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  1. The GSB Compendium

    Well, with the wild and wacky instability of mod hosting sites lately, GSB who is semi-retired from modding, authorized me to concentrate his WONDERFUL mod collection into a place so that these awesome mods would not be lost. I figure what better place than this very site!
    Without further ado, jump on in and grab these most EXCELLENT mods. There are clothes, armors, bodies and other items to be found here. I am "pretty sure" I have all of his stuff uploaded, but if I missed something just holler and I will track it down and get it added.
    Files available on downloads page (just click the downloads button) for version 1.0:
    New files added with version 1.1 thanks to Poontank!
    Not included due to the files having passwords on them:
    Full Metal Futa
    I am in process of trying to track down the passwords right now, so if you know them please PM me!
    Again, please let me know in the support thread if there is a plugin GSB made that I am missing.



  2. Patzy's International Bikini Tops

    Patzy's International Bikini Tops
    Date: 29/5/2013
    - hgec Body
    - BBB compatible skeleton
    Patzy (flags) & brewmasterhal (meches e,h)
    This mod adds 26 bikini tops based on ""Hentai Summer Festa"" DM bikini tops by HENTAI and the unfortunately unknown editor of it's DM version. (if you have more information on that, pls let me know) There are 25 tops that display the flags of different countries around the world and one Jolly Roger flag top that represents the international waters.
    There are two chests that both contain all the bikini tops, one is placed within the testing hall, the second chest is placed on Talos Bridge in front of the Imperial City.



  3. Mur zik sexy walk +bbb

    Murzick sexy walk +bbb omod,...
    the first is an OMOD version,...
    the walks fast is the version is just nif files of 4, my favorite ones i pulled from the omod,...



  4. alternative esp for "AliceMadnessReturns" dress pack

    Original (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14042-alicemadness-returns/) Data Pack is ESSENTIAL too!
    alternative esp for "AliceMadnessReturns" dress pack - altered container inject (no vanilla cell hurt), some suits are accessible by parts - skirts, gloves etc. Some silly icons added. Enchanted weapons got charge.



  5. DMC+BBB Onehand Idle

    Featuring the almost lost forever onehandidle animation for Oblivion.
    Zeroda's DMC+BBB onehandidle

    Extract to your : characters/_male folder.
    For custom Races : characters/"RaceName"/_male(or before_male)
    Or for something better : characters/_male/specialanims (so the player character is the only one using the animation)
    Zeroda - without this guy, this wouldn't be possible.
    Mailamea - for finally getting up and uploading this.
    Loverslab People - for making a thread about this and whining so much that it needs to be put up. Just kidding guys



  6. [OBLIVION] More Male Spawn

    [OBLIVION] More Male Spawn by GECK.O
    The Explanation
    This is the opposite version of More Female Mod in Nexus. As title suggested, it will generate more males for "ALL" human-kind spawn, from bandits, marauders, mages, vampires, etc. It's not ALL Males, but MORE Males, it means there's a small change females being spawned, very small. I think that is better than just the "boring" all males.
    The purpose of this mod is to add more realism. I hate Bethesda's gender equality policy, this is Elder Scroll, a medieval fantasy world. Woman role should just for the kitchen and bed . No, I mean I love the lovely soft woman and we should not hurt woman . The dirty work outside, should done by the man. It's realistic in the medieval world.
    Another purpose of this mod...beside of realism, more males mean more change for your female PC and companions to get raped with LoversPK mod! <--- Actually this is my main purpose of making this mod.
    The Progress
    I can say, I finished to include all human-kind spawn. Except the archers, the female still being equally spawned, I don't know why. Anyway, this minor thing is not something bothersome, as somehow we need female role as archers...whatever.
    The Policy
    You can do whatever you want with this mod, anything! Modifying, expanding, fixing, etc. I'm a cathedral follower. But just don't forget to include my name (GECK.O) in the credit, as inspirator or the original creator.



  7. Laskitaas HGEC Breasts

    Laskitaas released an assortment of 'exotic breasts' as clothing on Nexus some time ago. It appears to have vanished. However, the readme, which I reproduce here in full, allows almost anything to be done with his fine work. Note that these are trivial to convert into body parts and while not BBB, weighting them should be much easier thanks to Gerra6's fine scripts.
    Adds some "unusual" breasts to equip like armor. Uses HGEC body. Note that this will NOT replace anything, you must equip the "armor" to see there new boobs.
    Might fit will with Exnem's lowerbody as well, I didn't test.
    Inside a crate in the testing hall. To go there, call the console (the button below ESC), and type:
    coc testinghall
    To get out, type:
    coc weye
    Will not cause any conflicts or replace anything.
    You may see clipping if you use any body mesh other than HGEC.
    Version history
    2008-07-09 - 1.0
    Initial release.
    HGEC people for the body model.
    Myself for scaling and/or duplicating.
    You can do whatever you want as long as no money is involved. You must also credit me for my work.
    PM me at TESNexus. My login is Laskitaas.



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