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  1. There's a lot of lines dedicated to just male or just female players. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm good. Didn't get a lot of chances to work on Ivy the last few weeks, real life is always relentless. My mom's been pretty sick and my headaches, which had been gone for nearly a year, have been returning on/off, likely due to working too many hours again. Getting a bit sick of working in the hospital.. there's a lot of drama going on there right now. Did you ever see that show St. Elsewhere? That's basically where I work.. including all the drama and politics. In terms of Ivy, things are looking fine. Testing has revealed no major issues and I think Chic is working hard in the background on recording the insane amount of new lines that were added to 5.0.
  2. It's built into the kitchen. All rental so I'm not even sure I can take it out without voiding warrantee or making a mess with the landlord. I might just get a service guy in to check it out, have them write a report then use that report to get service.
  3. That would be awesome. Do I need to turn it higher to speed up the process of decay?
  4. I studied music for 8 years, eventually teaching composing and conducting at music academy. Then when I was done with having no money I took my hobby (computers and programming) and made it my job. I specialize in optimizing medical software and equipment with the purpose of making it cheaper. I decided I wanted to add something to the world, after a long career in IT for commercial companies. I work in a hospital as IT manager and 'database person' and with a group of colleagues we work on optimizing software for older hardware in our spare time so we can help hospitals that can't afford the more expensive equipment by offering them features not normally present in their current hardware. Before that I worked as a music professor (I taught in the academy) and in game design and IT. As hobbies I still do game design and write classical- and ambient music.
  5. The initial post is spam. This thread should go to its designated graveyard.
  6. At one point.. you'll likely need both.. I have a high pitched whining tone that comes out of my fridge. I called the landlord three times, he says it's 'normal'.. called the manufacturer.. says 'it's normal'.. Then I try to explain that no.. this is not the normal high pitched tone. It's really LOUD. So I asked them 'come over and listen to it yourself'.. nope.. they won't do it. So now I need to break my fridge somehow, without losing my warrantee, so that finally they will replace it with one that doesn't have this high pitched tone.
  7. I've been literally threatened with death on Facebook by doctor who fans through private messaging, after saying I didn't like the new series. One called me a rapist male chauvinist pig that 'deserves to be slaughtered like an animal' after I said that the new show doesn't have anything nearing the quality of what came before it. I left all Doctor Who groups after that because Facebook is... well.. it's my mug on there.. Yeah they take it pretty far.. it's fucking scary sometimes.. you can just see them foaming at the mouth, all reason out the door, completely stuck in ideology.. brr...scary shit. Aaaannnd.. back to Picard.. what about those Borg? The girl? She's a prototype Borg? Daughter or creation of 7of9? Seven will have no more than a cameo role, lasting a few ep's at most (if not just one and she was dragged into the trailer to attract.. well.. not sure what they're aiming to attract yet).. Also.. Picard looks bloody OLD... (!) Also.. the entire crew looked 'meh' at first sight.. completely forgettable.. there was a guy with a beard.. and a girl.. and 7of9.. that's all I remember after the first viewing. Also.. the 'powered' teenage girl has been done to death.. and almost none of them have done it better than River Tam..
  8. Yeah cool.. But if all you have to share is negativity.. pff.. *vomits silently in mouth*.. You can continue ranting on about how bad you think it is. But what do you think it adds? Do you think you can convince me, somehow? Don't you think I made up my own mind about Discovery a long time ago? There's literally nothing interesting in any line of that post you wrote. Nothing enticing or deep.. just rehashes of the same criticism that you can apply to any series.. period. Look at it negatively and there they are.. all the billions of flaws in all shows.. all forms of art. It's not interesting. Your opinion doesn't make you more interesting just because it's negative... I hope that makes it clear to you where I'm coming from. I love this analogy and it's exactly what I meant when I said there's some smart things in there, upon a second viewing. I found some of the acting terribly bad but other acting (Tilly) was genuinely good and some lines are genuinely funny.. (Tilly again: I'm so angry! I'm going to push it down into my stomach and I'm going to let it sit there! I'm not going to work through it NO! I'm going to let it rot and fester!) That made me laugh my arse off and I completely missed it on the first viewing. Second season all in all is better than the first, but the first has some pretty strong points as well. And the entire second viewing is better if you let it go as 'Star Trek' and just watch it for what it is, a better than average sci-fi show that certainly doesn't reach 'Expanse' quality but is certainly much better than other offshoots like Dark Matter. I see Discovery like the 'Stargate Universe' version of Star Trek. Much like Star Trek, but isn't Star Trek. Once that hurdle is past it's much better viewing.
  9. I do miss the camera work of old style Trek though. All scenes always started with a wide angle shot, to give a sense of space. Then it went to loser camera work, zooms etc.. I miss that rest in the action as well. I also miss the lighter sets as well. I really, really, dig this deep dive into Discovery's differences between 'old style' Trek and new style Trek. Due to this video I also figured out why I like The Orville so much.. and why it felt so familiar upon first viewing..
  10. I think a good psych is mentally unstable. The only way you can help people is through experience.. Want to grow sane, learn to ride a bike.. stop using drugs? Talk to someone that did it before you. Interestingly enough I started around the same age and have been studying ever since. I never did well in school or academics until I learned that the issue wasn't me, but the educational system. Once I let go of tutors and realized all the information is 'right there, at my fingertips' things started going really quickly. Turns out.. I wasn't bad in school at all. I was just bored out of my mind with the mind-numbing way that materials were brought to the students. Which leads me to something that does piss me off quite much: The state of our education system.. both here in the EU.. but really worldwide.. this is a major issue. The only countries actually really doing well in those areas are countries like India, Japan and China that are quickly becoming smarter and smarter..
  11. I've added quite a few checks in Ivy's 'consciousness' loops (That's a very big word for some simple script loops) to prevent this kind of stuff from happening in the 5.0 build. The addition of her teleporter really added ways for me to fix all sorts of bugs and keep things lore friendly/immersive. Whenever she gets stuck, she teleports to the player, after which her scenes and packages are all re-evaluated. I've not had a 'stuck' Ivy since then. This even fixed some vanilla bugs, like the one that Flashy's describing and it allows for Ivy to follow the player where normal companions can't. Ofcourse a borked navmesh is something no companion or NPC can work with and there are always those spots that are difficult.. (e.g. how many times do you see an NPC stuck behind a knee-height obstacle, running into it like a mad person?).
  12. I had the same feeling. I miss the DS9 and TNG days of TV a lot. They just don't make it that smart any more. The only thing that really pissed me off there, was when the Discovery writers tried to make it look like this wasn't so. I remember actors saying silly things like 'first black main character in ST' (We all forgot Sisko, I guess) and 'first female lead' (we all forgot VOY I guess).. Yeah ST has always been on the forefront of political equality. @27X yes it was 100% completely dumb. There was NOTHING of merit in Discovery, it was 100% trash and I never should have watched and enjoyed parts of it. I should definitely not watch anything Trek related ever again to make sure it never happens again.. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!?????!!!! How could I do something like that? Partly enjoy a thing---that as you so eloquently put--EVERYONE hates.. I'm not sure but I think you're right.. Because there were some parts that I enjoyed and that were done smartly.. I MUST have watched something else.. Oh how foolish of me.. how stupid and dumb.. Please share your gospel so that I may be enlightened in the future and this will never happen to me again. Perhaps.. you should give me your email address, so that next time I can send you a quick email to make sure something's 'safe' to watch?
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