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About This File

Mod was sponsored by Rosalia \o/


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Required Mods 

SexLab Sex Animation Framework

SexLab Separate Orgasm




In\Suc-cubus role-play\Consequences mod for SexLab Separate Orgasm mini game.
Mod allows you to soultrap your sex partners and drain their souls, underperformance wont be tolerated, so you better suck them dry.

You probably better not try this in crowded places.

Mod supports PC males and females.


Description pt.2


With this mod, when you have sex, you can press hotkey to activate drain. Drain can only be activated before any actor of sex scene has orgasm, activation costs 25 mp, so no, you most likely cant use it while enslaved.

When drain is activated SLSO widgets will change color.

When Npc orgasms it will get soultraped and drain power will increase.

When Pc orgasms all actors will get soultraped and drain power will decrease.

Soultrap is hostile spell and all actors will hate you for trying to steal their souls, duh!.

After sex act is finished, soultraped actors will receive X damage and, maybe, die filling your soul gems.

Damage is calculated with this formula

Damage = (PC("Health") + PC("Stamina") + PC("Magicka")) / 3 * drainmagnitude

where drainmagnitude = npc orgasms - pc orgasms

Therefore you performance during SLSO game actually matter


Or... you can turn that fancy crap off and just insta-kill everyone. FUN!!!


Description pt.3


Oh and this is independent succubus mod and has nothing to do with "Player Succubus Quest"... unless you use included patch

What's New in Version 1.4



added psq patch - drain damage will increase psq energy

disabled hotkeys when not in SL scene

added damage output to console

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