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  1. landess

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    If you 'could' somehow use Creation Kit engine models in VRchat, only you would see it unless others also had the same files installed on their end. Since the bodies used by VRchat are tied to their software, the only real possibility would be if they added it themselves. It's the same thing for most online games - like the nude patch for Star Trek Online, etc. Even 'IF' you can do it, only you will see it unless offered/supported by the parent company. A lot of 'sex-game' companies don't even store most of their files on your system. They load in when you log-in, and are deleted when you log-out. Second Life is an exception, with the content creators uploading their files to the server so anyone logged in can see what you've purchased to display.
  2. landess

    post your sexy screens here!

    I've been workin' with the Railroad, all the live long day! But when the night time comes.....
  3. If you want to access the animal lover scripts, then having pets would be needed. While there's nothing from stopping anyone from watching the Zoo Lover channel regardless, just having pets won't do anything unless your Sim learns the Zoo Lover 'skill' like the exhibition skill. There is a KW setting to disable Zoo Lover though, just like rapists, peeping Tom's, etc.
  4. I seriously wanted Dixie available as a companion after meeting her. Hopefully she gets some attention from Ivy as well. While there may be mods to make 'anyone' a follower, it's just not the same as if they were scripted for it. Looking forward to the next iteration...
  5. Mods where instead of dying, you get raped and left for dead make sense to me. Slavery mods introduce a more intense version of this situation, but seem hamstrung by basic psychology. As a player, I may have no choice in the matter, but I can't see myself not wanting to escape. If this means lying, acting, or other forms of manipulation to save my skin I get this. I tried this in Skyrim and never found myself running out to voluntarily get enslaved. When it did happen, escape was all I could think about.... the slavery mod almost became an inconvenience. Maybe these type mods aren't for me, but I always thought I'd enjoy a 'mini-game' where I'm at the mercy of a deviant while looking for moments of opportunity to make my break. If these situations take too long then I tend to just load a previous save and move on. Having a collar like the Nuka-World slaves have isn't an issue, as long as that opportunity presents itself occasionally. Some kind of 'bonus' for sticking it out a little longer may be an incentive to 'stick around' longer, but turning a play through into a slave simulator isn't what would appeal to myself. Reading other posts shows me others have varying degrees of time commitment they'd be willing to allow their character to remain in this state. As a player, it's not feasible for me to expect a game mod to 'break' me. I'm on the outside looking in, as it were. While I enjoy role play a good amount - it gives purpose to choices games like this offer - it's important to meet several criteria the difference in players would bring. If I enjoy the mod too much, it's not really 'slavery' IMO. Things to do while in this state would really make a difference in how long someone would be willing to forego the game as is. Forced marches for prostitution, is one that makes sense which goes along with being a reward for other enemies whom 'prove' themselves to your 'owner'. The title 'master' shows a mental state I just can't see myself adopting. If a mod could get you to 'sandbox' a little, using items like NPC's do for a set amount of time, then I feel the role play would be better suited.... go work a garden for a few hours, cook at a stove/etc for a while - not actually crafting anything per se, but going through the motions, watching your captives, looking for that moment of opportunity. Being verbally abused in between chores and the ever present sexual favors would seem to round out a day in the life of a 'slave'. Just my $.02
  6. I think I'll take a look at this and see about modifying the HN66 outfits. I like the perky breasts 66's mod presents, and your presets bottom appeals to me more than the default. Fusion City Rising uses the same outfits, but seem to be body-slid to the CBBE style. I've been noticing a lot of mods I have are indeed removed from the Nexus site. Odd. Obviously somethings going on, but seems quite a few people have archives which can be PM'd for. Gotta love the lab. EDIT: Works great! My Heather Casdin with the Willow looks preset now has this body and I'm quite happy. I took a few HN66 items into bodyslide to complete the effort (like the Sirius Armor).
  7. I just wanted to add 'Outcasts and Remnants' are also making use of the Pulowski shelters. I have this mod disabled on my ASIA playthrough, but it requires reaching a certain stage in the questline for 'Outcasts', having you run around and collect items to 'make it work'. Not sure if A.S.I.A. actually uses only default shelters though, as it seems I noticed new ones here and there: the 2 next to each other just west of C.I.T. is an example.
  8. landess

