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  1. Reginald_001

    Red Rocket Basement

    Thanks guys. I have found one issue that might be a cause and am working on an updated release. I had linked the workbench to a invisible chest, which was linked to the workbench in RR. I've now linked the workbench directly to the other workbench in RR. In a clean save and existing saves it seems to be working well. I'll do a couple of more days of testing and will then release the update.
  2. The issue with that tool is that it requires Java, something I won't allow on my system. But we're well into our new game by now so all has been solved. And things 'feel' a lot cleaner and quicker without all these large sim settlements. I'm just dropping small functional settlements down and modded some stuff for myself so I can get sort of the same functionality without all those scripts running. In other news: Ivy posted her 20th video log today!
  3. Reginald_001

    NX-2C Video Log V0.20: The Ghost Machine

    Ivy was impressed by last night's latest episode of Doctor Who.. (Spoilers ahead).. NX-2C Video Log V0.20.mp4
  4. Yeah but I like playing through just as much. I'm leveling up pretty steadily and will likely be where I was in terms of quest progress by tonight. Of course, Ivy had a lot to say about it all, in her latest Video Log!
  5. Reginald_001

    NX-2C Video Log V0.19: Recovery

    Ivy has been transplanted to a new savegame successfully, of course she has a lot to say about it! NX-2C Video Log V0.19.mp4
  6. Reginald_001

    Certain IP address range breaks LL

    They're just too big for my taste. They're everywhere. Giving them too much power...
  7. Once the ESM is released I hope that another modder will pick up an add-on for Ivy to add sex. The point for me is exactly what you mentioned: It's all being updated, all the time.. which makes strict release management and support a big must. The reason why I chose to keep Ivy's base code is simple, is not because I can't make it more intricate... it's that adding such a platform as base to Ivy means a lot more incompatibilities and support issues. Ivy is also cool because she is stable as fuck. The ESM is coming soon!
  8. Cool stuff! Can you update the title of the thread to this: (Solved) Game crashes upon scrolling through armor bench So that other users will know.
  9. Reginald_001

    NX-2C Video Log V0.18: Traumaticity

    <Ivy> Thanks so much! We will be starting tonight and I'm fucking nervous now!
  10. One of your mods has missing texture files. That's causing the crashes. The only way to check this is to turn off some mods until it stops crashing, then narrow it down to the offending mod. Likely you can re-install it to get the texture files where they need to be.
  11. I think she'll work without issues. Remember she doesnt need F4SE to work. It all standard stuff in the mod. I was pre 1.06 which is why stuff broke for me.
  12. Reginald_001

    Certain IP address range breaks LL

    The issue is cloudflare. I'm often on VPN and often Cloudflare commands me to convince a robot that I am human (the horror is real). And in most cases I get a 5 second 'wait page' from cloudflare where it says 'checking your browser for access'. Because I use the same browser from both a static IP and from VPN ip's.. cloudflare sees this as suspect behavior, causing extra scrutiny.. sometimes it can be annoying but when the horror becomes to great I turn on my VPN and switch IP's until it stops. Cloudflare are pushing themselves in front of many (way too many) sites... most likely analyzing all traffic and user/site behavior for data mining purposes.
  13. I created a batch file, that simply gives me everything I need to startup. Then I set my intelligence to 250, making basically each 2 kills a level up event for the first 15 levels. I'll get back to where I was quick enough. It was just such an adrenaline rush to suddenly see that 'needs an update' change into 'installing update 100%' into 'ready to play'.. I loaded my save.. and poof.. everything was broken.
  14. Reginald_001

    NX-2C Video Log V0.18: Traumaticity

    Today, Ivy learned exactly just how brittle her world really is... NX-2C Video Log V0.18.mp4