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  1. Dear all, I have decided to take a small break from the Internet. This means I will not be visiting the site, for at least a week, perhaps longer. I will explain the reason for this, as it's not 'personal' or 'private'. In fact, my private life is actually going much better after years of agony. I am getting older. And with every month that I grow older, I learn more things. One of the major things I've learned these past few weeks, is that I'm now finally experiencing a real 'generation gap'. I have been reflecting heavily on how people treat each other online. And I've come to find that more than 80% of people, both here, but far worse even, on other sites, simply cannot find it inside themselves to treat each other with even a semblance of decency. When I offer help or insights, I get combative and aggressive, sometimes purely entitled responses. I have been very lucky with Ivy's release. Ivy has been received very well by most of you. And most of the responses in this support thread reflect good and proper behavior. I've seen far, far worse, on some other threads and on other forums. It's something that has been growing inside me for a almost a year now. It's a growing intolerance of childish, immature and combative behavior. This has gone to the point where I've started to simply put any poster that assumes shit, calls me names, consistently intends to misunderstand me, or attacks me personally in whatever way directly onto my ignore list. But this cannot go on. 'Loverslab', 'Ivy', modding and Fallout have always been my hobby. But when it comes to the point where I'm lying in my bed thinking: 'What the fuck is up with these people that they are so fucking indecent and so fucking aggressive and arrogant all the fucking time?' that I know that I need to take a break. Perhaps, all of this is Karma. When I was young (20 years ago). I was part of a troll army. I think it still exists. We invaded boards like the KKK, to annoy the fuck out of them, or brought down fan sites, whatever we didn't like was a target. I like to believe that if any group invented 'trolling', before 4chan was even a sperm-seedling, I was part of that group. Having said that, I know damned well what trolling, manipulation and passive aggressiveness is all about. And would I choose to partake in that type of behavior again, the end result would not be pretty. And that's the thing. It's just too easy to be a dickwad online. And (all of) our communities are growing into pressure pots of disagreements. It has to stop. We need to start treating each other decently. We need to stop attacking each other so readily. We need to stop with the name calling, the denigrating to make your point. We need to think 10 seconds, before hitting that fucking reply button, to ask ourselves: "Would I take this tone with my wife/mother/daughter/husband/teacher/student/boss"? Just... don't be a dickwad. I will go 'offline' to reflect on all of this. And more importantly, to go back to what I love doing: Modding Ivy. I've now supported Ivy non-stop for over a year so I will take a break from that. I might not reply to your questions for support. The FAQ and the friendly posters here should help in that regard. And if you scroll through the pages, it is likely that 99.9% of all possible support scenario's are already described there. Having said that, Much love from me and catch ya later. Short story: Ivy's development continues as planned, but I will not be interacting so much with the board as I used to in the coming months. Might not reply to PM's, might not reply to support calls because I'm a bit fed up with how people treat each other online.
  2. Reginald_001

    Windows 7 coming to an end .

    You're just being indecent and combative, have fun and good luck with that. Don't bother to reply. I put all such posters on my ignore list as I'm very, very tired, and way too old to spend time on people that can't even find a proper way to conduct themselves online.
  3. Reginald_001

    Windows 7 coming to an end .

    Nothing is new, you asked a question, I gave an answer. This is what you wrote: I gave you the answer. I did the homework for you. I found sources, links, data and information. How nice is that? You're welcome.
  4. Reginald_001

    Windows 7 coming to an end .

    From the windows 10 privacy settings thread:
  5. Haha.. Well she won't be that rough with players. But the idea should sink in that when a mod is intended as one thing, if you use it as another then it will not work the way it was intended. Do I as artist have the right to say how players should use my mod? I don't know. I don't think so, deep down. But what I do know, is that 70% of all support requests eventually can be tracked down to improper use of the mod, using multi follower mods, or not reading/applying the instructions correctly. What I can do however, is protect Ivy's code by making sure it doesn't function properly to begin with, if such a mod is detected. Or (and this one is pretty cool) have Ivy warn in game about incompatibilities with other active mods. Yes, @Flashy (JoeR) you can use that idea if you want to.
  6. Reginald_001

