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  1. I will make a complete playthrough video soon of both cells in the quest.
  2. I have observed this happen in very rare occasions (it happened to me once) and I was not able to ascertain the cause. It has since been fixed though, in 5.2. I'll look into a way to see if this can be fixed for your current save.
  3. You can ignore it, it's a keyword for 1 line of dialogue for Ivy, which is an Easter Egg to begin with. It will not interfere with the use of AE.
  4. You can choose Ivy's Combat style in her configuration holotape. Different styles have different effects. You can also set her follow distance and teleport distances there. Interesting! I see it the exact other way around. Ivy giving gameplay tips would break the 4th wall, Ivy realizing that she might be part of a virtual environment does not. And if you listen closely, you'll often hear her say things such as 'I'll need to check my visual cortex', meaning that she doesn't so much doubt her environment as that she doubts her own perception of it. You will have missed quest integration with those mods and likely some special features built into Ivy that require the base-game scripting, which is overriden by UCF. I have not used EBF, but Ivy is NOT supported in any way with multiple companion mods. She currently has 7000 lines of dialogue, together with her quests and DLC (Ivy's DLC is not yet released). I could physically make her interject with hundreds of other small little scenes, but the problem is that I've already overwritten way to much vanilla quests, causing a lot of her content to be lost when players use big overhaul mods. Ivy really was designed for the vanilla Fallout 4 experience. I'd love to add even more content, but the VA is already looking at the monstrous task of recording so many lines and Ivy already is a very, very, big mod that features a lot of quest interaction. To make all the interaction spread out across all different types of factions and players, I needed to 'spread out' across all lines of possibilities. And eventually the Magnolia scene lost out in this balance between performance, memory usage and what I wanted Ivy to be. Thanks for your elaborate feedback and interest!
  5. That camera thing is a Vanilla fallout issue. The trick is to 'roll out' of the dialogue, by moving your mouse, face the NPC then click on 'use' and the scene should continue. Thanks for your kind words.. you ain't seen nothing yet! A lot of cool stuff is coming up for Ivy! I don't think this is actually technically possible with Ivy, without simply overriding her name in an ESP.
  6. In todays dev round I have removed the check for the BOS completely for 5.2. In 6.0 it will be implemented properly. With all of the development going on and the type of testing done, it was a bit of an oversight to implement it this way. I distinctly remember setting up a control quest for it so she checks for Bos distances properly, but I guess I did that during one of the dev-cycles where the CK crashed on me and the work was lost. That, OR the Mandela effect..
  7. Yes, currently, the conditionals in the scene check for 2 conditions, Danse should be less than 14k units away or the BosJoined global is set to 1 (eg. Player accepted to join the Bos after the ArcJet quest). This will be fixed in the 5.2 update. The problem is; you can't override it in the console, because it's checked quite often. Here, try this patch and let me know if Ivy now uses HyperCombat. CompanionIvy5_1_HC_Patch.esp.esp
  8. Been working today on a new hypercombat attack. When player health is lower than 5 hitpoints (e.g. near death). And there are more than 5 active combatants left, there is a small percentage that Ivy goes into Overkill mode. Which sort of looks like this: (e.g. she jumps from enemy to enemy to thin the herd). Frenzy OverKill HyperCombat.mp4
  9. Don't forget who wrote her! lol. But I didn't do anything with Ivy's HC to protect against AAF or other animations. I don't use them myself and the reason behind making her an ESM was simply so modders with that type of expertise can make proper AAF plugins for her. So hopefully that's what will happen, a talented modder will step up to make Ivy integrate fully with animations.
  10. Ivy attacks the Super Mutant raping her? Sounds right to me.
  11. Don't forget to check the development updates, to stay up-to-date with all the latest 'Ivy' news and developments:
  12. Development update for Ivy 5.2 - I rescripted her HyperCombat from SCRATCH. I completely moved all attacks and script work into the main hyper combat script and out of the dialogue topics (that sometimes didn't work, causing the attacks to fail). Now ALL of her attacks, once initiated, work. Unless the target has some kind of defense. For instance, I once saw her teleport to a raider boss, who then picked her up and smacked her onto the ground, after which she teleported back to me, quite hurt in her feelings.. Besides those very rare vanilla combat encounters, her hyper combat is now stable as fuck. If she engages in it, her target is usually dead before they hit the ground. - Attacks are more bloody with added effects and Ivy speaks consistently about the types of attack she's engaged in. Other major updates in 5.2 will be: - Black Jack (95% finished, still need to iron out some small stuff.. e.g. where Ivy cheats, by suddenly drawing again after 'staying'..). - She now un-equips her gun when you speak to her, making room for over 600 custom animations spread throughout her dialogue. - Many small minor bug dialogue condition tweaks, e.g. Ivy no longer speaks about the Switchboard, unless the player knows about it, etc..etc..etc.. (many of those, making her more consistent in her remarks). - Ivy now stays quiet from idle and sexy chatter, for at least 40 real time seconds after combat is finished. She will no longer remark on looting and such, nor will she engage in situational awareness remarks. This simulates her (and you) gathering yourself after combat, keeping a respectful silence after something so serious. - Many small bug fixes and tweaks. Ivy 5.2. is coming within several weeks and will be released to the internal testing team soon.
  13. Remember: 'The team' and myself can be found often at Ivy's official Discord. I stream daily as I develop Ivy and play with the new features and all are welcome to lurk during the streams, or stream yourself! https://discord.gg/xEhjxxE In terms of news: Working hard on the teaser trailer for 6.0 with the new V.A. and working hard on Both Ivy and the Extended Lore Project!
  14. Yes, they spawn randomly in such containers and if the containers are set to 'respawn' then they might refill.
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