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  1. Nope. Ivy's affinity is only affected by dialogue choices. Ask her how she feels about your relationship.
  2. Just wait and be patient. Play on and forget about it for a (long) while. Much later, after she has asked many times, something will happen with it.
  3. Thanks! ❤️ Once unlocked in the Nice Rack quest, the shelves will be.. in the shelves menu.
  4. Hopefully around Christmas! Just do it. Go into her controller holotape and into her combat settings. You can disable HyperCombat there, and configure her combat style.
  6. Important notice: Due to real life professional demands I will be unable to respond as quickly as usual in the coming days/weeks. I will still be here daily, but replies might take as long as one or two days. This includes DM and mentions/quotes.
  7. The note should be in the same container as the dress. Make sure to read the note, if it's in your inventory.
  8. I don't think Ivy will be the right person for your group of followers. In any case AFT breaks the vanilla follower system in such a way that Ivy can't be made compatible with it. Yup! It was already there in 5.0 even.
  9. Please use FDI instead of XDI. XDI breaks Ivy's dialogue system. See the XDI fact sheet for more info (on the GDrive).
  10. Looks like you are playing Thuggies mods. There should be a secret entrance inside. A quest pointing to the interior of Gunner's Plaza (like Robotic Assimilation) won't direct the player to the trap door. They have to know it's there. Depravity flashes a warning, but some people don't read it or miss it if there's mayhem. If you blew up Gunner's Plaza, use the trap door on the east side of the building to access it.
  11. COMPANION IVY 5.3 HAS BEEN RELEASED!! This is Ivy's biggest and bestest build yet! More stable, more content, much more refined HyperCombat, more quests.. more custom models.. Below just a small taste of what's been added: - Ivy's HyperCombat is more stable and has more animations. - Ivy's root cellar has been expanded drastically with much more content. - Ivy's dialogue filters are now even more adjustable through her 'Personality GOAT' which you can take at any time. - New quests and content have been added for you to discover. The Magazine Add-On now features custom Magazine Racks that Ivy will ask you to unlock and build for her at some point while traveling with her. - Many small bugs have been fixed. - Ivy now has some custom music at key moments. - Much more! QUESTIONS ANSWERED BEFORE YOU ASK THEM - YES You can just overwrite the current files when you receive a warning. - YES You can just drop this into your current game and 'it should just work' - YES It IS HIGHLY recommended to start a fresh game with Ivy 5.3, not for technical reasons but due to her new content and slightly altered affinity systems. - YES More bugs can and always will happen because of how mods interact with each other. And a guaranteed 'clean' stable fresh game she works 100%. When other mods are involved.. things can happen. There is a lot of documentation here on LL and all of it still counts for 5.3. But most importantly! ENJOY IVY 5.3!
  12. RTFM: Ivy does not support animations, you need a framework for that such as AAF.
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