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Apropos2 Text DB Update 0.6.20 (December 21 2021)

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About This File

If you are interested in continuing to develop this DB, or want to create a branch of it that includes/excludes specific sexual interests, or really anything else, I give blanket permission for you to create derivative works with the following requirements:

*  Your work is non-commercial in nature.

*  You note that your work branches from this database, and the specific version of this database you branched from.


I consider this pre-release but ready to use (see "Future Work" below to see what I believe is missing from full release version).


Oh look, colors!  This must be a professional mod that I will try immediately!


What is this?

Apropos 2 is great.  It's a well-designed engine for translating animations into descriptive text on the screen, increasing immersion.  However, the text database is large and (Gooser's words) "labor intensive".  I decided that I wanted to add some text to it, and found that the database needed some love.  So I did that.

This DB presumes a female Dragonborn with loose morals, with 1st or 2nd person descriptions as default.  It removes the original DB's references to scat and incest.  I speak, read, and write American English, so the output of this project reflects that localization.



*  W&T: Added Succubus Heart and Skooma Whore consumable compatibility

*  W&T: Healing potions now affect W&T

*  Synonym definition updates

*  Dramatically increased the places that the synonyms are utilized in the database

*  Added missing Female/Creature and Female/Female content

*  Added Female/Male and Female/Female foreplay content (set Sexlab -> Animation Settings -> Pre-Sex Foreplay to on)

*  Fixed typos and grammar 

*  Added patchups to animation tags that needed it

*  Other text description additions to the DB


Why do this?

Synonyms are a quick, cheap way to add a ton of variation to the text displayed by Apropos 2.


Known Issues

*  Some synonyms get capitalized when they're parsed, sometimes in very odd ways.  This is a code issue that will need to be fixed in Apropos2 itself.

*  Female/Female animations make it hard to predict {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} actor assignments, making 1st and 2nd person narratives come out odd sometimes.

*  NMM chokes when trying to remove this mod.  You might consider switching to Vortex if you're still using NMM.

MO makes some assumptions about mods that can be tricky, worik wrote a walk-through!


Future Work

Animation patchups - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)

*  Consistency: remove 3rd person strings that discuss internal thought processes - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)

*  Consistency: change strings said out loud to start with ({ACTIVE/PRIMARY}) - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)

*  Add missing Female/Creature content (Spriggan [OHV], Wisp [V], Horse [G], Skeever [H], HighlandCow [O], Lurker [A], Hagraven [A], Skeleton [O], StormAtronach[O], Slaughterfish[V]) - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)

*  Add Dwemer Estrus-specific text and UniqueAnimations assignments - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)

*  GoBack, HugeLoad, and LargeLoad refresh or implementation for all content - 0.7 versions

*  Perform manual/editorial review of all Male PC content - 0.7 versions

*  Convert Female/Male content in order to fill out Male/Female - 0.7 versions

*  Place content into files that are blank templates - 0.7 versions

*  Replace Female/Female {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} tokens with pronouns - 0.8 versions

*  "Rescue" strings utilized for unique animations and generalize them - 0.8 versions

*  Develop "Kink Kit" system so content of certain types can be swapped in and out of the DB



Make sure you have Apropos 2 installed!

1.  Use your mod manager to install this file

2.  In the Apropos 2 MCM, go to "Message Preferences" and click "Refresh from Database"

3.  In the same MCM menu, click "Sexlab Animation Patchups"


Recommended Mods

Skooma Whore: Play the balancing act between body aches and pains and addiction!

* Sexlab PheremonesThere are now plenty of consumable options for managing W&T.  Some of them include ingestable potions with a risk of contracting pheromones.

* Apropos DB Filter: Is there something weird you don't like in the DB?  Why remove it manually when you can be lazy AND thorough?

* Corruption: Overlapping themes, and hey, more text on the screen!  Why not?

* Apropos2 Rape Descriptions NONCON Overhaul: Don't like "mind break"?  You're not alone! (based on 0.6.14, make sure to download the right version of my DB)



@gooser: for creating and maintaining the original database, not to mention the whole of Apropos2!

@Vauria: for reporting broken JSON.  Repeatedly. 

@GoldMembr: for significant content and patchup submissions

Edited by Eadoo

What's New in Version 0.6.20 (December 21 2021)


* Lots of patchups, primarily for FlufyFox, Billyy, and Gunslicer

* Began populating FemaleActor_Male Foreplay

* Other content updates here and there

* Miscellaneous content corrections

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