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  1. 27X

    NIH 2 Desnuda Mod

    Not even kind of. NG actually takes skill and there's no RNG bullshit.
  2. Immortals VersuS Mike Like X Dimitri Vegas X 2WEI X BassJackers (apparently it takes 4 different djs to remix a song now)
  3. They didn't help; they did it themselves. Tupac's first florida hit was written by Shock G and blew up on BET before people even knew the "guest rapper" on Same Song was him.
  4. DU never got the credit they deserved; basically west coast rap was derived from their fusing of florida bass drawl and the LA dance callout with Funk.
  5. Not as good as 11VS, but still nailed it.
  6. There's probably an issue baked into your save via Havok, for which there is no fix other than starting over with a new save.
  7. That is bad weighting and the fix is get a different mesh made by someone who gives a shit.
  8. You realize the current OIT used is four years newer than the one on the nexus, right? right.
  9. Completely isolate PE from SMP. SMP controls bodies, PE control hair. All bones and nodes must be completely separate. All PE fixes and patches should be present.
  10. No. The only reason PE even continues to exists is 1. People that can't read 2. People too lazy to write their own settings 3. AMD no longer supports Bullet in any way shape or form as of 2018.
  11. This isn't drownedmods. his free mods are fine pay mods are not.
  12. there are four fixes for PE; you need all of them installed. All of them can be found here. Crashfixes BugFixes hdtPhysicsExtensionsCrashFix.dll hdtSkyrimMemPatch.dll in addition you should probably have srtCrashfix.dll and Setvehiclefixplugin.dll and loadgamefix.dll as well.
  13. This is a vanity and fetish site. The classifications that exist do so based on author classification on intended usage. If you fail to read the description, that's on you, and has nothing to with site obligation or formatting. TVTropes needs to stay where it is. I'm also curious where you're going to get the funds to give to ashal's patreon the 1000 per month boost to add all this nitpicky ballistic saliva and lisp bullshit so that every mod has 319 metatags added to it to cover every conceivable fapfest situation it can end up in.
  14. When the all the Joss Whedon written episodes are run through I might.
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