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  1. Two main reasons. One, the masks are intended to slow spread, not stop it. This, in conjunction with social distancing where possible, is intended to accomplish what we refer to as "flattening the curve", spreading out the infection to keep the numbers of simultaneous infection low so as not to overwhelm existing infrastructure. The mask accomplishes this by reducing the amount of microscopic fluid droplets you exhale that could potentially be inhaled or otherwise infect others. If you believed the masks were intended to outright stop spread, you were misled. Two, when so many people decide they don't want to follow guidelines to slow a virus' spread, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the virus... spreads. I feel like this should be self-explanatory.
  2. What kind of deranged fool would pay at all, let alone that much, for a skin texture and ENB for fucking Skyrim?
  3. It kind of reminds me of people who think being Pro-Choice means they're Pro-Death - they don't understand what Pro-Choice means and just assume it's an entirely antagonistic viewpoint. Saying Black Lives Matter doesn't mean you value other races any less. BLM the organized group has some bad apples, surely, and I'm not gonna sit there and try to convince anyone that the movement isn't being applied heavy-handedly in a lot of ways - because it is. But the concept of Black Lives Matter is not anathema to All Lives Matter. All Lives don't matter until Black Lives Matter - or, said another way, if you believe All Lives Matter, you must by necessity believe Black Lives Matter, because they are lives, and all lives matter. However, the way they're treated in the US today sends a clear message that they do not, in fact, matter. This is what the movement is meant to shed light on. That's all. It's not about supremacy or killing anyone whose skin color is different from yours. Only racists and people who haven't had this explained to them yet think that. I used to think is was a silly movement myself even, until it was explained to me like this and I realized I was looking at it from a very narrow viewpoint before.
  4. I can't wrap my head around hating a company because they don't hate black people.
  5. @rewwer66 Please for the love of God if you're going to post more than two or three images use the Spoiler feature, especially if you're going to feature that much blood and bodily harm.
  6. Oh snap this was one of my favorites. Shamefully, I don't and haven't really kept up with many blogs here, but Tammie's Adventures is one of the few that I did keep an eye on. It's one of those cases where, normally I wouldn't be into the titillation aspect of it (barely legal teen types isn't usually my bag), but the combination of the comedy and the characters made them all the more enticing. It helps that Ongwk733 had some God-tier restraint when it came to how often and when he did nudes - gave the characters time to really shine, then bam, hits you with the good stuff. Never a lot, just enough to keep it interesting. All of that speaks to his skill both in writing and the visual medium. A shame Ongwk733 drifted away, but... well, I'm one to talk. I know how that happens all too well.
  7. I've never used PoserHotkeys before now, so I'm open to the possibility that I've done something wrong, but I'm having the same issue as DarthBane34. Everything is in the right place as far as I can tell from the very short instructions provided by PoserHotkeys, but it's just not showing up.
  8. It helps if the criticism being given is actually good.
  9. TES: Zippers, or really any visibly and unmistakably modern material such as denim or latex. I can tolerate a lot when it comes to styles, but if it doesn't look like it could have been produced by someone, somewhere in that universe without thinking about it too much or looking too closely, it doesn't belong in my game. I don't care how sexy it is, take your zipper and go fuck yourself. Additionally, anime. Fallout: Modern style military equipment. One of my favorite things about Fallout as a setting is that retro-future look where art deco ran unchecked, the clean 50's aesthetic never meaningfully challenged by 60's counterculture. That juxtaposition with the dirty, ruined world Fallout is, and how that very juxtaposition plays on the underlying fears that run just beneath that happy 50's aesthetic is a big part of what makes the world so fun to explore. Modern military hardware just doesn't work against that backdrop. Additionally, anime.
  10. And where might one find these tounges?
  11. A lot of fantasy settings have villains who do horrible things. Does that make the creators of those settings horrible people? Social justice and the advancement of equality in modern society are important, but that's not an excuse to lock people into writing only within those aims. Sometimes it's just flavor, or trying to paint a picture of a society alien to ours. Not everyone who writes a bigoted or misogynistic thing are themselves a bigot or misogynist. Social justice doesn't have to come at the expense of creativity.
  12. I mean, what they're describing is an archaic-inspired culture of something that is less human than it is humanoid. Trying to compare that to modern social standards is a bit silly.
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