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What really makes you happy?


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There's a what really pisses you off thread, which is frequented often by myself, as I get pissed off quite frequently.

But often enough I also get really happy about something and there's no place to post it in, like you can in the 'pisses you off' thread.


So what made you happy today, or lately?


For me:

- Did a training in negotiation tactics, then used it at work to negotiate both a raise and a nice one time bonus. (I mean FUCK YEAH. Best course EVER!).


- I received a new air freshener unit in my home last week, and the house smells like fucking forest so fresh since then. There's some kind of oxygen filter in it that sucks all the filthy air out, and through some kind of organic process much like trees, blows out this really fresh smelling air all in my house. My sinuses have cleared out like fuck! It's like living in a fucking spa! Like sleeping outside in a warm forest night. My plants are also happy as fuck. They've gotten several shades greener and seem to like the arrangement.


So that's what made me happy today/this month. :)

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-Art, whether making it or appreciating the finer points of it regardless of the media it is rendered in. Unfortunately, I'm not taking as well making things in digital media as I am in older forms of art just yet but it can still be fun to try to learn the new materials even unsuccessfully.

-Game mods. If they didn't make me happy, that would be one less reason to use this site.

-Good conversations, whether in person or online. A bit of diplomacy and caution can allow one to avoid the common pitfalls of long-distance communication so I don't have too many unpleasant experiences in this area. There will always be exceptions, however, and people who are always spoiling for a fight but I don't let that get to me. That risk is one of the cost of seeking out interactions with others at all.

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- Being reminded that genuine humanity is an actual thing other people are, indeed, capable of


- Large unallocated blocks of time used to binge on studying something


- Having either my intellect or my attractiveness validated without needing to ask


- Sexual/physical contact with someone who knows, understands, and cherishes me and vice versa 


- Feeling safe, warm, comfortable, and loved (so, hugs) 


- Puzzles and positive-stress (e.g. strategy games of appropriate relative difficulty) 


- Loving-kindness meditation

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8 hours ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:

Seeing SJWs humiliate themselves and destroy their own credibility, watching Mel Brooks movies, and eating chocolate.

Antifa knockout compilations.  Watching those nimrods getting the shit beat out of them always puts a smile on my face.  The TYT 2016 election meltdown is also comedy gold.


Anyway...kittens, pizza and cold beer, good coffee (black, no training wheels), looking at hot naked girls, other regular guy stuff.

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10 hours ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:

eating chocolate

Diabetes runs in my family, so I'll substitute, "Eating Trinidad Scorpions" if that's ok


10 hours ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:

watching Mel Brooks movies


10 hours ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:

Seeing SJWs humiliate themselves and destroy their own credibility

15 years ago on Daily Kos we used to laugh at SJWs humiliating themselves and destroying their own credibility. They couldn't POSSIBLY be the future of the party.



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Watching the Evil Dead movies and Ash vs. Evil Dead. I like the dark comedy and the deliberately un-PC nature of the show. I'm so tired of the overly sensitive nature of "mainstream media" that it's refreshing to see something that just doesn't give a fuck. Hey, we got deadites attacking us and a Dark One (Ruby [Lucy Lawless]) trying to get some damned cursed book! Let's tear them up with a wrist-mounted chain saw and a boomstick! YEE-HAW!


And someone tell that possessed colon to get out of here. There's only room for one asshole in my life.

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when I manage to cook something to the ground up whitout my mother interfearing an change the recipe halway trhough



she once managed to return from out of town (500ish km) almost 5 hours before the predicted ETA, took the beef I was preparing to skew and made a broth out of it


she's never been an elicoptermom or anything, she just want to be right in each and every occasion, expecially in the kitchen (one of the few point where her and grandma completelly agree on everything), and due the grim prospects, a house all for myself is far away

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Ohhhhh goodness. When it finally rains after weeks of burning heat sometimes I'd go outside under the rain and feel the cooling sensation of it; listen to the quiet sounds of raindrops and the occasional chirping of birds, and breathe in the cool, moist air. All this really takes my mind off the stressful things I'm facing at the moment.

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Give me some flour chicken taquitos, some hot sauce, and some sour cream and I'm a happy lemming.


Watching the SJWs tout the tweets of people who liked Captain Marvel and ignoring or denouncing every other source that give it mixed or negative reviews. Especially since the only ones giving actual reviews yet are professional critics who, even when they give it positive scores, often give very mixed reviews. Talk about TL;DR. ?


EDIT: Oh, the SJW damage control is blowing up in their faces. I gotta thank Jeremy; I really needed this laugh.




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Booze. I'm a simple man. I'll probably drink today too so it's great.

Also Oblivion, I don't need over 200 mods just to make it enjoyable. Unlike Skyrim. I thought that Oblivion is a dumbed down game when I first played it, but after Skyrim it feels like playing a game that was made by a 300 IQ NASA man.

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I never bothered with Anthem; the only looter-shooter I play is Phantasy Star Online 2.0 (I have the original on Dreamcast, too). But watching BioWare/EA's latest "big thing" go down in flames puts a smile on my face. :classic_smile: Especially when the producer's own actions piss off the people still playing so much they organize a boycott. I'd have embedded the video but that function isn't working right now. Just remember: that's not BioWare anymore, it's some hollow shell that EA is using for the (previously good) name.


Seeing a decent addition to a beloved game series always makes me happy. Like Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a Wonder Boy "prequel" that's finally coming to PC. I grew up with the original WB games and The Dragon's Trap on SMS is still one of my favorite games, as is the remake on Steam. I've seen enough videos of its actual play to be half-excited. Which is about the best I can muster after having my hopes dashed so many times by game producers. :classic_sad:

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