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  1. Lol. ^This. FULLY under development. And coming hopefully by the end of the year, if private/business time allows it.
  2. Thanks! My motivation for modding has dipped below 0. If not for Ivy I would not be actively modding in the community any more. I have decided to work on a commercial project which is to be released via Steam somewhere in '23. No other details yet. But for me the small amount of flak that modders received in the past was always a good reason to keep modding. Now that the flak and toxicity for modders is as bad as it is for professional game developers, I might as well ask money for being shouted at, at least then I can stare at a few pennies in my bank account while reading the toxicity online. In that way, Fallout was only a vessel for Ivy's story to emerge.
  3. DEVELOPMENT UPDATE So it's time to go into a couple of things regarding Ivy's next release. The first thing that needs saying is that I know that it's been a long wait. The longest wait for any Ivy release so far. I know and realize full well that the longer that people wait for things, the more hyped up things become. That thought, right before you make love for the first time with someone you've been in love with for a long long time.. you know what I mean, that feeling. But it's important to realize what Ivy 6 will offer, v.s. what might be hype or rumor. Ivy 6 will in essence be Ivy 5.3 but with more stability bug fixes and some major changes to her framework that don't necessarily immediately translate to a 'whole different experience'. She'll have some new gimmicks, she'll have the most gorgeous NPC voice my ears have ever had the grace of hearing and she'll inform players when incompatible mods are installed, sometimes offering in-game options to fix mod incompatibilities and situations where bugs happen. A quest called 'Ivy goes to Nuka World' is added to 6.0 that requires the Nuka World DLC to run, that will fully wrap up her storyline with the player. This quest will (more than ever) keep track of how the player responds and treats Ivy during the quest, which will result in different bad endings and ONE good ending. So why the long delays? Well, for two reasons. One is very personal and two is very technical. As for one. It's not been an easy year at all (I think for most of us). I've had times where I felt the world was slipping away into nihilism (something that Ivy tries to fight hard against) and the TOS changes for Nexus were another big blow that did not make the modding community as a whole more inviting for me. Frankly, stuff like that did a lot to dampen my enthusiasm and I've had many hours with the CK window open where I had to push myself forward, taking an hour on one scene that last year might have taken me 10 minutes, just because my attention wanders so much to what's happening in the world and inside the communities. Another aspect of the personal reason is.. it's HARD! It's difficult to realize that this is the last of Ivy that I will work on. The last scenes. The last lines of dialogue she utters. And I've often looked up (unconsciously) to working on Ivy because I didn't want it to end.. But ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end. The technical aspects are the 5 different endings, of which each must seem as if it logically progressed from what came before. This literally meant redesigning this quest from the ground up, up to 3 times starting from scratch (e.g. right click > delete quest > right click > new quest) as counters garbled up due to unforeseen dialogue choices and what not. It's not EASY to write a quest with so many different endings and have all the outcomes seem logical, coherent and all that jazz. Anyway. I'm nearing the end of development and I hope to communicate a real release date as soon as humanly possible. Hold on to your hats, cause Kansas is going bye bye.
  4. I think the author stopped due to personal reasons. Don't have any info on it tho. Maybe someone on the Discord channel knows?
  5. No I did not. I was hoping people would not notice it for 1 or 2 more weeks. Thanks for your patience. I know it's a hard run towards 6.0. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to create in my life due to the sensitive subject matter of the ending.
  6. As the cyborg hybrid bird closed its wings, the light blinded the King. Staggered, there was nothing he could do but face the brunt of the attack from the enemy hybrid. The light engulfed him, stinging every part of his body as he screamed out in agony. He was flung back hundreds of meters, then hit the ground leaving dust and dirt in his wake. Bloodied and bruised with several broken bones, he tried to get up when the hybrid attacked physically this time, talons down with full force it ripped into the King's chest, trying to claw its way to the Kings heart. But the king used his armored beak to bash down into the hybrid's skull, picked it up and flung it backwards. 'They've turned you into a monster.', the King breezed angrily. 'You are the monster!', the falcon reeled and initiated another mental attack against the King. John lined up the sights, his arms were shaking with exhaustion. Left and right the enemy fell when he saw the black round thing, about 50 meters away. 'Hey! Do you see that?', he shouted to his buddies. But they were too busy to notice. He was drawn to it, as he saw flashes of light, subdued by the anti-light of the psychic barrier. Was it a new Chinese weapon? Some form of cloak or weaponry? The hybrid falcon attacked the King with all of its power and the King blocked, resulting in beams of mental energy struggling for domination. Gravity counted for nothing as the ground itself gave way to the two struggling titans in the middle of the battlefield. 'They made you strong', the King said. 'They made me... to KILL you.. only YOU', the hybrid said. 'And you thought you would succeed here today.', the King said. 'I shall!', the hybrid extended his attack, nearly overwhelming the King, enveloping the King in its light. 'I have you now, false King!', the hybrid said. 'You are mistaken, brother. Nothing can stand against the might of the Pelican God! You are NOTHING!' And with one swing of his wing, he decapitated the monstrous hybrid.
