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  1. Ivy returns the ring when your relationship with her is not 'deep' enough yet.
  2. Walk into Sanctuary, then follow the quest that pops up.
  3. EU Law demands that youtube make 100% sure that all of their viewers are 18+. They filed suits to stop the legislation from happening but couldn't. Now all European viewers of which google can't confirm 100% themselves that they are 18+ need to ID themselves. I ran into the same shit (and didn't). Now I just use nsfwyoutube.com for those.
  4. Not sure. I doubt it. Make a hard save and try it out.
  5. Choose the 'flirt' option many times and another type of menu will open. That features the lap dance (if you can call it that ). The 'make love' option is just like vanilla style romance: The screen blacks out and you hear 'love making' noises. Afterwards you get a short perk with some advantages.
  6. Apparently this message did not come across for some. IvysDoneTrolls.mp4
  7. Ahh.. the pleasures of your dirty mind. It's the Reginald fish from Subnautica: https://subnautica.fandom.com/wiki/Reginald
  8. 5.3 should not have that issue, unless maybe something 'lingered' from previous versions? Try reinstalling the binaries for the mod. Perhaps it got glitched.
  9. In the CK, under menu Navmesh > Generation. Afterwards, all you need to do is cleanup / tweak and of course, finalize.
  10. Check out my Multi Follower mod, only available through Discord: https://discord.gg/5tV68AD It allows you to recruit ANY thing as follower and has multiple follower slots. Bonus: It's the only multifollower mod that does not overwrite any vanilla assets or scripts, and it's 100% supported with Ivy.
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