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  1. Has anyone tried to change the setting for sleeping over the covers when aroused? I never tried myself as I have no problem with this feature and no desire to bug test every single setting.
  2. Of the several animation packages already available, there are a few animation stages designed to accommodate more than 2-3 sims. Many 'will' work with less than the maximum amount though. To my knowledge the only way to 'document' which of these do this is to be aware of the particular animation being played while either continuing to ask other Sims to join, or hoping for the best autonomously with privacy or other settings not interfering with the script trying to add more sims. To my knowledge, the 2 locations with the animations created for the most Sims are the bed and floor. Problem with the floor is one must start the sex event there as Kinky World has no option to move an existing sex scene to that location like most others. These are from some of the existing animations one 'should' already be using. Not all the multi-Sim animations are labeled as such - take it up with the animator . . . . . If playing with lot's of gay/homo Sims - one may want to turn off the gender filter. Use the KW/Debug/Move feature if guy/guy 'vaginal' doesn't line up (anal) - girls will use a strap-on.
  3. What do you expect from a country that barely has 200 years of history and leads the world in waste production
  4. Yes. If arousal is 'satisfied' before they go to sleep - they will be under the covers like normal. The moodlet isn't always negative as there are several traits, etc. that give a positive value instead of a negative value - but of course, there is no documentation for this. I bring it up as I noticed instead of a negative value, one of my Sims had a positive value after cheating - which I felt was because they had the 'Party Animal' Trait - but it could be a variety of things. I never felt the urge to test exactly what defines the moodlet as positive or negative. One thing I will say is I don't use the 'woohooer' trait near as much as when I first started using the mod.
  5. My version has had some adjustments made, things removed, etc. https://www.loverslab.com/tags/high school/ <----- Other schools available for download. The school I use by LungPaul may still be available for download but I can't find it either. This is the file I used. There are some clothes options included. I see that the 'important' files are Sims3packs - so be sure to change them to packages for easy control (removal) if not everything is 'wanted/needed'. LungPaul school and uniforms.zip <----- This school will need the player to do some 'work' on to make sure it is KW ready (mostly the Prom room, but principal and nurse offices will also need attention). This was originally uploaded shortly after the KW HS was added to the mod. The mod has made changes to the HS feature since it was first implemented - and this is one reason this is not the best KW school to use since it won't 'work out of the box' and needs player help.
  6. While unclear on the exact details about the feature which cause annoyance, there is a couple things one can try. There is a setting for 'sleeping above the covers' when aroused. There is always the ability to change the arousal as well - either: 1) Have sex before bed when aroused. 2) Use the debug feature to lower arousal settings (states). 3) Use NRaas Master Controller and remover the aroused moodlet. The mod is what it is. The fact the most recent build has been made public on the Patreon site tells us the mod is likely finished. The freedom to NOT use the mod is a wonderful thing - so don't use it.
  7. I wanted adult teen woohoo, so that was one of the settings I changed - age restriction. I had also made some changes in NRaas story progression with the caste system/romance. Pretty sure teen/elder is default disabled. As we all know - what a setting is labeled as doesn't always mean exactly what it says/what we interpret.
  8. Yeah. These are all settings that fine tune how a Sim interacts with KW. In the debug section the option: Always Accept - On, bypasses all the flags and filters that would stop KW woohoo like the ones quoted. Not sure if you could starve a Sim to death by continuous sex, but they would pass out from sleep deprivation or piss themselves after a session while the needs are red. (possibly interrupting the sequences for an early end) 99.99% of the time it's either a setting, or conflict causing issues. Endless times the advice to load no other mods to test the game and KW together reveal some other package was interfering. KW is heavily script based and since it's not perfect, any interruption in the sequence can have other effects. For example: A Sim will 'select' some object for an animation to take place. This object now has an 'in use' flag temporarily attached, but the event gets interrupted - perhaps there was a pathing issue with a chokepoint and Sim foot traffic. Now this object 'can't' be used and there is no event taking place to clear the object when the script is finished. This is just one example of how KW could have issues during a play session. For that particular issue, one just clones the item in question and places it near by with the console command 'MoveObjects On'. Now they either control/shift-click or just shift-click the object to delete it and then move the clone to the proper place - fixed. If events time out, then something is stopping them, even if it's an issue with the game's internal queue of events happening all over the town at any given time. As stated above - that 'something' is almost always another mod.
  9. Chad is quite pleased with the new hair.
  10. https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Mannequin_(object)#Concentroid_Retail_Display_Pedestral_by_Corebital_Designs https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Mannequin_(object)#Rubikon_Retail_Display_Pedestral_by_Corebital_Designs Into the Future EP There may be variations of this somewhere, and/or someone may have ripped this feature out of the pack and created a stand alone like many other objects with scripts. I know of none myself, but thought a starting reference point may help.
  11. I tried to find some documentation but fucking Sims 4 and everything else wants to have a page reference when I did a search for 'Sims 3 make out in toilet stall'. The reason I bring this up is it creates a lack of documentation for the Sims 3 event. Therefore I cannot 100% prove the University EP is the reason this interaction now exists. Because of the nature of the Sims 3 though, one can easily see it's a default EA interaction as without the mosaic used when they enter, one can see the girl sits while the guys cleans as the hearts rain down as if it was Woohoo!. I created a custom 'restroom', with the proper 'doors' and directed the Sims to 'make out' using the toilet stalls in both the guys and the girls restroom. By doing this experiment I did notice the 'blocked' Sim isn't blocked anymore and can just walk right into the restroom of the opposite gender as if those doors didn't exist while this event played out. Not sure if Sims can/will get distracted before entering/leaving the room causing them to be trapped outside or inside requiring a reset or NRaas Overwatch intervention.
  12. One can preach over and over again, yet perhaps more examples of why it's the best way to find why things don't work is to simply 'empty' the mods - start fresh - and find the conflict, could help those stubborn individuals whom refuse to take the time to do this and wonder why their shit is broken. Good find. Good call. Hope others learn from this.
  13. Yes. Why would someone place a zip file in a folder meant for package files? More confirmation there is a reason they continue to make consoles.
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