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(Disclaimer: The tattoos featured in the screenshots are from various tattoo packs available for SlaveTats. Credit goes to their respective creators.)
Note for people with many tattoos installed:
As of version 1.0, RapeTattoos supports up to 6300 tattoos (up from 1000).
But depending on your computer and the number of tattoos installed, it might take a while for the MCM to load.
If you think the MCM is broken, please let it sit for 5-10 minutes to confirm it isn't just loading very slowly.


Upgrading to version 1.2:


RapeTattoos 1.2 requires FadeTattoos 0.4


In order to allow for NPC support, the way in which tattoo fade data gets stored has been changed.
As a result of this, upgrading to version 1.2 will mess break the fading-out of any existing tattoos.
It shouldn't be anything game-breaking, but you will probably need to manually remove the old tattoos.


Otherwise to upgrade, just make a somewhat clean save without RapeTattoos and FadeTattoos, and then re-enable them.


Upgrading with a somewhat-clean save:

  • Disable RapeTattoos.esp & FadeTattoos.esp
  • Load your save and make a new save
  • Install new version and re-enable the .esp's
  • Load newly made save game




This mod gives non-consensual sex-acts (involving your character) a chance to apply a tattoo from the SlaveTats mod (developed by murfk).
By default applied tattoos will fade out over time using the FadeTattoos mod (developed by me), although there is also an option to make tattoos permanent.


This mod should work with any tattoo pack you have installed.


As of version 1.2, these two mod should also work with NPCs and there are more menu options for controlling what can get tattoos.




When first developing this mod I encountered two problems:

  1. Inappropriate tattoos getting applied (There are a lot of tattoos which are meant for specific situations)
  2. Tattoos overlapping too much (This is fine up to a point, but if two text-based tattoos overlap then both just become unreadable)

To address these two problems, the mod has a tattoo categorization system.
There are currently 39 possible tattoo categories, most of which have names like "forehead", "breasts", "upper back" etc. and two special categories called "(unassigned)" and "(excluded)".
By default tattoos are put into the "(excluded)" category.
The rules for the categories are simple:

  1. If a tattoo is part of the '(excluded)" category, it never gets applied
  2. Only one tattoo from each normal category will be active at the same time
  3. Any number of tattoos from the '(unassigned)' category can be applied

The current categorization of tattoos can be managed through the MCM menu.
The tattoos are presented in a spread-sheet like fashion showing their name, category, texture path, and whether they are currently applied.
You can also add or remove tattoos manually by clicking the Y/N button next to a tattoo's texture path and picking something else (Y = Applied, N = Not).


If you think manually categorizing every tattoo you want to use is tedious, you are right.
Luckily you may not need to. I have quite a few tattoo packs installed and have included my categorization as the default value for those tattoos.
Hopefully you will only need to make minor adjustments.


Also, all categorization information gets saved globally, separately from any saves, in a .json file.
On windows 7, this file is located at .../My Games/Skyrim/JCUser/rTats/settings.json
The data is stored in a very readable format, so you could open it up in a text editor and make changes manually if you wish.


Triggering a tattoo application via mod events:
As of version 1.1 you can trigger tattoo additions by sending the "RapeTattoos_addTattoo" event.


This has the exact same effect as calling the "doTattooAction" function directly (except you can't access get the return value).
Note that this will not trigger a notification regardless of the user's MCM settings.




Certain tattoos never get applied


Make sure that the desired tattoos show up in the categorization menu list and that they are not part of the "(excluded)" group.


Only a few tattoos get applied, I want more


By default you can only have 6 tattoos on the body region.
You can raise this limit by going into Data/SKSE/Plugins/nioverride.ini, going to the [Overlays/Body], [Overlays/Hands], [Overlays/Feet], and [Overlays/Body] sections and changing the 'iNumOverlays' settings.
I have mine set to 24, 6, 6, 9 respectively and the game seems to run fine.


Consensual sex acts are triggering the tattoo event (despite my options restricting it to victims)


This is most likely caused by the sex-act being labelled incorrectly by whatever mod triggered it. Nothing I can do about that.
You can manually remove the offending tattoo by locating it in the categorization menu, clicking the 'Y', and picking the other option.


Special Thanks to:
- murfk for creating SlaveTats upon which this mod is build
- Senick for doing alpha testing and motivating me to finish the mod


And the following members for sending me their settings.json file with newly categorized tattoos:
- pinky6225
- valcon767

What's New in Version 1.4


  • 1.4
  • Fixed fatal problem where using the only-victim option would prevent tattoos from being added at all
  • Changed gender/sex check to use SexLabs stored gender instead of the Skyrim default
  • 1.3
  • Changed how the actor list is found
  • 1.2
  • (requires FadeTattoos 0.4+)
  • NPC support has been added
  • Added option to allow bestiality scenes to trigger tattoos (unfixed the fix from 1.0 so to speak)
  • Added option to add tattoos in "locked" mode which prevents the standard menus from removing them
  • Updated settings template with configuration data kindly supplied by valcon767
  • + a few more options
  • 1.1
  • Tattoos can now be added by sending the "RapeTattoos_addTattoo" event making it easier for other mods to use this mod.
  • 1.0
  • Increased tattoo limit from 1000 to 6300
  • Fixed bestiality triggering tattoos (no more wolves with tattoo guns : P)
  • Updated default categorization (only applies if you install for the first time or delete your settings.json file)
  • Add force-gloss & force-glow options, as well as allowing the user to pick a custom tattoo and glow color
  • 0.5
  • Added missing .json file with default categorization

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