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  1. Shorte web site is added to the list of sites that cannot be used to post mods. Please report all mods and links redirecting to this site and they will be removed.
  2. 1. No ones even going to bother trying to look at that wall of text load order I opened it and after glancing at it I deleted it. I used the plugins one instead. I looked at your plugins and didn't really see anything but one you can try is to reinstall SOS and then XPMSE and see if that helps. Also look at anything that alters whiterun that you have installed and see if one of those is doing it. If you have too many things going on in one area it can cause problems during cell loading and cause CTDs.
  3. It would take some work if you wanted to port something to skyrim. Outfits would need to be converted to the skyrim pose then changed over to skyrim nifs redo texture paths and new skeleton/rigging added for it. Also keep in mind that anything you port from oblivion that is from the actual oblivion game can't be uploaded as it falls under beth's copyright rules. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/58624-how-to-port-oblivion-files-to-skyrim-using-outfit-studio/
  4. Move to China problem solved and the best part you won't need a American phone number to download from anywhere else. So it'll be a win win.
  5. To upload a file/files click downloads at the top. Scroll down and select dead or alive at the top select the blue tab named dead or alive xtreme: venus vacation. Click submit file and add the files and screenshots and once finished hit submit.
  6. Not really pointless since it's smaller in size then JPG. One day the site might be updated to support .WEBP format so that they will be viewable just like any other and will look just as good as .PNG just smaller in size. Discord supports .WEBP which is a nice way to get around their file size limit.
  7. Or save as .WEBP which is even smaller then BMP PNG and JPG. .BMP 6,076 .PNG 1,653 .JPG 115 .WEBP 49 though .WEBP doesn't seem to be viewable on the site yet and can only be downloaded like the .BMP.
  8. Incorrect textures being used for the body you are using. CBBE and UNP body textures are not compatible with each other. Also use something like paint-net (free to use) to covert BMP files to .PNG so people don't have to download them just to view them and can just look at the picture instead. You can also set what file format a screenshot gets saved at in your steam profile somewhere.
  9. Mine is a GIF when you click to upload a cover picture it states. Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png · Max file size 0.78MB So as long as the file is at or below the max size it'll be fine. You could just copy someones picture that you have seen and then put it into something like paint-net to see what width and height of their picture is set at and then try adjusting yours to the size they are using. The bigger the width and height the bigger the file size.
  10. You are welcome. Yeah whenever you get a crash the first thing you should do is look at what might be altering that cell. Check the mods download page and see if it has any requirements that you missed like a compatible skeleton as having a incorrect skeleton installed can cause it.
  11. Maybe this one DBCO_Babette.esp. Is all mods that are installed for SE? You have SkyUI installed so you might be able to go into the console and use the TFC mode to ghost move over to the group and click on babette and see if anything is listed under SkyUI. You can also use TES5Edit SE version and run it and it'll load all files that you have installed into your game and see what is all altering the skyrim file.
  12. @Wolfstorm321 I have no clue. You could probably export the building pieces in .OBJ but not sure what you would have to all attach to them to make them work in skyrim.
  13. Well with set body reloaded you don't even have to mess with any mesh or texture folders as autosetbody automatically assigns random bodies to every female and male NPC you encounter. If I remember correctly there is even a spell that you can use to change someones body type to something else. Been awhile since I used it so not sure.
  14. You can just use set body reloaded by gerra6. It has pretty much almost every single oblivion body in it and a customizable autosetbody system that can assign random bodies to NPC's (by class, race, or category) so that you don't have to. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/52-setbody-reloaded/
  15. Ctrl alt delete when the error appears and then paste it into paint-net/gimp2 or whatever you are using and then look at what the error says.
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