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What really makes you happy?

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On 3/2/2021 at 6:14 PM, Kendo 2 said:

All I know is it's one less thing Leftists can lord over people; and THAT makes me extremely fucking happy.

If rebelling over a piece of cloth makes you happy. I wonder when they're going to get rid of pants. Somewhat hopeful.

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26 minutes ago, Darkpig said:

If rebelling over a piece of cloth makes you happy...blah-blah-blah

Two words; Maga hats.  Stop trying to be clever.  It doesn't suit you.

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14 hours ago, Doctor Cadaver said:

I stopped watching The Walking Dead once Rick Grimes was out of the picture.


I quit watching years ago after the Negan brutality started. The OP'd way they set up that entire 'ambush' and the resulting violence wasn't anything I was willing to follow. Just a few months ago - due to the lack of anything 'new' worth watching IMO, I revisited the series - by starting with S1E1 and bingeing past the Negan tomfoolery to the current situation (waiting on the extended season finish).


Watching this way it became ridiculously obvious how the series changed over the years, confirming my opinions about 'soap-opera' style shows and how social 'politics' and fan 'input' can affect what is presented. Now I just eat popcorn and watch the train wreck. With serious interest gone and being able to see it for what it is, I definitely have taken the MST3K approach.


On 3/2/2021 at 7:28 PM, RitualClarity said:

Next up Zombie Apocalypse. 



Heh, I thought that came with the introduction of the hand held mobile phone devices.


Skip to 1:46 to see how Rock and Rule predicted the future introduction of the Cellphone.....



And this is the scene later in the movie after returning to our Heroes after 'use' of these devices.




So yeah - 'Zombie Apocalypse' indeed.



>>>> Full Rock and Rule here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knENwlh0FFA


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Too much to reply to individually, so I shall summarize.

  1. Yay Zombies!

  2. Never watched The Mandalorian (I wait for shows to be long over before I invest, else they just end up cancelled when I start enjoying them anyway), but from everything I hear about this mess...

    "Beep/Bop/Boop" (Or whatever) makes me think "R2D2", not fuck-all about any side of trans issues, so IMO, leave Gina Carano the fuck alone.

    A. She's kinda hot.

    B. She's welcome to whatever fucking opinion she has.  Much like anyone bitching about her twitter posts or whatever, I doubt they'd like being told what they can or can't post either, and frankly, I don't find any of her supposedly insensitive or inflammatory comments any more offensive than saying "bread" so, yeah... w/e.

  3. Fuck Kathleen Kennedy.  Seriously.  Admittedly, I haven't kept up with ALL the 'modern' SW universe, and even some of the stuff before her era was already sorta crap, IMO, but SINCE she 'took the reigns' over at Lucas, a good 90% or more of anything SW I *have* seen is just... no.  Fuck that.  Not in MY Star Wars, bitches.  I actually only even managed to choke down two of the 3 "Sequel Trilogy" or whatever they are, as frankly, about the ONLY thing I liked in TLJ was it had Chewie in it, and those little space penguin doods are freaking cute.  Like, "OMG! The cuteness is melting my brain!" cute.  Cat pics (which I usually DO find adorable) have nothin' on those little guys. xD


So... yeah.  Think that pretty much covers it.  lol

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On 3/3/2021 at 6:40 AM, Doctor Cadaver said:

I stopped watching The Walking Dead once Rick Grimes was out of the picture.


They really screwed the show up by killing off Carl Grimes.


On 3/3/2021 at 3:33 PM, RitualClarity said:

maybe it might be the governator (Arnold.. which would be entertaining lol)

What makes me happy is I didn't watch beyond the first season!    :P   Didn't waste my time and still am not interested in it. I'll watch the new SJW themed Marvel and Star War releases before I watch another season of TWD. ;) 


In that case, I'll take The Governor over Arnold Wokenator.

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45 minutes ago, Kendo 2 said:

Looks like the woke fascistas who sabotaged Vampire2 got shit-canned.


There used to be an agreement 'bad press is better than no press', but that term was coined before the internet made a mockery of it. So it's "possible" there may still be a sequel in the future - because we all know lack of creativity mixed with sequel exploitation means the IP isn't going to be forgotten.


Superstraight to the top!

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1 hour ago, landess said:

,,,it's "possible" there may still be a sequel in the future...

I just want a good game to play; ANY game at this point.  But it's obvious the triple A industry isn't capable of it.  Shit writing, broken mechanics, cutting content only to charge for it later, etc.  Add to the mix woke leftists, snarky Millennials who can't handle valid criticism, and Boomer investors who couldn't give two shits about anything but finishing the fiscal quarter in the black...and you get games that aren't worth playing...and certainly not worth the $60 US price tag.


That being said; everyone be sure to preorder and get those season passes. 🤡

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Stupid ass shit like this makes me really happy and nostalgic. It's also great that now i have someone besides me in the house to enjoy things with.feelsgoodman.png.d965412e9cb7fc6324973474be1414d3.png



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1 hour ago, Mr. Otaku said:

Stupid ass shit like this makes me really happy and nostalgic. It's also great that now i have someone besides me in the house to enjoy things with.feelsgoodman.png.d965412e9cb7fc6324973474be1414d3.png


Huh. Interesting. But where did the Kizuna AI cycle come from?

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Bought the franchise version of Company of Heroes 2 with all the maps and campaigns.  It's fun and some of the radio chatter dialogue is funny enough to make me pause the game.

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8 minutes ago, Darkpig said:

Finding solace in the shittyness of the past. Whenever I think it is bad now it could always be 19th century London or really 19th century in general.

We're living in the most peaceful period in all of human history, relatively speaking. So of course the past looks much bleaker in comparison. Dude can you imagine being a britbonger in the <19th century? Shit was crazy, still is but blimey m8! Though still would've been better than being in current day Congo or some shit.


So hurray to us i guess?

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1 hour ago, HUNK RE2 said:

having every person on the planet be put in a cage that will make me extremely happy

ISIS, the CCP, the Biden Admin, etc.

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