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  1. Well, there are alternatives, like Cubic Hairs, or The Painted Lady. Try them out and see if they work for you.
  2. Too bad. Unfortunately I can't tell why it crashes for you. RaceMenu is the hard requirement, you need PapyrusUtil only if you want to customize the colors in the SOS MCM.
  3. Do you have RaceMenu and PapyrusUtils installed? They are required for the color matching to work.
  4. Sorry, but I'm no longer actively modding, at least for a good while. I've even marked my Cumshod mod as discontinued and offered it to anyone who would like to work on it. I actually want to play through the game again - I've been tinkering on the mod setup for my current playthrough for a freaking 5 (in words: five) years. Also I have a heap of other games that I want to get to play sometime. Unfortunately between that and RL commitments there isn't enough free time left.
  5. It's mostly scripting, where you can use any text editor you like. For working with esp's, the CK is easier to use, but it takes longer to load.
  6. Basically take the BDSM module as a template and create your own animation addon from it. It's still a lot of work. And you have to create your own animation categories and topics, you can't simply link the new anims into the existing categories - as far as I know.
  7. What is a "Cumshot animation stage counter"? Never heard of something like that. My guess is that if you're using Flower Girls, you have activated its debug mode. Or if you're using SexLab, a similar setting in the framework or in one of its addons.
  8. As long as you don't put it behind a paywall, yes. You can also translate it if you like.
  9. That would require some R&D for someone who picks up Cumshot and continues its development. Displaying a sticky fluids effect is extremely difficult in an engine that hasn't been made for it. Cumshot's four modes are all different approaches to the problem. None of them is perfect, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to get decent results, you need to do it on game engine level. Like in this game, for example.
  10. FINISHED, DISCONTINUED Is there a kind heart who is willing to take care of a poor abandoned mod? The orphan is in good health, it just needs someone to watch over it and guide it through times to come. Blessings of Mara upon you. Development of Cumshot has ended. V2.3 is the final version. Feature requests will be ignored from now on. For further expansions, bugfixes, and compatibility fixes I'm giving permission to everyone who wants to continue Cumshot and develop it further. Over the years it has grown into a quite complex mod, but the scripts are well structured and commented, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get into it if you have some experience with Papyrus. There will definitely be no further updates from me, so there's no need to synchronize it anymore. Yes, for real this time. I've planned to actually be playing the game right now, I even set myself a deadline for September 1. But then Xiderpunk reappeared, and I decided to wait for the next Flower Girls update. Since FG is one of the cornerstones of my next playthrough, I didn't want to update mid-game. So I waited. And during that time I thought I could as well address one of the most reported problems with Cumshot. What I did. But now it seems that Xiderpunk has been abducted by aliens again. I want to get that freaking playthrough done before TES 6 hits the shelves. So definitely final version, open permissions, and I'll be much less present on the forums from now on.
  11. Final version 2.3 released Added a "Genital data" page to the MCM where you can register unknown penis types and adjust the cumshots for them Unlocked the Flower Girls addon for Skyrim LE in the installer since there's a proper port now Added a module for OStim (OSA/OSex extension). You can select it in the installer. This update aims to solve the ever recurring problem "Cumshot doesn't work with this new schlong / equipable cock / race / character with integrated jizz spigot", once and for all. A new page has been added to Cumshot's MCM, "Genital data", which has information about the currently active SOS addon, equipable slot 52 item, or special body with integrated penis. You can toggle between the player and the NPC under the crosshair by clicking on the upper left entry. There's a toggle option that reads "Body/Addon/Item can ejaculate", "Addon has own adjustments", or "Has special body override", depending on context. If you check the box, you create a new entry in Cumshot's schlong database, meaning that this is a natural penis and allows the actor to ejaculate. You can also change the cumshot's position and rotation for it. To understand what the other options do, hold the mouse over them, everything has a description text. There is now a proper port of Flower Girls 3.0.2 for Oldrim, and also the new OSA/OSex extension OStim for SE. Both are supported now, you can select the respective modules in the installer. The OStim support is very basic and experimental though, and only has been tested a little. Bad Dog Hoodies appears to be incompatible with Cumshot, in a very hard way. I've had CTDs when loading a save with both installed, or that it keeps Cumshot from initializing its scripts. I haven't been able to find the cause.
  12. You're right. The condition is in the SexLab handler and won't occur with Flower Girls or when triggered manually. I've removed the check now - it's performed in the general Ejaculate function anyway, and having it done the right way would mean running a lot of code twice. Please download testing version 3 and see if it fixes your problem, and if it causes any other issues. EDIT - Found a similar problem in the Flower Girls handler - it's testing version 4 now. Cumshot 2.3 - Testing version 4.7z Unfortunately not. The cum splashes are placeable decals that appear where the projectile collides with something. Actors only have very crude collision (it's a set of capsules around their bones), so most of the time they would float in the air or be hidden inside the body. Blood stains and whip marks are something like Sexlab's cum effect - they're texture overlays and not very location specific.
  13. Xider's stance on Subdue is that you're free to do with it as you like: In case of Oldrim ports, this would include BDSM base since it's needed for Subdue to work. However I advise to keep these two mods on Lovers Lab, because of their somewhat rapey nature which Nexus frowns upon. Posting a link to here from the FlowerGirls-LE Nexus page should be fine.
  14. Cumshot has no female peeing feature at all. Maybe you're using SexLab Squirt, Drip When Aroused (?), or something similar. Check your player character, or the NPC in question, in Cumshot's new MCM page "Genital data". If she's not marked as able to ejaculate, Cumshot won't handle her. Oh, and there will be no "next update" after I officially release this one. I already said after v2.2 that Cumshot's development is finished. I'm going to slap a big (FINISHED, DISCONTINUED) on the thread title this time.
  15. Disable the Peeing feature? Cumshot's MCM never had such an option. @PsionFight MCM menus can take a while to register. Sometimes it takes a save and reload to make them appear.
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