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  1. Play With Us! Episode 2 Save Question

    PWU = play with us yeah forgot about looking for abbreviations or just ep2 glad you found them I knew they were in there somewhere because they don't have save files in the game folder.
  2. As long as you don't upload their whole file you can. Say you modify a armor or retexture it. All your file should contain is the mesh or texture file that you modified and that you direct them to the original authors file as what your file needs. So then they have to download the original file and give them credit and you are not taking away their downloads and install it and then use your file to overwrite theirs. For a .ESP it would be the same thing all your file should contain is the .esp and have them download the modders file and then use yours to overwrite it.
  3. Play With Us! Episode 2 Save Question

    Have you tried searching for the games name as well as the devs name and any other names you can think of in C:?
  4. Play With Us! Episode 2 Save Question

    Hit windows key + R to bring up the run page and then type in Appdata and let it run once it finishes running look in the folder localLow for the game or the game creators name once you find that open the folder and look for the save files. Many of the save files that can be found in this area can also be altered using note book. Unity player usually uses this area for their games.
  5. Elin mod crash to desktop

    Not sure the only time I had my game crash when sprinting was when I had a mod that gave me boots named the the computer crashing boots of speed these boots let you run from one end of the map to the other in less then 2 or 3 minutes but you better have TGM turned on or you'll never make it there alive because the smallest bump will now kill you at that speed. But I got the bright idea to give a set of them to Lydia and not only that but I also increased her size till she was 50ft tall. So I took off running and then stopped and turned around waiting to see her come flying to me at super human speed unfortunately she took one step and the game was like uh uh fuck you and crashed to desk top. I also crashed at times using the boots sometimes it was because I forgot to turn TGM and I'd hit a bump and then start doing the death roll on impact.
  6. Elin mod crash to desktop

    Only thing I can think of is do you have a compatible skeleton installed? Have you tried reinstalling it and seeing if that is what is causing it?
  7. Skyrim shit edition only has CBBE as they stated they will not do anymore bodies for bodyslide. The KGTools are not bodyslide the KGTools were made by Gerra6 they have quite a few. The clothing converter which can convert a armor and outfit from one body size to another it works best with bodies that have matching UV maps and it converts best with small breast and going bigger going big breast and converting to a smaller breast at times can cause warppage around the breast. The pose converter can convert one pose to another pose Which is good for porting a outfit from one game to another I use it a lot to convert a pose to the skyrim body pose then export the mesh parts in .OBJ format and then load them into the outfit studio. Seam mender which can be used to fix seams on a body mostly used for oblivion. I believe I remember at one time that A.J was messing around with a version of bodyslide for FNV but I'm not sure how much was done.
  8. funny pic

  9. I was told by a moderator it's better to report it and let them take care of it instead when you see something.
  10. You can also look in this thread. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/3650-loli-characters/?page=47 ECE is pretty good at making young characters.
  11. The stuff I do in outfit studios is putting mesh into it to make a outfit mostly by using .OBJ files either that I have exported from somewhere or got from somewhere. The above outfit was ported from DOA. Basically I just start a new project select the body then open the folder and start loading .OBj files into it and just keep using the load outfit till all files are in. Highlight all items and mass scale the outfit down then adjust the body to fit then add weight painting and later after exporting remove minor clipping. I just did this one in about 20 minutes. Outfit studios has a wire frame mode to where you can turn in on for better adjusting zap spots where the body is sticking out to far. I don't use MO but there should be a spot where you can look and see if there are any conflicts listed. Are the bodies in the remodeled nifs vanilla bodies. When you wear a armor or outfit the body your player is using gets removed and you use the body that is in the nif.
  12. Or you can use outfit studios and make your own skimpy outfits.
  13. CBBE Nude texture messed up

    You could also open up a BSA file and look at what the mesh and texture path for a item is and then set up the folders to match that. Or if the extraction is like skyrim if you extract 2 items from the skyrim BSA it'll extract that as well as the folders as well and all you have to do is drop the folder in the data folder and then add/alter the files in there.
  14. I have seen that before when dealing with meshes from different games except for fallout 4 as I don't have it. But I'm pretty sure it's a mesh problem. How it was made could be causing it or something you did somewhere might of done it. I have had weirdness a few times where I had to start over with a new nif as the old one had some weird heebee jeebee's going on in it. Have you tried weight painting non manual? I usually do the start new project select body then select armor/outfit nif and then select outfit parts then select bone nodes then copy bone weights - transfer bone weights then save as. If it looks good take it into game and see if any weight paintings need any touch ups.
  15. Most just hit the report post button and then say user is using a gif for their signature/avatar and they'll remove it.