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  1. Literally same doctors peddling this were the first wave of climate change deniers, despite the fact they were completely unqualified to speak in the field. Also Same doctors touting "fat free" food; you know the stuff causing rampant diabetes.
  2. You're looking at a different amazon than I am because that's about as far as a mesh can be taken without distortion.
  3. Any 9damao mod with permission from 50-100 is invariably stolen.
  4. Maybe specify which of the four completely different bodies you actually want.
  5. SL is fully compatible with Nemesis, provided you can read and follow instructions.
  6. 1. Not enough space 2. Never use program files or PFx86. ever 3. ever. 4. ever ever.
  7. If it's a public link why would you not be able to post it. Maybe READ the rules of the site, and not just assume from the clusterfuck of resident evil begging circlejerk how the site actually works.
  8. 1. The hell are you even talking about. 2. wrong.
  9. The part where I'm evangelizing you to switch a single player game for another single player game where I never play your version and mod list is entirely in your head. The question was "which has cleaner and more consistent animation presentation" the very clear objective winner is LE and the more powerful hardware gets the greater that gap will be. The end. I don't care which version you like better or play, probably maybe possibly because I'm never going to play your version of the game. Ever. At All. Forever. You do you. To drive this home as clear as possible, you listed two things which will never be a thing on my system/game/modlist, because I've done the necessary research and taken the time to eliminate them as prevalent issues, and the fact you're quite happy and continuing to play while objectively limiting yourself with those issues brings it all around back to the actual point of original statement.
  10. SSE can certainly handle memory related beatings better and if it didn't you wouldn't see people using it, and that's the literal and only point besides ESLification you can now hand to SSE. SSE cannot handle anything script related any better now that dxvk handles dx9 100% emulation 50-70% faster than native DX. Period. And yes, script writing did get better as a matter of fact, and many of those said scripts apply exclusively to SSE, even in rewrites of existing mods. Flower Girls and AA for SSE being cases in point. Skyrim's native and papyrus based script and even logic resolves are almost all handled on a per-frame basis, and the setup with the smoothest frametimes has the cleanest resolves and provided your coder/ing isn't junk, the better and faster frametime resolves are, the better the entire engine runs, which is also why RAM is Bethesda's eternal bottleneck, and also why FO4 runs like a model T hit a cow and kept going, because while their fancy rendering code got updated, most of the rest of the engine got frankensteined with case and especially console specific upgrades only, and the results speak for themselves, jitter from hell to breakfast, code running out of order or hitting race conditions virtually guaranteed, and the spectacle of Diamond City barfing out 50K draw calls no matter what graphic setting you have in place short of removing shadows entirely. Also most of your stated issues seems to be exactly memory related, and to be absolutely clear memory related does mean in any way shape or form having enough memory to _______, (enough memory is still a concern) it means what happens to code and objects entering and leaving memory. The faster and smoother your ram runs and handles the objects, the better skyrim performs, either version. RAM is the absolute baseline for bethesda performance because of the way they insist on crafting their exclusive chunks of gamebryo, so it's pretty ironic that the one system cap[able of making them look like rockstars might get Starfield and nothing else, but that may also be the win-win, with only two extremely similar platforms to develop further titles for, Bethesda make actually be able to put out a game that runs correctly for those platforms. Maybe. Probably not. Moreover, dxvk is not "some tweaks to DX", it is an entirely different platform, which is why it achieves what it does. With a 3090 you can run DooM Eternal at 8K/60fps without dlss, you sure as hell aren't doing that under dx12, and dxvk falls squarely under that same implementation. That's a pretty esoteric way of spelling Ousnius and to whit, UNP is literally open permission. Fanboys being fanboys about differing choices shouldn't be of any concern anyway. If SSE could hit LE's graphical benchmarks I would adopt it fullscale in a second, but so far it can't; not even kind of, therefore it remains nothing more than a testbed install for the foreseeable future.
  11. Stuttering is either bad LODs, crappy RAM, poorly written scripts hammering papyrus on cell entry, bad navmeshes or running PE/SMP without having the remotest clue how to set the settings thereof, or just downloading halfassed settings from someone's patreon/nexus that didn't actually write them thereof and expecting them to work based on sparkle dust and fairy farts.
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