  7. When the other presence entered the battlefield, King Pelican felt as if a dark web was being spun all around him and the battle. Mind for mind lost; as his psychic connection to his army was slowly dissolving. It was different than before. Not a field that was suppressing his mental efforts, but another presence. The King felt his body faltering. He had been fighting for almost 20 hours and he knew there were almost no more reserves. The other voice dripped with dread as it sought mental contact with the King. 'Your army is faltering and your body is weak. Your kind will perish this day' The King continued to fight as he scanned the battlefield with his mind. The humans were still engaging each other below. His army was still fighting the enemy birds. The dark web still closing in, taking away more and more of his control. At the edge he saw his general rallying troops and coordinating the attack for lack of the King's mental control. 'I am here! Do not ignore me!', the voice shouted loudly in the King's mind. 'Your presence is not here in this battlefield, coward.', the King replied as he decapitated an enemy soldier. 'I am more powerful than you. I was made to destroy you.', the voice said. 'Then destroy me if you can!', the King shouted out loud, still in the midst of battle. 'And so I shall!' Suddenly the dark psychic web enclosed the King fully, separating him from the battlefield. Pelicans and enemy birds fell death to the ground as the thing, half machine, half falcon approached. It had blackened skin with tubes leading into its body, attached to circuitry on its back. The King turned to the creature and looked at it as a psychic barrier formed around them. 'So you're their keylogger.. Poor soul. Look what they've done to you my brother', he said. 'I am not your brother!', a gigantic psychic attack in the form of a bright energy blast emanated from the hybrid creature slashing its way towards the King.
  8. You don't need the kiosk/computer. Check the holotape after finding the decryption key. The key itself is in the blue box in this screenshot.
  9. 'Your ass feels so small in my hands. You're my baby doll', John said as he squeezed Amy tightly against him. 'You're sweet. But a liar.', her flat hand splashed on his naked belly before her finger found a way inside his bellybutton. Laughing as she tickled him, he pushed her up, then pulled her towards him once again for a tight embrace. She was lying. They both knew she was too skinny, but humor was the only way to not address a conversation that had grown sore from so much revisiting. 'When will you ship out?', she asked when the quiet became too long for her comfort. 'End of the month I think. I'm not sure. They've been vague as usual about what's going on. Now that I'm 18...', he sat up then lit two cigarettes, passing one of them to Amy. 'I love you Johnny', she said as she squeezed against him from behind, blowing smoke into his hair. 'I love you more baby doll', he said. 'So I'm a doll am I?', she put the cigarette away then sat on her knees. 'My baby doll', he said and he smiled. 'So I'm not your fuck doll?', she said pouty. He threw the cigarette away. 'Maybe..', he said teasingly. Amy fell backwards as if she was limp, then teased him, 'use your doll, baby'. The metal of his suit groaned as John pushed through the bloodied slush on the battlefield. He couldn't put Amy's face out of his mind. The warmth and softness of her breasts. His suit made grumbling noises as bones cracked beneath his armored feet. He checked his laser rifle then saw the enemy dots appear on his HUD. It was dark and foggy as if it was night, but John knew it was high noon. He heard the clatter of drops on his suit. It sounded peaceful, like the attic he grew up in when it rained. But it wasn't rain at all. He looked up and saw the armored pelican army fighting against the white Chinese birds. No it wasn't rain at all. He wiped the red stains off the display of his rifle, then pushed forward, taking aim at the Chinese troops that were laying in wait for the ambush.
