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  1. While this isn't any kind of tuning mod that will affect the entire town, You can affect the ability of your active household fun value by using the cigarette smoking mod I found on MTS. Once 'addicted', not smoking after the positive buff wears off, a much more intense debuff is added which will remain until they smoke again, or after a period of time which ends the addiction. Even smoking at this time only clears the debuff - the lowered fun value must be raised the old fashoined way. Not the answer you're looking for I'm sure, but it's an option none the less. The smoking animation, and cigarettes/packs objects are well done, adding another layer of realism if interested. Getting the entire town addicted would be evil, and a chore, but there it is.
  2. While lot's of mods affect relationship abilities, I also found NRaas story progression has caste options which allow/disallow certain options from being available like a 'filter'. Romance, flirting, and relationships between teens, and adults/seniors seems blocked by default. After enabling these I found the 'pie' options now included certain interactions which were hidden before. This IS in regard to the basic EA functions like flirting to woohoo, and isn't part of Kinkyworld, or Animated Woohoo.
  3. NRaas - wikispaces closing?

    Aye, thx for clearing this up.... I know Sims 3 is going on 10 years and besides the Wikispaces closing, I had fears this incredible body of work was also soon to be gone and forgotten. Nice to know I'm not alone and the fate of the Sims 3 will be in good hands here, and other places that still feel the love for this unique gaming experience.
  4. Hey all Just left the NRaas wikispaces forums after reviewing the tuner section so I could control the autonomous 'watch the stars' romantic feature. Anyways I noticed the top right had a mention about wikispaces closing, so I visited the link and realized the site hosting NRaas mods will be closing later this year. After some searching I wasn't able to find out if this is the END of NRaas as we know it, or there will be another location available even if only an archive. Thought perhaps someone here may have more insight on this predicament.
  5. My eyes opened wide while reading this. I thought at first it said 'from devouring locals'..... Cannibals!
  6. Burn out happens to players as well, I'd imagine. My Skyrim is ridiculously modded, and even looks better than my Fallout4. That said, every time I log into Skyrim, I find myself doing more looking than actually playing. I know the map like the back of my hand... I've done every quest, most of them multiple times on 7 different characters whom all have a unique identity and look/race/political alignment. This is my burn out problem - 5 minutes after loading it up, I have nothing to really do which interests me other than messing around with the mod interactions. So because of the fine modding community the life of this game has far exceeded anything Bethesda had any responsibility for. Piddling around with the game and getting mods to play together nicely was something else that kept it interesting, but I believe I hit my interest cap in just playing the game now. It's a lot of fun loading it up and showing others whom know nothing about mods to say "See, you won't find anything like this for sale anywhere". I like to self educate as well, and learning about all this stuff has been terrible and great at the same time. Sometimes I imagine what it would've been like if the Skyrim I have now would've been the one that came in the box and I had just opened it....... God made sand, people made sandcastles. God made ore, people made the Apollo rocket and went to the moon. Modders are people.
  7. OMG the Hypocrisy

    I was really hesitant about getting FO4. It seems the prettier the game, the more hollow it becomes. Mods really are the only reason I continue to purchase their games (modable ones) as I found even the newer Wolfenstein an annoying console port compared to the wonderful one released over 10 years ago. They know the ability to mod their sandbox games is a big draw, but don't seem to understand that it's this freedom which made us willing to put up with a sub standard product. Because the time in between games is getting longer, my bet is on them playing the long game, weeding out us 'older' gamer's whom won't put up with it, while trying to indoctrinate newer players to 'this is how it is'. EA was a go-to company for me back in the late 80's and thru the 90's. Now I cringe when I hear the name. Bethesda is getting there as well. Shame. The only port I like comes in a bottle with a cork.
  8. I had most all of the Sims 2 stuff before 3 released. Once I got into 3, I realized how much they started cutting out of the base game, just to package it for sale later. While this is mostly true, some things never did make it back into 3. Remember the youngest child dropping everything to rush out and hug mom or dad when they got home from work? How about the 'goose' interaction? Yeah, they definitely trimmed some fat. The one thing that made me continue to invest in the Sims 3 was the open world, which put everybody in town on the same page concerning TIME. It really was a bold move that came with problems of it's own. Thanks to a great many people it is now an amazing game. When 4 went back to the closed neighborhood, all the fluff they thought was a good idea didn't interest me one bit... felt like 1 step forward - 2 steps back. Plus knowing EA/Origin was going down the money grubbing road, I decided enough was enough. I focused on making 3 the best it could be and I have no regrets.
  9. Sims 5

