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  1. Maybe you didn't erase "#" in front of the Tuning.rate In CBPC Config, # is change that line to annotation Because gravityBias adds gravitational effects to bounce, so may be necessary to edit the other parameters values. But if you just want breasts to be sagging by gravity without change to bounce, have to edit only the gravityCorrection
  2. Yes, it still has to work well I know that BHUNP will not officially include anus physics & collision in future If XPMSSE gives up support for anus animation, I'll add anus physics immediately. But if don't, no. anus is only for animation If you edit cbpc config in the first, don't forget to put Tuning.rate * in the cbpconfig file. * is the frame setting. That settings are reflected every time the screen is updated by this frame. e.g. if set Tuning.rate 60, update on
  3. NPC Genitals01 [Gen01] NPC Genitals02 [Gen02] NPC Genitals03 [Gen03] NPC Genitals04 [Gen04] NPC Genitals05 [Gen05] NPC Genitals06 [Gen06] This may be due to the use of Floppy SOS to these bones. These are used in SOS to erection the fenis. If you want a floppy SOS even when the fenis is erection you should change the bones you use as follows GenitalsLag01 GenitalsLag02 GenitalsLag03 GenitalsLag04 GenitalsLag05 GenitalsLag06
  4. Already in SMP mode, it's supposed to be jiggle individually. in CBPC mode, well, it's already set to jiggle individually. but still need more updates on the parameters kind of config in CBPC. That way, can make sure that more certain to be jiggle individually.
  5. Vagina texture pack uploaded in optional file of CBBE 3BBB sorry for the late bacause another work Happy new year!!
  6. Since physics has never been edited when version up from 1.40 to 1.52 Maybe it's the installation order or the BS build that the person above mentioned.
  7. Okay later I will upload an option file to can choose vagina color.
  8. The basic body texture of the Tera Elin 2 is UNP type. So you're gonna need some copy and paste. Textures that need to be copy and paste can be look at below You can find Elin 2 Texture Pack on Google, but that is my very old version. also can find here. There are no other texture pack as easy to install. But some of the textures made by others and the Elin follower Mods, which includes modified textures. You can enter "엘린" when you search.
  9. The view of elin's Facial Animation in racemenu is not supported.
  10. If you use the default Elin2 texture without modifying the textures, may look strange. https://arca.live/b/tullius/ You can find Elin follower or Elin Beauty Mods at this site Search for 엘린 when searching.
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