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  1. Incorrect textures being used for the body you are using. UNP/UUUNP body textures can't be used with CBBE body and CBBE body textures can't be used with UNP/UUNP bodies. I would check those new body armors you installed and make sure they don't have anything in them that is causing the problem. Also convert .BMP files to .PNG files using something like paint-net (which is free) so people don't have to download it just to load it into something and look at it. https://www.getpaint.net/
  2. A person can post screenshots of whatever they want and just because they post a screenshot doesn't mean they have to give you ANYTHING. If you want something that you can't get learn how to do it yourself and do it. @gkfuuuws7 Not sharing is the freedom of the producer. Complaining is your freedom of course . Here is my freedom I can swing a really big hammer that hurts whenever it's needed.
  3. Reinstall XPMSE as it's pretty obvious that something has most likely overwritten it's skeleton and is causing this skeleton issue. Re run FNIS.
  4. We have the skyrim LE download section and the skyrim SE download section separated for a reason and it shouldn't be that hard to find the ones you need for your version. If a skyrim SE mods requires a mod then you need to search the skyrim SE section for the converted SE version. Skyrim is the LE version and the one with special edition is the SE version. Skyrim LE mods can only be used if you first convert it to work with SE. My suggestion is to start over and remove all mods and redownload the ones from the SE section. If that doesn't work you might have to reinstall skyrim and try again fresh.
  5. Mouse over the number on the post and right click and select copy link address and then post it like this. Then when a person clicks the link it takes them right to that post in question. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/147964-cannot-view-jpeg-files/?do=findComment&comment=3053759
  6. SKSE does not get installed with ANY mod manager it must be installed manually. What version of skyrim are you using skyrim LE or skyrim SE? Looking at the stuff you posted above you have both SE and LE files. LE files can only be used with skyrim LE version and SE files can only be used with skyrim SE version. So depending on what version you are using you need to go through the list and remove the ones for the other version and then try your game again.
  7. Which ones are you trying to view? Give a link to one and we might be able to help you.
  8. @Modlover31 Yes it's fine they removed us from their blacklist a long time ago and anyone is allowed to link to LL as well as talk about LL over there as long as what is linked doesn't break any of their site rules.
  9. @akimmika The line is we all got a chicken duck woman thing waiting for us! It's part of the song called seagulls the link below it takes you to that song.
  10. @akimmika Use the spoiler tag found under the eye looking thing to post huge ass posts with pictures. I deleted your post as I deemed it to be spam since you spammed the same picture 12 times in the post.
  11. Did you buy the game or is it a pirated copy of the game?
  12. @kuki668 Blender is a free to use 3d editing tool. You might need a addon file to allow you to load whatever file format the mesh file is in.
  13. @Draxial Yes it's still valid. The file you use for your avatar must be the correct size listed for a avatar as well as a file type that is listed under accepted file types.
  14. Depends on the file format so you first have to find out what the file format is for the armor/outfit and then look at what 3d tool can load them. 2 that are used blender (free) 3dmax (only free if you are a student).
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