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  1. Separation of "church" and "state" are fine. I didn't care about any of that. Genetic variations of the Source having different effects by isolation and location and genetic make up are fine. Jordan's females are shallow as fuck, and I don't mean "written simply, without flourish or nuance, like from the 50s", I mean "the Housewaifus of Aes Shedai" where the entire parts devoted to them read like something a tweenage girl that hates all the other girls at her school would write as a serial blogged fanfiction. I haven't read of Sanderson's or Van Lustbader's pick up after Jordan's so cannot comment but honestly I haven't met ANYone who likes the TV series at all compared to them and honestly most of the people that loved the book series actually only loved that Jordan essentially militarized every spell below 4th level in D and D to it's most violent and combat oriented conclusion and funnily enough that flatness has carried over to the Amazon series as well. The characters aren't particularly interesting and I have yet to see any portrayal that reaches even close to the depth of a GoT character, and I'm talking about second half GoT, much less first.
  2. You won't ever find GoT on any list either other than "top go woke go joke series that lost their entire fanbase"
  3. The Mandalorian Yojimbo The Magnificent Seven Seven Samurai The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Unforgiven Bone Tomahawk A Fistful of Dollars Shane Lonesome Dove I and II
  4. SMP has been available on LE for five years.
  5. Yeah get all defiant and stuff but it's the literal answer to your question.
  6. As long as you aren't charging money. Using the CoTR heads is pretty pointless when hipoly heads with no pre-sculpted topology landmarks are available from KouLeifoh.
  7. books were super derivative misogynistic trash. Series is hyper simplified woke trash, so hey full circle.
  8. The 3/4/5 largest outfit designers you seem to think roll their eyes, are in fact, female. Kind of hard to roll your eyes at something you designed. The first and most consistent Oblivion skimpifier was female.
  9. Using an SSD matters quite a bit for any bethbryo game, and not just initial loads, it also affect cell loading and transition time.
  10. While that's a very yautja thing to say, I think you mean insights
  11. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73162?tab=files You'll have to make a race entry in xedit
  12. You can never remove script or state-coded mods and have a stable save. ever. Period. There is no save cleaner that exists smart enough to clean it either.
  13. Both benefit from multicore usage, that benefit scales to about +30% max, that 30% is minimum framerate, btw. Bethbryo benefits the most from ram speed more than any other mechanical issue.
  14. You probably want a writer because they can come up with way better vaguely hand wavey bullshit. Unless they work for Netflix. Or Paramount plus.
  15. PRZ did an AIO for SMP with CBBE HDT, pretty sure there's a PE fallback version in the same thread. Since he left the site due to Baka/Clonereal stealing and general snowflakery, might still be here under "guest" topic.
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