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    While I haven't lost sight this post is about the ARES android mod which is on hold it appears, I got interested in synth/android/robot options for humans because of it. Since the A.S.I.A. project was 'complete' I've been using it, but admit the original Daughter of Ares I have for FONV is what brought me here. I finally got around to taking my ASIA character to the Institute and found an NPC there (screenie below). I saw this and said "Wait a minute". It's obviously part of a mod I downloaded and started me on a search to find out where/how/which mod added it without uninstalling stuff. MXR has 'FO4 Downloads #66' which has some stuff, but I noticed he used the FONV DoA as bait Continuing I found other mods and a lot seem to use the same assets Trykz used for A.S.I.A.. Not sure which is the chicken or the egg, but no matter, I find the whole theme interesting. The mod which stands out concerning this is 'SynthGirl iCurie Gen 2.5' which is on Nexus. I noticed the exact same mesh used by A.S.I.A. though (among others).... This NPC has the 'Valentine' hand on the left. Mod authors mention doing this on the right to avoid issues with the pipboy. Another shot of A.S.I.A wearing the sandal version of Cross swimsuit v1.0a footwear (was going to link them but the mod was removed from Nexus by author) along with a different set of nails, both hand and foot. CBBEnails v1.1 While it would be great for the ARES project to be completed, in the mean time, we have options.
  9. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54509/
  10. I play all these Characters, and used a mod to make your playables into companions.... Orc/Sword and Board, Dark Elf/Vampire-Mage, Khajiit/Thief-Dagger, Nord/1 Hander-Illusion, Breton/Bow-Blade (like the Rock in the Scorpion King) All have some ranged capability to troll flying dragons.....
  11. After becoming a 'Jack of all trades' and doing all the factions/quests/yada yada, I decided to make all subsequent play through's unique by role playing as best as the game would allow. I added quite a few mods to enhance each new characters role in the world while adding others like Deadly Dragons, etc. which help all the new play through's. While you are obviously going to be the Dragonborn no matter how you slice it, it doesn't have to rule what you decide to do until you follow the main quest. Most times after beginning a new character with this in mind, I often head out to seek the faction, and quests/locations which fit that choice immediately after reaching Riverwood. I also actively ignore all factions and quests which break that characters immersion, and choose what skills and perks to use to supplement this: no more jack of all trades. This helps me use crafting more, or depend on merchants more, etc. While this style of game play nets less experience at first, It allows for certain locations to level up with me before I do finally explore them - if at all. I also reach the end of each play through quicker instead of it dragging on.
  12. The first time I jumped up there I had no problem, but every other freaking time I've gotten stuck and HAD to use TCL to move. Thank GOD for console commands. (or a Jetpack) Be sure to read them carefully - My first time I got confused because I read 'into' the information instead of understanding what I was looking at. Just past where you are (quest-wise) I found myself back here at the forums, found the answer I needed, and rereading the terminal I realized what an idiot I was.
  13. When ever I decide to make changes like this I use the old "add BAK to the end of the folder/file" and create a new one for the purposes I require. This way I have an archive which I can always refer to. One example is when I moved my entire Sims3 game to a new computer - I installed the game normally, then added BAK to the end and copied my old folder next to it. This was done for both the Documents folder and the Program files folder. I have actually moved the game twice now and it continues to work fine. Occasionally I need to add the new system info .ini if warranted. Same with Skyrim, or any other heavily modded game I've played. Of course there may be a need to do the same with mod managers, but you get my drift. I can always delete the 'BAK' files/folders if they are purely experimental instead of archival. Hard drives are so much bigger now that storage is rarely an issue unless you have a smaller SSD used for the windows install with a huge secondary drive. Keeping these archived folders on a separate external HD has saved me some grief if I have a drive failure or corruption. I see too many posts where someone has lost important files.
  14. landess

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    I just wanted to add 'Turn off your game updates' and run Steam in offline mode so the constant Creation Club updates don't break your mods. Setting "update this game only when I play it" is likely your only option on Steam now. I quit updating mine over a year ago.
  15. This how I felt when playing the Dragonborn expansion for Skyrim. I heard that music and it was SOooooo familiar. Then I found it was from Morrowind - my first Bethesda game and it was like hanging with an old friend.