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  1. I was bored while having my morning drink before deciding what to play and while looking at options to play Cyberpunk 2077 in VR got the idea to see what was new in the field of GPUs (or at least most expensive) since I rarely follow the 'cutting edge' anymore. I think my wallet got a cramp just looking, but realize this is the stuff the big boys use - like the upcoming Avatar movies and such. https://mostexpensivehub.com/the-15-most-expensive-graphics-cards-in-the-world/
  2. In those CASP settings in KW debug the question is asked "Is this item removable" or something close. This allows a menu option to appear to pull off a top/bottom. The Dog interaction was based on this older interaction.
  3. Thanks - will look into it. I thought I use Overwatch as well yet don't remember any options. Then again I have an old version so it's probable there's been updates to the mod in the last 5 years or so. (It's buried in that merged package from hell I have)
  4. Someone with experience using that version needs to step up - I gave it a wide berth and NEVER installed it. 🚫
  5. <The word 'save' mostly refers to the NRaas files found in the Library BIN (households) for anyone reading this> I'll have to look closer - but - thought there can only be one save of each type of export as I don't remember ever getting the option to 'save as'. If I have: 3 different Sims3 games using 3 different settings, then saving the set up (export) for game #1 ONLY has that file to import. Since this is NOT the same file I would use for Sims3 games #2 and #3, I would have to do this for any different game series. As of right now I have a 'universal' file I'm
  6. Like you, I have several save games and they use different settings in both KW and NRaas, so this would be a challenge for myself. Still - "LadySmoks Logic level 10" shows using the old noodle beats throwing a laptop across the room. If you ever played University EP or traveled with World Adventures EP, the Dormitory's and Base Camps work as apartments (which you can also do at home) which incorporate the unselectable Sims feature. If one wants to get rid of the KW addiction feature normally - send them to the Hospital. KW turns all Hospitals into a Betty Ford Clinic (a
  7. You're going to have to spend time with the game. The Sims 3 itself has a LOT going on and it gets deeper the more you add - be it Expansion Packs or complicated mods. Without knowing the base game, it's really hard to know what the mod changes from default - so that's on you. This is easy - they need to have gender Attraction to males. Of course their 'target' must also be willing. Flirting or other sexual stuff will increase 'that' particular genders attraction by 2, and lower the 'other' by 1. So with attention to both genders a Bi-sexual Sim is possible, but it requir
  8. https://venusprincess.wixsite.com/venusprincess/product-page/3d-beards-part-2
  9. For those whom prefer to focus on the positive - After the 'BIG' patch, I loaded it up again and got hooked into another play through - but now in the spirit of LL! More Mods - More Fun - More V
  10. I'm guessing everyone has Master Controller. With so many mods we basically cheat as players in one form or another - so when the issue you describe happens - just make the changes needed to stop your boredom. Save the time from being wasted, increase values and see what happens now instead of being forced to wait. MC/Advanced/Skill Level. This setting and the Intermediate/Careers are 2 that increase the time it takes for me to set up new games. I go in - change the looks and wardrobe of each sim in a household. I also make sure they have a set of traits, skills, and job/level I wa
  11. No, I didn't. You say the penis shows up on the nude bottom - that can be just a nude bottom with penis, or some other 'outfit' (including adding a penis accessory while wearing the nude outfit). KW doesn't use that outfit unless specifically set in the KW settings (use nude outfit) and is NOT the default setting. So if your sim is NOT set to use the 'ladyboy' setting found in debug - you will have NO penis on her when KW removes the pants - Now you know what I meant. I guess the option "set away's accept - on" didn't raise any questions in your mind. Have f
  12. Did you check your debug settings? - KW/Debug/Lot's of shit here to mess with . . . Define transgender? If you didn't see the option in debug to make KW/Woohoo bypass checks - how did you find the 'proper' transgender option?
  13. I said I place it on a community lot.
  14. https://modthesims.info/d/460289/roman-gladiator-chariot-and-parking-space.html This uses the chopper - so one needs that EP for it to work. Looking at those decorations - not sure how one would handle the placement of the Sim sitting higher than the default state of car vehicles - maybe the bus drivers have a setting that could be exported for use by playable sims? Bus drivers are base game - school bus is what I was thinking about.
  15. I always enjoyed this object being used for animations . . .
  16. If you are talking about the mod which includes 3 different objects with scripts involved - then the 'Dancer Stage Socket' is one I do use. I have no idea if you have conflicting mods or why you seem to have an issue with it, but I'll explain how I use it. I place it on a community lot. When it spawns a SIM to work 'at' it, that Sim is called a musician. When the Sim arrives to the lot, it's description is changed to 'dancer'. The small square 'object' which defines where and the direction they perform is used - configuration menu's appear allowing one to tu
  17. On some really older versions there was a major change in the mod requiring players to uninstall / replace / reinstall - but that hasn't been the case in a while. There was information available when that had to happen. Everything found here and newer can just be swapped out - and when starting the game and finishing loading a save which used KW before, the player will get a notification stating - Upgrading from version XXX (whatever was installed previously). After this it's important to check your settings from before - and - see what's new and how one wants to handle those NEW settings.
  18. Nah, I never 'close' worlds unless I find an issue while checking it out before committing to 'using' it. This way it becomes part of my game play loop / saved series that I pick and choose from when I want to just play - I've already done the lion's share of work so now I can just load them up and play to my hearts content - as you probably noticed, I've been trying to 'complete' the Star Wars theme - yet as I continue messing with it, I either continue to search for specific types of items, or stumble across stuff which never presented themselves during a search. <A lot like the Jack Sp
  19. Yeah - 399 is very bug ridden, while 375 (not the one listed on the download page but here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/156041-sims3wip-kinkyworld-v037-updated-may-3rd-2019-wikipage/ is much more stable, but has fewer features. This was removed for unknown reasons and replaced with an older version which has it's own problems. Many here subscribe to the conspiracy theory that these were left here so users would go to the patreon page. Of course since no recent versions have been uploaded here (I use 409) many have opted to find newer versions 'elsewhere'. ☠️ I
  20. On a new game? I just want to clear that up instead of assume or dance around the issue.
  21. Once again, as we play differently, I'm well aware your game could be doing things mine doesn't. Just having aging/pregnancy off could keep me from experiencing the mod making 'changes' to itself if that's the case. With my set-up, I know that once I start a game, import settings, and make changes afterwards - those settings remain in place and I've never had to go back in and 'fix' anything. If I decide to change something - even after many hours in a save - those remain unchanged unless I make the changes myself. Sadly I have no understanding why someone would have to go into the
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