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  1. Yeah, it's why I thought to ask someone whom really has experience, and isn't trying to 'sell' me something. It sounds a bit like Fallout 4 vs 3 when launched. Many concepts and mods created by players for 3 were adopted by Bethesda and added to 4. I use a shit ton of custom sliders, skin tones, yada yada, just to enable a more competent creation experience. So in essence, it seems to me the ability to Mod the game is the real advantage. This would go along with my impression that in a way, they 'dumbed' down the game, making it more stable and allowing better results from such efforts. The term dumbed down isn't a slight at all, but a reference to removing the open world so the game just plays easier from a programmers point of view. I do have Origin on this machine, but it hasn't been opened since the last time I played Star Wars Battlefront II a few months after release. Those prices - my GOD! I had to clean my monitor to make sure I was seeing correctly. Games for consoles began this price fixing almost 20 years ago. Shit on a disk, call it a game, and charge the industry standard $59.99. Oops, stopping rant. Whew. Getting better at catching myself Thanks again for taking the time to get a bit into detail. I'm very surprised The Sims 4 doesn't have a slightly 'shaved' version for free - to get players 'hooked', and want to spend more to get the total game experience. Crusader Kings 2 basic is now free, and that game also has a ton of DLC.
  2. Great work as always. That name is a mouthful isn't it? Oh, never mind, BMW R90 Aurora makes it easier to remember. For anyone using KW and doesn't have Fast Lane Stuff, they might forget these still make great furniture.
  3. This makes me smile and feels like the set up to a great spy thriller. Both of the closest men in your life were privy to secrets either would have gladly brought to their respective countries intelligence agencies. Even something as simple as actual ship/weapon/etc. specs confirmed are important. This is why, as an american, I still don't know what the ACTUAL top speed of say, an Abrams Tank is. Wow!
  4. It gave me a better understanding of what Film/TV does as a whole. I had to come up with a concept, 'cast Sims' (pun intended), and film at locations. Next, begin the construction process by laying down the soundtrack (music video style for this) and choosing clips. Chopping the clips to fit time marks with the music, and repeating a few just as music repeats chorus/etc. Continue until the sound track is filled with video, then go back and tweak it further by chopping more, and inserting more till enough is enough I went back to my original work folder for this - Including the finished video(s), both compressed and normal, there are 101 files in it. Many not used. I'd be curious how much film lay on the editing room floor for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.... 20 hours? 100? A story board's use is obvious once anyone starts something like this as an efficient time saving device. For a 4 minute clip, it wasn't as problematic as 2-3 hours would be. I finally got past the majority of RDR2, and now feel like I can take a break from it and get a little Sim gaming back into my life. New content to make KW sing some more.
  5. Wow! I guess The Sims 3 was pushing boundaries further than I imagined. This one statement helps correct my impression of the situation as a whole.... This one feature, which also 'cured' the problem with time in the Sims 2, is why I even bothered starting playing 3. I had already heard about the short comings of 3 when compared to 2 in terms of features and it continues with 4. The whole pool fiasco is a great example. They might have 4 perfected in another five years, just in time for the Sims 5/online where they can control even more, and only store bought 'CC' will work/be allowed (Fallout76 anyone).
  6. Yes, they can be worn with top/bottom separates, or full body outfits, since they are like any other accessory. @LadySmoks Thanks for making them KW compatible. Can you do the same for the TF Chastity belt?
  7. US NAVY? YAY! 1980-1983 You might lose your sea legs, but you never lose the salt. Thanks Lady
  8. My feelings exactly! Once I remembered this IS Rockstar, and GTA-Old west, I was able to adjust my game play style and expectations. Some days I hit the story missions as hard as I can - others - I run around doing anything that I get lost in - lot's of that The game is meant to be played at a much slower pace. This has led me to hanging around, sometimes after a side mission, only to be rewarded with stuff I never expected, and would have missed if I just zipped off as soon as completed. Amputations anyone? It also introduced me to a new game mechanic - the Slow time event. Not Dead-eye, but when the game needs an ADHD kid to sit longer than 30 secs in a cutscene before grabbing his phone by making him hold 'W' so the cutscene will continue.....
