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  1. Even sidegrading right now is p much the worst decision ever. If you can get the board for CHEEEP, then hey coasting is boasting, but there's literally a paradigm shift coming in q4 for both companies, and AMD is gonna using be Intel as a fleshlight for about a year, maybe more because Intel 10 and 8 nm yields are hot melty garbage, and will be until Alder lake is a thing, and not even Intel knows when Alder lake will be a thing. In even more bizarro world news, AMD may have the rasterization crown as well. There's no way in hell they can hit nvidia gains in compute (45%) and raytracing (300%, no that is not an exaggeration), but the latest engineering samples may actually beat nvidia's 102-40 SKU in rasterization by about 12%, and not just some games, but period, at all, so unless nvidia has some secret silicon they've let no one but trace engineers see, there's going to be a literal price war at the end of the year in GPUs. CPUs not so much cause Intel done goofed, but basically 1200-1500 smackers will get you a system that literally shits over what is right now bleeding edge. Your best bet is find a replacement and coast, because q4/q1 is going to have some batshit hardware coming out, and this is across any price level, not just ~enthoooossssiesst~ SKUs.
  2. By the power of Greyskull, you are fucking dense. Like animated cartoon dense. Diet and genetic trait expression density and propensity are two completely fucking unrelated things, secondly the Mediterranean diet as pedaled on youtube isn't even KIND of what the people in Morocco/Gibraltar/Spain have available to them, but do go ahead and continue to trip over your own reproductive organs face first on a perennial basis... again. And as a matter of fact the governments of Korea, Japan, and New Zealand have recommended it, particularly to people of african and mediterranean descent.
  3. Hugging in Japan is really complicated and weird.
  4. Quit spamming and stick to the actual topic.
  5. You need to search more and beg less because 95% of that is already in this thread.
  6. Nope. People using sex mods are not playing with steam metadata including crowd access active. As of last year concurrent active played SKU's LE outnumbered SSE 4:1 and so did sales, keeping in mind LE can't be bought except through amazon or a reseller.
  7. LE players outnumber SE players by a factor of three. You'll find most of the people playing SSE are pirates or absolute shit at mod installation or both.
  8. People that want to retire at 37 with a full officer's pension and then start a business or whatever with the rest of their life or someone that wants to be lifelong military. Or someone that is tired of their kid's bullshit and wants to instill the literal fear of god into them.
  9. As already stated I personally know three people that have died, and none of the feels that exist in the world will either bring them back nor help anyone else get through this shit. What will help will is facts, learning what the fuck to do correctly, and a good ol dose of medically derived common sense.
  10. Elderly, high per capita smoking, moderate obesity problem, mediterranean lineage Elderly, moderate smokers, high obesity, 85% vitamin D deficient, higher than normal A/B/AB per capita Cluster fuck of obesity, politics, dumbfucks, no fucks given about the elderly or infirm, also fuck your insurance and fuck your healthy lifestyle, diabetes, 75% vitamin D deficient, high rate of allergens and immune bullshit due to 90 years of shit eating, contrary to popular belief protesting at nighttime without protection is not bright. Zero protocols followed, no vitamin d usage in cities, high genetic propensity for catching and transmitting the virus, same for anyone else with mediterranean lineage Hrm. Sensing a pattern.
  11. as long as the neigh is replaced with
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