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  1. Chuckseven1's DLL is a replacement for the pre-AE DLL and works with Skyrim version 1.6.323. Use galgaroth's original SOS version and replace the DLL with the new one. As I could see, it works great. Mine was just a stopgap solution - Chuck's is the real deal. 😉
  2. Yes, no problems reloading a save. And about the actor magic effect script, that was a problem on my end. The supposedly original script wasn't that original, it must have contained a dependency that caused it not to load on the limited profile. Reinstalling SOS fixed it. From what I could see in a short time of testing, everything runs well. Great work!
  3. Install it as a separate mod and keep it below Schlongs of Skyrim in the left pane. Or merge it into the Schlongs of Skyrim mod itself (don't choose "replace").
  4. I've tried it out and it only works in part for me. This is what I'm running it on: Skyrim 1.6.323, SKSE 2.1.3 Only mods installed: USSEP, SkyUI, Schlongs of Skyrim SE, your DLL, 2 extra schlongs (Leito and b3lisario Horsecock), Alternate Start - Live Another Life. Started a new game. SOS initialized correctly, but my character didn't receive a schlong. Assigning a schlong through the MCM did work. But after putting his clothes on and removing them again, only the underwear was visible. MCM still showed the schlong I had given him, though. Chose Breezehome start, went outside to the streets of Whiterun. No one got schlongified, MCM always showed "no schlong". Assigning a schlong manually also works for NPCs. As with the player, the schlongs only showed up if I assigned them after manually undressing them with console "removeallitems". Doing this the other way around, only the underwear is visible. Again, MCM still shows their schlongs. EDIT: This is driving me crazy. skse64.log and SchlongsOfSkyrim.log show nothing suspicious, but my Papyrus log is always filled with blocks of property warnings, one such block per actor failing to schlongify: SOS_ActorMagicEffect_Script.pex is present, and it's the original version, and not overridden by another mod in MO2. The mod seems to read properties from other scripts fine. I'm completely puzzled. EDIT 2: I give up... for now. Looks like Skyrim hates me today. Would be nice if others can tell if they have the same problems.
  5. Uninstall my beta and reinstall the original SOS for SE. Then replace SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll with the one from SOS AE page. Choose the one that fits the capabilities of your CPU.
  6. Nope, it wasn't checked by name before. It only checks for the actual keyword form defined in Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm. It was like that in the original scripts as well. If an SOS addon uses a keyword of its own with the same name, then it's doing it wrong, and the author has to fix it. Anyway, al of this is moot now. Everyone head over there: 😃
  7. Cool, you did it! Now I'm going to switch game version again to try this out. Did you manage to make everything work, including automatical armor fixing when loading a game?
  8. 1. Probably because SexLab has unvoiced dialogue, and Fuz Ro D'oh hasn't been updated for AE yet. 2. SOS has built-in werewolves support. Other creatures rely on an AnimalSOS-type mod, which is probably broken due to not working dependencies. Can't tell you more, because I don't use creature schlongs.
  9. The "default schlong" (you probably mean Smurf Average) is installed the same way as the ones from VectorPlexus. Make sure you have checked all three in the installer, and that their esps are active in your load order.
  10. chuckseven1 is still working on a DLL for Skyrim AE. If he succeeds, his version will be superior (because faster), and this one will become obsolete. If he doesn't, then I may consider posting it on a page of its own. Then there's the permissions issue. We have VectorPlexus (the original creator), b3lisario (the long time caretaker), and galgaroth, who ported the dll to SE. Need to contact them all, but they seem to be no longer active.
  11. Try this out: SOS PapyrusUtil version Beta 4 (UPDATE).7z Revealing armors that have the keyword always worked for me. However, I have made a small change to the armor updating function that might fix your problem (or not...) Also fixed clipping when new concealing armors are equipped for the first time.
  12. The female pubics for SOS mod has a custom MCM script that allows the user to edit pubic hair colors. The DLL-free SOS version has edits to the same script, to invalidate the probability cache when certain settings have been changed (this cache helps to speed up schlongification in Papyrus). So the two mods would conflict. The file is a patch that includes the changes from both mods. Pros of the dll-free version: - works with AE as well as with previous SE versions (as long as the corresponding SKSE and PapyrusUtil versions are installed) - no crash when load order changes Cons: - somewhat slower - may still have bugs
  13. Note: If you're using my dll-free Schlongs of skyrim version, please override the SOS_Config script from the Female Pubics mod with this version: Script Override for PapyrusUtil SOS and Female Pubics mod.7z It will integrate the changes to the MCM for both mods.
  14. If you use the Female Pubics mod, please override its SOS_Config script with this version. It integrates the changes from the new SOS with the color editing feature. Script Override for PapyrusUtil SOS and Female Pubics mod.7z As for fixing other mods you mentioned, I usually only work on mods that I personally use. So the chance is low, sorry.
  15. On what game version, AE 1.6.323 or SE 1.5.97? If it's the latter, and you've hidden the dll, don't unhide it. My optional dll support doesn't work anyway, and the dll has the potential to crash one's game when the load order changes. Other than that, I have no idea why the beta 3 could cause crashes. It works with either AE or SE, provided you have the corresponding versions of SKSE and PapyrusUtil installed.
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