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  1. I believe it can open XCF files and can save in a bunch of other formats including saving in .DDS format. The main nice thing about paint-net is that you can drop a main file into it and then drop multiple more files where each file is loaded into it separately so that you can take something from one of those files and transfer it to the main file and work on multiple files at one time. Paint-net's lasso tool sucks just as bad as photoshops does but GIMP2's lasso tool is awesome.
  2. Paint-net is more like photoshop then gimp2 is. Paint-net is also free.
  3. They are just normal NPC's wearing hagraven clothes using normal XPMS. They are only there to add clothing to the game for you to collect and wear. Many added creatures that many mods add just use an existing skeleton depending on what type of creature it is. A few might have a new skeleton but most just use a skeleton that is already made.
  4. It only looks like that because of the light it actually looks a lot different then that I tuned the brightness down some in these ones so the dress isn't so bright. The jacket part is one sided so it makes you see nothing when looking at the jacket from the one angle.
  5. You change your load order in your mod manager LOOT is a sorter that sorts your load order but some mods might have to be manually moved around.
  6. Have you tried extracting the file with winrar instead of 7zip? I have found that many times when someone says the file is corrupted that it's not corrupted the file was just made in winrar and 7zip doesn't like files made in winrar and will throw up an error if you try to extract the files from the rar but using winrar the file will extract fine.
  7. In a conflict the one lowest in the load order will be the winner as it's trump the one above it and overrides it.
  8. Goat.7z There is also a UNPB conversion of it found here called hooves by b3lisario. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/10341-conversions-for-unpb-with-bbp/
  9. You'll need to pick out what sex mods you want and grab some other SLAL packs right now you don't have any sex mods installed you just have the framework and a mod to control arousal. Also moved to the skyrim SE section.
  10. The one dress will roughly look like this if you port it to your game.
  11. There's also a goat/pan outfit floating around the site.
  12. myuhinny

    Uunp nipples glitching

    Looks like wrong textures being used. Nasty hip marks the nasty breast marks are a sign of something like CBBE being used instead of UNP texture.
  13. myuhinny

    OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine - CTD

    If you have modded beth games or even played them you'll know that just looking at them wrong an cause them to blow up in your face. But it can also depend on what you have installed into your game. I have had my same skyrim game since 2015 using NMM. The more scripted mods you have installed the higher the risk gets that something might blow up. Too many animations and pose mods can also cause problems as there is a limit on animations and pose mods are the same as animations and fill up the animation limit. OSA probably has a lot of animations in it so weeding out all other animation and pose mods but OSA might fix some problems.
  14. myuhinny

    OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine - CTD

    Any auto sorter isn't 100% fail safe some manual moving is needed for somethings. Like with BOSS and oblivion you have to manually sort some of the mods as not all of them were on it's master mod list. BOSS is still being used for oblivion because LOOT stopped being updated for oblivion and I believe that BOSS is still being updated for oblivion. I usually like to use TES5edit for load order.
  15. myuhinny


    Whoops thought it was a 2nd poster edited posts.