. But if I remember correctly, back when I tried the mod, ticking it off didnt do anything - it still set the tag as aggressive. Maybe it's fixed now.
  5. Anyone got vtaw's earlier stuff? especially 4 and 5. I basically only wear Vtaw clothes now
  6. So um, Im kind of late to the party and just found out about this now. Was happy with 1.45 for as long as I can remember. Then today, I found out theres new versions of Fusion Girl, so decided to try it out. From what I've read so far, converting armor mod conversions from 1.45 to 1.61 is not too bad. But the latest FG version is now 1.80. Can someone point me to instructions on what I need to do to convert all my FG conversions to work with 1.8? (from 1.45)
  7. It's probably Dangerous Nights mod firing the AAF animation with "Aggressive" tag on it.
  8. I see, thanks. I probably won't add support for that in this mod, since I am generally wary of expanding the mod's dependencies. That said, it should be extremely easy to have a standalone mod that does what you want. This mod will fire an event whenever the wear and tear values are changed, whether via sex or healing over time. So a separate mod can simply listen for wear and tear changes, and apply/remove morphs according to how much wear the player has. Can probably be done in less than 10 lines of code.
  9. Hey Ulfberto, I'm really hesitant to download Buffout and its long list of requirements. Why is it needed? Is it because of the position tree stuff? Is there a FOMOD option to install this patch without the position tree to avoid having to download Buffout? My game is pretty stable as is with no crashes, and I would like to avoid adding a bunch of new variables to it. I'm just mainly looking for creature penis/support and support for BP's 2.5. Thanks!
  10. Hmm Im not seeing those sliders in Fusion Girl bodyslide. Were those added in newer FG versions? Mine might be a bit outdated - using one from march last year
  11. Not sure what morphs to add for wear and tear. If you can give some ideas, I might incorporate it.
  12. 2.5.0 (Clean save not req) - NEW: Belly Morphs. After having vaginal sex, the player's belly will gradually increase, from cum of course. It'll be barely noticeable at first. But after you bang like 20 NPCs, you may start to see it. The amount it increases can be changed in MCM setting. Can be disabled in MCM. - Belly increase duration is set to 6 in game hours, but can be changed in MCM setting. - Can configure so that anal or oral sex (in addition to vaginal) also increase belly. - The amount the belly increases depends on the sex partner. Super mutant will increase
  13. Oh, I should note. The body morph is currently supported for Fusion Girl and CBBE. Though, I never got to test CBBE, since I only use Fusion Girl. But I think it works?
  14. Uploaded v1.10.0 - Body morphs! (Requires SexAttributes 2.3.0 or newer; Clean save not req) - NEW: Breast & Butt Morphs! When a devious fan knocks you out with a spiked drink or an evil hypnotist sexually assaults you in hypnosis, there's a chance that the NPC will inject you with a Bimbo Serum that will turn you into a... bimbo! - When under the effect of this serum, the player's butt and breast size will increase. The player will receive a "Bimbo" perk. - This special serum lasts for 3 game days (configurable) and the body morph returns to normal once expired.
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