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  2. myuhinny

    BBP only?

    Bodyslide has BBP TBBP HDT and special versions. You can also use outfit studios to remove butt bones from the _0 and _1 outfit nifs or erase the weight paint and the butt bounce will stop. Not sure if it's still up on the nexus or not as the last few times that I have looked it has been gone from the skyrim LE section.
  3. To me they are all good except for the sexlab SE (don't use SE) and advanced animation framework (have no clue what this one is). Each one is good for the engine it was made for. I still use sexout LPK whenever I decide to play something other then skyrim LE.
  4. 1. You'll have to learn to do it yourself as we have nothing to do with console mods. 2. Most sex mods require multiple other mods/files to work which means most will not be able to be used on any console.
  5. When copy and pasting right click and select paste as plain text and when you paste it there won't be that white block (or hit CRTL + shift + V) or you can paste it into notepad and copy it and then paste it as that'll also remove that when done this way. Are all of the pieces from the same set? Could be a slot conflict.
  6. Moved to general gaming section as it has nothing to do with DOA. It would be possible you would first need to get the .XPS addon for blender and then find out what type of file formats L4D2 uses add the outfit to whatever model you want to use and adjust it and do what is needed to get it into the game. You would have to search around for info on how to do it.
  7. Have you tried hitting the ~ key and typing in showracemenu hit enter and then adjust the characters weight slider to see if that fixes it?
  8. The anime race all in one file you would have to convert everything to the body that mod is using with something like body slide. http://modtype.doorblog.jp/tag/nokou
  9. @l0v375 l4b Because rape and bestiality are not against the sites rules only stuff involving children is and we don't care if it's real CGI make believe or whatever it's against the rules end of story. Now enough of this discussion.
  10. @Gustave+ VLC is a video player that can play different types of video formats. https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
  11. I have played chapter one and it wasn't a demo and haven't gotten around to playing chapter 2 yet. They are doing the same thing as they did with daughter for dessert. Chapters become free as new chapters get uploaded. Daughter for dessert did have where it had voice acting but was only for so long each chapter and then was removed in the hope that you would throw money at it to get voices the whole time where I would of preferred not having voices at all if it's only being used to try to get you to buy.
  12. @27X Not sure what rule 14 has to do with anything as the game is from palmer and has no underage characters in it anywhere. https://www.patreon.com/palmer They also have free versions of each update after it's been up for x amount of time for free members.
  13. I would then go through all the mods you have installed and see if any of them alter towns.
  14. Thread locked piracy is not supported here. If you want shit to work right buy the game and the DLC's.
  15. A CTD on entering a cell could mean missing skeleton or skeleton isn't compatible with a body or outfit and when you try entering a cell with that problem it'll cause a crash. Reinstall schlongs of skyrim as it has it's own skeleton then reinstall XPMSE and let it overwrite SOS and also make sure XPMSE is down as far as possible in your load order to prevent conflicts. Also check and see if any custom characters have compatible skeletons.
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