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  1. http://www.simlogical.com/ContentUploadsRemote/uploads/1773/
  2. I always wonder sometimes if I'm playing the same game as others....? Below I made a shot combining all the options I have when looking in 'mouth'. This doesn't include the sliders in 'upper' lip and 'lower' lip. Head, Cheeks, Jaw, Chin, Ears, Eyes, Eyelid, Eyeshape, Brows, Nose, Nose tip, Nose bridge, Nostrils, on and on - and CC makers have to decide which section to list their creations in - sometimes odd choices because of saturation in a location or possible name duplication, etc. Regardless, I agree to disagree with the statement - 'so little'....
  3. Play the game how ever you want! You have this post if you need to return for information, and others can read for information as well. Nothing lost - everything gained...... Returning to post a reply is all anyone could ask and is always appreciated by those responding. Too many times I respond, trying to help others and don't even get the benefit of a reach-around..... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. I wouldn't worry about it - at all. Even the KW feature of clothing 'removal' in any form is the usual 'now you see it, now you don't'. With the popularity of CFNM type porn - making some teasing/creeping animations doesn't need anyone nude.... I've seen nude sims for many MANY years. Yes, they should have no bottoms at least when engaging in coitus, but the need for complete nudity is 'over-rated'. The Japanese have been using clothing as part of the eroticism of porn for a LONG time. CC makers have invested time in making clothing that exposes while being worn. I thi
  5. I take mine off and bow. I REFUSE to watch the video - like anything used to hype users for upcoming games. I want everything to be a surprise - EVERYTHING. Just knowing all goes well with the addition of both VO and DLC is enough! I have noticed a trend over the years of people spending so much time watching, reading, and otherwise digesting every fucking molecule of information they can find, they hype themselves up and become quite delusional in their outlook upon a given thing. How can anything hope to survive being on a pedestal that high? Well - it can't. So we now get the co
  6. Constantly meddling: tis my curse.... Latest texture experimentation -
  7. The KW exhibition skill only has 3 'level locks' requiring the Sim to take specific actions to unlock the next level. This only happens during the 1st three levels and can be found by looking at the skills menu. From memory it's something like take a kinky selfie, post a kinky selfie and be seen topless in public or such 'easy to do' actions. Turning KW/debug/always accept on allows the player to push a sim through these actions if having issues. Performing 'online shows' is only available to Sims self employed in the 'modeling' career, and is NOT a requirement to incre
  8. Did you turn 'always accept' on in the KW debug settings? If that doesn't work - you did something wrong, like duplicating animation packages....
  9. This was my main point. Using Ivy long before the addition of human voiced files were added, regardless of person performing. I too refuse to engage in any debate of 'best', since anyone with 1/2 a brain cell knows this becomes a matter of opinion, and we know what they say about opinions.... The tragedy of Ivy will be far in the future, when all life has ceased and the last remaining stars have extinguished their fuel. The universe will finally cool to absolute zero as any energy released by the vibration of atoms stops for the rest of eternity - Ivy will still be here... A pictur
  10. This is exactly what I experience as I have upgraded my systems over the years. The improved processor allows me to run more scripts/Sims without stutter. The improved graphics allows me to run the sims at a higher detail, even using a HQ mod now without issue/overheating. The SSD makes loading the saves tolerable. I'd say the SSD's also help when loading CAS/CAST. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. I'm not claiming your CC does this. I only refer to my own experience with other sliders that move the feet forward or backwards on the floor when adjusted always seem to cause a mis-alignment with the bending of the knees. They will generally not allow the knee to bend to the default angle and change the final angle to more or less of the target value. Less means the legs appear 'straighter' when sitting, and more can cause the feet to pass into/beyond the thighs when bending in many of the sex animations - appearing to have bent in the 'opposite' direction as if knee caps don't exist. The Bu
  12. I'm going to check this out, but just from the initial appearance - it looks like they may have used assets from the sarcophagus in World Adventures and created a new 'object' to attach them to. If nothing else the 'standing while sleeping' thing is enough. I just checked some video and also opened the download .RAR - from what I've seen this likely would need to be 'unlocked' as well since I noticed effects like 'fog' when it opens after Sim use, etc. It does include things like the outfit and there is a worn item which allows teleporting. Opinion (I have no shortage):
  13. This just an effect of being a Sims 2 player for years. Bella Goth was one of the most 'attractive' pre-mades and her marriage to Mortimer Goth, given the age difference, not all was as it appeared. So imagine after playing the Sims 2 for so long, then getting the Sims 3, loading up the default world and exploring the households. Seeing the 'mansion' and finding it is the Goth residence but the child is named Mortimer, so all the time spent knowing him as an elder now presenting him as a child. I never played the Sims 1. After years of playing Diablo, the draw for me to
  14. The 'pelvis' height slider looks very promising for users of sexual animations. It, unlike the second slider, doesn't appear to make any noticeable changes to the foot position on the floor. This mean there is a good chance it won't cause unwanted leg positions when the slider is used more 'force-ably'. Given the way a Sims 'crotch' bulges out when bending at the hips (severe kneeling/pulling the legs 'back') causes the ass to all but disappear. Perhaps I can find a combination of slider settings to help 'ease' this. BTW - Gratz on stepping up to the plate, making sense
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