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  1. Looks like incorrect textures being used. Reinstall whatever textures you were using for the body as that right there is showing that something has overwritten your texture files. CBBE/UNP will have those nasty hip marks asthey have different UV maps from each other. Not sure what 3BA and Bijin skin textures are if they are UNP or CBBE. Also make sure you don't have something in your load order that could be conflicting.
  2. That's because your using nifskope 2.0 I'm using nifskope 1.1.3 and I have no idea how to find stuff using that version and that is why I like using 1.1.3 and only use 2.0 when I have to. The wigs use NiSkinInstance instead of BSDismemberSkinInstance the difference is that NiSkinInstance doesn't use slots and will instead just use the slots inside the .esp that have been ticked for the wigs. So your easiest way to do this is to go to her head mesh in the FaceGenData make a copy of her head and then load the original up and delete out the hair mesh by right clicking the
  3. I'm pretty sure all facegenfata head meshes that have hair in them will have the SBP_131_HAIR slot. So the easiest way to do it would be to load the wigs nif/nifs into nifskope and change the slot in the wig to SBP_131_HAIR and then load the .esp that has the wig in it and change the slot for it to SBP_131_HAIR. There are 2 spots in the .esp where armor pieces are found for a nif. One is in the armor and the other is in the armor addon. Once you change the slot in both spots and save overwritten it when you put the wig on the hair should get removed. Another option is
  4. Open her rar/zip and look at the mesh files and see if there are any hair nifs if not look and see if there is a FaceGenData folder as this is where some character heads are at and some contain the hair mesh inside them. This will also help you find out where her files are at in your game folder. Mesh/actors/character/FaceGenData. For the CK I don't do a lot of work with characters but you should be able to load the .esp and then try checking the tabs for characters/races and see if you see them.
  5. Click downloads - scroll down till you see sims4 - click whickedwhims - download mod.
  6. Not sure never used her you could go to her files and load her hair and see what slot the hair is using that she is using. Stuff gets removed if 2 items have the same slot so you'd just have to see what slot the hair has and what slot the wig uses if you change it to where both are using the same slot then when you put the wig on the hair will disappear.
  7. If her hair doesn't get replaced then that means that the wig isn't using the hair slot and is instead using a different one like amulet or tail slot for example. If you want her hair to be removed when she is wearing the wig then you need to open the wig nifs if there are 2 as most skyrim nifs have a _0 and a _1 nif and what you do in one has to be done in the other one as well or nothing will change in game. Open the nif in nifskope - click the wig - click the arrow next to the BSDismemberSkinInstance to get the drop down - go down to Partitions - change slot to SBP_3
  8. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846 It's a modified version of the sinestral tera armor.
  9. @MadMansGun Thanks for the correction guess I forgot them as I haven't played it in awhile. Some possibilities could be these. More albino spiders https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48923 Pack of spiders https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36807 Unlimited spiders https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83857 Glowing and packmule spiders - craftable https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62558
  10. Those are not skyrim spiders those are from some mod you have installed. I would look at all monster/creature mods and as far as I can remember MNC only uses skyrim models for their creatures. Also when posting a problem it's best to post your load order showing all mods that you have installed so we can see what have installed otherwise it's just guessing till someone comes by that has that mod installed. If you have SkyUI installed you can open the console with the ~ key and click on one of the spiders and it should list what .esp/.esm that spider is coming from.
  11. We use to have a person who would call the house and never say anything but you could hear them breathing. But we finally got rid of them because they made the mistake to call one day during the 4th of July. Phone rang dad answered it they quickly waved me over and took a fire cracker from me and placed it on top of a empty pop can. Put the phone back up to their mouth and said hello again and got nothing but breathing. Put the phone piece right next to the fire cracker and lite it. BOOM!!!! Dad hello? BRRRRRRR!!! Mom wasn't too happy with that but they never ever fucking called back again.
  12. There should be a do not call list that you can put yourself on that should prevent many of them. For cell phones I'm not sure on.
  13. DXT5 is what is used for LE I don't use SE even though I could as I prefer UNP over CBBE.
  14. @adrelovski I fixed your links when posting imgur links you must remove the i. from the links or they'll appear broken for everyone else.
  15. Your pictures are dead/broken. To find out if something is weighted or not. Load the file into outfit studios select everything and go to shape - mask weighted vertices. If everything turns black then everything is weighted.
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