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  1. @DragonLover271 Move XPMSE below realistic force in your load order because realistic force is loading after XPMSE and it's overriding XPMSE's. Remember if you have 2 mods that might do the same thing or edit the same thing the last one in the load order will always win against the one above it in the load order.
  2. I never had a problem with NMM but then I always paid attention to what I was installing. My last skyrim build was over 7 years old till my computer died. Skyrim was the only game I used NMM with oblivion I used OBMM and fallout 3/NV I used FOMM.
  3. Moved thread to skyrim section. Do you have other sexlab mods installed? Sexlab by itself does nothing as it's just the framework for other mods to use.
  4. You can put a person on the ignore list and you'll never see their avatar again. You can pick and choose what you want too ignore. Their posts - messages - signature and you can select 1 2 or all three. If a avatar is offensive report it and if we deem it to be offensive we'll remove it. I use a blocker to block avatars that I don't like.
  5. Refurbished is almost never better then a non furbished item. I always steer of items that state refurbished as chances are you'll end up with a lemon.
  6. I don't use a android but most places have dropped support for flash players except some places are making their own flash players. Newgrounds has their own newgrounds flash player that allows you to play flash player games on their site. I think there was something called ruffle or something as well. Not sure if they work with android.
  7. There has always been a file size limit just like there is a picture upload limit of 20 per post. @ChinaTam I edited your post as you don't need to tell anyone who you reported as that will most likely end up breaking our sites no drama rule as it will most likely end up causing fighting and what not.
  8. If I'm not mistaken you can do it yourself by clicking edit on your first post of your download and then editing everything there unless it's changed.
  9. Best option to do for now is to refresh the page after hitting submit reply/edit to get around the time out issue. There is a thread here for reporting issues as well as seeing if anyone else has reported the issue and found a way around it or a way to fix it. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/160157-site-update-things-have-changed-but-nothing-is-final/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-3388313
  10. I'd say try again as I just tried searching for SOS using the main pages search bar in the top right hand corner and had 8 pages worth of stuff pop up.
  11. @ramrod126 Thanks I downloaded it and now the start menu looks halfway decent and it removed all that cluster fuck and worthless shit that I had no interest in. It also looks like there is another one that took over for classic shell since it's no longer being updated since DEC of 2017 called open shell. https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu
  12. Check and see if your fans are working on your card as I had problems with my last video card for my last computer system and it was caused by the fans. One was not turning but manually finger starting the bad fan and placing a fan right there fixed the problem for me till my power button died so now I have a new computer with a 3090 in it.
  13. Many things by themselves right now are expensive. I looked at a 3090 the other day and most were 2 to 3k just for that alone. The computer that I just bought the other day has a 3080 in it.
  14. @Nymra I have found that after hitting submit reply if you refresh the page if the page is slow the post will be posted after the page is refreshed and will bypass the timeout error or whichever error it is as I have done it quite a few times already.
  15. @LadySmoks Thanks for reminding me that I still need to disable Cortana but I'm not seeing it anywhere so maybe it's not installed. Nevermind I think I found it and turned it off as I found a list of 10 things to turn off in windows ten and just turned off the ones that seemed logical to turn off like Cortana and al the start menu crap.
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