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  1. Not that hard really. If you are using NMM (nexus mod manager) open NMM and look at the tabs at the top and find the one that shows the mod folder directory (where NMM puts the mods at) and then click to open that folder and manually add those rar/zips from other sites to that folder and restart NMM then find those mods you added to the NMM folder and install them.
  2. Pretty much any translation software is going to translate stuff wrong because translating software will just pick whatever it thinks it correct and the only way that is the best is having someone that knows both langue's and is able to translate everything correctly.
  3. myuhinny

    Screen Shots

    Ooh! bikini.
  4. Yer've prolly noticed already, but you seem to have a fan.


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      Thanks for the heads up I just got home today but they were dealt with by one of the other moderators a few hours later on Monday as they were just a spam account.

  5. myuhinny

    Remove hdt from armor

    LEVIAN_SUITA_0.nifLEVIAN_SUITA_1.nif If the above files don't work and if you are crashing when putting on the armor you could install XPMSE if you don't have it installed and it should stop it from crashing. Make sure to select a HDT skeleton.
  6. myuhinny

    Mesh not editable in Outfit Studio

    Your welcome.
  7. myuhinny

    Remove hdt from armor

    Throw file into outfit studios and go to the the bone tab and select each HDT bone that you want to remove and select delete bone once all are removed export it and then load the other nif and delete the same bone nodes out of that nif and save it.
  8. myuhinny

    Skyrim SexLab.esm - MISSING

    Click link above click big ass green button and pick the one you want to download.
  9. myuhinny

    Mesh not editable in Outfit Studio

    Loading the file into my outfit studios version I see 2 problems. 1) The outfit is for a smurf and 2) the outfit is facing in the wrong direction. I also used the increase mesh option set at the generic level and it worked with no problems.
  10. Steam isn't a porn site so if something breaks their sites rules then it'll be removed. They allow nudity some have sexual content but it's not hard core.
  11. myuhinny

    Kyne's Blessing Crashing Game

    Is the crash happening when the person is getting naked? If yes check and make sure SOS is installed correctly if you are using it and make sure XPMSE is installed correctly and let it overwrite the SOS skeleton and make sure that XPMSE is as far down on your load order as it can go to prevent conflicts.
  12. myuhinny

    Screen Shots

    Franky's underwear fallout 4 to skyrim port. Franky's swimsuit added last pic is just of the swimsuits zipper like piece. Excuse me sir but could you give me a hand with my bikini it's seems to be having a major malfunction? Whacked the skirt off the back part of the outfit to make it skimpier.
  13. You'll probably be waiting for awhile for a reply from the OP as their account is no longer active.
  14. @Sorceress99 To convert a Oblivion body to skyrim you would have to do a bunch of testings with different bodies. You have to find a skyrim body that is close to the size of the oblivion body that you are using as a template. I found using the _1 body gave the best results you can't use the UV map search and you'll have to touch up stuff like the leg hand neck seams and other spots like the breasts in a 3d tool.
  15. myuhinny

    Request for an avatar