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  1. I dunno. I gave it a shot. Even after all those negative reviews I still bought the game, it's not that big money anyway. The game kinda... well, I don't want to say "sucks", it would be unfair. "A sloppy job" would probably be a proper English term, I guess. Dumbass IA that makes Skyrim NPCs aka "it's just my imagination" with an arrow sticking out of his eye look like a bunch of nuclear physicists. Enemy NPCs know you're here but don't bother actually searching - they just stand in place and curse you (in Russian, what a surprise). OP AF stealth from level 1. Absolutely boring co
  2. Oh, probably all 100 years of your life, sure. I don't remember markets preventing unwashed peasants from buying stocks in the past because this could hurt hedge funds. The game was always rigged but at least has some facade of civility and "free market" to it. Powers were at least pretending to protect the little man from unlawful actions and keep stability. The last year was the one when the masks were taken off completely.
  3. What "corpos"? CDPR HQ, those amateurs? What I'm talking about is more serious than that. If you followed the whole GameStop stock drama, Parler drama - the part where "investors" throw out the founder of the company, the whole Covid drama with dirty games around IT giants' stocks - you realize that people with money started acting real, real dirty recently. Short the stock, drive the price down, tear them apart, make money, buy them out. Those people make Mexican drug cartels and Russian mobsters of 1990s look like the good guys with at least some integrity. Hollywood was known for a long tim
  4. Because it's a false flag attack apparently. Somebody wants CDPR dead. Somebody who bought their shares short. Just my wild guess.
  5. Management problems of the development process.
  6. I think at this point CDPR could actually gain some trust by making the source public (if it leaks anyway) while keeping it under existing license but allowing people owning the game to compile it for personal use. Who knows, they could have some good pool requests in a near future.
  7. I'd say some of the criticism is applicable to other games as well. "The lack of variety of enemies" - hence the lack of variety of combat - is the same in Fallout games as well. The combat in CP77 is the same as the one in FO4, I'd say. True, CDPR added a stupidly OP stealth - you can sneak up on anyone to kill them at level 1 with no perks. Spongy enemies have been a trademark of Bethesda for a long time, Fallout 4 got it to a new level where you need half of a magazine to kill a dog before investing perks into your gun skills - I'm talking about the legendary "survival" difficulty here.
  8. The thing is - I wasn't talking about the vampire character, it was another one, Bosmer archer/hunter/summoner. Unlike my vampire character who was a real sloot from the start, she had practically nun life in the beginning, mostly camping, hunting, spent a lot of time in Chanterelle, alone. But then she kills her first dragon (I use Unbound, so it was a bit of a surprise for her) and well, here is a problem - absorbing souls makes her horny AF. - OMG,. the dragon is about to explode!!! Ruuuuuuuun! ... Wait. WHAT. THE. FUCK? Did it just... got something into me?
  9. Oh, and there is a confirmed problem with the mod currently - the animations it starts when PC seduces someone may not have proper keywords, the ones SLSO requires to have an orgasm. SLSO, as has been said, has orgasm conditions for both males and females. I didn't realize there was a problem with it until I figured out why my character doesn't always have an orgasm in the sex scenes she starts. I'm going to fix it soon. Sorry, folks, I wanted to have some fun too, got distracted.
  10. I think this. It took some time for me to figure out all nuances and kinks of SLSO, and some are still unclear to me. For example, my current (non-vampire) character travels in a company of Gorr (from 3DNPC) and J'Zargo. Initially Gorr was giving her the sex of her life, but after some time she just stopped having orgasms - even with all conditions met. The pleasure indicator reaches the orgasm level, but she doesn't cum. And then they took J'Zargo to the team after completing his quest. She has sex with both of them - and has a series of orgasms. I use SLEN, with arou
  11. I don't think the main difference between SE and LE is stability and speed anymore. The recent influx of SE mods based on CommonLibSSE (that's where those SKSE64 mods come from practically every week these days) and .Net Scripting Framework kinda close the issue. SSE has reached the new level of modding.
  12. Have you tried installing .Net Script Framework? It (usually) gives a real stack trace on a crash providing you with good insights on what could go wrong. It's really helpful and can point you straight to the mod causing crashes. The LO is rarely a source of insights when it comes to CTDs - especially today, with many people having 10+ SKSE plugins loaded as well. Unless there is a mod on LO which is completely broken (which is rarely the case these days) and someone spots it - it doesn't give you anything.
  13. This is annoying. Okay, I guess I'll have to make my own then. Thanks.
  14. This mostly comes from using Separate Orgasms. I find myself wondering every time while pressing the space button whenever the current stage is the last one, how many has left, and whenever pressing "space" is going to end the animation. Different animations come with different sets of stages, it would be nice knowing where you are exactly right now. If there any mod displaying a widget with a number of stages available to avoid the guesswork? Thanks,
  15. I was away from modding, moved to Linux to be able to work more efficiently, now when I've got Windows 10 in KVM running with GPU passthrough I can run both games and tools again. Sorry for the long silence, I'll be back with updates soon.
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