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  1. I'm probably not reading that right, but just in case - I checked the Steam page - I have the game (Plague Tale) and it says 50gb. I'm not sure which game I have that is the largest, but Red Dead Redemption comes to mind. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ >>> I myself have been messing with Succubus, the 'follow-up' game to Agony. Whereas Agony is survival horror, Succubus is action 'horror'. Both play out in hell, with some interesting design choices. As an old fucker whom really latched onto DOOM when it first appeared, the 4th installment also named Doom brought back open combat the 3rd was missing, but something had changed. Well, since Bethesda now has it, it's turned into console fodder with Eternal having more neon than Las Vegas. Lucky for me something a bit more fundamental and less flashy has been released. Take notice that even though it has been released as 'finished', there is a road map for the future and I can easily see opportunities for a better game.
  2. It wasn't any trouble at all. I just went to the page and scrolled past a few posts and linked the one with the information so someone whom appreciated it could still click the 'like' button.
  3. That's actually the image used when talking about the star sign Cancer in the Sims 3, but I noticed all these guys watching with thought bubbles changing on a few Sims. It's easy for me to translate those to have some hilarious meanings. From right to left: Wants to photograph Would beg for some woohoo time Thinks she could be high maintenance Can she cook?
  4. Checked into an older save with a working brothel. I realized setting the woohoo advance stages to automatic instead of manual resulted in longer sessions and more Simoleans - Gimme the Simmies!
  5. If you use NRaas Master Controller, you can drag the needs bars up or down. This kinda removes the need for anything to do more than it does. The Sims 3 has more ways to manipulate the game than anything else I've ever played. I have many mods to do cool things and if i need to, I'll just manually set something instead of worry about it or expect some mod maker to do it for me.
  6. She's immune to your pelvic sorcery. Maybe he can get in on this action then. . . . .
  7. Is it the same amount of time (roughly)? Does it matter which save you're playing? > From the post title I can assume the game runs fine, at a good speed, then after an unspecified amount of play time the problem begins? If it indeed is running fine for awhile, then it would seem there is some kind of bottleneck occurring. Could be multiple pathing issues building up until the game memory is maxxed out and nothing can happen until there is room, but then the game just queues up another action (this is in the background - being done for every Sim in the game). No one mentioned resetting the entire town. You can do this with NRaas. It takes a few minutes as it resets every Sim and every object in the game. Anything causing some kind of loop or other repeating action will be stopped along with everything else. Afterwards the game will have to begin setting things in motion (sending Sims to work/school/etc.) and things should calm down a bit. If you're playing a World known for pathing issues you will need to keep an eye on stuck sims/sims that can't reach a destination until you can address that by using a better version of that world (if available) or make some changes yourself to lots in order to alleviate the problem(s). This is just some basic information which may not apply to your situation, but given the limited amount of information offered, this is as far as I'm willing to go. "What Should you do"? If one decide to start using mods, then they need to know considerably more about their PC, their operating system, how games work in general, how mods can affect a game by changing the nature of specific file types, and on and on. This is advanced stuff, it takes advanced interest to make it all work.
  8. Since these work as windows/doors - remember the interior walls need to be up, so take that into consideration when building/placing them as to have enough room for the camera to take advantage of the design if placed inside. Thankyou. This can be seen in the shot above - as I didn't remember, or got mine somewhere else - now I know how to fix it easily. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Because Voyeur Sims like to look through windows - the bars work the same . . . .
  9. You need the animations for any type of sim interactions. Players created and uploaded many of their own to work with the Kinky World framework. Don't want animals? Remove any animations with them. Turn off all settings regarding 'zoology' (default). As for 'Rape', the ONLY thing KW does in regards to that feature is add a EA fight animation at the beginning, but it is very short. Then the Sims engage in one of several 'flagged' animations (remove any L666 'rape' animations) which the player can access on their own/autonomously. A costume make-up is applied which simulates a beaten face with a bit of 'blood' from the corner of the mouth. This makeup normally remains on while the 'beaten' moodlet is active. To remove the fight/beaten moodlet/make-up from the game, one needs to make sure all rape settings are disabled (default setting). The player can exit any KW animation at will in one of several ways. As for the attitude, thanks for the laugh. <insert word of choice here> running around trying to get 10 billion people on this earth to do everything their way never fails to amuse me. Telling people what they 'need' to do, then expect compliance after berating them with a multitude of insults.
