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  1. There are furniture designs by https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Cashcraft that are very pricey as well. If you can only find sims3packs - don't forget to convert them to .package(s). You can spend a lot on KW drugs using the phone as well. Refurnish the house occasionally. Move a Sim in and out - they can take up to 50k with them. Because of my personal play style, 'money' isn't anything I worry about so it's interesting to think about having 'too much' and trying to get rid of some through 'normal' game play.
  2. Go download some cars from DailyCard They cost a pretty penny for the exotics. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In one save where I started running a resort, I was kinda impressed with the character I made for the front desk. So when I saw the game had set a new NPC for the front desk autonomously (I've noticed this on several resort jobs) I decided to have that Sim move in. Couldn't say if using the save cleaner affects the 'New Role Sims' being used, but a few I made early still show up to work, so I don't know. -Well- I was surprised that the Sim brought close to 2 million with it. I noticed when I used Master Controller / Status on other NPCs, the 'household' always had that same amount, so I was thinking of ways to spend it instead of just dropping the amount thru NRaas. I decided to gift cars to other Sims I see walking.
  3. I think it's the 'self-employed' whore wherein the Kinky menu the player selects 'Begin Whoring'. Even if the player chooses the 'Career' for it, that only tracks the players earnings/etc. and sets some kind of rank unlike a normal career (for others - this information is found in the Woohoo Journal). The Player will still need to 'begin whoring' each time they want to earn simoleans. At this point after choosing to whore themselves, a menu/notification pops up with the prices for teasing, handjob/oral, vaginal, and anal. I never tried to changes the prices myself, so I'm gathering that information isn't saved when the player makes a change. As for helping with the member's question, I don't know a way to save the info. I've not seen any other menus in the settings that reflect pricing for whoring, and since I never tried to change the prices - have no knowledge of any sub-menus afterwards if I chose to make a change. I can add that using the Callgirl feature to have the game push a role NPC to the player's Sim's lot is fairly pricey as well and I don't remember any way to change that either.
  4. Select the teen you want to go to the 'rabbithole' school. There should be an option on the school to choose it. I can't say I've tried it with a KW school AND a rabbithole school - I know having multiple rabbithole schools is a suggestion for players having an issue with the students bunching up at the door - the player selects which student go to which school. I myself found a mod that stops that from happening. The Sims will just enter - ignoring any 'blocking or entry queue'. You aren't completely clear on what steps you are taking so this is the best I have. Doing Gods work I see!
  5. Okay - I know some want to see trouble in action - so here's a snack.
  6. Some animators include picture or GIF's of the animations on their download page. Considering one can be at 1000 animations for the Sims 3, no ONE has attempted to create an inclusive post with the information you mention of ALL the animators work. Feel free to do so . . . . .
  7. As a programmer I'm surprised you want to open that box of worms As for making changes to another's mod - I'm guessing you want to make changes and then share it. Others have made changes to specific parts of the mod and offer those as 'updates/upgrades' without issue, but if one was to make the changes in a way that required the user to download an entirely new version - then that wouldn't be within the site rules without specific permission from OnikiKay to make available here. Since the latest/final version has been made public on the Patreon, it's hard to say without contacting OnikiKay to how they want to handle it.
  8. You ask your girlfriend to move in, and shortly afterwards her sister begins staying with you two. Of course she has her own sleeping quarters . . . . . And you know she's nothing but trouble! Meanwhile your next door neighbor is throwing a party which you decide to crash. And your Girlfriend's sister decides to visit the local club. Trouble ahead, trouble behind. And you know that notion - just crossed my mind . . . . .
  9. You know I like to try being creative by mixing and matching different outfit parts. I came up with an interesting use for the 2B bottom, but was surprised when I couldn't recolor it. White is okay . . . . .
  10. Vetting new help is important to the well being of your business.
  11. Well, They should've thought twice before setting up the Nexus servers inside the ring of the Large Hadron Collider.
  12. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=SIMS+3+CONSOLE+COMMANDS&ia=web slowMotionViz [x] - Slow motion, where [x] is 0-8 (0 is normal) >>> I have (had) a mod called 'Mummy's Walk Normally'. Worked like a charm. Mummy's now walked the same as other Sims, making them bearable to play. The mod was released before Seasons EP. Seasons introduced the Skating Rinks (roller/ice). With the Mummy's walk normal mod installed, Sims didn't skate - they walked around the rink. Shit happens . . . . .
  13. No, it slows the time. I believe there is a Console Command which controls the Speed of Animations. (This is probably changed for the special 'Baywatch' slow motion run Lifeguards receive as a job perk) Animation running lengths dependent on 'time' come in 2 types. One uses the game time - so an animation will 'loop' until the Sims game clock reaches a set time. The other is set to run *one time instead of loop and Relativity can cause this type to sit and wait for the game clock to reach a point before it unpauses after running a single pass of the animation. I've only noticed this with the SHOWTIME EP career animations playing. *The animations appear to 'stutter' as they pause while the game time catches up. The only Thing I know to do is set Relativity back to zero while watching or performing a Showtime Event. There are settings in Relativity meant to slow (or speed up) the effects from certain interactions so they can run an amount of time longer or shorter based on the player settings while trying to remain 'true' to the game unchanged. Unfortunately - like the example above - not all animations and the scripts running them use the same references so it's never going to be perfect. As for changing the length of time specific animations run, either you need to find a mod or go into the files and change them yourself. I use an eating mod myself from MTS. It makes Sims take longer to eat, and the player can choose the amount of nourishment the Sims receive (fill the needs bar) so they actually need to eat more than once a day - even with Relativity set to make the days much longer. This type of event has the animation length based on number of cycles - https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=350795
  14. Rape in KW is a 'feature' enabled in the KW/Settings/Global Settings. This allows the 'Rape' script to play which begins with a very short fight. Afterwards the loser suffers a beaten moodlet which adds facial make-up for the duration. Next a series of sex animations will play, with the selection dependent on the number of participants. Any other Sims encountering this event will usual call the police. A player may direct their Sim to intervene. In the KW/Settings/Services is a feature to actively spawn NPC's to attempt 'rape' events. This is completely separate from the Global Settings although this setting is needed for the 'Service' to function. Here the chance of an event spawning can be set. >>>To interact with the number of NPC's spawned, one needs to go into the KW/Debug/RegisterRapists menu. Here the player can select a number of Sims to be used by the Rape Service settings. To change - use both UnregisterRapists and the Register feature again till you are happy with the Sims selected. - IF - You use NRaas/Master Controller it's easy enough to take the registered Sims into CAS and customize them to your liking as well when you as the player bring the camera to them for menu selection during live play. There is no way I know of to control how many Sims are spawned for an event, how to spawn more, or what circumstances are involved for the script used to determine the number.
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