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  1. The traits of the sim doing the interaction are shown, but I believe it has no impact. While I do have Late Night installed, I didn't use a professional bar and only made basic drinks (on a custom/CC bar as well - so default bars aren't a catalyst). What drug do you have in the Sims inventory? Like I mentioned - experiment to see which KW flagged with this option. Do a test - give the sim the exact same set-up: Same traits and use Rockhard. If it still doesn't work then I don't know why..... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My days of troubleshooting other player's issues are over. I'll share what I know, but no longer wish to involve myself in why someone else's shit isn't working like mine.
  2. Used a 'common' bar - no Late Night. Made regular/non-alcoholic drinks. Sim traits shown. If you choose 'X' / NO to spiking all glasses on tray - pay attention to which glass you click on since there is no reference or way to tell after spiking the drink. Yes, I use 'Rockhard' to spike drinks like 'Spanish Fly'. Experiment to see if all drugs can be used (excluding weed although that would be funny). Then 'bring drink to' the sim of choice.
  3. Turn a human into a droid is the fast way to access several high level chips without having to level the bot-building skill and acquiring needed components to build a sexbot chip (level 6-7 I forget). This chip places a KW menu option on a plumbot's pie menu and also acts like the woohooer trait as well iirc. Also human to droid gives a human looking option with custom skin and glowing eyes. Removing this 'plumbot' version's sentience chip will have the 'human' walking like an awkward plumbot. LadySmoks is actually working on new plumbot parts that survive time-travel without issues like a 'human to droid' bot does. KWbots only use the everyday outfit, but WILL strip per KW settings when woohooing. And yes, you can just build a regular plumbot and add a sexbot chip. That should cover it. - Oh right - KWbots are all level 10 so maintenance, etc. is the best it can be. If you want to be a 'purest' You can make/clone a human, then use MC to remove all traits, etc. before changing it into a KWbot.
  4. The majority of my Brothel experience is using the home (because I can kick people out/ask to leave) and I have never had a sim just 'move in'. University allows players to rent/sims move in. One might want to check those settings if they are getting NPC's living there as uncontrollable sims. Other than that, I have no clue why people get unsolicited 'roommates'. >Importing KW settings: When starting a 'new game' one can import settings, but making a new KW settings save for some reason won't apply to games in progress already using KW in my experience. Not sure if there is some kind of settings selection/change which could trigger a forced import upon established games. I found this a pain after installing LadySmoks panties and not being able to import the new settings into existing games, instead having to re-type the codes into KW for each save series already in progress.
  5. A 'Marvel'ous statement Anyone whom played Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines may have played a Tremere clan vampire. Also never seen a guy pose like this - wonder if gender preference affects autonomous static poses?
  6. This controls the animations available for a particular scene. If you have NRaas master controller: NRaas/MC/Intermediate/gender preference - See what the values are for both 'lesbians'. Positive values mean attraction. EA game mechanics for partnering is +2 to romantic interaction from/to the initiating sims gender and -1 to the other gender. So it will take perseverance to create a true bi-sexual using in game interactions. -Or- you can just set the values yourself, the same as giving the household money, dragging relationship and needs sliders up or down..... Disabling autonomy means the game won't 'do it' unless user directed.
  7. Guess I can go back and play my legacy family again, it's been a few years - that one is normal, aging on, yada yada. the only difference I play with relativity making the days longer so it's not a rat race, but something more enjoyable. It was this save series that finally had me start playing with aging off - as it felt like I was spending more time in CAS fixing every Sim whom was aging up because you know how I feel about the game autonomously dressing Sims. From child to elder, every freaking Sim in town....... over and over again. Since I never had this issue with this family either perhaps it's from a recent build? Anyways, back to Sunset Valley 101 base game....... Although looking at some of the above post quotes from many years ago, I'm not sure this will make a difference. They are from 2015, and this family is newer than that - with no reports of the same error. <sigh - this is what I get>
  8. Well it took a little longer, I did document the entire thing but don't see any reason to post it (again). Since days were spent instead of hours and due to the lack of outside activities either by Sim or objects/locations I did notice some things. Because 'mom and dad' had KW sex very often, the daughter became involved and the mother started woohooty texting the mailman (only sim to visit besides the paperboy). So Labrat didn't die a virgin and a Unicorn did show up her last night on Simearth. I had no error's or save issues. I can say by not getting a cake or throwing a party, that when the sim did age up 'naturally' it was usually right after 8:PM and there was no gathering to celebrate by the household like when using a cake or trigger age transition. No one likes to hear their install has problems - but I cannot confirm KW and aging up is broken.