  10. When the strange looking pelican enemy regiment approached, the King already knew their intentions. 'We are pelican', they had stated in their broken language which only the King shared. A few moments later, after sharing their minds with the King, they were now part of the pelican army. They had broken the bonds of slavery, explaining how the Chinese had found ways to control them mentally. The King finally saw the entire picture now and it had all happened in a few moments. Thousands of humans in suits of armor marched the battlefield, their heavy metal boots stomping on bird carcasses as they made their way to the Chinese army. They hadn't seen the warning signals. They hadn't suspected a ground invasion. But the Chinese spies had learned of the Pelican King and had raised their own armies. Birds enslaved to humans. The sight of it all and the thought of it made the King angrier than he'd ever been. Directing his anger into his mental store of energy, he marched on, creating the distraction that the Falconer needed. Below him the human army finally engaged. It was a strange and compelling experience to have his well known enemies fight beside him. He welcomed it. Peace with the humans. Could it be possible through negotiation? Or would he have to continue to rely on strength and brute force of thought and will power? His body was exhausted and near breaking point, but right beside him was his friend the General and the Pelican army. He knew he would be victorious here, because the Pelican God had never shown itself today. With zeal and passion he slaughtered crested ibis, taking revenge for their insolence and deeds today. And with each throat and belly he tore open, he spoke the name of one of the brothers, sisters or children that had fallen today. Transmitting his anger to all pelican kind only made them stronger and before long the sky rained with crested enemy blood, dripping on the human troops below.
  11. The enemy bird army withdrew at the sight of reinforcements, giving the King time to recuperate and strategize. He jumped up, flying to the Falconer who arrived at surprising speed, leaving the rest of the army minutes behind her. 'So you've made your choice', the King said. The Falconer didn't know if she could discern a smirk or not, on that strange tattooed beak of the King, but she certainly heard it in his voice. 'Did you plan this? All of it?' 'I did not', the King said. 'The humans will help you. There is a truce now in face of a greater enemy' 'Who will command?', the King said. 'We compromised', she said. 'Then my fate is in your hands, Falconer', the King said and bowed. 'My falcons will rally the final blow. They are the key' 'I have identified them as such', the King agreed. 'But the price will be great. The humans will have demands.' 'None of them will be met by my people. WE were the first line. Not them.', the King breezed. 'Remember your place', the Falconer warned. 'My place is what is has always been, Falconer. It is you that doesn't realize the situation fully. You SHARE our fate. You are birdkind now, no matter what you look like.' The Falconer looked at her King and knew he spoke truth. 'The truth burns bright within me.' 'So it does', the King said. 'The humans have the ground. We have the sky', the Falconer said. 'As it should be', the King agreed. He leaped up, seeking mental contact with all bird reinforcements. There were millions upon millions! And each mind that connected to his, increased his will power and mental capability. He knew he was close to full control now as he directed the army towards the horizon. The Falconers eyes turned bright white, then her skin turned white as dust around her started blowing all around. She whistled with such beauty that everything stopped for a second, then her Falcon army flew in, ready for their assignment. She merged with them and flew off.
  12. Fenced in. Surrounded. Defeated. All that the remaining pelican army could do now is huddle in a defensive stance, weapons and wings raised up, guided by the King's mental commands and encouragement. Time seemed to slow down as the first wave of the enemy fell down onto them like a hammer. All around them, the General and the King saw their brethren fall and die. And for the first time, the King felt this was the end. He fought with all his might, smiting down tens of the enemy at a time using his mental control and sheer force of will. Falling and stepping over his brothers, sisters and children, he fought with all his might. He could do no less for his people, but suffer their same fate! When the first wave subsided, another approached from the horizon, but the Pelican army had been dealt a fatal blow. Half of it was gone. And even though for each Pelican ten crested ibis fell, the army was slowly being decimated. The King leaped up, throwing up mental barriers and protection but it was too late. Nothing could stop them now. The General came closer and closer and the remaining Pelicans huddled up yet again in formation. 'There's so few of us left', the General sighed. But the King and the Pelican army behind them replied. 'We are ONE'. 'Where is the Pelican God? Surely NOW is the time for him to save us!', the General pleaded. 'He is not here, because we do not need his help. We have someone else...', the King raised his wing to the back, where what seemed like a heavy rain cloud was forming. 'That's not rain...', the General sighed. 'No.. it is the true might of Pelican God.', the King said. The approaching enemy army stopped mid flight, what had seemed like an approaching hand turned into a wave of confused birds. 'Their numbers count for nothing now', the Pelican King said. And with a mixed human and bird army behind her, the Falconer had made her choice. 'The humans of this continent will help us', she said. And the battle had just begun...