    funny pic

  7. ^Thanks Chub, I am this: --> <--- close to making Ivy actively refuse AFT and other MF mods, by looking for it's active ESP and disabling IVY's mod automatically if these ESP's are active. She will then tell you in game to 'fuck off', and likely go 'fuck yourself', if you need attention from other NPC's. I am working on a proof of concept for this as we speak.
  8. And THIS is why you people are losing all your nice things.
  9. I basically did the 'same' for Ivy. I completely ignored the affinity system other than some simple indicators, I was planning on using it to make Ivy 'good' or 'bad' but finally found that it took away from the experience (and filtered way too much lines as it basically cuts her dialogue in half, depending on whether the player is good or bad). She has her own counters for affinity (sleeping, chatting, certain story variables etc..) but the base scripts and companion system are vanilla. This gives the advantage that you can hook into existing dialogue scenes by adding a few lines in existing groups, instead of having to hack your own companion dialogue in there (and thus overriding the quests entirely making integration with other mods even more difficult). I'm still firmly convinced that the 'incompatibility' lies not with Ivy, but with those mods. When companions aren't working with those mods (companions that follow all the basic rules mind you) then it's an issue with the AFT/MF mods and they should include fixes/patches for the available companions like Ivy.
  10. People want what they want, you can't fault them for that. Ivy was always meant to be a lone companion, a waifu, never as part of a larger ensemble of followers, it was just not the underlying idea for Ivy. To begin with, she has way too much dialogue and it just turns into a spamfest of dialogue as soon as you recruit more followers. Secondly, it would have an enormous impact on the quest integration, which already has entries for vanilla companions, that Ivy piggybacks into. This means that for each dialogue item there is a condition: - if CURRENT_COMPANION_FACTION = 1 That, times 7000. Ivy uses the vanilla companion scripting system. To be able to use multiple followers, it would mean that her entire system would need to be scripted from scratch, not using the vanilla followers system. Heather was setup like this from the outset, always meant as an EXTRA companion. Ivy was never meant as EXTRA but as MAIN companion. This is the last I'll write about it. There's about 50 pages of reasons as to why Ivy doesn't support AFT or any other MF mods. Plus: It's been handled extensively on the FAQ page.
  11. Reginald_001

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Bought ME2 through Steam years ago. Bought all the DLC, all the extra content. The cerberus network went offline, never looked back. Finally wanted to replay it. 'Update available'. Mmm.. ok. 'Updating'. > Launch. All DLC and extra content gone. Ok, something must've happened, let's check in the menu. ALL DLC GONE. Get a popup: 'YOUR STUFF HAS NOT BEEN LIZENZED YOU H###CKER! LOG INTO EA NOW. I log in. NO DLC. I go back to google. Find a Steam page. People get yelled at (a lot) for basically asking where the fucking stuff that they PAID for has gone. Finally find a real answer. 'DLC is now free, but you MUST register with EA. And you MUST use ORIGIN'. Find out, it's the wrong answer (even though it's in the sticky). But fuck that, I search on. Finally found the right page, download and install all the DLC again. Start Mass Effect 2 through Steam... Get a popup: 'YOUR STUFF HAS NOT BEEN LIZENZED YOU H###CKER! LOG INTO EA NOW. So I log in (again). And YAY! Finally my DLC is back. I start a new game. Play 30 minutes. Quit. Eat. Start Mass Effect 2 through Steam... Get a popup: 'YOUR STUFF HAS NOT BEEN LIZENZED YOU H###CKER! LOG INTO EA NOW. So now EA is forcing me to log into their fucking network, every time I want to play a game, I bought and PAID YEARS AGO. ^^^^ This pissed me off to no fucking extent.
  12. SLM (ID) 2 Only works if the target is sitting down on a piece of furniture.
  13. Reginald_001

    What's The Longest Gaming Session You've Ever Had?

    16 hours, many Saturdays. Often some minor pee/food breaks in between.
  14. If there is an easy way to make Ivy not use the vanilla scripts I'm open to suggestions. But whenever it involves reworking all (now 7000+ lines of dialogue) I'm out.