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  1. I havent tried, but I would think so. In the XML, I'd think you just have to set the IsFemale attribute in XML to false.
  2. You are partially correct. There is the "consensual ending" where the player agrees to sex, and NPC and player goes straight into sex scene. Then there's the "rape ending" where the player agrees to sex, but the NPC keeps putting devious devices on the player one at a time - a collar, gag, then wrist restraints. Those two you got right. But there are also some intermediate outcomes too, where the NPC stops at just collar, or stops at collar + gag. This is possible even if the player decides to do nothing about getting put on the collar/gag. There is some chance that the NPC just wanted to add a couple of DDs on the player, then proceed to consensual sex. Here are the possible NPC's "intents" - 1) NPC wants consensual sex (no restraints) - 2) NPC wants consensual sex, with collar on player - 3) NPC wants consensual sex, with collar + gag on player - 4) NPC wants non-consensual sex, with collar + gag + wrist restraints on player So you'll have to guess the NPC's intent.... guess that the NPC only wanted the collar, or collar + gag, in which case it'll just be consensual sex.. or not take any chances and call off the sex as soon as the collar comes on. Hope that makes sense. So for example, say the NPC appoached you with intent #3, or consensual sex with collar + gag. If you agree to sex, the NPC will put on the collar. You have 3 choices: call off sex, ask to stop with the DD, or do nothing. If you call off here, then NPC walks away. If you ask to stop, and it fails, the NPC will try to put on the gag. If you ask to stop, but it succeeds, then you will go straight into sex. Now, at the gag stage, you have 3 same options again (assuming you got the willpower). If you ask to stop, and it fails, the NPC will put the gag on, then go into consensual sex. Since that's what the NPC wanted, that's the ending you get even if your "plead" fails, or even if you do nothing at each stage. -- As for the MCM setting for "additional DD chance", that's the chance that the NPC will put on MORE devices after the "rape ending" where the player gets put on collar + gag + wrist restraints. It's not chance that the player will get put on collar/gag/wrist. I'm considering adding an MCM option where the entire DD outcome can be disabled, so flirt approach can only lead to consensual sex. And maybe another MCM option where a DD + rape outcome is possible, but NPC always unlocks them after sex, so that the player can carry on.
  3. Im having issues where when my player is wearing handcuffs, it can mess with AAF animations. The animation will start, but after about half a second, my player will stand up and start shuffling her feet for the rest of the animation. The other NPC in sex scene will just continue to pound air, while my player just stands there. Is this a known issue? It seems to only happen when my player is wearing handcuffs, and also only for certain animations.
  4. I appreciate the offer, but adding voices will probably never be feasible for this mod. The NPCs are picked randonly, so sometimes you'll get Captain Kells, or Desmenona, or Elder Maxson, etc who all share the same lines but have very distinct voices (in vanilla game). So unless you think you can professionally voice ALL NPCs 😛it wouldn't be worth the effort.
  5. Thats from Devious Device mod. When you're wearing a gag, every 10 seconds or so an NPC will say something to you along the lines of what you said. Unfortunately theres no way to change that behavior, unless you recompile the devious devices script to disable that. Nothing that this mod can do about that.
  6. Hmm probably not. I dont want to start adding exceptions to one particular NPC, because that's not a scalable solution. I don't want to go down that route. An alternative would be to disable "merchants", to which I believe Trashcan Carla belongs. I may add that, if I have the time for it. No promises though 😛
  7. What @Tanglin said is pretty spot on. @ugibber you'd have to convince me why I should spend my time accomodating your needs, expecting nothing in return. I'm willing to spend the time if it's something I would also enjoy. But if not, you'd have to give me a good reason for me to do it. Without a good reason, maybe a good suggestion for an alternative. Right now, the "sex game" exists as a possible outcome to sex/rape approach and DD approach. It acts as a final opportunity for the player to do something before they ultimately get raped by the NPC. I mean, the NPC calls it a game, and if you don't like it being called a game, I can make the dialogue something else. But really, functionality wise, it's a mechanic for giving players a chance to prevent rape. What else would you prefer? Skipping the entire thing and jumping straight to an AAF sex scene? It used to be that. But that robs the player of choices, so I probably won't go back to that route. If you have good suggestions, I'm all ears. But I have yet to hear one. @Krazyone and others, regarding DD on flirt approach... I think the MCM setting description may be a bit misleading. It's a setting for the chance that the NPC will put on additional DD on the player in a bad ending. If you noticed already, the bad end to flirt approach has scripted DD applications, which currently cannot be disabled. I may consider an MCM option for NPC to unlock all DD on the player after a bad flirt ending (NPC unlocks you after having fun with you). And for some that don't like the possibility of any non-consensual sex for a flirt approach (which I think is lame 😛), I may also add an MCM to disable "bad endings" in flirt approaches, too.
  8. Any chance on making a Combat Strip mod that strips enemies? For... you know... smut?

  9. No, unfortunately if youre on an older game version, the game wont even recognize the mod exists. So the mod will not work at all. This mod doesnt add any pop-up for sex. So the popups you see must be from another mod
  10. You most likely have an older game version. See first post for which game version you need
  11. The latest harassment mod should look for the AAF_ActorLocked keyword. So if it indeed is harassment not playing nice with violate, either an older version is being used or maybe theres a lapse in coverage in the keyword check. Although i doubt thats the case since ive always played with violate and never had any problems with it with harassment. in any case, if harassment is conflicting with something else, the debug option to abort all approaches should do the trick. I use that from time to time, when RNG decides to take things a bit too far... like Father trying to have sex with me.... yea, no way. Lol
  12. Hahaha. Yea the RNG can be a hit or miss sometimes. And sometimes makes pretty funny moments. What's Danse doing? lol
  13. The dialogue isnt too clear, but if your character has enough willpower, they will still get the "intimidate" and "refuse" options. But choosing either of those will cost willpower. If the player doesnt have enough willpower, then they will only be given "comply" options. The willpower cost is a bit... complex atm. I think it's a combination of the player's hypno level + arousal + intox level + how submissive they are. I should probably show a notification with the willpower cost so that players are more informed of their choices.
  14. So I got a new comp and had to reinstall everything from scratch. Im having a weird issue where some of my human male to female animations dont have sounds - I dont recall having this problem before. Any ideas? 😕
  15. Tanglin is correct. In certain approaches, the mod strips the player indiscriminately of all slots prior to starting AAF sex animation. Fan, Blackmail, and Flirt approaches will do that currently. If I have time I can add an MCM setting so that it only strips chest armor and body armor, instead of stripping all slots. But for now if you disable those approaches you should be GTG.
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