  9. Thanks Richie, this made me laugh. Although this doesn't specifically say Sims 4, it's in this section so I must restrain myself. Lot's of good work here, and glad everyone's getting a place to show the love. Because of my feelings of using the KW 'futa'/shemale options in the Sims 3 (a chick with a dick is still a chick) I wanted to try and make Transgenders more realistic and ended up making some pretty cute 'guys'. There are a few screenshots back in the OLD sims 3 forums for those curious enough to make the journey. Wondered why I hadn't seen you post there recently Richie. Now I know. Talk at ya later.
  10. Unplug the modem. Do a new install after copying the entire sims 3 folders to a back up (x86 and docs) If you can install the disks without being online (digital download) using the xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx codes found on the game manuals, then you don't need Origin. or Online. Of course use the all in one 1.67 patch I linked. The digital download 'disks' (don't make me laugh) are Origins doorway into older Sims installations. @LadySmoks since you have no 'drive', this is a problem.
  11. I used this for a google search.... with results. 'how to install external mods into XCom2 WOTC steam' If needed, Try the Adult gaming section near the bottom, and check the XCOM 2 posts for others playing XCOM 2 with mods. They'll get you sorted out. Nice: this was moved closer to the needed location. TY moderators
  12. After my recent 'bout' with populating new worlds, and finding MOAR cc on the web (it never ends) I'm really curious as to 'what' makes creating better. Seriously, I like to educate myself, and was hoping you could expand on this since I'll never find out for myself. If curious, It's just a few clicks away to see my recent screen shot uploads - My profile/attachments is a good place to start if not wanting to visit Sims 3/general/Show us your pics -or- Post your KW pics here. (2 long posts doing the same thing >.<) Better in 'ease of creation', or 'outcome of the Sim' once done? Or something else? Just curious - thanks. (I was checking the Sim 'porn star request and find' since I really like seeing other players using these tools to imitate reality)
  13. I linked the full 1.67 patch at the bottom of page 586. I don't know if running this on Ver 1.69 is possible to 'retro' patch it, or if a fresh install is required. Calling Tech on this one....
  14. I'm having trouble reading between the lines here. I'm guessing by 'disks', you don't actually mean CD/DVD. >All my Sims 3 IS on physical media which requires no internet connection. Had to shop Amazon to finish my collection after going to Walmart, buying 2 EP's, and having them immediately phone home to EA in an attempt to bushwack me. I'm not afraid to grab the modem and unplug it in a heartbeat. ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . Okay, had to take long slow deep breaths. Origin. Of what? Evil? Even now, if I open my launcher for what ever reason, (verifying Version #) when I 'try' to close it, I'm notified there's still downloads in progress, do I want to... FUCK YOU DIE NOW! Thank you Task Manager. You're my Hero! That why I have you open during most gaming sessions. I might not be able to thoroughly kill the Internet attempts, but I CAN take a hand off. 'Yes' I have the no launcher/disk mods. I knew getting rid of Origins constant presence was key to being able to enjoy the Sims 3 without fear of corporate assassination.
  15. Angry Birds is the best example of tripe. (Sorry, I'm ripping on a movie - so hypocritical) What next? Space Invaders: The Movie? "They just keep coming". "I know. I don't think we're going to get out of this alive". "Well then let's give them HELL before we go'. Followed by 85 minutes of pew pew. (Did I just describe Matrix: Revolutions?) My point with the above is there is NO plot to the game. Being a mobile game (cold sweats) means probably more people have heard of it than the Witcher. This is the ONLY reason the project was green lit, then something had to be written to actually make a movie. This wasn't made for gamers, and I believe this is the fundamental problem with Games 2 Movies.
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