  13. How could the enemy have known so much? The King's mind raced. They'd known everything! The dampening field, the strange looking birds. The only conclusion was that they had human help. Perhaps.. they even worked for the humans. But not the humans from this continent. Details clicked in his mind. He felt the second enemy army as it approached, but there was something else, behind it. He grasped as hard as he could, trying to see what lay beyond. What new horror this enemy had concocted, when it wasn't his mind's eye at all that finally made the connection. 'There is another army behind them. Humans from China.', the King said. 'Then... we are lost. We should retreat.', the General said. 'We cannot. The human artillery will shoot us out of the sky.' 'We are fast. Many of us will make it' 'And many WILL NOT.' 'The choice.. and the conundrum is yours my lord', the General said. The King set down, ordering his army to gather up around the lookout post. He knew he was surrounded. 'We must make for Boston', the King said. The General looked up in surprise, 'Boston?' 'We must find the vault. Our survival depends on it.' 'My lord.. I protest.' 'You know our fate. Not even the next generation can save us now. Not without the Falconer.' 'So she has made her choice?', the General hung his head in defeat. 'The humans have made their choice long ago. They are the top of the food chain here, regardless of our intelligence and intellect.', the King said. 'Is there no other option?', the General asked. The King looked at his oldest friend. 'Not yet. But we must find it... or... it must find us.' All this happened within mere seconds as the birds were in telepathic contact. They both looked around at the pelican army. Still 2 million strong. Then the enemy army flew in like a hand, lines of thousands of crested ibis forming waves of attack lines. 'Hold fast! For we are Pelican Kind!', the King said, readying his wings for battle. And the enemy crashed onto them like a wave.
  14. The King slowly got up to find the Falconer was gone. She had made her choice. He sighed and jumped up into flight to take measure of the battlefield. His closest guards were dead. He mentally sought out the General to get a status update. 'The battle is fierce but the enemy has been decimated by 65%, we will win this battle.', the General said. 'And hard earned it is', the King said. 'The final priority target has been found, but it's entrenched.' 'Kill it at all costs, I must regain mental control', the King said. 'Agreed', the General dove down, signalling his elite troops to follow. 'We will lose many', the General said. 'My heart burns, my friend. The battle is costly', the King's heart grew heavier with each flap of his wings. The battle seemed to rage on for hours. Slowly but surely the Pelican army gained ground while the General was on his special assignment. It was taking too long. The King just started to wonder if he needed to support his friend, when the General signaled in. 'Priority target in sight. We have him.' The King projected his mind to the General's sight and only then realized just how many pelicans had been lost in this assignment. 'So many dead!', he cried out. 'For the Pelican God', the General replied and he sliced off the head of the strange looking bird responsible for creating the dampening field. But when the dampening field fell down and the King finally had full control of the battlefield he saw that all victories up to this point had been pyrrhic. An army of the same size had been waiting all this time for a second phase attack! Millions upon millions more crested ibis were waiting beyond the battlefield to mop up whatever was left. The King flew up in a battle cry of fury. Was this the end of pelican kind? Seconds later the sky grew gray as a cloud of new enemy troops flew in. Bloodied and wounded, the General flew up to him. 'Is this it? The end?', he asked. 'We shall see.', the King replied
  15. The King looked over the battlefield. His general gave the signal that all the priority targets were destroyed, but the dampening field was still active. He had no way of overtaking the enemy mentally. He concentrated to the point of pain, but could not push further out of fear of hurting his own troops, should a mental shock wave of unknown magnitude occur. The King was frustrated. If he could withdraw his own army then he could unleash his full powers. But did her dare? He might not even survive that much power surging through him. He begged the Pelican God for advice but this time no light or insight came. He was on his own. Knowing he was alone, he suddenly felt a surge of confidence rise up within him. If the Pelican God did not come now, then surely it was convinced of the King's own strength. He saw the log filled lake and knew he was the Key Logger. He alone could see the one log that needed to be moved so the rest would flow through the river... He closed his eyes and went into a deep trance. Mentally identifying every individual bird on the battlefield. There were so many! The enemy special troops killed the King's personal guard stealthily. Lightning fast cloaked birds swept through the lookout. And when they were done, they stood around the King, looking at his unconscious form. But as they raised their weapons to slay the King, a deafening scream welled up from behind them. The Falconer had no need for weapons. She was a ball of lightning truth in a whirlwind of dust and screams. Backwards... Forwards.. Standing still in time.. And when the enemy birds saw her, their skin fell from their bones, leaving bloody mud and skeletons where their mortal forms used to be. She spanned the lookout post like lightning, killing enemy birds left and right by sweeping like a dust devil through the lookout. When the King awoke, weakened, he looked up the Falconer and collapsed. 'My debt to you is paid in full', she said. 'It is your choice', the King said.
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