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  1. Hahahahaha...I wrote that one during a period when I was trying to add content to integrate with the lore in Kyne's Blessing. This isn't a normal sex message - it's a W&T transition message. Specifically, it's in FemaleActor_WearTear_Reduced_Vaginal. They're random, so I've tried to make sure content in the DB doesn't presume too much about the player or NPCs. My *own* presumption was that any follower *could* have been trapped with the Falmer prior to their time with the player. This one, unfortunately, doesn't make any sense for Serana to say. We know that she was locked in a crypt for a VERY long time, so... Maybe it was a part of the sequence to become a Daughter of Coldharbour? Hahahahah
  2. Yes. I needed memory space for synonyms. Those two didn't make any thematic sense to me.
  3. I run both. The difference between the two in the database is pretty straightforward...non-consensual strings are all stored in files with the name _Rape in them. Filtering one or the other is as simple as deleting them.
  4. Ah yes, regionalization. The English here is unabashedly American...but... This makes me consider that maybe there are two tiers to this: 1. Completely regionalized American English 2. American English that isn't "hostile" to other English regions There are words like twat that have completely different meanings in the US and England (and, presumably, other places as well). I could just...not use those. Anyhow...filed away for further consideration later.
  5. Great, fixed, thank you! I think I need to spend some time this week developing a pre-publication JSON validation workflow.
  6. Another solution would be for me to just remove all of the words that do this from Synonyms.txt. It will, in general, reduce the quality of the database, but I think it's an acceptable resolution, especially as I turn my eyes to the magic 1.0 release 6-9 months from now. That will probably actually come out 5 years from now. Of course, if it gets fixed in code, then hooray! Otherwise, I need to smooth out the language generated by the DB anyways (read: remove words that frequently result in oh so strange phrases), so I might as well prune words for other reasons then, as well.
  7. I'm making an assumption about your question here, but I think you're not talking about a synonym token. I think you mean an element of a token. For instance, in Synonyms.txt: "{ACCEPTING}": [ "accepting", "approving", "enthusiastic", "excited", "gracious", "receptive", "welcoming", "willing" ], You couldn't just delete the entire {ACCEPTING} token and have things work. However, you *could* delete any line in there and the word would go away, AFTER you reloaded the configuration (see the install instructions for this mod). For your second question, you'd need to modify UniqueAnimations.txt to include the animation in question, and then create a corresponding directory for your new text files. There are a ton of examples already in UniqueAnimations.txt, and corresponding text directories. Two requests: 1. Let me know the synonym element that is bothering you. There's a chance it's a word I'm testing out and not particularly attached to. I've removed words before when users mentioned them being weird. I don't need to know *why* you don't like it; just that you don't. 2. Share your new content with me. I'm very, very lazy and like it when other people do my work for me.
  8. Uh...Gooser told me to do it that way! To see if anyone was paying attention! That is...IF I did it at all. You can't prove it! (but seriously, thanks, I'll get those fixed)
  9. LOL...don't mind me! These errors DEFINITELY aren't MY fault and I refuse to fix them! Hrm...*cough* *cough*. ...clickity clickity clickity...
  10. If you're willing to write it, I'm willing to put it into my DB. Otherwise you'll have to wait for me to get around to it...probably around the end of this year or the beginning of next.
  11. OMG this would be the best. At the very least I understand now why this is happening.
  12. I've added a few of these here and there in the database in the last few months. Stuff like, "as he chants some bizarre spell my mind turns off". I've avoided writing content for specific animations so far, but it feels like I'm getting close to the end of my planned/necessary content updates, and will soon be able to work on stuff just because I want to.
  13. You know, there's a file in the DB, Themes.txt, that I believe is intended to help manage a part of what you're talking about here...provide a method to differentiate themes within the database so that you could apply weights to them based on your play-through. I haven't really fully explored that because, as you mention, managing a single DB is enough work already. @gooser, is this implemented in the code currently? If so, what format do the files have to be in to work correctly?
  14. SLSO is something frequently discussed. It'll require code changes, though. Your "afterglow" text is sort of already implemented. It'd be in FemaleActor_WearTearIncreased_X. The catch is that you lose the {ACTIVE} actor (so your text doesn't know the partner anymore), and it relies on transitioning a Wear and Tear level (although that's fairly common, at least in my playthroughs). Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go enjoy some fine mead. I'm gonna get drunk and do some DB updates. Hope you're all looking forward to fellating draugr.
  15. Are you in an English-speaking location, using an English distribution of the game? Yes: Don't worry about this. No: Probably don't worry about this. Mostly, don't get worked up about this if you don't understand what it means.
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