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  1. Not really. Prices aren't going to drop until 4XXX is a thing, and even then only if they're in enough quantities. nVidia yesterday notified their AIBs that ALL quantities of holiday cards will be from limited and non-renewable stock. They aren't going to refresh the main line, and the "super/Ti" versions of 3XXX are already taped out and in production, and they will cost more than the current cards, period. And in even better news, AMD has already stated to AIBs that RDNA4 will cost 50% to 100% more than the current line if they can tape out at +80% of current flagships. The era of the $250-500 GPU is straight the fuck over permanently unless Intel plans to fill that gap or consumers actually say no to new cards, and that's obviously never going to happen.
  2. CDPR is contractually obligated to have two "large" DLC injected before the game is considered "final" and those could be literally multiple years away.
  3. Like I said it is backed up by facts, going back thirty years, which makes your opinion literally worthless on whether it "works" or not. There's no question to answer. Do your own research. and then keep it to yourself.
  4. it is not maybe. It is yes, period; and has been proven not by slice of population studies but by Nordic countries instituting programs using said methods over the last thirty years. I also could not care less about your opinion when I can care about facts, thus bypassing your completely subjective opinion having any impact on my point of view or conclusions.
  5. SSE mods and anims for SSE LE mods and anims for LE Clearly labelled.
  6. You clearly haven't played this or Agony if that's your stance because Skyrim has had dedicated succubus mods for over nine years covering quite literally everything this game has. There isn't a single thing Succubus does that Skyrim hasn't already done more extensively.
  7. 27X


    Hey can you mod this game about sex and nudity for sex and nudity? uh huh. Since it's a game about western succubi taking over a section of hell, pretty sure honey select voices need not apply. Strassman covers it pretty cleanly.
  8. Cube maps are a static projection of a specific angle of an enviroment. If they're projected somewhere else, they look off, if they're projected backwards or inverted they look off. Pretty cut and dried.
  9. Only if you're a dramaqueen.
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