  10. Let's check into Cronor. Adding a new Sim to the active household using the Asari (skin/hair) I hunted down and linked awhile back, but never used. She looks okay.
  11. So Netflix decided not to provide service to customers wearing a mask . . . . . . Is anyone actually surprised that the 'VPN Snakeoil' treatment is beginning to show it's flaws? I understand the attraction to using a VPN to 'spoof' ones location. I don't understand how anyone would think this was anything more than a band aid which wouldn't last very long. > For those a bit younger than me, I have a technology tale: Back in the day when Cable TV services were brand new, people were investing in Satellite Dishes - the big ones that the owner could point to various satellites. Why subscribe to a cable channel premium service like HBO when you could just point a dish at the proper satellite (there were more than one - east/west coast and secondaries) and watch multiple versions of it? This was great for a couple of years. Then came the encryption, followed by black boxes to defeat the encryption, till eventually it wasn't worth playing this game and the satellite dish 'fad' evaporated. It's still a useful product, but nowhere near as popular. I see VPN's as nothing more. so companies are now beginning to stop users from accessing their services just like websites stop AdBlock users. Sometimes I think companies like VPN providers are just a money making scheme that was designed to fail from the beginning once the natural push-back to their operations began. I wish I could help, but seeing this reminds me how mutable the technology business is.
  12. It odd that some 'community objects' can only be found here while others only need the community lot flag activated. > But yeah - I was going to suggest the same thing - not so much about alchemy as just another location for players to become familiar with. If I want a Napoleon Incense Burner - It's nice to not HAVE to travel (World Adventures).
  13. The Scarecrow is part of the Seasons EP. The player can buy one, trade festival tickets for one during the Fall Festival, and it appears on the Fall Festival grounds 'pumpkin patch'. I've already made a screenshot with it being used by some newer animations - Never realized it 'didn't have a penis'? I'm guessing if I go into the game and look for a solo animation featuring the Scarecrow as an object - there isn't one?
  14. I'll confirm they wouldn't work with build 375. It was one of those things where I loved the stability of 375, yet knew the piece of crap build 399 would use the cuffs. I'm currently on 409 myself and they do continue to work for me.
  15. I use KW, and they appear in my game. Most notably with the MaryJane bed animations. 5 procedural which look best with the classic Brass Frame Bed. I've also seen them appear on at least one 'cuffed' doggy position as well. Could be more - those stand out and confirm the answer. I believe LadySmoks' remakes which added the ability to be placed on a surface for decorative use as well as functional with animations might be worth looking into although i'm sure both tap into the same script.
  16. I figured I better follow up the 'tease' I posted further back. Relax, it's just a chair leg . . . .
  17. Sometimes you DL some CC thinking you'll use it and never do, while it stares at you each time you open CAS. This Inactive Sim is a MILF type that is the only KW assigned 'Whore' in my 'Las Vegas' save. I found she makes good use of this CC/top as a 'workout' outfit. I also found out she has begun a relationship with a local in the sports career, doing well although he has 2 young children. I don't know if that household ever had a mother . . . . Keeping that booty firm. Looking good for work.
  18. Gotta love it when the Bartender makes the move.
  19. Move the butt slider and you'll notice the same thing - feet moving/sliding forward/backward.
  20. It's not social media without a little spam either. . . . .
  21. Yep. I'm not above keeping an image open or a video paused to reference when making a Sim from someone in real life. Even these 'beginner' attempts have been refined over time until I reached a satisfactory caricature of each one.
  22. Yes. I was struck with the CAS curse and many times end up spending hours there and only minutes in the game itself.
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