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  1. myuhinny


    It's back up now.
  2. myuhinny


    500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Looks like you can search for stuff you just can't watch anything. *Edit Looks like the main page is not all blank now though the vidoes still don't play.
  3. myuhinny

    Wedding Dress Mod

    The one wedding dress looks like a retexture of this. https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-325.html
  4. myuhinny


    I found this which is somewhat similar I know I have seen the dress above before I just can't think of it's name. Maybe it's one of the DEM outfits (demonica) but can't be sure if it is one of them or not. https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-325.html
  5. When you change the position of a item in a nif you mess up the rigging and it has to be redone. You can also right click the piece and go to texture - edit UV map and see if the UV map matches the texture file if not you might have to adjust it.
  6. I probably don't have that one installed since I don't use CBBE and the only ones I have in the list are CBBE - CBBE HDT - CBBE BBP - CBBE TBBP and that's it.
  7. Use bodyslide and pick the special body and then adjust it to the look like the ADEC body. The special body has the vagina built into a slot in the body. Old bodies don't have a slot it is all solid. But you can add HDT boob butt and belly bounce to an older body though. In bodyslide you can pick convert CBBE to ADEC but I'm not sure if CBBE has a special body or not.
  8. myuhinny

    Screen Shots

    Change the hand to one that is pointing and then wait till someone is bending over and then fly over and poke them in the butt. I at one time had a mod that added daedric boots of computer crashing speed. Wearing these boots you could get from one side of the map to the other side faster then you could warp there. Though you did have to have god mode turned on when wearing these boots because now even an ant hill can kill you. I once thought I was being cute as I gave a pair of those boots to Lydia and then one to my character. I used the console to change Lydia's height so that she was higher then the treees and then ran a ways and turned around to watch her run to me. But she was only able to take one step before the game went fuck you and closed. I had a mod called nuclear rabbit which was also a fun way to travel even if you weren't suppose to use it for that. Say I wanted to go east then all I had to do is face west and start shooting nuclear rabbits at the players feet till the first one blew up sending you flying and then the next one would go off and by the time the last one went off you were really flying then. Last one I had was a super shout mod that allowed you to shout someone into the sky till they disappeared into the clouds. But the funniest part about that was when they reentered the atmosphere they would be falling with a big black cloud trailing them like they were on fire.
  9. myuhinny

    Cut and Paste Issues on LL site?

    I always copy something then always right click and select paste as plain text otherwise it'll paste it with that bright ass white block and letters and words might also be colored or other oddities. I don't use windows 10 so not sure if it's a thing with it or not.
  10. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45834 FCPA femboy collection - modern clothing. Also found here on the site. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1642-fcpa-femboy-collection-modern-clothing/
  11. myuhinny

    Screen Shots

    Now you just have to animate the hand so that you can fly up to someones butt and have it pinch it and then fly away before they can do anything or even have it pick pocket stuff.
  12. myuhinny

    Screen Shots

    Looks great!
  13. myuhinny

    nipples too high issue (i have googled)

    Post a screenshot of the problem so that we can see what it might be.
  14. myuhinny

    What Game is This?

    I used a file that was in .XPS format found on deviant art and loaded it into blender and then loaded a skyrim to use as a template and then I posed what I could to what looked like a good spot and then separated a few parts like the shoes to make it easier to position them in the right area for the feet and then I exported the parts in .OBJ format and loaded them into outfit studios for scaling positioning and weight painting. After that I took the texture files that came with it and converted them to .dds format and made my texture pathways. https://www.deviantart.com/shuubaru/art/DOA5LR-Naotora-Ii-Miya-MOD-DL-665423949 https://www.deviantart.com/bringess/art/Sudden-Attack-2-Miya-622598919 There is also a uploaded version of this done by someone but it's on one of those korean sites which is why I tried doing it myself instead of trying to jump through their hoops to try to download theirs.
  15. myuhinny

    Odd request

    What is your load order of the mods you have installed? Have you tried doing a clean install? To do a clean install go to your game folder and delete everything inside the skyrim folder then go to steam and click uninstall once done reinstall the game and you'll have a clean game folder with no left over files in the game folder causing problems. Install so many mods at a time run FNIS then start a new game and see how it's going then close the game and add some more mods run FNIS afain then check again how the game is going repeat till all mods are installed or you hit a crash then go back to the last set you installed and start finding out which one it is that is causing the problem.