  9. The menu command used does the same thing as a birthday cake - firing off the aging script, the household celebrate script, basically everything (trait selection if rewarded/sparkly animation) just without the cake part. 'Naturally' aging does the same thing without the cake or celebration, and uses a set time (6:PM) to activate the script. Using a cake adds more events/animations to the entire thing before and after. The freak IS from using CAS to age a child to a teen. The outfit is the child's swimming outfit. Another example was the child Halloween outfit. Using the 'normal' aging process by EA will invoke many things like a cleansing/purging of the outfits used while CAS will brute force age them without the same 'extra' steps EA uses during the process. I can easily perform the same process you want me to try - ignoring the age up and letting it happen without a cake or other interaction. Be back in a while as I need to reload the save from Labrat as a baby and then 'MC the age to max and let the 6pm script kick in - and should take a little longer since I have to wait a day in between aging events. Yes - MC/CAS - child to teen. If I go back into CAS and reverse the teen to a child again, then go live and age the child with 'trigger age transition' then the teen no longer has the outfit issue from before. I get everyone with problems wants me to fail and have the same problems - maybe they will get their wish and this will help pin it down.
  10. Well, that didn't take long. Sadly (?) I encountered no errors or notifications of problems while doing this experiment. I turned on aging, and pregnancy (both KW and NRaas/story progression) and proceeded to photo capture the entire process. Actions taken were setting up the picnic basket when hungry, buying a crib, and using MC to age the new sim (Labrat). I also saved the game after each stage of age transition to see if I got an error 12 (nope). So from my install - no issues with pregnancy, birth, growing old, saving the game. I almost feel sorry for Labrat, as she only existed for less than an hour IRL. I never got to know her..... I wish I had found something helpful to fix others having problems, but it looks like the game works fine with KW and aging up. If there's an issue, it must be either with individuals installs being different, or in the case of using KW - during the course of the sims life, certain KW features were used which do have an affect on the aging process. I'm led to believe if the later is the case, then it might have something to do with the KW outfits since Labrat never changed outfits once and never engaged in any KW activities or outfit assignments. >>> I wanted to properly name the aging up selection - NRaas/MC/Intermediate/Trigger age transition. I kept calling it 'age up now'......
  11. Aye! Thanks for stepping in. All I can say is: Though I do play with aging 'off', occasionally (albeit very rarely) I'll want to age up one of the sims. So as I mentioned I'll turn aging on, and then use MC - age up now and that way I avoid the problem I posted earlier when trying to use CAS to age up children. Specifically some outfits don't have the ability to age up, so the Sim will turn into a freak if it uses one. I know you can delete outfits with MC, but it doesn't have access to KW outfits and not sure if that is the problem. Just thinking - Wonder what happens if the player deletes all outfits except the everyday through MC before the birthday party/aging up occurs? The following shots were done using CAS to age a child to this teen and you can see a certain outfit has an odd look to it. After this I now age them normally as I mentioned above. For what ever reason I don't get the error people are mentioning so right now I'm going to do a Sim from baby to elder using my way for test purposes. > Aging on, MC-age up now, and see if I can get this error to propagate. If I do get the error, I'll try the delete outfits before aging up and see if it makes a difference. "I'll be back!"
  12. Did you make this Sim, or did it join the family as an NPC? Not talking Inactive Sim, but an NPC? The only thing I can make out in one error report is cast, but It doesn't look like it's talking about CAST (create a style) but cast as in an NPC. Because they are NOT full fledged Sims they can cause all kinds of problems if made playable. Also it's an aging-up thing as well which makes me ask this. Then you get a message there's a 'problem' and KW is trying to fix it.... The error report seems to go through a bunch of steps to reset multiple things and the sim can't satisfy them. Since I have no way to replicate the problem, and it has never occurred on my install(s) I can only look at that report and guess this Sim is acting like it's an NPC. Did you try to age up a Sim without KW installed - because it could very well be your install (something failed in the code) or your mod set-up. If it's not happening to everybody, then you have to realize it's something at your end. As I say below - I never used build 399, so it could be that build in conjunction with something else. All I can say is what it 'acts' like - and that says NPC. Make a horse Sim, go live in game with it, and then bring it into CAS and give it a human save from the bin and watch the shit hit the fan after going live with it again.. <sarcastic experiment based on experience> Without more info, can I ask you "What happens if you use Master Control to tell that sim to - Age Up Now"? (Aging has to be on for this to work for those with aging off like myself) Does the Sim have an 'unofficial' party where everyone still gathers around with the noise makers? Or do you get the code 12 again? Are you also using build 399? I hated that build and refused to use it. Error Code 12 is generally an out of memory thing where the save is over a certain size so the game chokes. I get this with saves that have bloated without being cleaned on LARGE Worlds with Huge Customized population (saves around 220mb) and then opening CAS or Build and Buy often will most always end up error 12 when I'm trying to save. I recommend to you BOTH going back to use build 375 which I've posted as I got it from here, so I'm not 'breaking' any rules by posting what was already from here without being removed like Mike24 Pets animations. -OR- You can do a search online and see if you might get a newer version than 399 - One of the 400(+)'s. Either through Patreon, or whatever 'works' for you.
  13. Some examples of one I happened to upload from 2 different games - look familiar? @LadySmoks If I had to guess it was 2 different tools/programs which do similar things, and save certain 'working' files in the same format basically - or something like that. So opening the CC from one game in it's respective tool, and then copying the mesh/etc. to the folder for the tool of another game. (This is just a very simplistic thought on what is likely a bit more complicated - perhaps even needing other tools in between) Yet there is no doubt both of these hairs are based on the same mesh.
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