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  1. Okay then, I have both the rug from MTS already and get great use from it, and checking the poledance names takes me from LL to Umpa's site which has that reference name as an animation for the pose player, with the same animation used for Kicker's mod (also referenced). Still I've never seen a sim autonomously use it. Perhaps the autonomy was on the KW pole with MJ animations. So as of this time, there ARE only 2 types of poles/animations for the Sims 3 that I'm aware of.
  2. Well now the real information comes out: This is what I was talking about. They NEED the title! Thankyou for clarifying the statement that any sim simply needs to make a call to become a call-girl. Luckily 'I' know how to get the title, although I'm sure there are others whom don't. BTW my sim had a Woohoo level of 7 when I made those screenshots showing 'MORE' was needed to accomplish the task (activate/unlock the option). Don't get butthurt when someone calls you out on incomplete info which will mislead people - m'kay? When teaching someone to drive, it's best they know what and where the brakes are before telling them to stop...... You guys might make decent educators yet.
  3. Because of some recent discussion about 'above ground hot tubs' I just threw some foundation down and made one myself. Now I have to say I like it better than the standard ground level if not part of a dedicated pool area or deck.
  4. Yeah, Just let them know you want your post moved to one of the other sections. They will likely appreciate you requesting it instead of having to just do it themselves, and you'll have a say where: WCIF, General, Technical. Only one way to find out would be to have the object in game and flag it as a small hot tub. While the default animations for entering would look a bit off, the end result if it works 'as a hot tub' should be the same, and then there's a possibility the animations for a hot tub would also work. Until there's an object, everything else is speculation. Waiting on an animator to create animations for an object that doesn't exist could leave one waiting forever.
  5. Np - just look at the blue bar at the top of the post - far right side. They'll be able to get you sorted. I was myself a bit disappointed there wasn't a download for what you mention - above ground hot tub, as I surely would have tried to flag it in S3PE and see if the current animations 'took'.
  6. If the object is flagged as a normal hot tub, then the Sims 'should' just path to it (ab)normally. I tested this with another object which I raised close to 3 feet from the floor and the sim using it just walked up some invisible steps and used it without incident. IF this were to work the same then the SEX animations should as well regardless of the actually interior of the Tub. A simple object association and testing would have determined this already. Anyways, I hate to be the asshole here, but: This is so others looking for actual downloads won't have to skim irrelevant posts. The word download appears in the picture but there is no download available. Please ask a moderator to move it to the Where Can I Find (WCIF) section or even general discussion.
  7. I'm also interested in this as the option doesn't exist..... I'll patiently wait for some kind of proof, otherwise the words used to describe KW functions are incorrect and WILL cause confusion. Only thing worse than no info, is bad info.
  8. While I get the point you're making, we must be honest with ourselves and realize these are just EA approved forms of 'cheating'. May as well just turn on 'always accept' which also maxes the friendship value once the sex act is complete, and then turn it back off. The Sims 3 does have a few reality issues IMO as many people likely have had sex with someone whom NEVER became a friend or possibly even an acquaintance. But it is what it is, and mod makers have done an excellent job making it better.
  9. I have a few 'rug' mods which summon an NPC as well, but not for a stripper pole. Because it uses the 'rug' format, I'd be interested to know more about this mod if you have the time to share that information. I have yet to see a rando using either of the poles, so am curious if there is another pole based on either of the two I mentioned, or a separate entity with their own scripts and animations. More options are always better. Besides the one referenced by KW - these are the mods I mentioned for the 2nd option: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=483745 >>> Curious about this '3rd' with a RUG
  10. Okay - concerning call girls... Not sure what mods or other additions/settings/missing EP's the games with an issue have, but I just loaded a save using the Setra World. Had my boy Rob Zombie call for a call girl, and everything worked fine. As soon as I 'hung up' she spawned in the back yard? So was greeted and since she was there for sex with him, neither had the option to woohoo from the KW/Kinky menu. All I had to do was pick a place and the option to woohoo (with) was available. I also noticed the amount was already deducted, and not sure how long the call girl is scheduled for, but after a time, I just asked her to leave so as to end the activity and report on it. Ignore the darker screenshots - I use an ENB and it makes the 'printscreen' captures darker than the ingame function. But this allows the ui to be seen without changing the options/settings. I just paste the capture to paint and save... It was all I could do to "NOT" take her into CAS and customize her. I'm quite proud of myself not giving in to my OCD. For me, the KW 'Hire Callgirl/Gigolo' function works fine. As I said - not sure why it doesn't for others, but it's likely has to do with other interfering mods or settings, or lack of the proper EP. The download page should cover requirements for certain features of KW to work, so one will have to read and figure it out. The choose Sim - call girl gave me 4 options, one was a guy, and unsure if there was a futa there or not. Eartha was a normal female.
  11. I thought I made this clear earlier, but perhaps it was overlooked. DANCER is a title given for the Bachelor(ette) parties. Two will appear and bring a boombox. Then they dance for awhile and if having the party at a venue with music, the music will be disabled for the duration of their 'show'. While Woohoo is possible, one usually can't build a relationship fast enough for acceptance before they leave, although they can be asked to hangout afterwards. This service can be found among the others in the KW service menu. It should be under performance artists. Just like paparazzi and tourists, KW has 'abducted' a few default EA npc types and twisted them to it's own devices. Pole dancing is something else entirely. It is an activity which is generally assigned to Brothel whores, but the active household can also learn the skill, and apparently can also make tips from this in later builds. BTW there are 2 different stripper poles and animations available. The one used by KW with a shorter animation with level and 'performance' scripts attached. The other with a much longer and detailed routine which requires no skill, and is purely made for eye candy. Any sim can be asked to dance and there are 3 outfit options, plus a strip option which incorporates all three. Once dancing the sim must also be asked to stop dancing. It's a shame this one wasn't incorporated into KW given the options the mod has. Considering the apparent problems with call girls, I guess I can load up the game, and screenshot/document the entire activity and post results from my corner.
  12. The Simlish is a great touch. A really fun concept. See, all those pose packs find a perfect use.
  13. I meant the MC option you referenced. The default from ep3 is one of 3 breast size sliders I use as each increases size/shape a bit differently. Then I have rotate, cleavage, depth, fullness, and height. Also there is a chest setting that drops the breast position down on the chest closer to the navel. Naturally I also need to change nipple size and depth as these are tied to size as well. This is why I love the sims - so many options for customization. Sometimes the natural shading on some of the custom skins doesn't play nice when breast variables reach certain positions, so luckily I have many skins to choose from so everything looks normal for the most part. Michelin is a wonderful name for a girl. 🍩🍩 While I can appreciate custom bodies for sims, they can interfere with certain outfit choices though, so I prefer to stay with the default one for the most part.
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