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  1. Back to daylight - finished the Fairies Grove I had to settle on a 'Mushroom' styled Fairy Bungalow as there are almost NO options for CC. All I wanted was a tree stump or even a tree that had the Fairy house options from Supernatural. https://aroundthesims3.com/objects/room_outdoor_41.shtml <--- In the main picture it appears there were several of these placed together at different angles, facing in to hide the other waterfalls using "MoveObjects ON" to blend them into a large stone 'face'.
  2. Been looking into the 'protected' toggle. Even with me changing the chances to zero for re-rolling different CAS categories including make-up, the mod was acting a LOT like KW in that as soon as I switched to another family as I populate the world, I would keep getting notifications that so and so just had 18 make-up added, etc. It's like Dresser decides for inactives "Oh no, you don't want that - let me fix that for you" or "Look, you forgot to add accessories to that sim, let me help" - Fuck me runnin'! So now setting every Sim to Protected ON as soon as I finish in CAS - I swear
  3. Understood. My point wasn't about how the descendants were generated as much as they are part of the family tree and thus use the same mechanic which was deemed broken. I was curious when All the family trees were 'erased', if this included the members past or future as well. Of course one needs to be in a specific time period to explore this.
  4. A bit off topic, but when players install Sims3Packs, the launcher merges them into those dcdb files you see. This includes worlds, all store items, etc. So merging isn't the problem. I have myself merged several objects which are basically the same - they use scripts and special animations which need to be 'unlocked' if one doesn't 'get them' from the store. Whatever the problem may have been, I'm sure it wasn't 'merging' alone that was the culprit, but perhaps that in combination with other considerations. Still - if it ain't broke - don't fix it. I just have so much CC I needed to merge to
  5. I was going to ask if you sent the entire family/household - or - just a partial group, but reading again that ALL families were affected in the home world had me rethink this. I have ITF but quit traveling when I found the KW 'sexbots' wouldn't survive the 'trip' intact. I had experienced this earlier with a 'Sim' I had downloaded long before using KW which gave a Plumbot a human body. This 'Body' would appear in the Plumbot premade screen. I decided after that if I ever traveled - no human 'skinned' Plumbot could travel with the group. LadySmoks took great care in making sure her
  6. Yeah, I feel you but you say broken save. Have you tried a new game? You can always save sims, lots, etc. to the library and place them back into a new game (I do this once I've played a save so long it just isn't viable to play) You lose relationships, but the Sims keep jobs and everything. I HAD to do this with Bridgeport as the save was going on 'over 5 years'. I was surprised when I started a new game and began replacing households, how many sims had moved around. Go ahead, leave KW out, and load up that save - move what you want to keep to the library and start a new game and
  7. Another one of those - play the music and look at the pictures . . . . .
  8. http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/teen-and-elder-nude-muscle-fixes.html http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/morphing-nipples.html http://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html I know the CmarNYC stuff work great. I don't use the GeckO bodies. GeckO has been recently active - you could always leave a PM. >>> KW has a setting for pubic hairs - look at those settings. I personally go into the CAS/Body hair and select one from those I downloaded myself. You can always use the KW debug to remove pubi
  9. Watching the Viva La Dirt League parody videos of gaming, with a focus on multiplayer games, I caught this name: Dixie ********
  10. Best to first install KW and see all the animations ALREADY included. You won't need to install these again even though the main post has many listed - it was never changed to reflect that. Once up and running and you know what you 'don't need', just get the remaining animations from the sticky downloads threads. Follow the instructions for registering them in KW. Passion has been upgraded to use the exact same animations as KW - so visit that page and look through the first couple posts for additional animations if you want. Finally, ALL Animated Woohoo animations still work - whe
  11. He could have Total Recall at any minute is another thing that comes to mind Meanwhile in another place, at another time. The Vampires of Praaven are setting in for a good days sleep.
  12. So far so good. I made the random chance of adding Accessories to ZERO. No more notifications for 'that', then I got messages for make up. Went back in and set the chance to ZERO for make up, and while there, went into EVERYTHING else and set those to zero as well. I only want Dresser for the same reasons as yourself, with a few extra uses. As long as it doesn't add anymore weird crap to Sims, the need to 'remove' stuff will cease and then it's just a quick 'reroll' of outfits or hair on NPC's instead of wasting time taking them into CAS.
  13. Thought I'd mention the old 1/2 and 1/2 system of finding bad CC. Take out 1/2 the mods and put them in a folder. Try the game. if it has problems still, then split that 1/2 again and move those to a new folder. Try again. See how it works? Just remember that every 'group' of mods you remove need to be tested as well, but using this method can eliminate the bulk as long as you don't have LOTS of bad CC which in a bad luck scenario would be split among all the piles you separate. > Sorry to agree with jdw6 on this one, but games in the last 10+ years have enough probl
  14. There's been talk about this - I continue to use it without issue. There are a few more listed than I myself have installed, but then for the most part, I took the time to read what they do to see if I would actually use them instead of bloating my game unnecessarily. I know there's a mod that fixes the notification panel by adding back the missing portrait. I don't think it's NRaas though. I haven't bother to ask @blooblee - Have you tried cleaning your saves? If not, try Kuree's Save Cleaner. It's works for some, not for other's (no clue why). If it doesn't work for y
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