    I would guess besides having content control, the awareness of adult mods by EA would make them do everything in their power to keep it clean. I was very lucky to buy the sims 3 on disk back in '09', and after experiencing the 'origin' online crap after going to a Walmart to complete my collection and realizing they were basically prepaid digital downloads, I knew the Sims 3 was as good as it would ever get. Luckily I found disks for sale on amazon and did complete my EP collection. Call me crazy, but I'd bet my left nut every gaming company which forces 'online' use is just another scummy data collector. Really wish Ralf at VorpX would add the sims 3 to his VR list. I don't have a 3D monitor, so this is the only way I'd experience the sims even if it supported 3D.
  10. I'm pretty sure when using an EA animation to 'use' something it creates a conflict when trying to use the same item with another non EA animation. I'd love to be wrong since it would always be more natural - Sleeping changed to sex, Hot tubbing turned to sex, etc. With females swimming being able to masturbate, the treading water animation may be the equivalent of standing. While the Standing rack has a nice 'edging' animation I'd personally like to see a slightly more 'evil' version, possibly for any bed. Teasing/edging/orgasm/post orgasm torture =P
  11. Sims woohooing on streets.

    If using AW from Nraas, there is a privacy setting. Found in the Woohooer section. If using KW, the name implies a 'kinky world', but you can always go: Nraas/Master controller/Advanced/Skills - scroll down and lower the settings for exhibition to 0 so they refuse to do it in public. While this isn't ideal, it should work for the more 'free' spirits in your town.
  12. Wanted: Rome or Greek world

    Thank you JoshQ It first I was concerned since I use all disks, no origin, and made sure my game has no connection to the internet. Lucky me found a free download, with fixes already made. I'll open it up and see what it's like. With a little work, I may be on my way to the experience I was looking for. This is the link I used if anyone else is interested, or may have some knowledge to why I might want/not want to use this. https://freesims3downloads.tumblr.com/post/94981696876/monte-vista-gold-with-fix Edit 2/6: So far so good - Going thru all Monte Vista homes and removing electrical items within reason (candelabra types left in - quite a few), Adding Chess and Domino tables, Chin up bars for workout equipment/massage tables. Replaced computers with the 'scratchpad'. Removed all vehicles and replaced with chariots (kids have to run/walk everywhere). Togas for men and women - Armor for military/police/'gladiators'(sports). Adjusting jobs as well for all residents. Added Knossos paintings to homes as well. Quite the project. Will post some pics when enough is done to warrant it.
  13. Guys are easier to please by far, as your observations concludes. Women, well if it was that easy to know a fail safe method for dressing which affect them as it does men, we'd all be wearing the same things. Since women are attracted to wealth, success, and power (in general due to the desire to have a good place to raise offspring) then the idea of expensive outfits like suits and tuxedos are a good start as mentioned. The newer freedom women enjoy allows more 'boy-toy' thinking as well, and I can see this is what you'd like more input into. Shirtless men with nice shoulders and arms is always a good one. Tight pants (around the hips) are another - I've caught more than one lady checking out guys buns, or doing a quick crotch glance in my time. Nice shoes have long been known as another item as many successful Black men styles will attest to. If accessories can be included in the outfit build for the sake of rating, then this may be an option to make something which seems normal to be regarded as sexy - Tattoos, piercings, and other things more in line with today's styles is also a consideration. But yeah, it's a question that is reasonable in as much as it's a mystery as well.
  14. Have an idea for a mod you'd like made or looking for where to find a specific one? Post about it here. I've had this idea bouncing around in my head ever since I started using Kinkyworld. Ancient Rome or Greece as a playable world. I have the sims medieval, but it's not the same as a fully realized sims 3 world. Started using some custom worlds lately, such as Los Aniegos and Setra. These are both fun but remain tied to the modern era. CC for this wouldn't be too difficult, IE: Togas, 3 or 4 homes(Villa - Shack) added to the lots as well as Colliseum(sports/Gladiator job), Military camp, Forum(Political career), Ampitheater(acting), etc. The rub as I see it isn't the player refraining from using things tied to modern day as much as the game scripts forcing use of certain items or outfits as the game is played or progresses. People are ingenious in my experience and having a lot of 'built-in' CC like the toga from University, Egyptian location music, etc. gives me reason to think this could always be a possibilty. Slave outfits on all service sims, using a military(armor) outfit for Prefects(police) are other examples. Since the concept revolves around a decadent ancient society, simple day to day life with few jobs, and lot's of orgies is the end result. Between using Nraas heavily to control/deny certain actions, and Kinkyworld to keep it interesting, I can see this a reality. Having most EP's would be necessary though - Sculpting, raising horses for profit, and other things to add to the feeling of living in this time would be a must, since a lot of modern jobs would need to be ignored/removed to keep with the theme. But then again I remind myself, people are ingenious and things I won't think of are already a reality in their minds. Anyways, thanks for reading. If this made you stop and 'dream' a little, then this post wasn't in vain.
  15. So many ways you can 'wreck' your sims are addressed above. I was a victim of 'old' CC I had installed using the sim3packs/launcher which I neglected to address since so many in my archive didn't have names, but only #'s. Then I found this valuable info on the Nraas site which I also archived. Placing it here for quick reference. Sims3 Launcher CC removal instructions.txt