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  1. I think it's more of a "time of your life" kind of thing, given interviews and the like. I think they'll be back, just likely not as daft punk and probably only for special things they both feel comfortable doing. They both found a way to conquer their social anxiety and they literally got to make the biggest album(s) of their careers with a giant chunk of the people that got them into music in the first place. The likely scenario is someone that thinks of them the way they thought about Nile Rodgers will come along and get them to help compose or do a cameo song here or there, but
  2. Was just about to post this; they also didn't break up, they retired fullstop. Neither has any plans to do music as a single act.
  3. The re-toning is sarcasm, unfortunately there is very little hyperbole to go with said statements, even up to and including giving Garou a tickbox trans option, which if you knew ANYTHING about Garou is literally impossible outside of getting an Incarna Fae, The Great Coyote or a Mummy to do it to/for you... or literally walking the Path of the Wyrm, all of which which not only involves serious Storytelling chops and a literal personalized quest for that Garou, is not a twitter approved checkbox option in any version of WoD, nevermind the reaction of several tribes' breeding and gender traditi
  4. Except the game already made a net profit. Even if they lose every lawsuit, of which there are four, they will still have made a net profit.
  5. Yep. Literal bait and switch. "here's the original team" "the publisher gave the original team again complete creative control" "here's these new great writers 'of diversity', oh by the way all four of the new writers are former #GG game journalists so you KNOW their writing is super top notch" "we're not going to do a straight sequel you know because of all the problematic writing in the first game, so it's a spiritual sequel" "oh and the DLC will be super progressive because if there's one thing about werewolves, it's that theyre su
  6. You realize this offers you absolutely no dmca/legal repercussion protection, right? right.
  7. The word you're looking for to describe the ncr section of the mod is "modderflex". A modderflex is the mod equivalent of "The Room", just because you can logistically do a thing doesn't mean you should. The NCR campaign is literally devil cp'ing every edgy game moment from every game made in the last ten years and cramming it into bethbryo whether the context was appropriate or not. Kinda like when that one dude made a star wars movie with a bank heist in it because every movie he's ever made has been a noir movie with completely retarded characters whom are abject mal
  8. You haven't caught her videos because you're exactly the kind of person expecting sex to randomly attack you in the middle of the night. Perfectly. Just like your excel spreadsheet predicts. Good luck with that.
  9. Patently false, unless cell creation involves water shaders or a moving water source. The main reason LE is used first is speed of conversion to SSE, as most tool are designed for this from the ground up.
  10. The fundamental problem is what you're asking for is not an argonian at all, you're asking for a my little pony morph with slightly pointier angles, and I can tell you right now no one is going to be interested in doing that much work while retaining expressive morphs without getting paid.
  11. 1. Never use dtx1 for anything 2. Never use dxt3 for anything 3. use dxt5 or TGA. TGA is absurdly expensive as it 100% lossless, so it should be only used for custom textures you've made yourself, as almost any skyrim texture available has probably been compressed already. 4. before exporting any normal map or overlay/alpha save it as A8R8B8G8 or TGA, reopen it as that format and save it as DXT5 if you "have" to compress it. Compressing any normal map will produce artifacts, period, and the same goes for any texture with an active alpha channel, and this even includes BC7
  12. They didn't have to act with haste, they just had to remember when this same thing happened 9 years ago.
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