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  1. I needed to update the description because some of the text had fallen away. I think the forum software counted that as file update, not sure!
  2. Awesome tats! @bishlapped@kchurchjr My 6.0 preset. (e.g. Default Ivy with different makeup and hair )
  3. There are no issues with start me up. 6.0 recruitment hasn't changed so should be no issues there either.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but you can always check in on our discord. There's some people there with some experience what those types of issues (if it hasn't been solved already!)
  5. Mm.. I keep getting updates that people posted in this topic, but when I visit it. I don't see any new replies. Weird.
  6. Don't forget to check Ivy's discord to keep up to date with the very latest development, test streams and reveals: https://discord.gg/MEAYVex
  7. Spam her thoughts and sleep with her often. I sometimes max affinity within 4-6 gamedays. (There's no console way to up her affinity, it's not a global but an internal script counter for Ivy).
  8. I can't wait to share what's cooking in the kitchen with you all. I just.. can't.. wait. ❤️
  9. UPDATE ON COMPANION IVY 6.0 DEVELOPMENT We are still working hard on making the 6th version of Ivy, voiced by KittenVox, a reality. But we're just not there yet in terms of release. I want to be open and 100% transparent in where we're at in the development. Recording is still going strong. But that's the first batch of recording. I am still working on Ivy's Nuka World quest, which will basically be the 'final' quest for Ivy in terms of her identity and the events that started with 'Into the Deep' (Ivy's first 'major' affinity quest). I would like to tell you it's gonna be Jan
  10. I made a mod specially for that. You can find it on Ivy's discord server: https://discord.gg/5tV68AD
  11. I joined the server already as I want to port Ivy over to CBP if it all possible, but I'm a content creator so not much help to you guys. I'm waiting for the day I can mod in NPC's and quests. But I'm replying here to endorse the crap out of this request in hopes people will see it and say.. 'Hey, I'm a programmer.. perhaps my help will one day lead to an Ivy mod for Cyberpunk'.
  12. Lol this is like having a discussion about the color of which paint to choose, before even laying the foundations of the house. We don't know anything yet about modding for CP77. The 'mods' that are there are mostly just reconfigs, json and XML edits and some reshades. There's nothing of substance yet. The C++ programmers and scriptkids are examining the engine and writing basic tools (e.g. archive extraction, model viewers, that sort of thing) but it's all just an idea at this point. Give it a few weeks, a few patches and some time. Fallout 4 is a completely different
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