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  1. This is caused by Papyrus stress. The mod won't function well in a script-heavy game, or in places where there are a lot of actors taking up a lot of compute time.
  2. Wait...what incest? To my knowledge, there's only a single string that can occur during rape, and that's where the male rapist is accusing his female victim of screwing her family. Other than that, it's a lot of "oh, I hope my brother doesn't find out!" and "want to fuck my sister and me at the same time?". If that stuff really bugs you, you can use Apropos DB Filter (link in original post) to get rid of every line that includes FFAMILY and MFAMILY.
  3. Hey all, I'm taking some time off for the holidays! I'll be back to work on the database in January, although I'll probably be in and out to check comments during my "time off". I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving if you're in the states, and that everyone has a wonderful Winter-Holiday-of-Choice next month!
  4. RohZima: 2RZIAP22 Jumping Jacks 2RZIAP23 Shallow Squatting 2RZIAP24 Torso Twist Stand 2RZIAP28 Vertical Pushups 2RZIAP29 Handstand Leg Split Fwd Bck 2RZIAP30 Handstand Leg Split Sideways Gunslicer: GS159 Pushup GS186 Sit-up Depending on how you interpret "exercise" there are also other things like yoga, ballet, etc.
  5. Here's a link directly to what you need. https://www.loverslab.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=862265 Replace the pex inside the Apropos 2 LE package with this one and you should be ready to go.
  6. Those are there for your reference. They are not necessary for the mod to work.
  7. NMM doesn't deal well with packages that include many files, and that's all this package is...file after file after file. When you right-click to uninstall, you will have to wait - potentially a minute or two - for NMM to display the menu to uninstall.
  8. Stick with 0.2.2 for a while. If you scroll up to the top of this page, you'll see everyone talking about the animation limit. 😛
  9. That...is ODD. The worst I should be able to do is make text not show up on your screen if I mess up the JSON, since there aren't any scripts, meshes, etc, in this DB. Not sure what would cause this.
  10. Which manager? Works great on Vortex.
  11. Ok. Probably what you're dealing with is a skeleton/schlong problem. Some questions: 1. Are the other creatures working fine? 2. What are you using for the Chaurus schlong...is it just MNC? Are you using ABC? What order are they loaded in?
  12. This is a very old version of the SLAL; Billyy now maintains this himself (and it's at version 3.81). You should update to that and see if it fixes anything for you.
  13. I've started using your SLAL version on SSE, and it's great! I don't know that it means much to you, but I've added a patchup for my Apropos 2 database update to add the tag "Solo" to GS_MasturbationLurking01 and GS_Masturbation02. Apropos2 doesn't assign the correct text strings to the animation without it. Regardless, that'll be in the next release of my database update, and I doubt anyone but Apropos2 users care much about it.
  14. I'm not certain. I've never played using old-school Apropos, so I don't know about its quirks. Hopefully other users can answer more definitively.
  15. Correct. For consistency with the rest of the database, the presumption would be a bottom/receiving female PC. I don't think this is a problem that can be solved the way that everyone is hoping it will be. Apropos is relying on animation tags to inform it what's going on, and can't easily determine who is doing what action (other than the relatively simple ACTIVE/PRIMARY). A potential solution would be something like Apropos DB Filter to modify the database based on expected playstyle. I'm not really interested in maintaining multiple versions of my database; my presumption would be that someone else could cultivate variations once the content was in place. For a while I was considering something I was calling "Kink Packs" that would allow users to swap content themes in and out, but ultimately decided I have plenty of other things to work on already.
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