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  1. You're getting some bad advice so I'll add the voice of reason to this. Bethesda does NOT own your screenshots. They reserve the right to USE your screenshots in promotions, as advertisement, etc. but they don't own shit. Mod authors do NOT own your screenshots of stuff they've made. If they did, they'd own practically every screenshot on every forum on the internet. That isn't the case. Using screenshots for your own game; Bethesda would have to demonstrate that what you're doing somehow infringes on their brand name, affects their brand in a negative way, or denies them financial gain. If that were the case all of the paid SFM projects that use Skyrim models and textures wouldn't be around, and Lover's Lab would have been flushed down the toilet years ago. Just because Bethesda says they retain the rights doesn't mean they enact them. If what you're doing has the potential to earn millions of dollars then YES that would peak Bethesda's interest. If what you're doing is a fan project that will go on Patreon or whatever then don't worry about it...just don't upload it here.
  2. You can try vertext painting but I have no idea if that will work for Skyrim; just use the smallest brush size and paint 'a bikini' directly onto the body meshes. That way the tan lines would be there regardless of the texture used. Getting the brush strokes to line up exactly on both the _0 and _1 meshes will be a major chore.
  3. The COVID narrative is falling apart.
  4. SLAPSHOT...probably one of the funniest movies you'll ever watch.
  5. That's two-fold; Nerxus dominates traffic which means exposure for the modder, which in turn gives them the external validation they crave. There is very little long-term thinking involved. The ones behind 'I own your mods' and 'because I said so' moderating THINK they're winning...and without options they would be...but there are options and people are using them. 'NO, you DO NOT own my mods just because I have them on your site and screw you and the rule you just made up on the spot.' People will only tolerate so much before they snap and pull their mods so they can do their own thing. EDIT: I was roped in to using Discord one time and it was a bunch of goddamned pedophiles swapping sex mod screenshots of little kids. They wanted ME to convert outfits I had made for grown women to work with little girls. That was enough for me to wash my hands of Discord permanently.
  6. 'They're not your mods, they're MY MODS.' 'The rules are what I SAY THEY ARE.' It's no wonder modders are moving to Discord to be captain of their own ship.
  7. R.I.P. to what little was left of Fauci's credibility.
  8. 'How much main stream shit are we expected to swallow?'
  9. True Romance 1993 (Quentin Tarantino's first screenplay.) Shadow of the Vampire 2000 (best film representation of what a vampire would really be like, imo.)
  10. https://www.xvideos.com/ already has an established Sexlab fanbase.
  11. This isn't about spamming the alchemy table to level up or breaking the game with loops/exploits. Post the recipes you use when you bother to really play the game. I'll start... The Basics everyone should know by now are Vegetable Soup and/or Venison Stew. Both are super cheap and easy. Elsweyr Fondue is also good for mages but the Moon Sugar is pricey at low levels. Now for the real recipes: Make me Mage-Proof: Hawk Beak, Snowberries, Mudcrap Chitin resist fire, frost and shock (restores Stamina as well) Battle Mage Potion: Juniper Berries, Salt Pile, Garlic regenerate Magicka and Health The Redguard: Juniper Berries, Bear Claws, Canis Root fortify one-handed and archery Kill-Me-Quickly Poison: Imp Stool, Rivery Betty, Mora Tapinella damage health and lingering health damage Kill-Me-Slowly Poison: Deathbell and River Betty damage health and slow Share your own recipes!
  12. Scrutinizing the inscrutable doesn't mean I can't laugh at it.
  13. The LL staff has made it blatantly clear that Dark0ne is Jesus.
  14. Emil Pagliarulo: the guy responsible for every bull-horn-blaring Bethesda plot hole and inconsistency since Ralston left Bethesda. Skyrim Delphine and her preternatural 'I know what's going on even though there's no way I feasibly could' plot contrivance bullshit. Remove the Tumblr-level fan-fic horseshit Bethesda (and the fans) foists it off as a 'story' and they have jack shit...and jack vacated the premise so what are they left with?
  15. Emil Pagliarulo is incapable of writing a cohesive game story line. Microsoft needs to jettison him.
  16. I guess I'll just have to openly be a dick to get my point across to you; I know basic game mechanics so you gaslighting me with 'it can't be changed' ain't gonna fly. It can indeed be changed since you're already tracking cell keywords for the owner. It's the mechanics for location key words like 'mine' or 'forsworn camp'. I understand what's going on and your mod is applying the key word to the player, not the owner. In vanilla game terms my character would walk into the trigger zone of a grand vista and your owner NPC would teleport from across the map to tell me 'Wow, never seen anything like that." And you're telling me you can't fix that when triggers are vanilla-tied to the NPC and not the player?
  17. Evidently you guys aren't hip to the new 'make shit up as we go' site roolz.
  18. @HexBolt8 The owner teleporting to the player to demand something persists. This time it was Sven who I had vanilla follower Wait in the Riverwood exterior world space. I fast travelled to the Whiterun Stables and he instantly moved to my character to demand a bottle of Honningbrew Mead. Despite what you might think is happening, the mod is tracking player location and not the owner's. This also happens when renting a room at an inn or entering a jarl's hall. I have the NPC owner wait in a different cell and they will teleport in to demand a room sweeping or a boot licking. Again, they're tracking where the player is and not where they are.
  19. Never mind. Not worth the mental gymnastics required to decipher this situation.
  20. It would have taken as much effort to address this then as it did now. You choosing not to sends the message that your staff can willy-nilly make up rules whenever their tender sensibilities get rubbed the wrong way or when their off-site affiliations are called into question. So site rules have changed and moderator butt-hurt is now a rule violation; yeah that's a win for every LL member.
  21. Listen: The name of the NPC doesn't natter. After suspending the Lola quest and I click on the owner his is what I see ... THREE PERIODS and that's it The NPC's name and ....
  22. Follow-up: I've contacted @Ashal concerning this, Evidently he doesn't care so that means you weren't acting as a moderator and were actually exerting your personal bias (ie causing drama) with the implied intent that you had some sort of authority...which you obviously didn't. Otherwise Ashal would have responded with 'Yeah, my staff can/can't make whatever rules they want on the spot'. He didn't say that SO...You don't don't get to moderator-flex on a subject you have vetted interest in. Pro Tip: your personal preferences ARE NOT site rules. Be sure to pass that on to @DoctaSax. EDIT: And the before the wailings of 'oh muh drama' and 'he-done-did-call-me-out' horse shit starts....A MODERATOR INITIATED IT. So before you delete this post; Do the rules apply to everyone?
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