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  1. Believe it or not, there's plenty of us "out there". Majority? Minority? Hell if I know. I know there's plenty of good, also plenty of bad, but like most issues that anyone tries to apply statistics to, they often lie, or are edited to suit an agenda. In this case, at least some of it is another case where if you came out and say "Well like 20% of women are basically greedy, nasty whores" (which may or may not be true, I have no idea and doubt any of this could ever be accurately calculated), the buzz dies off fast and people go back to whatever they were doing, because I mean.. 20% Well
  2. (Thankee. ^_^) Space Bar
  3. Quite welcome. I try to help where I can. ^_^ Again, someone else may have some ideas, but as I said, I'm pretty choosy about mods, and anything that deals with new animations like that are among the most difficult things to mod in, let alone to do even remotely well, so personally I've come across *very* few. =/
  4. Only ones I know that have well done and fleshed out actual sex anims that look/feel even remotely worth the effort to use are Oblivion / Skyrim, Fallout 3+, and The Sims (can find such mods as far back as the original, but really not much point to that unless you have heavy nostalgia value). This forum has whole sub-boards devoted to Sims 3 & 4, Fallout 3 / New Vegas, Fallout 4, Oblivion and Skyrim. There's certainly been others over the years, but none I personally know of where they were done very well and added to the experience rather than just looking awful or being real
  5. I'd look into alphaZomega's ROTR tools. Far as I know, other than some TexMod (and similar) memory-injection stuff, my understanding was that basically any model swaps and the like were done using these. From the look and sound of things, you're pretty skilled as is, so if you read over his (well-documented) info there, maybe you'll find a solution. I certainly hope so. Still love my Lara games, both old and new. ^_^
  6. Well then, as mean old Stauf would say to the both of you... Ahem.. <Deep, overly dramatic voice> Welcome to my... house... Never mind that this isn't my house, or the fact that I'm being genuine and he was... well, Stauf (for bonus fun, check the reference if it doesn't ring a bell. Awesome game back in the day lol). So really, I guess we're just left with, Hey there, and welcome! No idea why the weird, playful nostalgia hit me today. Other than me near-always being all nostalgic but.. meh. ^_^
  7. So far, the only Assassin's Creed I've gotten around to was Black Flag. I really wanted to play a good pirate themed game, and found there's a shocking lack of them out there. I enjoyed the game, especially sailing around for no apparent reason just to make my crew sing shanties. xD I don't think this one was as stealth-focused as some others in the series (from what I've heard), but I do recall some of the stealth mechanics being pretty crappy. Not bad enough to make the game suck, but definitely had enough issues that it'll only ever be a "favorite" in terms of Pirate Genre ga
  8. Just to clarify, my "I do, quite a lot" comment was not meant to imply I "get pissed off a lot", but rather as an answer to: "Does anybody really stop and ask what pisses them off? Do people ever stop to wonder whether an action is a good or not? Do people ever question their bias?" - which I then went on to clarify I don't really think about what pisses me of, as I simply know it when it happens. Still didn't mean to intend that happens very often though. Really I'm usually pretty easy going. Things that DO piss me off? Meh... trolls who just think they're SO clever, and no one anywhere e
  9. @landess LOL. Sorry if I wasn't entirely clear and you took anything I said as if I was saying you were nuts (or whatever). I could tell your post was all sarcasm and just voicing my opinions to "them" - whoever the hell "they" are. xD Also, agreed about basically.. everything above, and Labyrinth and Dark Crystal have always been among my favorites. Heck.. I actually own Dark Crystal on CED Disc somewhere, though my player more or less died decades ago. (Look it up if you like. Was a weird entry in the home video market for like.. 10 minutes or so between the VHS and Laser D
  10. For that question, you'll need someone who knows blender better than I do. I've never actually edited any texture from within blender aside from altering how it's mapped to the model or applying some basic settings. I'm comfortable and familiar with Photoshop. Not so much with blender (I used to use Milkshape waaaay back in the day, so now I can make blender do some basic stuff, but I'm nowhere near an expert.) Basically what I do is open both blender and photoshop at the same time. I apply my texture to the model (or just replace the one it's already using most of the time wit
  11. I'm not entirely sure about everything here, as I don't know anything about modding this game specifically, like what format textures need to be, etc.. But as a general rule, DDS files can be really annoying to work with natively. Most often, if a game actually NEEDS them to be in DDS format, modders will extract the original, turn it into something you can work with with DDS tools, then do their editing in Photoshop*, checking placement in Blender*, going back and forth between those two until it looks right placed on the model. * = "Or whatever image editor and mode
  12. LOL I saw that. I considered telling him to stop being an ass (seen him be snarky in other threads as well), but I generally maintain a "Don't feed the trolls" mentality when I can resist.
  13. Seriously, @orangy, Guerrilla Games (Since Sony is way too timid to ever get behind it) should pay you as part of their marketing team or something. Every time I turn around and see more of your work in here, I'm more and more tempted to finally go buy the damn game. xD Really at a point where my Steam library already has probably 100+ titles purchased but still waiting for me to even play them, so I'm trying to avoid buying much until I catch up some.. but you're making it hard to resist. Damn nice work. 👍
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