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  1. Have you tried to: Revert to female, then change back to shemale? I'm still a bit concerned you were able to make a child - futa....
  2. You'll need to make additions, changes to settings, etc. ANYTIME you start a new world/save. Luckily KW did include a few features to help. If you notice in KW settings, and debug; you have a couple of ways to export your settings for use in other save files. When starting a new game/world, after KW loads, just import these settings and you're good to go. If you also use Nraas Master Controller and Story Progression, these too have export and import options. I would really hate to have to make ALL the changes in a new game each time if it weren't for these functions. As it is, I need only to make a few changes in things like Nraas: Relativity, Saver, Traffic, etc. before I can start enjoying the game and spending too much time in CAS, making more households to mess with. It takes a long time to tweak the SIMS3 in a way which we find satisfying, so using these tools really helps our enjoyment.
  3. Hey Reg, I'm sorry you had to bring up that personal history. But also am revolted that there are people here at LL which are so callous. The first thing I though of was that scene from Inglorious Bastards.... On a more pleasant note..... Since you say 'Ivy is me'; Why the name Ivy instead of say - Regina? If it hits a personal note - no need to answer, just curious. Lastly @Chic Geek: It's nice to be wrong. I'll explain.... When the idea of using a VO actress was mentioned, I felt one of Ivy's unique characteristics was Reg's ingenious use of computerized speech, allowing the option of an enormous speaking database for a companion, and the fact as a Bot, this concept was solid. I have recently started a new game with the newer Ivy, including your work, and as I mentioned. It's nice to be wrong. Your effort sounds very natural, and I'm surprised I had no problems making the transition to the 'new' Ivy. As a gentleman though - I occasionally get a feeling of guilt when listening to the voice of a real person saying these things as opposed to a computer program. If anything, I respect Ivy even more now.
  4. I get the distinct feeling this is what happens when you deviate from your 'vision' to attempt to include ridiculous requests from people whom choose to support you, especially those whom pay MORE, to have some 'say' in your project. "Hey OnikiKay, Could you make it so I can slow dance with a dog after we have sex?" ...you start to see my point.
  5. landess

    What's on your mind?

    As I aged my present day convictions seemed to arrive almost simultaneously. This is in reference to my refusal to participate in american capitalist cultural events, created and preyed upon by most everyone, be they corporate or private. Xmas started as a reference to the birth of Jesus, not a reason to create 'Black Friday'. My feelings extends to every thing which started as a form of observation and turned into a reason to spend. When I quit being a cultural sheep, and opened my eyes wide, It was almost as if I had been 'released from the matrix' long before that movie ever was created. Don't get me wrong - I still think it's important to observe certain holidays, but I also believe this culture of spend, spend, SPEND, should re-evaluate itself. I also come from the school of; VANITY costs money that could easily be used for more constructive purposes..... (I graduated with honors)
  6. This recent interest in Ivy's 'human' qualities sparked me to watch The Al Pacino movie S1M0NE. I can't believe this was never on my radar before - good stuff. It gets even better: Al Pacino's character in the movie has a daughter player by Evan Rachel Wood, who went on to star in the HBO series Westworld. Bots being used by people - go figure....
  7. landess

    OKW for Kiwi animations

    What's easier about about having to open an extra folder? But actually the fact it annoys people brings me a perverse pleasure. Also, tell me you didn't 'look' at every single icon to see what I have? It's okay, I know you did.... Also, I come from an older generation that has shelves for books, and games. Since most are now digitally downloaded, it's a way of seeing what I have at a glance, in a sense. IF you work at a desk, and it's empty, then good for you - OCD on the clock.
  8. landess


    Yeah, this is an old one, because kids don't get it when I say that to them... ....And you might like this one as well:
  9. While script mods are an important framework, if done correctly, they have events which are easily 'hooked' into by other creators. This allows a companion creator to fullfill concepts that would be too overwhelming for a framework creator. I think the companion Ivy is an excellent example. Not meant to be used in conjunction with other companions, works well with most mods, and is unique enough to really add something to the game (FO4). I couldn't see a sex framework creator going into this much detail - times x amount - for all possible events.
  10. This makes me laugh! Well said. No doubt someone in EA's ranks is aware of this, just like Bethesda would be. My guess is they'd rather not bring 'free advertising' to mods as well as keep that 'dirty little secret' out of the public's eye as much as possible (for those not in-the-know).
  11. landess

    What's on your mind?

    Yes, Wak....ahem, Zamunda forever! Black African Royalty, Contrast with American culture, White token actor - many similarities. Annnnd Nick Fury! Further reading: https://screenrant.com/coming-to-america-eddie-murphy-trivia-facts/
  12. Looking at a trend over many years: Developers create something amazing looking, then over time it does downgrade visually, till it's finally released to the public. If you play enough 'next gen games' on PC, you realize they need more than 5% of the PC owners to be able to run it. Even with games which are released to the public, you still hear the outcry from those with older systems which can barely handle the games. Rarely, you get a release which offers a HD option, or some visual upgrade. Considering the publishers want to sell as many copies as possible while still being relevant, it's not surprising that Crysis still sets the bar for what is acceptable at release in regards to hardware being used. I purchased my first nVidia card after buying Tomb Raider: Legend. I wanted the sweet graphics exclusive that came with the game, but needed a newer nVidia card to run. While many things looked better, it wasn't able to reproduce the 'wet-clothes which dry out' effect gotten on the default graphics setting. One might think they would include graphics to keep the game looking amazing in 4-5 years as newer equipment is introduced, but realistically, they are more interested in selling us 3-4 new titles by that time. MMO's like Conan, had a high entry bar, but needed that to stay relevant years later. Even LotRo received a graphics bump in resolutions, if not texture and lighting effects. I look forward to seeing exactly what Cyberpunk has to offer when debuted.
  13. landess

    Epic Video Game Music

    It took me quite a while to go through this post - and the feeling of Nostalgia is strong with this one. I thank all those whom referenced old PC games I played and almost forgot about. It goes to show the magic people can produce with only 12 half steps of frequency, similar to the magic others can make with a 1 and a 0. I include this offering from Titan Quest. One of the things I realized about this game was the journey took the PC through different lands, allowing the composers to have fun creating music influenced by many cultures.
  14. landess

    What's on your mind?

    Re-watched 'Coming to America' w/Eddie Murphy, and realized as a vehicle for black actors it does it waaaaay better than Black Panther, and a hell of a lot earlier. Those wedding dancers near the beginning are mesmerizing and her wedding gown at the end is amazing. There was a lot of talent put into that movie and it had NO politics. So many things: Make-up/multiple parts for the leads, James Earl Jones going camp on his Darth Vader lines, it goes on.....
  15. Because an account isn't particular to any one thing, the best they could do is submit a cease and desist order for distributing any mods using their trademarked/copyright software, and choose to pursue legal action for damages for illegal use of said software. The patreon account on the other hand might be closed by Patreon itself, just as an ISP can turn off your ability to use their service if a copyright holder complains about you distributing/downloading their property - like using a Torrent for example.