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  1. If you talking about the alternate start - live a deviant life resurrection mod by Aelie the mod is no more as the author stated that the mod is dead and to stop using it.
  2. I edited your first word in your thread name as you had it spelled Daz instead of Zaz.
  3. Could be a spell they try to use that is causing it. I had a creature in another beth game that if they were able to cast their one spell a CTD was incoming shortly after that. So I would have to console kill them before they were able to use the spell to prevent the game from CTDing.
  4. https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-47.html and http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2873.html
  5. Also convert .BMP files to .PNG or .JPG so we can see them without having to download them just to view them. You can convert them with paint-net it's free.
  6. To get close up pictures move out of 1st person view so that you can see the players body and then open the console with the ~ key and type in TFC which will allow you to control the camera and get close to the problem spots to take better pictures as no ones going to be able to tell anything from these ones at all.
  7. Are the weights added to the correct spots? The last time the whole top was weighted to the one boob and 3 spine bones. So when you clicked the top and then the boob node the whole top changed color.
  8. Thread moves to the sims 4 section as it has nothing to do with skyrim. It's not a .exe file it's a package file which is a sims file type.
  9. I think this thread has run it's course thread locked and the op has gotten what they need and whats left now is just pointless bickering.
  10. @GenioMaestro You have been asked to take it elsewhere by the mod author as this is a support thread for their mod not an off-topic discussion about general Skyrim modding issues.
  11. Click source underneath the download button and it'll take you to a different site where the file is hosted at. It does look like you'll have to be a member to be able to download any files though.
  12. @a-z-porn 1) Convert BMP files to .PNG or .JPG using something like paint-net as not many are going to download a file just to view it. 2) As stated in the first post Sexlab is the framework it does nothing by itself as it's the framework other mods use you must download other sexlab mods and looking at your FNIS report tells me you have nothing installed at all. You can download match maker which is listed in the first post if you want to test and make sure sexlab is installed correctly and is working. 3) Stop reporting this file there is nothing wrong with it.
  13. Backup file and try this one. From what I saw your weighting is messed up like totally. The whole main piece is weighted to the NPC spine nodes the left breast and the belly node and that's it. The chest strap has the NPC right thigh and spine nodes and nothing more. The only one that had the right weighting was the leg strap and that only had the NPC R thigh bone. So when you clicked on the main outfit and then NPC L breast bone in outfit studios the whole top light up and it shouldn't be like that. LeoBodyhair_1.nif
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