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  1. Thanks! I have seriously spruced up her melee skills in the new build, giving her all the perks for melee combat. While I was playing, and we were high level already, suddenly a level 3 raider managed to kick her and push her down the stairs... and I nearly rage-quit to upgrade Ivy (I was that pissed that a raider ha gotten to her hehe..).
  2. Added it to the VFAQ, second post of this thread, check the instructions below.
  3. I just want to take this time to HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following mod for compatibility with Ivy. It allows you to 'Snuggle' on the couch with Ivy, which will activate her 'sitting' chatter routines, making it nice and cozy together with Ivy. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25030 This is us, relaxing after completing the Mechanist DLC.. Also: The Mechanist DLC breaks with all multiple follower mods in the last mission. The quest counts on the fact that ADA is the 'first' or 'prime' companion otherwise the final quest never finishes. The fix is to dismiss all your companions, recruit ADA first, then the rest, otherwise the DLC never goes to the next stage of the last quest and you stay in an infinite fight sequence with the bots.
  4. Read the VFAQ, second post of this topic for the answers. I found another reason not to use multiple follower mods today while taking Ivy and Ada with me to raid the mechanist's lair... I ordered Ada to open the M-SAT doors, then Ivy proceeded to do it. It was interesting..
  5. Nahh this was me. The radio, some quests, a lot of stuff is pointing directly to the NPC placed in the Root cellar. Consequence: When I take Ivy out, this stuff breaks. That's why I'm planning a 'migration' for Ivy to a new root cellar. Of course, I made my life hard by already making half of the Nuka DLC, with Ivy as master..
  6. Thanks! Chick Geek did a Fantastic job with the voice acting. I myself still haven't heard all lines in her voice, there's so many, so I'm continuously surprised as well. In development news. I started today with copying the Root Cellar to a new interior cell. Adjusted some things, cleaned the ESP by restoring the original root cellar, etc... I made a new door, a little outside Vault 111. I made it teleport to the new internal cell, Ivy's bunker.. I load up the CK.. *borkeeeeeddd*.. many errors occur... Linkage broken, quests broken.. I try to load a new fresh game (one without mods that I made before I started to mod Fallout). No Ivy, no Ivy quest... no nothing.. Frell! In the end I decided to restore the the backup, which I of course, always make before I start tinkering. I guess tomorrow will be spent checking out everything that links to Ivy so I can try again with some better planning this time around. For tonight, I spinned up my old save game, recruited Piper and am about to rock her world with Ivy.. (Ahh.. also: Still playing with AFM.. no bugs or issues so far. I'm almost at the point where if I would have to recommend a multi follower mod for stability and compatibility with Ivy, it would be this one. Well.. other than that secondary followers start following you around when you're in workshop build mode, which is annoying. So before I enter it I order Piper to sleep in a bed so she doesn't bother me while I'm building).
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  8. Thanks, I'll look into it! Good suggestion. Thanks for your kind words!
  9. I have created the Frequently Asked Questions topic, second post in this thread. Be prepared to be sent there if your question is covered by it as of THIS POST.
  10. No problem. There's a lot of information to consume. As Ivy does not have any dependencies on other mods there is no integration with other mods as well. I made it a hard rule for Ivy not to be dependent on any mods because mods are often discontinued, changes, become unsupported, stop working etc... I didn't want to have to 'fix' Ivy every time one of those mods get updated. Long story short, there are no options for this and there most likely won't be in the future as the engine cannot handle 'soft' dependencies. For the reasons posted above, Ivy does not interact with other custom companions. As I don't have access to the original voice actors for F04 and I did not want to copy/paste vanilla lines, Ivy interacts with other NPC's by budding into Quest dialogue.
  11. Order Ivy to sit down. The sit next to her. Then she'll start speaking to you.
  12. The affinity system is explained in more detail, in the first post of this thread and the Download topic. But yup, @Sulphur.4724 is right. Both talking and sleeping with Ivy raises her affinity for you. Each level of affinity opens up more dialogue across all of her range of dialogue (location, quest, chats etc..). Affinity can rise up to 250 conversations and beyond, but nothing else changes with Ivy's affinity after 250. There is no way of checking her current affinity level, other than talking to her.
  13. Every time you sleep with Ivy, this counter is raised as well. It is assumed that during bedtime there was a certain amount of bedtime talking, snuggling and cuddling.
  14. Ivy was tested with Vault 1080. There shouldn't be any script files belonging to Vault 1080 inside Ivy's release and as far as I was able to check, there aren't any. Use the console to get her holotape ( HELP "NX-2C" 0 ), then use the holotapes advanced debug menu to recruit her. That should work. Since it's working for thousands of players, my guess is one of your mods is causing this... unrelated to Ivy. Ivy was tested with the Dogmeat 'best friend' mod which makes Dogmeat not count as follower, you can try that as an alternative to your DM mod. Alternatively, you can try to adjust her load order so she loads first, before the other mods. If that doesn't work you can put her down in your load order. Whatever you do, after adjustments, try it out on a fresh save. A savegame where bugs have happened before with Ivy will not work. I checked that WNC overhaul mod and it overwrites companion functions. For Ivy to work, you'll need to give her higher priority, so move her DOWN in the load order. Any effects on the WNC mod will be localized to companion changes, but they should be minor. In other news. 200 Lines were finished recording for the DLC, about half of the quest integration has been done. There will be small easter egg type dialogue rewards for players that have reached the '250 talks' message from Ivy.
  15. It sounds to me that AFT is overwriting Ivy's scripts somehow, which is very strange as I've made sure to rename them from vanilla scripts. Reinstalling Ivy after updating AFT might be the trick, by refreshing all her scripting this might fix errors. I will try to make this more clear. DO NOT USE MULTI FOLLOWER MODS WITH IVY AND EXPECT IT TO WORK NICELY.