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BreakArmor for Vanilla Armors (Last Update: 130115) 130115

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About This File

Update logs


131020 - Re-uploaded KOTN archive (fix for a graphical glitch)

130115 - Added Justice123 replacers, Added missing screenshots (at last!)

130112 - Vashar's male pack first upload

130101 - Added screenshots in SI pack, changed its ini, reupload./Vanilla 130101 update. YURAVICA COMPLETE!!/KOTN initial release.

121219 - SI initial release.

121128 - Added some Yuravica armors.

121125 - Added some armors. Preparing for Break Armor support.

121122 - Fixed the issue that enchanted(CS) items not being re-equipped when the game is loaded.

121120 - Fixed the issue that ini file not being installed.

0.1 - 11/19/2012, Initial release.









*This is our co-op work. Anybody want to do this together would be welcomed. We have infinite things to do.

Quick guide for creating BreakUndies meshes.



What is this?



It's more a case of "what is Break Armor?".


What is Break Armor?


Break Armor breaks the armors. Not as a metaphysical concept like armor health or so, it literally changes their actual appearances as they break down.


And this is vanilla resource pack for that system. You hit some (female) bandit, then her armor will break. The same goes to yours.












BreakUndies Framework v2.00

-Do not use this. You can still use BUF 2.00 by editing your ini entry yourself, though.


Break Armor


- BA works even on enchanted items (CS or ingame, whatever), streamlined, and.. good anyway.

(In fact, the motivation for creating BA was to make this mod fully functional.)

After BA gets stable, I won't support BUF ini&plugin anymore. BA got pretty much stable.

BA 1.08 or below requires .ini file / BA 1.09b or above still can process .ini entries, but does not require it.


Growlf's Universal Skeleton



Original replacer mods!!

- mostly these are just broken stage nifs, not containing unbroken original meshes. (but some of them have)

- So you need to install the original replacers

- see download section below




Gregathit's BU Armors Compilation



NudeShy X






- Vanilla pack 130115 full omod. Requires Break Armor, always use the latest version.




- Update datapack (130101 to 130115) To use this unpack the previous omod file, from there drop this pack into the folder and repack them into omod.



- Shivering Isles pack 121219a. Requires Shivering Isles Expansion.

- Only Yuravica at the moment.

- 121219 and 121219a contain the same files. No need to download again if you already have 121219. I've added the screenshots, and changed ini entries.




- Knights of the Nine pack 130101. Requires Knights of the Nine DLC.

- Based on Izumiko's Knight Armor Refine mod

- Requires BA 1.09b or higher. No ini included.





- If you want the ini file for some reason, use this.


Vashar's revealing male as BA +quickfix





- They are not exactly 'breakable' but revealing anyway.

If you want them as male outfit replacers visit vashar's thread.

- Make sure that Break Clothing feature in Break_Armor.ini is turned on.

- Requires Robert Male Body textures installed.



Download the file and activate it via OBMM. This mod will get too complicated to install manually in the future.


You don't need to modify your BreakUndies.ini. That being mean, delete that RunBatchScript "Data\ini\BreakUndies_Stock.ini" from your BreakUndies.ini, if you have already modified it.

You MUST disable BreakUndies.esm (or use BU_Disabler.esp), just enable BreakArmor.esp.


With Break Armor 1.09b or higher, you don't even need BreakUndies_Stock.ini. You can delete it. But no harm in keeping it because BA still processes the ini if exists.

Less Important Notices For Downloaders


If you run into any bug when using this mod or Break Armor mod itself, please don't hesitate to report it!

If you don't say anything we cannot know what's wrong.


Notices for ourselves (??)


* Please sanitize the nifs before you send them to me.

* Please test in game if it works before send them.

* + Take screenshots during your in-game test. I won't care however, whether it's ingame or Skope screenshot.

* Please name your nifs as cuirass/greaves.



[spoiler=Oblivion Original]

AmelionCeremonial - Yuravica V1(Movomo), Yuravica V2(Avebrave)

Arena Stuff - Yuravica(Avebrave)

BlackwaterCuirass - Rad87(Rad87), Yuravica(Movomo)

Blackwood - Rad87(Rad87)

Blades - GrimReaper, Rad87(Rad87), Yuravica(Movomo)

Chainmail - Justice123 AA (Movomo),Justice123 B (Movomo), Justice123 D (Movomo), Rad87(Rad87), Yuravica V1(Movomo), Yuravica V2(Movomo), Yuravica AA(Movomo)

Champion - Yuravica(Avebrave)

ChampionLight - Yuravica(Avebrave)

Daedric - GrimReaper, Yuravica V1(Movomo), Yuravica V1 Heavy(Movomo), Yuravica V2(Movomo)

DarkBrotherhood - Chingari(Rad87), Justice123 B (Movomo), Justice123 D (Movomo), Yuravica(Movomo)

Dwarven - Ratchild(Rad87)

Ebony - Yuravica(Movomo), Yuravica Vac(Avebrave)

Elven - HGEC_D(Ger4), Yuravica(Movomo)

Fur - Rad87(Rad87), Yuravica(Movomo), MShadowy(Avebrave)

Glass - DeadSomething(Movomo), HGEC_D(Ger4), Omnimmotus(Movomo), Yuravica(Movomo), Yuravica AA(Movomo), Yuravica Clear(Movomo)

Iron - MShadowy(Avebrave), MShadowy(Rad87), Yuravica(Movomo)

Legion - Yuravica(Movomo)


Mithril - Yuravica(Movomo)

Mythicdawn - HGEC_D(Ger4), Yuravica(Movomo), Yuravica NS(Movomo)

Orcish - Yuravica(Movomo)

SaviorsHide - HGEC_D(Ger4), Yuravica(Movomo)

Steel - Justice123 AA (Movomo), Justice123 B (Movomo), Justice123 D (Movomo), Rad87(Rad87)

Thief - Rad87(Rad87), Yuravica(Movomo)

Townguards - Justice123 AA (Movomo), Justice123 B (Movomo), Justice123 E (Movomo), Modified Justice123(Rad87), Yuravica(Movomo)



[spoiler=Shivering Isles]

Amber - Yuravica(Movomo)

DarkSeducer - Yuravica(Movomo)

GoldenSaint - Yuravica(Movomo)

Madness - Yuravica(Movomo)



[spoiler=Knights of the Nine]

NDKnights - Izumiko(Movomo)

NDPelinal - Izumiko(Movomo)







Chingari for Chinari Catsuit(Dark Brotherhood armor)

DeadSomething for glass armor

Gerra6 for creating brand new BreakUndies system, named BreakArmor.

GnargleHankar(GrimReaper) for blades and daedric armors

Grhys for Exnem armor replacers

Izumiko for KOTN armor refine

Justice123 for steel and townguard armors

MShadowy for YAARM stuff

Nephenee13 for clear glass HGEC

Omnimmotus for clear glass armor

Ratchild for low cut version of Exnem dwarven armor

Sizuru for BreakUndies Framework

Vashar for revealing male outfits

Yuravica for FLY armor replacers

What's New in Version 130115


  • 131020: Some minor fix for KOTN
  • 130115: Added Justice123 replacers, Added missing screenshots

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